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Spongebob Memories

Pairing: Joshua x reader

Genre: Fluff and humor

Word count: 1157

It was your favorite time of the day: free period. And that meant doing anything you wanted to whether it may be catching up on homework or studying. You just so happened to already study and finish your homework over the weekend so now you had nothing to do free period. So you pulled out your laptop and just decided to go on Youtube and watch something.

You sighed when you noticed none of your favorite Youtubers have uploaded anything new recently so you just scrolled around and looked at what videos Youtube had ‘recommended’ for you. What caught your eye was a video titled “Best of Patrick Star” . You clicked on it because Spongebob Squarepants was your favorite childhood cartoon. Plus everyone needed a good laugh from time to time.

The first few seconds in had you bursting in silent laughter as that fish asked Patrick, who was using a broom upside down, “Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?”. You couldn’t quite tell what made that scene so funny but you just went along with it and laughed.  

The silent laughter coming from behind him alerted Joshua who drew his eyes to your back and your screen he could see so perfectly. He clearly saw you watching some Spongebob compilation and silently watched from afar. He had to stifle some of his laughter at several of the scenes. He recognized the famous scene where Patrick says “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” and a carton of milk spilling on its own emerges through the thought bubble. He accidentally lets out a laugh and you clearly heard it.

You paused the video and looked behind you to see your classmate Joshua turned towards you and laughing really hardly. It was easy to tell he had been watching along with you. Joshua composed himself and spoke up.

“I’m sorry about that (Y/N), but what you’re watching is hilarious! I couldn’t help but laugh too,” he said as he smiled.

Seeing him smile made you smile as well. Something about his smile seemed contagious. He liked Spongebob too so you couldn’t help but to invite him.

“You wanna watch with me?” you asked offering an earbud.

“Sure!” he replied and sat down next to you.

You noticed how close he was but ignored it as you played the video again. Patrick had asked Spongebob “but don’t genius live in a lamp?” and you and Joshua instantly bursted into laughter. Patrick’s “crazy talk” and the “firmly grasp it” scene only fueled the both of your laughter. You had to even pause the video just so the two of you could compose yourselves!  

“I’m sorry (Y/N)! It’s just so funny!” he said in between laughs.

“I know! It’s so stupid!” you laughed.

The both of you calmed down and you noticed some of the other students were giving you and Joshua weird looks. You two must have looked crazy but you didn’t mind. You unpaused the video and began watching again.

“Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end,” said Patrick through the screen. You and Joshua began laughing again.

“Haha! Story of my life,” you joked.

“Not true, you’re cute!” thought out loud Joshua accidentally.

You decided to ignore that but felt yourself blush nonetheless. Joshua on the other hand was screaming internally at himself, but maintained his composure. Several more scenes passed with the two of you laughing of course, but you couldn’t help but to think about Joshua’s earlier comment. It was too early to like him but you kind of did? You always thought he was cute but only talked to him about school work for the most part. Now he was here, right next to you, watching Spongebob with you, and calling you cute. Did he like you?

The infamous wallet scene with Patrick and Man-Ray interrupted your thoughts as you hysterically laughed at the screen along with Joshua. You paused the video again to compose yourselves.

“How can anyone be so dumb?” laughed Joshua.

“I don’t even know!” you chuckled.

Many more iconic Spongebob scenes passed with you and Joshua dead from laughter. By the end of the video, both of your faces and stomachs’ hurt from laughing so much.

“That was hilarious! I love Spongebob!” you said.

“Same here!” replied Joshua as he removed the single earbud from his right ear.

It was kind of silent after that. You two sat in somewhat awkward silence until Joshua spoke up.

“So (Y/N), you don’t mind if we hang out more? I’d love to get to know you more!” he said a little shyly.

“Of course!” you say a little too excitedly.

Joshua smiled at your enthusiasm and got up and left, but only to come back with his backpack and laptop and sat back in the spot next to you. You helped him with some of his work, since you had already studied it beforehand it was no problem.

“Wow you’re so good at logarithms! Thanks for the help!” said Joshua.

“No problem!” you smiled.

Joshua completed his homework pretty quickly thanks to you so the two of you spent the rest of the free period with small talk. You learned that Joshua liked Spongebob obviously as well as anime and playing the guitar. He was a pretty interesting guy to say the least. When he heard you talk about your interests and such, he couldn’t help but to focus on your beautiful face as well as hear everything you said. He found you interesting and cute just like he did earlier.

