the bent life


Cosplayed today as a gender-bent Chloe Price from Life is Strange!!! It was so fun and for a last minute cosplay it turned out verrrryyyyyyyyy good!!! I’ve never felt more punk rock in my life.

  • [playing scrabble]
  • Shingen: I will put my “A” down to make “A.”
  • MC: I will add to your “A” to make “AT.”
  • Kenshin: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT.”
  • Sasuke: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC.”
  • Yukimura: [flips the board]

i’ve just realised the absolute brilliance of what ends up happening to the doctor’s memories of clara: in the era where it was declared ‘we’re all stories in the end’, the doctor’s punishment for trying to erase clara’s story from her head is that he gets to know the plot but not the story

plots are just a cold, emotionless summary of what happens in any given story, the story is the who (heh), what, where, how and why of it happening, the emotional heart of it for the doctor is scooped right out, leaving only the summary of events 

this is also probably a factor in why he decides to get photographs of bill’s mother for her bc he empathises with bill not having a story of her and wants to help her fill in that gap

theres this one thing that happened in transformers comics recently that i can’t decide is good writing or bad writing

basically the gist of it is that optimus prime (good guy) and soundwave (bad guy working with good guy for Reasons) are arguing over whether humans are “really alive” and optimus prime says “soundwave, you’re a mind reader. read a human’s mind” 

and soundwave is like “uh why would i do that? they’re not really alive idiot”

and prime is like “dude just try it”

and so soundwave reads a human’s mind and is fucking SHOCKED to find thoughts in there. like he says “oh my god. their minds run on electricity just like ours. oh god. they’re actually alive. i never realized” 

like, Soundwave has been working for a genocidal despot hell-bent on eradicating organic life for seven million years and one of Soundwave’s main abilities is that he can read minds

and it never ONCE occurred to soundwave to even try to read an organic lifeform’s mind in SEVEN MILLION YEARS 

and the INSTANT he tries it and discovers that organic life is actually alive, he IMMEDIATELY becomes loyal to Optimus Prime 


holy shit, dude 

you see what i mean? i cant decide if that’s shitty writing or if it’s brilliant. i really can’t. 

he sits and waits in his lonely chair surrounded by his gold plated vinyls, his symbols of achievement. he waits for the call. something- anything- that could put excitement back into his life. the stories he’s told are stale and their significance has eroded from his memory. 

artemis pulls the string of her bow- the feeling all to familiar- ready to let loose the arrow trained on the poor animal in front of her. she sighs and lowers her weapon. what’s the point? where was the drive that pushed her so strongly? it certainly wasn’t here. not today. 

another day another party. better practice that smile- it’s starting to appear worn and tired. another day another glass. he drinks himself into a hole in the dark and swears he’ll never emerge again. he used to drink to feel the spark of life, to amplify the laughter. now dionysus drinks to forget.

a dying poppy crunches beneath persephone’s feet. any other time she would have exclaimed in horror and bent to give it life once again. but now she turns and lends it her blank stare. life these days is only riddled with disease and worry. what’s the point? hades is all she has, and she will cling to him for eternity, letting the darkness win her over.

she doesn’t see the pleasure in love anymore. too many cheap endings, too many hearts broken. aphrodite doesn’t come out much anymore, people don’t like to be reminded that she exists. she used to be a reminder of happy days. now she’s a reminder of the emptiness left in the wake of those happy days. for one reason or another, love has left aphrodite’s touch.

what’s the point in being wise? athena squanders her wisdom and trades it in for impulse. she is trying to to buy back lost time. time spent being ‘wise’, time spent 'discerning’. she wonders if maybe- just maybe- if she could go back and just make a split decision- then maybe she could change the events that unfolded. change what was. what had been. so the she trades rationality for rash behavior. a loss indeed.

the gods are washed up and alone, part I


Normal AU - simon wants to start over. his bestfriend Penny is becoming more and more successful and he feels like she’s slowly leaving him behind. his girlfriend Agatha literally left him behind a.k.a. dumped him via a 3 minute phone call saying that she’s going on a reaaally long trip to find herself and maybe a new boyfriend lol. His dad has never been the same since his mum died, and the people from his dad’s company are starting to question whether he really is competent or he just got his job because his dad is the company CEO. With penny’s help he secured a job in a large company belonging to the prestigious Pitch family and along with the job came a new set of problems. He’s struggling without his dad’s influence to back him up and his new boss, the Pitch heir, just might be bent on making his life miserable, and simon has no idea why.

