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✿ Gemanimate 2 - The Answer ✿ A Steven Universe Reanimate Project ✿

It’s finally time! Here is Gemanimate 2 in all its glory! A total of 164 animators across the globe have come together to reanimate Steven Universe’s The Answer. Everyone who has contributed shots has donated their time and skills to pay tribute to the best animated series out there, Steven Universe.

I’m so thankful for the the extreme amount of support that’s been shown by all of you guys through this whole project. It’s been a lot of work behind the scenes from me (Katie Elle) and our extremely talented animators and we couldn’t have done it without you all. Check it out on Twitter too.

I’m so beyond proud of what’s been created. So what are you waiting for?! Watch and enjoy!

A Rocket to the Moon |  (m)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader | Roommate AU

Count: 21k words

Warning: oral sex, squirting, kitchen wrist icicle, sassy characters, crack smut, unprotected sex, swearing and blasphemy. 

Summary: It was a harmless attraction until you found yourself boldly ruining your entire friendship and roommate dynamic with your colleague, Jeon Jungkook. Alternatively, sexy and lovely times with nerdy roommate Jungkook; romance with no plot. Dumping all 4 chapters into a big post. M. list

Home (n):
1. Home is where the heart is.

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drawpile moment

While Drawpiling with @blesstale, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2!⚓️✨

So Newbie imagined PT as his his pirate self from the glory days, and they watched PotC on a tablet left behind from visitors to his ship.

Turner went into the basement of Davey’s ship and they saw the brains of that crew member pulling himself off of the wall to greet them. Ew!

The Kraken makes its second appearance and Newton asks if PT’s ever fought one- to which he replied “YEAH! It was nothing short of epic! Explosions, screaming, swords, kissing–”
Newton: “–Kissing?! You kissed it?”
PT: “Well when you’re facing a leviathan with all hope lost, you get a little desperate.”
Newton: *silently judges*
PT: “Sometimes monsters need a little love!”
Newton: “kissing, though…?”
PT: “…it was still epic! You saw the mouth on those suckers! All those teeth?? Kraken kisses are dangerous…!”

Summary: Jughead Jones, facing the reality of having nowhere to stay anymore when the Drive-In gets shut down, finds temporary shelter at the Blue & Gold office. But what happens when an upset Betty Cooper catches him on the act?

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(Sooooo, I’m watching Riverdale and my feels about Bughead are over the moon!! And now that we learnt some bits and pieces about his life and that he doesn’t have a house anymore (my heart is broken, I just love Jughead) I had no other choice but to write this, hope you all like guys!!!)

Jughead knew the routine by now. Scrunched down and trying to make his trademark combat boots as soundless as possible, the raven haired boy cautiously popped his head from the corner he was hiding, icy blue eyes scanning the empty corridor in from of him. A quarter to nine, the great clock over the entrance of Riverdale High informed him and he slightly frowned, biting anxiously on his down lip and drumming his slender fingers on the tiled wall next to him in anticipation. Radio commercials along with the icky sound of track soles stepping on wet floor could be heard faintly inside the now lifeless school building, a tell-tale sign that his misery for the day will soon be over and Jughead could be nothing but relieved about it. He was tired and even more so mentally tired, with all the small town drama and its joke of residents as well as his spiraling thoughts about his novel and the newfound reality he had to adjust to, that being his current situation of well, yeah, being homeless, plus the here and there thoughts about a certain girl next door, a girl he knew all his life and a girl he always knew belonged to his best friend, that lately seemed to invade his mind an awful more lot. Yeah, Jughead needed a place to lie down, even if that was the dusty floor of the Blue & Gold.

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✿ Gemanimate ✿ A Steven Universe Reanimate Project ✿

It’s finally time! Here is Gemanimate in all its glory! A total of 49 animators across the globe have come together to create this beautiful reanimated theme song from Steven Universe. Everyone who has contributed shots has donated their time and skills to pay tribute to the best animated series out there, Steven Universe.

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this project. It’s been a lot of work behind the scenes from your producers (Katie Elle and Ciera Troy) and our extremely talented animators. We’re so, SO proud of everyone. Click through for a complete list of animators by shot.

So what are you waiting for?! Watch and enjoy! 

Glitch in the matrix

I have and a few GITM encounters but this one is the weirdest

(For @sixpenceee !) When I was about 8 years old I went on a road trip with my mom, dad, brother and I. This was before my parents got divorced but I was around the same age that they did; I was 7. We went to Frank Slide, Canada, which is a town that was completely covered by the landslide and it killed a lot of people. There was a telescope on top of the hill that cause the landslide and I wanted to look at the moon.

