the bengal night

@bengalisms​ / CLOSED ! night swim.

sóley wipes her wet hands on a dish rag, the last bit of dishes packed away in the dishwasher. the sound of the dishwasher plays like white noise in the background. “ thanks for coming over. — I get anxious being all alone at home. ” she says with a soft smile. she moves back into the living room to change out the wax in her burner. she hums as she pours the wild flower scented wax back into the container. she grabs cubes of warm vanilla and sets them on the warm tray. “ there. ” she says. “ much better for evening. ” she goes back to the counter where caspian and her half finished glass of wine are. she takes another sip. “ you did bring your swim trunks right ? because I am forcing you to go in and I don’t think any of my bikinis would fit you. – and it’s heated so really there’s no excuse. ”