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Remember spring swaps snow for leaves. -Mumford & Sons, “Winter Winds”

I really, really, really need to see some spring greenery.

This page isn’t replicable. :) The top layer (hiding the mess underneath) is blue, lime, and white pearl liquid watercolors. Written with the TWSBI Eco Broad and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

The Stock Market and The Fed’s Balance Sheet

I don’t think enough people are following the Fed’s balance sheet and its importance to markets.

In the history of the Fed’s existence, its balance sheet has never been bigger. And now, according to their June 14, 2017 announcement, they want to drastically reduce its size. That might mean more than you think. The Fed has been using their balance sheet to buy Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities since the Financial Crisis. That process has added massive amounts of liquidity, pushed down interest rates, and shifted investor appetite.

So why am I telling you these things you might already know? Because a quick chart comparing the S&P 500 to the size of the Fed’s balance sheet paints a startling picture. Especially when you consider that the blue line on this chart is going to start turning downward in a big way. The last time they slowed down the growth of their balance sheet, the S&P 500 traded sideways for 2+ years.

I look forward to updating this post in several months::

Loved this bit when I read it last week, so I had to capture it in an art journal. Of course.

If you can’t make your own neurotransmitters, storebought is fine.


3D geometric doodle that went awry, fighting its way up through a layer of gesso… Writing by the TWSBI Eco (broad and medium nibs) and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

bigass muse list bc i havent done one in a while:

@968 mickey, another demigod oc.

@charity1987 irene sample from universal harvester

@dialripped denis, dependent saint oc for a fictional religion

@doctorgun rahmiel, is an angel in denis’ uni. demigod here. powerbottom.

@dunktape sonisay, good wizard. one of my few decent human being muses. does weather magic.

@headoverheely edom, scottish. korean. demon. all american. president of the united states of america in several verses

@luckstruck leprechaun oc from the american gods universe

@kaarme AU liesi, whom was orphaned and had a very different life. a miserable, miserable life

@overbernie bernanke, fire manipulating metal bending mutant oc. depressive manic pixie nightmare enby.

@snandwich OG liesi, future dark wizard, currently just journaling
@liesj is xyr para blog.

@snemperor liesi, indie supervision shapeshifter basilisk oc

Watercolor wash, kosher salt resist, washi tape, and the TWSBI Eco Broad with Bernanke Black ink.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?”

-CS Lewis, from Art Journaling (Autumn 2016)

Opening up a beautiful new sketchbook to reveal the first pristine page can be an intimidating experience…. That doubting voice inside will most likely keep yapping. The best remedy is to ignore it and keep going. It does take a certain amount of courage to do this, to allow access to your creativity. It also takes courage to allow time in your busy and full life for art.

-Jude Siegel, A Pacific Northwest Sketchbook (2006)

Mijello blue watercolor leftovers from another page - wash brush and “stamping” with a paper towel that had been used for blotting. TWSBI Eco Broad with Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

surreptitiouslycute  asked:

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And don’t forget to ask Coppy if there’s anything you need. He lives to serve your business.

Tube watercolors (Cotman cadmium red light hue, Mijello orange, Cotman intense [pthalo] blue), applied with a mop brush and a round brush. Writing by the TWSBI Eco Medium and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

Ok, I’ve had a good night’s sleep, and things don’t seem as hopeless as they did yesterday.

-Andy Weir, The Martian

I applied gesso over a page that didn’t work at all, then painted the dry gesso with watercolors. Writing by the TWSBI Eco Broad fountain pen and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

For some reason, this song went through my head every time I looked at the background (I think because of the word “dappled”), so…

I got no deeds to do
And no promises to keep
I’m dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep
Let the morningtime drop all her petals on me
Life, I love you
All is groovy

-Simon & Garkfunkel, “The 59th Stree Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”

How the Fed Let the World Blow Up in 2008

It was the day after Lehman failed, and the Federal Reserve was trying to decide what to do.

It had been fighting a credit crunch for over a year, and now the worst-case scenario was playing out. A too-big-to-fail bank had just failed, and the rest of the financial system was ready to get knocked over like dominos. The Fed didn’t have much room left to cut interest rates, but it still should have. The risk was just too great. That risk was what Fed Chair Ben Bernanke calls the “financial accelerator,” and what everyone else calls a depression: a weak economy and weak financial system making each other weaker in a never-ending doom loop. 

But the Fed was blinded. It had been all summer. That’s when high oil prices started distracting it from the slow-burning financial crisis. They kept distracting it in September, even though oil had fallen far below its July highs. And they’re the reason that the Fed decided to do nothing on September 16th. It kept interest rates at 2 percent, and intoned that “the downside risks to growth and the upside risks to inflation are both significant concerns.”

In other words, the Fed was just as worried about an inflation scare that was already passing as it was about a once-in-three-generations crisis.

Read more. [Image: Reuters]

The background started as a two-color doodle, using fountain pens. I didn’t like the result, so I tried my old standby - spraying it with water and sprinkling kosher salt on it. Um. Not an improvement, so I painted over it with Blick metallic pearl liquid watercolor. Hmm… Writing by the TWSBI Eco Broad with Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

We all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.
-Paulo Coelho, via @dreamlabyrinth

Watercolor, kosher salt, TWSBI Eco Broad fountain pen, and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink. Ignore the duct tape on the left side - this is the first page of a journal I hacked together and that piece of duct tape is critical to holding the whole thing together. :)

Inside you there’s an artist you didn’t know about. -Rumi

Things I Do To Help Calm Myself (Belatedly for @journaling-junkie’s March 15 challenge):

  • Walk. Walking around my neighborhood can be very calming during the spring, summer, and fall.
  • Make Art. The act of creating and problem-solving takes my mind off of everything else.
  • Write Morning Pages. Writing those three pages (nearly) every morning helps me feel more settled in my skin.
  • Write. Sometimes the act of writing can be very soothing to me, so I’ll write in my composition notebook journal or even write out lyrics if I need to write without thinking.
  • Reread favorite fics. It can be very grounding to reread favorite fanfics - revisiting old friends, with no surprises to ambush me in the storyline.

First I applied white gesso to the page, then various shades of red watercolor by brush, “stamping” with a paper towel, and over punchinella/sequin waste. Writing by my TWSBI Eco Broad fountain pen and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.