Meeting up at free periods and watching Spongebob and doing homework became routine for you and Joshua. It was your own little thing and both of you found it incredibly fun and helpful. These free period sessions also brought the two of you closer. You two texted more often and hung out more outside of class too. One day you received a text from him with this link:

(Y/N): What 😂

Joshua: ;-)


Joshua: *patrick voice* I love you

(Y/N): Seriously???


(Y/N): ok why is this ten hours

Joshua: how many times do you want me to repeat it? I thought 6 seconds was enough but no 10 hours seems more convincing


Suddenly you get a phone call. It’s Joshua so you pick it up obviously because you need answers.

“I love you (Y/N)!” said Joshua shyly and giggly before he hung up.

You immediately text him back after that.


Joshua: Ask the magic conch 


Joshua: *magic conch voice* Yes ;-)


Joshua: I love you (Y/N)!


And just like that, you and Joshua became a couple all thanks to everyone’s favorite cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants.

Ahh this one was so fun and cute to write! I hope you all liked it!

Miss Congeniality (USA, 2000)

Predictions: We had both seen this movie before. OBVIOUSLY.

Plot: Thanks to a handful of sexist classmates as a child, FBI agent Sandra Bullock has no table manners, no friends, and no…hairbrush???? Who doesn’t own one hairbrush?! She is very good at her job, though, sort of, except for being kind of reckless and difficult to work with. After screwing up an op, she gets benched, but then, lucky for her, colleague Benjamin Bratt needs someone to go undercover at the Miss United States pageant, which has been getting bomb threats, and nobody else fits in the metaphorical bikini. The only problem? SANDRA BULLOCK DOESN’T OWN A HAIRBRUSH.

With some help from pageant coach Michael Caine, however, Sandra Bullock gets all glammed up, Aishwarya-Rai-style, and sets out to pretend she’s a pageant girl. She alienates her fellow contestants, commits several gaffes such as leaping off the stage onto an audience member, and offends psychotic pageant host Candice Bergen. Although, to be fair, Candice Bergen seems somewhat easily offended. Especially by “feminists” and “intellectuals.” Tsk.

Eventually, Sandra Bullock manages to genuinely befriend some other contestants, and realizes that the pageant girls are more than they seem – well, just a little bit. She also discovers that the bomb-threat culprit is likely Candice Bergen, except, by then, the FBI has caught someone else (not to mention been so horrified by Sandra Bullock’s performance), so their boss is pulling the op. Not even Benjamin Bratt will agree with her theories! Sandra Bullock hands in her many weapons and stays behind alone.

Obviously, she is vindicated. Candice Bergen goes to jail, Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt make out, and Sandra Bullock is voted the pageant’s “Miss Congeniality.” HILARIOUS, RIGHT?! She still doesn’t seem pleasant enough to be “Miss Congeniality,” tbh. Maybe after another couple of weeks with Michael Caine.

Best Scene: This movie is pretty consistent – it’s hard to choose! Perhaps the scene where Sandra Bullock goes into the warehouse with all the beauticians and dentists and stuff and then comes out all shiny? Or the scene where she uses Benjamin Bratt as a prop in her self-defense demonstration? Or the scene where the other girls help her with her makeup after she’s been abandoned by Michael Caine and the FBI beauticians?? (Aw.) Lots of good scenes!

Worst Scene: Probably the scene where Candice Bergen’s terrible disgusting son is standing by the bus, harassing every contestant who passes by. Makes the FBI’s workplace behavior (also not great) seem totally fine and awesome!

Best Line: All of the lines! Seriously, though, Sandra Bullock has tons of funny lines, and a delightful song about how Benjamin Bratt is reluctantly into her. Literally everything out of Michael Caine’s or Miss Rhode Island’s mouth is amazing. And…other stuff, too, probably. This movie is very, very funny. And touching! And dated! (Shhhhh.)

Worst Line: Surely something said by Candice Bergen’s disgusting pig-son.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Well, at one point Benjamin Bratt, frustrated with how the op is going, storms out of the office to “do laps” in the pool and claims he’ll be “back in fifteen minutes.” WHAT???? Who is he, the lovechild of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps?! Who could possibly get down to the pool, change, swim MULTIPLE LAPS, change, shower, dry off, and BE BACK IN FIFTEEN MINUTES?!?!?! We don’t believe you, Benjamin Bratt. You are a liar.

How Many POC in the Film: A reasonable number, for a film made in 2000. Benjamin Bratt, of course. Their FBI boss, Ernie Hudson. Some other FBI people. Several contestants, including three of the five that Sandra Bullock gets to know best.

