the belated honeymoon

Adam wants his bestie’s belated honeymoon to be perfect in his new home. He thinks it’s daft to assume he’s expecting to be paid for the work, even when it’s known that he’s trying to make his bestie and his husband uncles ASAP, as his wife is bestie’s hubby’s baby sister.

… Give.👏🏽Charlotte.👏🏽Bellamy.👏🏽All.👏🏽Of.👏🏽The.👏🏽Awards!👏🏽

the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) shows us that chirrut and baze basically live together in a mysterious Force-drawn planet and fight off imperial forces from their mini fort even in the rain and listen i am s ohere for the serious, force-sensitive warrior and his assassin husband who loves blowing stuff up to kick some ass while planning their belated honeymoon and who’s gonna wash the dishes back home

Speaking of ghost stories...

Anyone know a good HAUNTED bed and breakfast in or near Bloomington MN? Or between  there and Monroe, WI? My husband and I are planning a seriously belated honeymoon weekend getaway and staying the night in one is something on my bucket list. I’ve googled some, but I’d rather have some legit feedback from people in the area there so I know I’m not being sold fish tales. Let me know on my personal blog. -Abby

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(I have a sneaky suspicion that Vegas may happen. Think about it. Robron have some big stuff when Aaron has his appeal and gets released so they'll get rested as characters by being sent to Vegas to make it official)

I hope that they do go to Vegas, belated honeymoon maybe. Not sure they’d do the whole white chapel thing though. I think they’ll do that at home at a registry office.

Belated Honeymoon


After a flurry of packing, arranging a sitter and making reservations, Lyla slept soundly that night. So soundly in fact that when morning came, she really did not want to wake up. Even though she felt Jax stirring beside her, her eyes remained resolutely closed.