At the time I was pretty obsessed with astronomy- I had tons of books on the solar system. I knew what the moon looked like down to every crater and all of its phases so when I looked in the telescope I was really surprised to see what I thought was Mars but that telescope was pretty bad so it was hard to believe I was seeing Mars even though it didn’t look like Mars at all. I looked around more and saw the moon right next to this “Mars”.

I was satisfied enough and looked away but when I looked up at the sky with my naked eye I could still see the red planet. It was slightly smaller than the moon that was to the left of it. My brother and my dad and I all saw it and we freaked out so we jumped in the car onto our next road trip destination. I followed the mysterious red planet all the way until it went behind a hill top.

When we got past the hill the mysterious planet was completely gone. Nowhere in sight, even when we were driving by open fields.

I usually mentioned it to a few of my close friends but one day I mentioned it to someone I had just recently started befriending and she said she saw the same thing at the same age of 7. I don’t really know what it was but I’ve seen a red moon and it wasn’t the same. Plus the moon was right beside it in all its white glory, not red. Still freaks me out

Signs as H.I.M Lyrics
  • Aries: "World was on fire, no one could save me but you/It's strange what desire will make foolish people do" -- Wicked Game
  • Taurus: "A drop of her blood tastes like wine/I answer her call with a rhyme" -- Serpent Ride
  • Gemini: "Side by side: darkness and light/Play their game so unafraid, their heartbeats synchronized" -- Into The Night
  • Cancer: "I admit my defeat and want back home/In your heart under the rose" -- Under the Rose
  • Leo: "Today tomorrow seems so far away/And the wait in vain, yeah/So safe, in the blinding light of love unchained/In yesterday's grave, yeah" -- Sweet Pandemonium
  • Virgo: "It's poetry carved in flesh/This beautiful hell of ours/To the deadliest sin we confess" -- Passion's Killing Floor
  • Libra: "She'll be the light to guide you back home/Just give her a kiss worth dying for" -- Venus Doom
  • Scorpio: "We steal the fire from a sacred heart/And bleed the wine unholy/We fall in love with the serpent's song/And fear nothing" -- In the Night Side of Eden
  • Sagittarius: "We will be so free from all that has been./So free from all that we’ve seen." -- I Will be the End of You
  • Capricorn: "Death served wine for lovers/Brought from the world where devils reign/And intoxicated angels with sorrow/They witnessed in the eyes of their slaves" -- Behind the Crimson Door
  • Aquarius: "My church is not of silver and gold,/It's glory lies beyond judgement of souls/The commandments are of consolation and warmth" -- The Sacrament
  • Pisces: "Labyrinth in a shape of a heart/Love's secret architecture/I find myself to be lost in the/Arms of your fate" -- Face of God

anonymous asked:

glad this au is gonna have a happy ending, looking forward to the perilous journey to get to the sweet reward ^^ <33 its so great already, excited to see where you take it. new question: is regency au tony musical at all? play the piano or harp or something (maybe his fave is an instrument that they don't have in queen sarah's kingdom)??

Tony can play most stringed instruments but when he’s really missing his mother he’ll play the piano for hours. It’s a lovely thing, big and beautiful, a deep red mahogany with silvery white quartz and deep ebony keys. It had been a gift from Howard, and he’d put a painstaking amount of time and effort into designing it with the piano builder he’d ordered it from. But Maria had adored it, would polish the keys herself after using it, made sure that it was checked regularly to keep it in tune. Tony’s pretty sure it would have gathered dust had the maids not taken great pains to keep it clean, one of the few pure reminders of their former king and queen. (Then one night they hear Tony playing, and it’s sad and whimsical and beautiful, so they smuggle in the piano maker to tune it regularly so that Tony doesn’t wince at every out-of-tune note, doesn’t weep over how he couldn’t even protect his mother’s piano from Stane.) He stops to give the piano an affectionate pat before he’s led to the Rogers kingdom as political prisoner. He resolutely doesn’t cry. He doesn’t want them to see how much the piano meant to him and destroy it.

