the bennett


“Bad day?” You asked, you had noticed him from a far distance. I mean who couldn’t, his raven black hair and broad back.

After all you did come to mystic falls to see the Salvatore Brothers, you just happened to run into Damon first. “Bad century” he said as he turned around. Once he saw you his eye’s widened and a smile came to his face.

“ Y/N? What are you doing here!” He exclaimed, he rushed to you using his vampire speed and hugged you. “Can’t I see my favorite people after 7 years?” You questioned, he pulled away and smirked at you.

“Stefan is going to be very surprised to see you” Damon said, his smirk became bigger though as his eye’s got darker. “But I think he can wait for awhile” he spoke in a low voice. He looked over your body and licked his lips. Next thing you knew you found yourself being pushed up against a tree with Damon’s mouth on yours.

This was going to be an interesting visit.


“Ten thousand per annum” her mother’s strident voice scratched at the inside of her brain merciless like a cat scratching on the furniture.

“Yes me dear” her father’s amused tone encouraged another merciless outburst.

“What luck we’ve had Mr Bennett” her mother enthused “four daughters most advantageously married. Now our Mary betrothed.”

“Mother” Mary protested peering over her book “It was one dance and not a very good one at that.”

“One dance was all it took for Jane to win Mr Bingley” her mother enthused.


“I had not the slightest inclination of becoming betrothed to you. Or anyone for that matter.”

A drop of rain fell from the cloud overhead “why pursue my acquaintance then?”

Efron looked up as the cloud released its torrent. Taking her arm he escorted her to the door. “Good day” he bowed and called for his horse to be brought to him.

He left before Mrs Bennett could avail upon him to stay until the rain subsided.

“Mary he’s a strange man indeed” Mrs Bennett declared watching him leave.

“Indeed” Mary agreed hoping this would be the last she would see of him.


“I have no intention of marrying…”

“Oh Mr Bennett” the older woman sobbed. Hand fluttering artfully over her chest.

“Mary dear” Mr Bennett gave her one of his rare frowns. The one he normally reserved for Lydia and Mr Wickham.

Getting up Mary dutifully called for her mother’s maid. No doubt once they were safe behind closed doors Mary would be the subject of several hours of woe.

Seeking solace Mary sat down at her piano forte. Her fingers moving rapidly across the keys seeking the notes to the music only she knew. Once again she let her mind drift. Transporting her to a great hall of adoring fans all their to listen to her play.


If you missed the hour long premiere of DuckTales on DisneyXD, here it is for free on YouTube! The cast includes David Tennant as Scrooge, Danny Pudi as Huey, Me as Dewey, Bobby Moynihan as Louie, Kate Micucci as Webby, Beck Bennett as Launchpad and Toks Olagundoye as Mrs. Beakley! A huge congrats to Matt, Frank and the beyond talented crew- I love this show!