Alternate Scenes: Hmmmm. Perhaps we would axe some of the early FBI workplace behavior, most notably when Benjamin Bratt slaps Sandra Bullock’s ass in the gym while trying to persuade her to take the job. (WHY IS THIS HOW YOU WOULD GO ABOUT IT, SIR????) Otherwise, this movie is pretty much perfect. OR IT WAS, UNTIL THEY MADE A SEQUEL. Ah, yes. We would like to live in the alternate universe where Miss Congeniality 2 never happened.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse, obviously. First of all, the movie is great. Second of all, WHAT is happening in this poster?! Is she a stripper? Is she a cop posing as a stripper?? Is she a Fox News anchor????

Score: 8.5 out of 10 describe-your-perfect-date smooches. Struggled with this one a bit, as, like Legally Blonde, it’s not really a romcom and probably shouldn’t rank this highly as a romcom, but is a great movie. But we couldn’t find a copy of TiMER, you guys; get off our backs!

Ranking: 11, out of the 92 movies we’ve seen so far, but, like we said, it probably shouldn’t be. We ultimately just decided to place it near Legally Blonde, but boy, was it hard to choose between boring Luke Wilson and slightly-offensive-at-the-beginning Benjamin Bratt.

peppepeppepepppeppp  asked:

what should i watch in re: bts to get to know them better as a new fan???

aside from watching all their music videos and listening to all their songs, as a new fan i definitely recommend starting with:

  • all of their bangtan bombs 
  • rookie king (one of their first variety shows since debuting and is iconic af;; their personalities haven’t at all changed from their debut which is adorable)
  • their logs 
  • episodes (which basically are like the behind the scenes of their mvs/events!!)
  • weekly idol (140430150617, 151216)
  • YAMAN TV, part 1 /part 2 (PLEAse this is honestly a must watch, it’s super hilarious and showcases all their personalities well. i’ve been waiting for them to go back on this show since it aired)

Can’t help but think up messy, hilarious and funny scenes with the (new) Guardians of the Galaxy while listening to the DuckTales theme song. I mean, the lyrics alone already -

“Life is like a hurricane”,

“Tales of daring do bad and good”,

“The worst of messes – become successes”,

“D-D-D-Danger watch behind you”


Honestly, the lyrics really fit the concept of the Guardians getting into all kinds of trouble, mischief and adventures, and whenever I hear this catchy song, I just imagine, dunno, Peter, Groot, Rocket and Kraglin running from a space monster that snuck up behind them, or Gamora discovering some kind of mystery, and the whole group (family) getting into a mess and somehow dorking their way back out.

It just… fits.

Soul Contract Event Q&A Translation

Hi there, Soul Contract fandom! I’ve been lurking around here for a while and I’ve seen such great energy and passion, so I wanted to contribute to this tiny but lovely fandom myself by offering a translation of the in-character Q&A section from the fan event! I don’t think I’ve seen this particular section of the event get translated, so I figured I’d try my best at it. (As for the other parts of the event, spideronthewindow did a spectacular job subbing them previously – thank you so much!)

The Q&A video is here if you’d like to follow along; translation is under the cut!

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Why I love SuJu

It’s because even though they weren’t planned to be together and no one believed that they could survive in the industry. They were considered “left overs” from DBSK, yet they still managed to create such a beautiful future for themselves and became one of the most successful Kpop groups in the entire industry. They branch out in many different areas other than music, like variety/reality shows, dramas/movies, musicals, MC, etc. Singing in various music genres also: R&B, trot, pop, ballads, etc. Not only promoting in Korea, but in China and Japan also. They were the first K-pop group to hold over 100 concerts and the first to ever perform in South America. They’ve been going strong for 10 years with members constantly coming and going because of mandatory army enlistments. They’ve had many ups and downs in their lives with 2 of their precious brothers leaving because of their personal reasons, but still treat them as family.

Originally posted by fyukjae

Especially Leeteuk, who has been the best leader ever. Even though he has had many reasons that he could’ve given up on the team and with so much burden on his shoulders to take care of 14 other children, he still kept on going for the sake of the members. Constantly monitoring every one of his members to make sure they’re doing okay. Never forgetting about Hangeng and Kibum by mentioning them in concerts and wanting to perform as a whole again. 

Originally posted by eternalsapphire

Heechul, who may seem like he’s very cold on the outside, always shows his love for his younger brothers and helping out Leeteuk as he is the second eldest. 

Originally posted by emixin

Hangeng, whom we all dearly miss, may have left already but still doesn’t forget about his brothers that live far away from him still meets up with some members when he can and wishes to perform on the same stage all together again. 

Originally posted by hyukwoon

Yesung, who has finally released a solo album, has helped complete their songs with his beautiful, dreamy voice. 