After their wedding, when they’re going through gifts and writing letters of thanks, Bucky pulls out an angular slab of wood with strings on it. “And I guess we’re thanking Sam for a block of wood and strings.” “It’s a zither,” Tony corrects him, rolling his eyes as Pepper jots it down. “Why would he send us this?” Steve asks, taking the zither from Bucky’s hands and looking it over. He twangs one of the strings. “He didn’t even send instructions on how to use it.” “I think,” Pepper says slowly. “That it might have been a gift specifically for Tony.” Steve and Bucky look at each other for a long moment before they pass it over. Tony blushes, embarrassed. “You don’t know that it was specifically for me!” “It’s specifically for you,” Rhodey deadpans. “Sam asked me what you’d like and I told him a zither.” “Oh,” Tony says, laying the zither on his lap. “Surely he sent something else for Steven and James.” “No,” Rhodey replies. “Just the zither. I told him his gift to your husbands would be you playing the zither.” “Rhodey!” Tony hisses in embarrassment. But Steve and Bucky are looking at him with curiosity now, so he has to play. Even though he hasn’t played in years. Oh God. He’s going to embarrass his alphas with how poorly he plays.

Still, Tony thinks he does a good job not wincing whenever he plucks the wrong string, or when he realizes a little too late that the zither should have been tuned before he played it, or when he fumbles in the middle of the song because he’s forgotten a few notes. When his fingers slow to a stop he can’t manage to bring his eyes up from the zither, cheeks burning with embarrassment because oh God that was so bad. He was going to have to hide the zither away and never look at it again. Why would Rhodey do this to him?

“Tony,” Steve breathes, and he squeezes his eyes shut to try and block out whatever insult Steve is going to say. “Darling, that was–” Here it comes! “–That was amazing!” Tony keeps his fists clenched for a few seconds, then looks up at Steve in confusion. “W-what?” “Your fingers were all over the place!” Bucky exclaims, enthused. “I’d never be able to do that! You’re so talented, honey.” “I–I am?” Tony stutters, unsure. “Of course,” Steve answers immediately. “Honey, I know how to play a flute and literally nothing else. And I only know how to play the flute because Ma insisted.” “Yeah, she says all royalty needs to know how to play at least one instrument,” Bucky muses. “Lucky I wasn’t a prince. I’m not bad with a drum though.” “Tony knows how to play all of the stringed instruments,” Rhodey butts in proudly. Tony flushes darker when his husbands gape at him in awe. “Not–not all of them! Just–most?” “You’re amazing,” Steve repeats reverently. Tony lets out an embarrassed ‘eep!’ and holds the zither up to hide behind it.

(Eventually, when he realizes it’s okay to ask for things, Tony shyly hides his face in Steve’s chest and mumbles, “May I have my mother’s piano?” Steve immediately responds with “yes, of course” and Tony hugs him, pleased, not aware that his husbands would cut out their hearts and hand them over if Tony ever asked.)

((Sarah covers her mouth when she sees the grand piano in all its glory. The piano maker had been contacted to help with the move, and he’d traveled with the piano to put it back together and tune it properly, in the style the Stark kingdom preferred, and all he asked for in payment were for his travels to be paid for, a Rogers piano tuner to teach the Stark way, and to hear Prince Anthony play it just once. Tony sits himself on the velvet cushion of the piano bench, fingers stroking lovingly over the quartz keys before he begins to play, something regal and powerful and beautiful. The piano maker begins to weep at the first note and doesn’t stop even after Tony has finished playing. He’s old now and had worried that his greatest creation would never be played again, but here it is, in this new castle, being played by his queen’s son as if he’d been born to it. The piano has never looked grander than it has on this day and he will be at peace when he dies because he knows it will be cared for like it had been before the war.

Tony makes concerned noises when the piano maker drops to one knee and places a reverent kiss to the back of his hand. He has long, soft fingers. He hopes that these beautiful fingers will soon be calloused from endless playing. Tony had looked so pleased, so at peace. Maria had used to look the same way.))

(((The castle is often filled with piano music now, so regularly that on the nights Tony doesn’t play, Peter and Harley pad to his room in their bare feet and pester him until he does because they can’t fall asleep without it. This ends when Tony begins teaching Peter, and then Harley, and Tony polishes the smudges from the keys himself when they’re all finished playing. Harley asks, once, why Tony does it instead of asking one of the servants, but Tony just smiles that ‘I couldn’t explain it even if I wanted to’ smile, so they just watch him as he patiently cleans each key before pulling the cover back over them.)))

This is re: the infamous origins of Hannibal’s plastic murder suit (this post). Or what happened after youthful Hannibal realized his passion for nice clothing conflicted in some areas with his passion for nice murders.

“He’s not a painter,” Maud said. She adjusted the plastic on the mannequin. She thought it was tight at the hips, but their client had asked for some very precise measurements.


Maud bent down and checked that both leg cuffs were even. “No paint on his fingers, not on his pants, not on his shoes.”

Maria sighed. “I meant painter as in art, not as in walls.”

