the behind the scenes are hilarious help





do you like loveable characters?

do you like (A HECKA LOTTA) fight scenes with epic animation?

do you like cool flipping villains?

do you like a little bit of romance?

do you like tO FLIPPING CRY?



character development. plot development. too much. none of my friends watch it, except one, but she’s a season behind me *looks at you slowly cuz you know who you are* this show is going to be the death of me so im just throwing it out there that its really great if you wanna know something to watch. i must admit, though- the beginning of the first season doesn’t have much plot development at first. then for the whole rest of the two-season thing it explodes.

Bearbomb in a Nutshell

Brother Up: Pleasantly surprised to see Charlie again so soon. Panda can’t help but be cute even when he’s being the bossy, condescending one. Also, the “stacking” scene was hilariously epic.

Occupy Bears: Yay, backstory! Also I love how Grizzly counted his brothers as “essentials”. Also also, the bears have been living in San Francisco for at least five years, but what were they doing before then? One case closes, two more open…

Panda’s Sneeze: I get the feeling more people in-universe are starting to realize what a big jerk Nom Nom is behind the scenes. And as funny as it is seeing Panda trying to be a cool “tough guy”, I’m glad he’s starting to learn being “the cute one” isn’t so bad.

The Road: Aw, baby bears being cute and silly and a little bit sad. So many questions, though - why were they on their own in the middle of the desert? Why were they trying to make their way to Paris? And why was Baby Ice Bear even less talkative than the full-grown version?

Emergency: AKA “Ice Bear gets put through the wringer thanks to his brothers’ misguided concerns”. I like how they were rather neutral about Ice Bear’s introversion; they didn’t depict it as a bad thing or something to be “cured”, the guy just needs some space from time to time.

no lol but can you imagine jen and colin preparing behind the scenes for a cs wedding

jen: *helps design emma’s wedding dress*
jen: *keeps a diary to record emma’s thoughts and writes her vows*
jen: *reads memoirs to see how ex-foster kids deal with the situation*
jen: *gives 1000 word answers about the beauty of this moment for emma and the deep meaning of her journey to this point*
jen: *features the dress on 101smiles, talks about wearing it to marry mr. hook*
jen: *says beautiful things about hope and happy endings*

colin: *parts hair correctly*
colin: *turns up to film the scene*
colin: well, he may like her a bit, yeah
colin: NAILED IT

Today is Clea Duvall Day!!!! Lets all celebrate her brilliance by seeing her new film The Intervention!! Clea’s movie isn’t just hilarious and touching, its also important. Behind the scenes we sometimes don’t know things like…only 7 percent of films are directed by women, or that only 1-2 percent of film scores are done by women. How about that statistic that only 5 percent of cinematographers are women?! Clea wrote and directed this film but she also helped balance the scales by hiring so many other talented women to work both on and off camera. I was privileged to be one of those people. I had never done a film score before and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to stare at these actors gorgeous faces for hundreds of hours. I laughed, I cried (mostly when I’d accidentally erase my work) and I was in attendance to see it makes its debut at the Sundance Film Festival! Its been a tremendous experience and I hope all of you will go out and see in theatres, on demand or in Digital HD -! So proud of you Clea xoxoxoxox

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