Originally posted by daesung-bigbang

Kangin, who constantly “bullies” the other members, is going through a hard time due to his DUI incident and is currently on hiatus, but still has his members and ELF’s to lean on to. 

Originally posted by fyukjae

Shindong, who is one of the most talented dancers, always helps the members behind the scenes and is very unappreciated. 

Originally posted by cookiezmonstyr

Sungmin, who’s the first member to get married, will always still be the cute little kid in the group with his baby face and never-ending aegyo.

Originally posted by hyukwoon

Eunhyuk who is always being teased by the members and bringing smiles to all the members with his crappy, yet hilarious jokes. 

Originally posted by siwoneitor

Siwon who has helped bring up the group’s name by acting not only in Korea but also in China and never forgetting to introduce himself as “Super Junior’s Choi Siwon.” 

Originally posted by gaemerkyu-ssi

Zhoumi, who is usually forgotten and sometimes not even considered as a part of the group by OT13 fans, has helped bring up SuJu-M after their leader had left. 

Originally posted by lee-donghais

Donghae, who is SuJu’s precious little baby that needs to be loved by everyone, is always making the group happy with his dorkiness and united with his emotional speeches and crying. 

Originally posted by sneezes

Ryeowook, the member with the most unique voice, will always be the eternal maknae in the group, but acts like the mother making sure the members are eating and living well. 

Originally posted by orange-in-the-overcast

Kibum, who has left the group a long time ago to pursue his acting career, will never be forgotten in ELF’s hearts because Super Junior isn’t a whole without him. 

Originally posted by kyutie-ful

Kyuhyun, the evil maknae who has suffered a lot when he first joined the group, will always be loved the most by the members because of a tragic accident long ago that has helped unite him and the group together. He has helped prove antis wrong that they COULD sing by showing off his talent on the King of Masked Singer. 

Originally posted by dramajib

Henry, the only member that came from overseas and is SuJu’s talented baby, who is also not considered part of the group by a few people. He will always be looked after by his hyungs and making sure he fits in well with the people in Korea. 

Originally posted by gamerintheclouds

And lastly, ELFs. The main reason why I love this fandom is the fandom itself. We are close enough with the members that we diss SuJu better than antis do. This fandom is also very mature and very welcoming to newer fans. They have helped me a lot when I first joined the fandom. We have limited fan wars now that most of us have grown up to be adults. Our fandom may have its ups and downs sometimes, but we promise to stay with SuJu because it’s an and not an end.

BTS Reaction to you bringing a puppy home


BTS reaction to you coming home with a stray puppy and asking to keep it.


Originally posted by baebsaes

He would be so fucking confused. Like he would love to keep the puppy but he wouldn’t know if you both could look after it because of your busy schedules but then he would think it was sooo adorable and that he wanted to keep it. So instead he would just stare you trying to logically figure it out. But of course, he would keep it because he is a softie.

“Can we keep him?!”

“Jagi… I don’t know”



Originally posted by bangtannoonas

As soon as he saw you with the puppy he would start shaking his head knowing what you are going to ask. He loves you and he thinks the dog is adorable but he just thinks that you wouldn’t be able to look after him properly. He would give in as soon as you pull out the ‘But you’re always out at the studio and I get lonely’ card and he just said yes straight then and there. Loving the way your face lit up when he said yes.

“I don’t think so Jagiya”

“But, Oppa, he will keep me company when you’re away”

“Fine but you’re picking up his shit”


Originally posted by booptae

As you walked in talking to the little puppy saying how much it will love it here and that your boyfriend is a little sweetheart he couldn’t help but giggle and blush at your adorableness. So how was he supposed to say know to you giving him puppy dog eyes and the puppy giving him puppy dog eyes, either alone would be hard to deny for him but both was just evil. So it’s safe to say you are definitely getting that puppy.

“You’ll love here I swear. We will take good care you”

“Who are you talking to?”

“This little fella” *Gives Chim Chim the puppy*

“We are keeping him”


Originally posted by averageoppa

As soon as you walked in he ran towards you prying the puppy out of your hands and sitting down playing with it. You didn’t even get a hello from him so you were sure that this puppy was staying with you guys now. You knew you would be the one feeding it and taking it for walks, though.

“Tae, you have to promise to walk him sometimes?”

“Hmmm” *not paying attention, giggling at the puppy*

“Okay. Looks like I’m going to be doing everything”


Originally posted by jinkooks

He would find it hilarious as you walked in and put the dog down and it started to run around the house. He laughed watching you chase the dog around the house watching your giggling figure run behind a tiny little puppy would be the highlight of his week. Of course, after this scene, he fell in love with the puppy so you just had to keep it.