“Same thing,” Maud said. She stepped back to look at their work. The small Baltimore uniform shop had been puzzled at first by the request of a made-to-measure protective plastic suit. More so when it had been required that the plastic be transparent. And now there it was, in all its gleaming and crinkling glory. “Artists will get their hands dirty,” said the seamstress to her colleague.

“I do get dirty, from time to time, but I prefer to spare my clothes most of the horror,” a voice behind them said.

Maria and Maud spun around. Their client, a tall, slim young man, with blond hair slicked neatly back and a European accent, was on the other side of the counter. He had crept into the shop as silent as a cat.

“Mr. Falvorno,” Maria said. “We… were wondering-…”

“About stuff that’s none of our business,” Maud finished.

Mr. Falvorno’s eyes shone in a strange light as he tipped his head, as if granting a point. He didn’t seem angry, but humored deeply and quietly.

With a gracious smile, he walked over to the dressing rooms for his scheduled fitting.

Maria’s face flushed and she scooted into the backstore, letting Maud to take care of Mr. Falvorno.

Maud slipped the suit off the mannequin and walked into the main fitting room. Mr. Falvorno was just done removing his jacket. He folded it and hung it on a chair where it wouldn’t obstruct the view in the three tall mirrors. He took nothing else off. As requested, the suit would be worn as an overgarment.

“If not a painter, then what?” he asked Maud, opening the suit, studying the seam where the zipper met the neck.

Maud tried a polite shrug. “It’s really none of our business.”

Mr. Falvorno looked up at her, and let the gaze linger until it hardened, intensifying as if it queried her soul. “Please,” he said. “Tell me, what do you think I intend to use it for?”

Maud swallowed and found it difficult to just lie. She couldn’t. Not with these eyes holding her down. “I think it’s a sex thing,” she blurted out, as truthfully innocent as a newborn.

Unbothered, Mr. Falvorno tugged the suit up to his waist. He arched an eyebrow in consideration. “In a way, it’s closer to the truth than painter.” He pulled the rest of the suit over his torso, and fit one arm, then the other one in the sleeves. “I occasionally have to take part in butchery,” the young man explained, squaring his shoulders to test for stretching space. “A colleague of mine hunts. Sometimes deer, sometimes things more exotic, abroad. Whenever we join him in this, he insists to have us participate in the quartering of the beast.” The suit looked good on him, Maud realized, if a bit awkward. But nothing could be more awkward than the situation she now found herself in, talking sex and butchery. “The last time, my jacket and pants were beyond saving. I found that unfortunate.”

She nodded, her throat still tight. “So not a… bondage accessory.”

Mr. Falvorno looked at her in the mirror. “Not exactly no.” He was smiling again. It was both particularly charming and terrifyingly detached. “But there are bodily fluids involved.”

Operation: MORDOR (sequel to 'Between a Lion and a Woodchipper')

(A bit of a long one, this time!)

Honorable Kirta shifted in his seat uncomfortably. Only [3 months] had passed since the Thanatari had begun their siege on the border of his Empire’s space, and only [two weeks] since his friend, Thiru, had stared down the barrel of a human magpulser… and lived. And now, here he was, on the border of the [Perseid-VII Beta] system, commanding a fleet of his fellow Iri'jiij.

And he was floating, shields and weapons unpowered, staring down the barrel of a Thanatari capital ship.

As bait.

His antenna flared backward and folded down as his helmsman broke the silence of the bridge.

“Honorable Kirta, sir. They hail us.”

“Respond, on an open channel. Broadcast their transmission to our guests… quietly.”

“Private channel open. Encryption runtimes are active. Patching them through.”

The screen went black, save for two pinpricks of reflected light. Were they stars?

No. He was staring into the coal-dark eyes of a Thanatar. His chitinous cranium split down the middle, revealing a horrific maw of fourteen fingerlike mandibles, each with rows of black, serrated teeth along the inside and tips, receding into an ash-gray glistening throat-hole lined with teeth.

It croaked and gurgled, cracked and chuffled, as it gulped and clucked out its guttural language in frightening baritone. As the screen compensated for the darkness of the other ship, it revealed the addressing Thanatar in all of its horror in sickening resolution.

“Translation software working.”

The image faded to gray momentarily, as white text scrawled across the screen, translating the morbid gibberish into comprehension.


Those were the co-ordinates of his homeworld.

‘You and your kind will pay the flesh-penance. Your pain and suffering will be as unfathomable and be as endless as the Black of All. So shall it be, by glory of the Dead-King. I shall be the vanguard of your oblivion, and shall bathe and please myself with your flesh. So it shall be, by the Living Death of the God-Queen.’

