the berry family

Crimson: So, how ‘bout that annual family Baseball game huh?

//(( SOME NEW PLAYERS ENTER THE GAME. I loved ‘Hit the Diamond so much, I was so excited to add in the rubies ahhh. So here are Ruby’s Quintuplet cousins! (it runs in the family woof) //(( Also, Just pretend that like, the mega fusion of them is sick or something, I could NOT decide on a design I liked yet orz, plus I drew so many rubies…so so many rubies//))


Welcome Second Generation! Meet Elliot and Areo’s daughter, Rozenn. She’s a demon toddler. She has the inquizitive trait, but honestly it’s like she has the disobedient trait. Elliot tried to give her a bath 3 times before he had to work and so did Areo before she had to go to work as well. But the nanny seemed to be able to keep her occupied, he even played with her as well. Best nanny ever.

Control your kid
Hhahah I don’t know where this came from
Blueberry is trying his best to keep this kid out of trouble ahha
Wild Berry knowss he’s a skeleton and it can’t really harm him buuuut, you know, that would be a boring animation hhh
I know Soul isn’t in thiiis buuut
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic


Citrus Wasp Primrose for Morgibritt’s MMBC

Evil//Genius//Dramatic//Loves the Heat//Good Sense of Humour//Witch

LTW: Alchemy Artisan

Citrus Wasp Primrose was born into the sweetest yellow berry family imaginable, and everyone presumed that she would follow in her parents sickly sweet footsteps, but boy, where they wrong. As a child, Citrus would use her magic to harm others, in the way of pranks, and not to help, and it only got worse the older she got. Most of her so called pranks were harmless, I mean, no one got hurt, that was until she turned 20. After a event with a certain apple and the mayor’s daughter, she was banished temporally from her town and she just so happened to see a thing for a playboy and his cruise, what a better way to let the heat cool down then escaping on a boat, for a few weeks?

I hope you like her Morgan, and I hope that she isn’t the first to die. I’ll be sending her, and her CC list over momentarily. Enjoy! 

Also, all the love to Annie for helping me with her name. <3

Treats for the family: (1) Gluten free bread, peanut butter, bananas, cinnamon; (2) gluten free bread, peanut butter, blackberry jam, blackberries, strawberries; (3) gluten free bread, vegan provolone, vegan cheddar; (4) Chobani vanilla Greek yoghurt, strawberries, cinnamon roasted mixed nuts, blackberry jam, yoghurt covered granola, blackberries.

health and happiness found here!

So … I think it’s about time for me to introduce these other … two characters that I made … Quite a while ago actually … why I’m introducing them now? … It’s for reasons that will be understood later…

… But for now let’s start with the introductions! …

So on the left as you already know (or don’t) … That character’s name is Berry and they are 9 years old … (Drawing Tip: Her Shirt it’s supposed to be hot pink … I just don’t have that sharpie and her skirt is dark purple)

The one all the way to the right is named Black-B! ( Their name is actually just Black but I feel like somewhere some person is going to get offended by the name… Somehow) They are the more edgy kind of, angry sort of, has the lowest temper kind of person… They are… 18 years old (Drawing Tip: Her Hair Is supposed to be completely black … With her shirt being a dark grey and her pants being darker then her shirt … But not as dark as her hair … It’s hard to make three different shades of black using only one sharpie okay?!)

The one in the middle … Is basically Berry and Black-B mixed together … She is a really shy introverted person … But once you get to know her she is a very upbeat happy person like Berry … Except when she gets annoyed or somebody does something bad to someone she really cares about … she can be very angry and has a very low temper with them like Black-B …(Drawing Tip: … I got nothin’ … Don’t mess up???)

Her name is the Mun … ( yeah the names are very creative *sarcastic* ) A.K.A. Me…

… and those are all the characters I wanted to show now… They’re going to be used in something in the future… ( okay maybe one of them will not be used in the close future) but hey! I had to introduce them at some point!

I hope you guys like them! ( ◡‿◡ ♡)