“Go Jagiya! Catch him!”

“It would be nice of you to help!”

“But it’s funnier over here”


Originally posted by jiminb

He would scream so loud when you came over to him with a ball of fluff in your arms. After he realised it was puppy he would laugh and go to stroke it and you happily let the puppy like your boyfriend to death as he laughed happily. You knew that this bonding time would definitely secure your chances in keeping the puppy.

“Ahhhh. Why is it licking me?!”

“It likes you! Maybe we should keep it!”

“I guess we’ll have to if he likes me this much.”


Originally posted by forjimin

He could hear you laughing when you came in so he expecting something to happen but then he heard a bark and his smile vanished wondering why you would bring home a puppy without consulting him first. When you came in with a hand in your jacket and a lump at your side he couldn’t help but smile knowing you were trying to hide it from him. When he asked you about the bark pretending not to see the obvious lump in your coat, you insisted that it was you who barked and then m=started barking cutely at him.

“So it was you who barked then, not a puppy or anything?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes, Jagi, we can keep it”

-Helmet Girl

Bearbomb in a Nutshell

Brother Up: Pleasantly surprised to see Charlie again so soon. Panda can’t help but be cute even when he’s being the bossy, condescending one. Also, the “stacking” scene was hilariously epic.

Occupy Bears: Yay, backstory! Also I love how Grizzly counted his brothers as “essentials”. Also also, the bears have been living in San Francisco for at least five years, but what were they doing before then? One case closes, two more open…

Panda’s Sneeze: I get the feeling more people in-universe are starting to realize what a big jerk Nom Nom is behind the scenes. And as funny as it is seeing Panda trying to be a cool “tough guy”, I’m glad he’s starting to learn being “the cute one” isn’t so bad.

The Road: Aw, baby bears being cute and silly and a little bit sad. So many questions, though - why were they on their own in the middle of the desert? Why were they trying to make their way to Paris? And why was Baby Ice Bear even less talkative than the full-grown version?

Emergency: AKA “Ice Bear gets put through the wringer thanks to his brothers’ misguided concerns”. I like how they were rather neutral about Ice Bear’s introversion; they didn’t depict it as a bad thing or something to be “cured”, the guy just needs some space from time to time.

Once Upon A Time 3x18 "Bleeding Through" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Flashbacks: Young Cora (Rose McGowan) is working as a bar maid when she’s proposed to by a Prince Jonathan who’s actually a gardener. And after he promises to return for her in two weeks, he reveals his true identity and refuses to help support the child. Broken and alone she then meets Snow’s father, Prince Leopald who offers her a hand in marriage, but when Princess Eva finds out that she’s with a child, she tells Leopald which evidently angers him and he chooses to go back on his word. Thus, when Cora finally gives birth, she realizes that she could never have the kind of life she’d like if the child is with her, she abandons Zelena. We’re not entirely sure how we feel about Eva’s act being seen as completely malicious because it ultimately wasn’t. Perhaps if Cora hadn’t lied about the baby, Leopald would’ve still wanted to marry her. And what makes Cora different than Snow and Emma is the fact she gave up the baby for herself – tsk tsk tsk.

Modern Day Storybrooke: After Zelena pays Regina a visit to tell her that the dark one’s after her heart, and she has a talk with Belle, she realizes they need to speak with Cora about why she chose to abandon Zelena. 

They – Regina, Snow, Charming, Emma, and Hook – make use of the candle Snow was given to kill Cora in order to summon her from the dead. And asides from the freaky shenanigans we prefer not to discuss, the most hilarious part of the scene was Emma and Hook’s awkwardness as they both kept peeking in disbelief of what they were doing. Moreover, after they successfully opened the portal, and Cora refused to speak to them, the moment was cut short by Hook accidentally kicking the table.

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“Plus, he’s hilarious. Both of those things–his muscles and his humor–are on display in this behind-the-scenes look at his cover shoot.

The best part? When he’s asked what his favorite physical activity is. Apparently he can’t share it with us (**wink wink nudge nudge**), but it’s how his son was created!”

Creepy Dancer. A Little Liar = Radley Patient? Productive Trip to Radley & Lesli`s Tantrums. PLL 6x05 Analysis and Theories.

Better late than never, huh? :)

I`ll repeat myself and say that although I`m enjoying season 6A so far, the lack of answers is starting to get to me. Yes, we are moving closer to finding out who -A is. Although still, Charles is supposed to be -A, yet as it turns out he`s been taken apart and his have been organs donated. So what`s up with the hashtag #CharlesIsA , Marlene? 