Kirta stared blankly at the screen, as the message sunk in.

Boots thudded behind him, announcing the presence of his guest on the ship.

General Haverson crossed her arms in her pressure suit, scowling at the Thanatar on the widescreen through her visor.

“Well, aren’t you a fugly bitch,” she snorted.

The Thanatar drew its head back, surprised at the human’s appearance, unsure whether to take her remark as an insult or a complement.

Haverson pressed a button on her neck.

“Giles, what did you get?”

A gruff, almost sadistic voice came over the comm, a deeper human voice.

“Everything we need, General. Thank you.”

Haverson craned her sinewy neck over to Kirta, her eyes boring into his head.

“Pull back your ships.”

“Aye,” Kirta squeaked.

He ordered for the retreat of his ships, just as the Thanatari ship charged its weapons and fired.

Kirta braced for death. But [ten seconds] passed. He opened his eyes and looked out the window. The Thanatar ship and fleet was gone, replaced by a slate-gray wall, with hot blue suns staring back at him.

He didn’t take the time to wonder. He brought his ship about and around, and watched as brilliant blue flashes, hundreds, exploded into life and faded as quickly as they came, replaced by hulking human destroyers, cruisers, carriers, and three Dreadnoughts. He watched in split awe and horror as the fleet kept spilling in, as if some wrathful deity had uncorked a gigantic bottle of swarming insects, poised in anger and spite, aching for the kill.

The aft camera captured the horror of human combat; the black spindly Thanatar ships broke off the battlecluster and spread out as human ferroplaser beams cut through them like a blade through flesh. Their dark hulls welted and bloomed as they boiled away in white-hot fury. Metal vapours and sections of ship clouded space and plunged the battle into the fog of war.

Kirta was awestruck, glued to the screens. He watched as a diamond ship launched missiles in batteries and droves at the nearest Thanatar capital ship. But they never exploded.

He looked up to the General. “Are your missiles defective?”

“No. Boarding parties.”

“You–you’re boarding that vessel??”


Kirta was awestruck. He continued watching, dumbfounded by the humans’ reckless bravado.

After [ten minutes] of combat, he watched in awe as the Thanatar capital ship began firing at its allied vessels. Between the human Dreadnoughts igniting the other capital vessels into miniature stars with their muon lasers, and the now-captured Thanatar vessel mopping up the remaining supplicant vessels, the fleet of ten-thousand ships was cinders in minutes.

The human boarding craft, after a moment’s respite, swarmed away from the capital ship, much like flies sated from a fresh corpse. Soon after, the ship bloated and blew apart in a brilliant blooming flash, and joined the other ships in a silent glowing graveyard, floating aimlessly in the cold vacuum of space.

“General Haverson, we have the ship’s NAV data. Uploading to Fleet-net now,” croaked out a dark voice.

“Very good. Your commandos, as per the norm, performed flawlessly. My compliments, Commander Fawkes,” Haverson returned, beaming with pride.

“You flatter me, ma'am. Fawkes out,” the voice replied.

Haverson clicked off her comm and turned to Kirta.

“That’ll be all from you, for now. You will report to Epsilon Eridanus for your next batch of orders at 2350.”

“O-orders? But I’m–”

“Not anymore, you’re not,” she snipped, cutting him off. “Your buddy talked us into a deal, but with a catch. You work for us, now. Welcome to the Ecumene, buggy, and the Third ring of Hell.”

“Oh,” Kirta chirped.


Sukin tapped down the hall of the human battlecruiser Sathanna, his helmet chafing his palps. He hated wearing suits, but he had little choice in the matter, as humans kept their warships unpressurized and vented of any atmosphere. ‘For safety’, they told him, amused at their answer. The only gravity and pressure offered to anyone onboard was the maglocks of their boots and the seals of their suits, or their resting chambers, which doubled as a cryo-pod. As crazy, and 'orcish’ as he found apt to describe them in their tongue, they definitely thought things through.

He began unlocking the door before him, just as it opened of its own accord. On the other side of the door hulked a Q'iri in a human-made powersuit. Blue viewports and bulky, reinforced respiratory tubes snaked down its long, thick neck where its eyes and spiracles were located, respectfully. At the top of its neck was a small bulb where its mouth was.

“My apologies,” it grunted, as it shuffled out of the way for Sukin.

“My thanks,” he replied, as he bowed politely and tiptoed through and out of the way, allowing the nine-foot-tall gracile giant to pass through, walking on back-bent legs and powerful arms and knuckles through the door before it slammed shut.