‘his office is actually located on the floor above mine but i swear he finds excuses to come down by my floor and bully me. i thought i was imagining things but now im sure he finds stupid excuses to bring me along in his business trips just so he could order me around like a slave. he’s always plotting something to make my life miserable. he Hates me, penny!”

‘sure, Simon’ 

Alison Clues by Episode - “Choose or Lose”

Oh look, the board game has once again magically moved around in Ali’s house while she’s completely oblivious. Why would A.D. or anyone else even move it into the bedroom? And notice Emily’s first remark - even she isn’t 100% sure that Ali isn’t the one moving around the board game.

Everyone seemed to focus so much on Hanna’s response to Ali and Emily’s announcement…but I was looking at Spencer. This isn’t the expression of someone who’s happy that two of her best friends are “finally” together. She doesn’t look joyful at all, in fact…she looks almost suspicious.

So how exactly did Tanner manage to call Alison on her burner phone she’d just gotten that day? There’s no way she could have known that number…unless Ali told her. And why would Ali even take a call in the middle of such an intense, emotional confrontation with one of her best friends? It could not be more obvious that she was not only expecting a call, but knew exactly who it would be from. Finally, I don’t buy the explanation that the girls set their numbers to forward from their regular phones to the burner ones. If that was the case, why did Tanner only call Ali? Why wouldn’t she call all of the girls?

“WAIT FOR IT”?! Wow, what a specific phrase. I feel like we’ve heard it before.

And here’s yet another reminder of what a master manipulator Alison used to be. Isn’t it interesting that as much as they’ve tried to redeem her and make her an official Liar, people are still regularly bringing up the person she used to be? Is this just trying to make us feel even sorrier for poor Ali, or is this a reminder to the audience?

This is a little detail, but this isn’t just any picture of the five girls…it’s from the night of the “Jenna Thing.” They could have used any photograph for this scene, but they specifically chose to focus on one from the night that Ali manipulated her friends into helping her pull a prank that blinded a girl, and then forced them to keep quiet about it. Why?

A.D. suddenly giving Aria an alibi for Dunhill’s murder is very strange. It’s pretty clear by now that A.D. isn’t really into doing things that don’t benefit him/herself, so what’s the deal here? Well, who is the only other person who benefits from Aria having an alibi? Alison. Aria’s real role in that night was sneaking Ali back into Welby. If Aria was supposedly now out of the state during that time, who’s to say that Alison even left the institution at all? This not only gives Aria an alibi - it gives Ali one, too.

Who in their right mind would set up some big romantic gesture in the middle of the woods in the dark, when there’s not only a killer running around, but also a psychopath bent on ruining your life and maybe even hurting you? Ali seems completely unconcerned by all of this, and the only way she could be totally certain that A.D. isn’t going to do anything to her and Emily while they’re alone in the dark woods is if she either is A.D. or is working with that person.

This is so huge that I can’t imagine it was unintentional. Hanna asks everyone to swear that they won’t blame anyone for what happens next, and that they’ll all stick together no matter what. We see Spencer, Emily, and Hanna all individually promise. The camera focuses on Ali for a moment, and…she says nothing. No promise to stick by her friends, no swearing that she won’t blame anyone. What the hell is she up to?

I’ve been stabbing at the dark
Praying for some kind of ending
Bruised and beaten, hardened breathing
I’ve been fighting a war that I can’t win
A room full of no one
Myself against myself

And I never meant to drag you down
Because if you wanna know the truth…
It’s that I’d break this fucking world in two
If that’s what I had to do
I need your hand to pull me back from that dead-end sting of doubt;
Like I’m pissing on a burning building
Like I’m burning just to burn out

Now I’m braking harder
Those spinning feelings are slowing so I can’t lose grip
The sheer fact of living’s like I’m cheating death
And I’ve been trying, but understanding mercy while I’m hanging from a rope has me feeling like humanity is one sick joke
And I can’t stop laughing

I’ve been dying to live, playing absolutes in a time where faith’s misused
Burdened by my own morality, you know I love to lose
Abandon old traditions
Break the unwillingness to change
There are no second chances, the clock ticks until it breaks

I’m giving everything I have to give
Fighting a war I can’t win

Cheat Death.