By the end of 6A we are going to know everything Marlene knows. That`s what`s been promised. I`m sure she knows everything about Ian`s death, Garret`s death, Maya`s death, the $50,000 Jason gave to someone, why Garrett fooled Jenna into thinking that he killed Ali with a field hockey stick, who Mrs. D was sending emails to…I could go on and on. And honestly, it doesn`t seem likely that we`ll get to learn ALL of these answers in the remaining 5 episodes, unless -A sits the girls down like Ali did and literally lists every single thing he`s done. 


It was a bit of a bummer to find out that the dance sequence was created because Maddie Ziegler is a huge fan of PLL and she wanted to be on the show. However, that doesn`t take away from how fantastic, dark, and unique that opening scene was. I always dig it when PLL goes dark.  I tried to find some sort of meaning in her dance moves, but didn`t come away with much. I think what we`re supposed to take away from this scene as a whole is that Spencer has been in that room before, which begs the question - when was she there? 

  • When she had a mental breakdown after seeing a body in the woods and thinking it was Toby?
  • Or could she have spent time in Radley when she was a kid and she just doesn`t remember it?

What About Aria and Radley?

Spencer calls Aria to discuss her dream and asks Aria if she`s seen that room anywhere in the dollhouse. Um, Spencer, what`s the chance of Aria having seen it if you only saw it in a dream? Aria doesn`t seem the least bit interested in this creepy room talk, but she does say that if she`s ever been in that room before, she burned it from her memory. That got me thinking. Remember how Eddie Lamb met Aria in Radley? He immediately asked if she`s worked there before because she seemed very familiar to him. Later, after having a conversation with Aria in a parking lot Eddie disappeared and hasn`t been heard from since. 

Not sure if those two things are connected, but either way, what if Aria was the one who spent time in Radley as a kid? Lately I just haven`t been able to shake the feeling that one of the girls, Spencer or Aria for example, had mental issues in the past, went to Radley, got better to an extent and then willed themselves to forget about being hospitalized. After all, forgetting things and being conditioned to forget them is not an uncommon thing on this show. 

I love Aria Montgomery but it`s plain and simple - that pixie with gorgeous hair is insane.

 PLL Triplets & Where Is My Reunion Scene???

Jenna is that you? No? Ok. Sydney? Wrong again. It`s just Mona Vanderwaal hiding behind huge, dark sunglasses in order to protect herself from Alison`s wrath. First of all, if you lined Jenna, Sydney, and Mona up next to on another they would look like triplets which I find both creepy and hilarious. 

Second of all, I thought the Ali/Mona drama was over. Alison helped save the girls. She hugged Mona at the end of 6x01. There didn`t seem to be any bad blood between them and I thought that was going to continue when Mona returned from the spa or wherever she went after being released from the hospital. But no, she is obsessing over the idea that Alison must be plotting something against her. Yes, Mona faked her death. Yes, she succeeded in getting Alison arrested and sentenced. But I honestly doubt it that Alison is going to go back to her old ways. Although I still don`t fully trust Alison (maybe never will), she is too busy dealing with her father, the news about a dead brother she never got to know, mean cops, and Lorenzo. As conniving as Alison used to be, I think she`s moved on from that. 

In the perfect world I would have all of the girls -  the liars, Mona, and Alison join forces and work together to unmask -A once and for all. Sadly, the unnecessary drama and more lies are getting in the way of that.  

And, as excited as I was to see Mona, are we just never going to see Mike and Mona reunite and work things out? I demand a reunion scene!

Lesli Stone - The Queen of Insults

Where Mona Vanderwaal goes, Miss Lesli Stone follows. Hanna and Mona run into her at the Brew and within a minute Lesli manages to throw a huge tantrum which includes yelling at and threatening Mona, as well as calling Hanna “a bag of hair.” Hanna is not impressed…Besides, what is Lesli so mad for? Mona might`ve lied to her about Ali being after her, but nobody forced Lesli to take the stand and lie about Hanna and the girls. That was all you, Lesli!

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anonymous asked:

What was the one thing that made u believe in ziam. Was it after watching a particular video or gif. last day i talked to a larry shipper who claimed that ziam shippers tries to use the same proofs as larry and these attempts come off as lame as ziam is a bromance. I want to prove her wrong. So can u tell me what made u believe in them??

Hey there, hope I’m not too late! 

Let’s see, how did Ziam happen for me.