He walked down the labyrinthine halls until he arrived at the habitat block he had been assigned; V-7, barracks and home among the stars of Gamma Team.

The door opened to reveal three humans shouting amongst themselves in raucous laughter and vulgar jokes. They all stopped and looked at him. One scowled and went back to staring at the cards in his hand. The other two began walking towards him, hands on their hips, strutting towards him in an awkward, drawling gait.

“Another jiij. Great,” the female one muttered.

“Yo jiij, what’s your name?” The card-player crowed.

“Jiij? I am sorry, it is Iri'jiij, what you are calling me is not appro–”

“I don’t give a fuck. Don’t correct him,” the darker human barked.

Sukin straightened up and crossed his smaller arms
As he saluted with one larger arm, straight and diagonally up. “I am Sukin-of-Starlit-Sand. I have been assigned to your unit, and I am reporting for duty,” he replied.

The pale one playing cards with himself laughed. “Watch out, Slimjim. The jiij is a Nazi,” he chuckled.

“So, Sukin-a-Dick, you thought it’d be funny to throw up a Nazi Salute to a black man?” he said, as he cracked his knuckles.

“What? Nat-si? I-I-I did not mean offense! I swear by my brood-mother!” Sukin bumbled, raising his hands in surrender.

“Look, now he’s French,” the female chuckled, “Poor little jack can’t figure out what the Hell he is.”

The dark one, 'Slimjim’, relaxed and began laughing. He slapped Sukin on the back. “Relax, jiij. We’re givin’ you shit. I’m James Downey, the hot chica over here is Taretha Ho, and short-pale-and-mysterious over there is Red Wilson. Call me Slimjim,” he finished.

“I’m Scrub,” replied Taretha.

“And, you guessed it, I’m Red,” Wilson replied.

Suddenly the door behind Sukin opened, and a human officer stepped through, followed by two fellow Iri'jiij and the Q'iri from earlier.

“You must be Sukin,” he said, reaching out with a hand to shake his. “I am Sergeant Hartford. This is Gurik-of-Moonlit-Splendor and Ferti-of-Droning-Song. The Q'iri is Khaam. Callsigns are Gizmo, Echo, and Bulk respectively. You can call me Sarge.

Welcome to Gamma Team.


End… for now.

Submission by @bartwelchii
Those who are Broken | Chapter Fifteen

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 2372

↬ I honestly run out of things to say on here

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

You stared up at Ben in complete shock.

Who the fuck threw a bunch of fucking shit on him? After all the time and hard work you spent on keeping this fucker clean for the past week, some little shits decide to throw a bunch of trash all over him. Now you have to clean him all over again.

Did the headmaster do this?

Would she stoop that low just so you can keep cleaning him until you finished your punishment? Would he look like shit every time you finish cleaning him just because you don’t follow her rules?

“I thought you would finish cleaning him by now,” a familiar voice said from behind you.

Turning around, you met eyes with Jimin, his hands in his pant pockets. “He was clean. Some bastard trashed him last night,” you told him, turning back to the shit statue that stood in front of you in all its glory. “After all the fucking hard work I put into making him look brand new,” you mumbled, tossing the bucket full of cleaning supplies to the ground in frustration.

“Most likely the headmaster did this,” Jimin said, bending down to pick up the bucket you tossed. “At least you have someone to help you clean it—better than doing it alone.”

You sighed. “You’re right,” you told him, grabbing the supplies from inside the bucket, but it wasn’t. Even if you have someone to help you clean, you had spent days cleaning the statue, and if the headmaster trashed the statue, the two of you are going to have a serious talk.“We’ll need water.” You gestured towards the water faucet a bit off to the side next to a rose bush. “Fill the bucket up, and we’ll start cleaning him up. Again,” you whispered the last word, glaring at the statue as if it’s his fault he got dirty. You watched as Jimin made his way towards water faucet, placing the empty bucket under it, and twisted the knob. Water shot out from the faucet, filling the bucket within seconds.

Turning the knob shut, he made his way back towards you. You couldn’t help yourself from staring down at his arm that carried the bucket, his muscles flexed, a vein or two going up. Even through his short sleeved, black shirt, you could see how built he was. You wondered what it would feel like to have him wrap his arms around you, holding you tight against him. His face buried in the crook of your neck, warm breath hitting your skin before his lips brushed along sending a chill throughout your body.

“Ready?” Jimin asked as he placed the bucket down next to you, bringing you out of your fantasy.