Well, this started it:

Check out Zayn’s thumb there. Ah yes, lovingly stroke your brofriend’s inner thigh after literally running to make sure he’s alright when he slipped a little. That’s normal. That’s just fine. That’ssklvndsf f

So I got curious. Kind of kept my ears perky, my eyes peeled. Saw the way Zayn constantly looks like he wants to eat Liam alive…

…their total disregard for personal bubbles…

…the way Zayn straight-up leans in to Liam’s face before remembering that’s a no-no when being filmed for broadcast…

…the familiarity to their interactions that I just couldn’t make platonic…

…and I was like, Okay. I’m woke. What’s up here?

Because there’s so many questions, right? “But what about…?” The Zerrie tattoo, Sophiam, blah blah. (Quickly found out that it’s not actually a tattoo of Perrie. Quickly figured out the similarities between Zerrie, Sophiam, and Elounor as fauxmances are, actually, hilariously obvious.)

This video series probably clinched it for me. Not a single doubt I still held wasn’t addressed by those vids. 

They also helped me put some stuff together: why was Liam, a talented, athletic boy picked on in school? When does that happen? Could it be he was a little effeminate? Stuff like that started making more sense. Zayn and Liam as people started making more sense.

It actually cracked a lot of the behind the scenes stuff wide open for me, too. Pretty easy to tell somethings a stunt  when you could fairly well guess that, if one boy had actually picked up and left, the other would have been right behind him.

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(Made my fic characterization a hell of a lot better, too. Even when the focus isn’t Ziam itself, their dynamic is intrinsic to them as people, to the way they communicate with the world.)

Before I started looking at Ziam, I had bought into the incorrect belief that–and I do think this is what trips people up a lot–if it didn’t look like Larry, if the dynamic wasn’t the same, surely it couldn’t be real, right?

I was really happy to be proven wrong. 

Best Friend - Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: I accidentally deleted Claudia’s request on my ask box and I’m just so glad I saved her request but since there was someone with a similar request I decided to combing the two. I hope you guys like it! 

“An imagines and its you and Luke (Hemmings) are best friends but you are both secretly in love with each other and Ash is the only one who knows you like Luke. And like one day Luke ends up confessing. Basically something like that❤️ I’m Claudia btw💓”

“Can you do a Luke Hemmings imagine for me and its that’s Luke and I have been best friends since forever and everyone has always told them they should be together and everyone always stares at them saying how cute they are together. And finally they get together and are caught maybe kissing (only a peck on the lips or something) by like Calum. Just anything/something like that :) (: thank you 👼🏼💕⭐️💒”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Nineteen years, that’s how long you’ve known Luke. The tall, penguin loving, guitar playing, dorky friend Luke Hemmings.

You knew him longer than Ashton, Calum or Michael. You told yourself that before he left for tour you’d tell him how you felt about him. However you couldn’t do it, confessing to Luke like that out of the blue might ruin your friendship with him and you didn’t want that to happen. That’s why you just kept it to yourself.

No one really knows that you like Luke but Ashton seems to know your true feelings towards Luke. Ashton talked to you about it once but never gave the chance to confess to Luke and Ashton backed off. “All right I understand, just keep it at your own pace Y/N but remember you can’t hide those feelings forever.”

Now you were at Luke’s house helping his mom prepare for their arrival before they go to their tour in North America. Liz was glad to have you over and help prepare for his advanced birthday.

As Luke and you were growing up everyone in your family along with his shipped you two but the both of you would feel embarrassed. Like who wouldn’t be embarrassed right? Well at least his family likes you and vice versa.

You wanted to tell your true feelings towards Luke, it was time for him to know even though you knew he won’t return those feelings back. It was worth a shot.

A couple of guys from your high school were invited to Luke’s party. You couldn’t wait to see Luke reunite with his old buddies. When he arrived he automatically searched for you, not caring about those who greeted him along the way.

Liz couldn’t help but chuckle at Lukes’ behaviour. Luke definitely looked strange and weird just searching his place like that. “Who are you looking for Luke?” You walked up beside him and decided to look around the place to help Luke search what he was looking for.

“There you are!” He picked you up and spun you around. “I missed you.” He said when he finally let you touch the ground once again.

Once the both of you grabbed food, Luke started talking to you about the different things he’s seen along the way. He also told you stories about the crazy bus rides, the hotel room and behind the scenes while touring. “Oh man one time Calum was rocking out and he broke one of Michaels’ strings. Michael chased him for breaking his string on his favourite guitar but the funny part was when Michael yelled out ‘YOU BROKE MY G STRING.’ It was hilarious.” Luke laughed.

“Shut up Luke.” Glared Michael.

The party was starting to end and you helped Liz clean up. Luke helped too only because his Mom has an early day tomorrow and he didn’t want to overwork his mom. “Mom, just head up. Y/N and I will finish cleaning this mess up.” Liz agreed and left the responsibility to you and Luke.

“Awe Lukey, you’re such a Mama’s boy.” You teased him. You tiptoed to kiss his cheeks but he turned around and you ended up giving him a quick peck on the lips.

Just then Calum came in and saw everything. “Wow Y/N I didn’t know you were that bold.” He smirked.

Both of you widened your eyes in shock. “IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!” You yelled in unison.

“Whatever you say love birds. But please don’t go crazy, I don’t want to be an Uncle yet.” He winked and left the kitchen.

Neither of you spoke of the little incident. You wanted to but it was just so awkward. “Luke… about the erm…”

“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled at you.

Everything was cleaned. Calum, Ashton and Michael were in the living room watching scary movies. Since you didn’t want to watch just yet you sat at the porch admiring the stars in this cold winter evening.

In a few minutes you felt someone standing behind you, and there he was holding two hot cups of cocoa. “Thanks.” Was all you said to Luke. “Anytime.”

Luke was fidgeting his fingers, almost like something was bothering him. “Hey Luke.. What’s the matter?” You asked.

“Promise me you won’t get mat and that nothing will change between us?” He looked at you, you could tell he was nervous.

“Of course, now come on out with it. You look like you’re going to pee your pants.” You teased him to make it easier for him so say what he needed to say.

“I… I never felt anything like this. Y/N every time I talk to you my heart starts pounding fast or whenever someone mentions your name. At first I thought it was cause I’m missing you but I didn’t know back then that I fell for my best friend. I never laid eyes on any girl other than you. I mean yes I had a crush on you for the longest time but I didn’t want it to ruin our friendship. I couldn’t handle loosing you due to my confession so I kept quiet. But when you accidentally kissed me in the kitchen.. I knew I had to tell you this and if there was a chance where instead of having you as my best friend… you’ll be my girlfriend.”

And there it was, the confession you never saw coming. You always thought that you’d be the one confessing and not him because you really thought he had someone else in mind. You couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Did I say something wrong?” Luke said in a panic voice.

“No you didn’t Luke. I was just thinking the same thing as you. I’ve liked you ever since Luke but I just didn’t want to confess to you cause I didn’t want to put our friendship at stake. But I promised you that nothing will change between us now that you’ve told me. I can’t be your girlfriend Luke..” You half smiled.


“I’m just kidding silly! Of course I’d be happy to be your girlfriend. Oh yeah Happy birthday Luke!”

He couldn’t believe he fell for your trick but he was glad that you answered him.

“This has got to be the best birthday present ever.” He mumbled as he hugged you.

Today is Clea Duvall Day!!!! Lets all celebrate her brilliance by seeing her new film The Intervention!! Clea’s movie isn’t just hilarious and touching, its also important. Behind the scenes we sometimes don’t know things like…only 7 percent of films are directed by women, or that only 1-2 percent of film scores are done by women. How about that statistic that only 5 percent of cinematographers are women?! Clea wrote and directed this film but she also helped balance the scales by hiring so many other talented women to work both on and off camera. I was privileged to be one of those people. I had never done a film score before and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to stare at these actors gorgeous faces for hundreds of hours. I laughed, I cried (mostly when I’d accidentally erase my work) and I was in attendance to see it makes its debut at the Sundance Film Festival! Its been a tremendous experience and I hope all of you will go out and see in theatres, on demand or in Digital HD -! So proud of you Clea xoxoxoxox

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Raini! I absolutely love you and your voice, and I admire your acting. So um, anyway, how do you feel about where your fellow cast mates and you may go after A & A? Like do you think you would continue acting? Do you think Ross would focus on his music? Would you all remain friends? Sorry if this is a loaded question, I'm just very curios. Thank you so much! :)

Awhh thanks, you’re to sweet! (:

I hate to think about A&A ever ending because I have way to much fun doing it. But when it does, I would love to do another multi-cam show and movies of course. Also music and behind the scenes work, like directing, is really a big passion of mine too. So I guess you could say I would do it all. Ultimate goal would be to help create a show that I can produce, write, direct and act on.

As for my other costars…I can see Ross continuing with his music and becoming a big rock star as well as a movie star. He would rock a comedy, action or romance movie.

I can see Calum creating some amazing show and be the head writer while he’s acting on SNL because holy smokes that guy is hilarious.

Laura is going to be a big producer on some movie or show and continue acting while singing/songwriting on the side.

And of course we would all stay friends, I would even hope to work on other things with them in the future. Maybe collab on music with Ross, Laura and I act in more projects together, and Calum write something while I direct it. I love these people way to much to ever lose contact with them. They’re my family :)