You felt your face heat up as you looked away. “Y-yeah,” you stuttered, handing him a scrub before you poured a small amount of soap into the bucket full of water. You dunked your scrub into the bucket, mixing the water and soap together until bubbles began to form. “Shall we start?” you asked, pulling out the scrub and climbed up the ladder

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wedding: impossible (pt.2)


michelle jones/peter parker - college/future fic (wip)

Against his better judgement, Peter has agreed to be MJ’s fake date to a wedding so she can usurp the bride, or something. Considering how much he’d like to be her not-fake date, he’s not really looking forward to it.

Despite all her apparent indifference to them both - and, really, most of her peers - MJ had become a close friend to Ned and himself. So much so that he freely told her his big, spider-themed secret. (She’s actually the only person he’s deliberately told, which is a milestone he’s not keen on analyzing too deeply.) 

She’d reacted pretty calmly, actually, only hitting him with a medium-sized Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche novel, rather than the special edition hardcover that was also in reaching distance.

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‘Shy’ Draco x Hufflepuff!Reader fluff

Rating: Fluff
Requested: Yes
Request:  Hey I love your writing btw💓 if your requests are open, could you please write one with Draco! Where you’re in Hufflepuff a very shy reader and maybe Draco teases her a lot until he confesses his feelings for her! Sorry it long🙁💓
Warnings: none, just some light teasing.
a/n: I’ve never written from a different house before because no one has requested it, so I was very happy to see a Hufflepuff request.

“Hey, y/n! Where are you going?” Draco’s voiced boomed out around me, startling me none the less.
“I am right here Draco, you don't need to shout” I whispered lightly, cause, to tell the truth, Draco scares the hell out of me.
“Anyway… I’m going to my next class” Draco sneered at me, his stupid sidekicks laughed with him in the background until Draco turned around, their faces dropped and they became quiet again.

I rolled my eyes at them and started walk away when Draco shouted again “Woah! where’s all this attitude come from?” His cocky vice ran so smoothly, but then again bullying and teasing is a Malfoys trait. My father told me so.

“y/n don’t try to stand up for yourself. You’re a Hufflepuff y/n you might as well be a muggle” A muggle?

“I am a pure blood you, you” I stumble over my words, shaking with anger.
“A pureblood hufflepuff? Hmmm. so you’re a blood traitor.” he laughed loudly to my face.

“I c-, I just cant believe you would say that Draco. For years I have just dealt with and suppressed the pain you’ve caused me but you have no idea do you? You have no clue what its like to be bullied, but after knowing you since I was a child, I would’ve thought you would know what its like to have a hard life.”

After all these years of putting up with teasing, I think I’ve given up its time for me to take a stand.

I turn away from Draco with my hair whipping behind me, I felt like I was finally separating from my horrid past in a blaze of glory.

I walked down the stairs into my common room, the beautiful hanging plants filled me with calm and serene thoughts. The pastel bricks are filled with the history of Hogwarts that I may never learn. As they say, eventually everything will fall apart.

And along with my peace; my confidence, my world it all fell apart. That wall of defence for my tears broke. They fell silently, but warm enough to heat my cheeks to the point of exhaustion. And that’s when he came back.

“What are you doing here? How did you get in here?!” There’s no way he could get in here, magic should prevent it, unless…

Unless it was for, Love…

“y/n. Please listen to me!”
“No. I don’t want to get away from me, please” I knew he wouldn’t go, he’s way too stubborn. But you wont know if you don’t try.

“But you didn’t let me speak!” Draco yelled, his breathing was erratic. “you know when you were watching those films, and you got so annoyed because the girl would never let the boy explain what happened. This is one of those moments, you haven’t let me explain.” I looked at the way his hair fell into his glassy eyes and furrowed my brows, I nodded my head for him to carry on speaking

“I know that my… methods of gaining your attention was fairly uncalled for but… god how do I explain?” he turned back to face me and took his bottom lip in-between his teeth and looked around, as if he was searching for something to help him find his words.

“So you know when, urm little boys grab girls ponytails, its not because they want to hurt them, its because they want they’re attention because they like them…“ What? Did he just say… "Ahh” I blushed deeply and hung my head low, so he couldn’t see all the blood rushing to my cheeks turning them a deep crimson. “Y/n… say something. Please” I have no idea where this burst of confidence came from but, I grabbed his cheeks and pulled him down into a kiss. My lips tingles with excitement against his as I felt him slime against me. “Maybe you’re not so shy after all”

BTS having a Chubby Girlfriend (1/7)

This is part one, I plan on doing this for all of the members eventually.  

Rating: 18+ please and thank you 

Genre: Fluff and Smut 

BTS Jin Having a Chubby Girlfriend 

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-oooookay here we go

-I’m actually really excited by the idea of this

-because we all know that Jin has got a lot a lot a lot of love in his heart

- but he’s also kinky af let’s be real with eachother

- okay for real this time

- Jin would be really soft with you.  

- he’d love skinship, but just little touches here and there

- to let you know he was watching you or thinking about you.  

- he’d hold your hand while walking down the street,

- in the fall in big soft sweaters 

- he’d love the little round sweater paws you’d make when you were excited about something

- he wouldn’t be embarrassed to be with you

- and if somebody ever said something about you two being together (especially comments about your size difference)

- or if he knew that you were uncomfortable in anyway

- because to him, sure, you’re fat.  But you’re also fuckin perfect in every way possible.  

- And so he’d distract you by making some stupid dad joke and then would windshield wiper laugh at it himself 

- or say something like “ah yes, they are looking at me” and strut around trying to make you smile

- cuz you know

- he’s worldwide handsome, who wouldn’t be looking at him?

- #thirdtotheleft

- he’d take you on dates to places with really good food.  

- Jin refuses to go anywhere that he believes is subpar food wise.

- which is not a lot of places

- he gets mad when he notices that you’re not eating,

- or trying a new diet

- because he loves your tummy

- and your thighs

- and your cheeks

especially your ass  

- and so he would buy all of your favorite things

- and stash them in the fridge where he knows you’ll find them

- and he’ll giggle when you confront him about it

- now onto the r-rated stuff

- it takes him a while to coax you out of your shell sexually.  

- but one day he wakes you up by nuzzeling the slope between your neck and shoulder from behind

- peppering you with kisses

- its playful at first, and you tilt your head to allow better access, but then

- he bites you.  Hard.  

- but rather than hurting, it sends shivers down your spine.  Especially when he sooths the red crescents left by his teeth with soft and slow kisses.

- and the next thing you know you’re undressed, laying on your back in all your glory

- And Jin is just taking bites out of you left and right, following up with soft kisses and sucks,

- getting you allllll riled up  

- and he’ll make sure you’re good and ready before he slides for home

- and when he does, oooh boy, you were not anticipating how good he’d feel filling you right up and hitting all the right places with his hands, mouth, and the D

- Jin’ll curse quietly as he thrusts into you, making sure your hand is in his hair pulling nice and hard.  He’ll lean in for open mouthed kisses, which will lead to him biting you lip and causing you to moan even louder.  

- he’s surprisingly quiet as he pumps, barely speaking except to call you beautiful and sexy and all of the good dirty things

- actually you never anticipated some of the things that come out of his mouth.  

- and he’s rough, real rough and hard.  He likes to make you scream.  

- Hell, he’d tie you up if you let him.

- Jin is literally Butterfly on the streets and Baepsea in the sheets

- if ya know what I mean

- he’ll let you ride him because he wants to watch you, head rolling back as you sink onto him.  It makes his heart shudder to a stop and then pick up again at double speed.  He loves watching you touch yourself while you ride him.  tits, clit, whatever so long as it makes you feel good.  He loves your body and wants you to love it too.

- and he’ll hold on tight to your hips (why do you think he refuses to let you diet? What else is gonna keep him grounded when you’re blowing his mind???)

- and when he comes, loud Jin comes out, and its amazing.  

- He’ll make sure that you finish too, after all he is very giving

- and then the aftercare???

- Oh my goodness, so many kisses and cuddles and “are you good”s.  

- He’d let you be little spoon for a while but we all know that Jin is a sucker for being little spoon.  

I Can’t Lose You [Part 1]

[Part 2]

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Request By blondielovesr5-blog : I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is daryls girlfriend and we get into a fight so she go off and then something happens either with me and Negan or a walker blah blah, but Daryl does his thing and tries to save her?

Summary: I hope I do this request justice. Season 6 Era. The reader wants to prove herself to the group and go with the group on a scouting mission to stake out Negan’s compound. Daryl is furious. He doesn’t want her anywhere near Negan or his men. But, the reader sneaks away with the group anyway. You are caught by one of Negan’s men and nearly captured when Daryl shows up and saves you. Ends in an argument about you running off, Daryl telling you he can’t lose you, and smutty make up love making.

A/N: Oops. This one turned into two parts. Part 2 will be out soon!


You couldn’t believe you were having this fight, again. 

“Seriously, Daryl? You aren’t my keeper! I can fucking go if I want to!” You shouted from across the bedroom as you made the bed, the early sun rising through your windowsill as you both awoke for the day. 

“I said ya ain’t goin’! End of discussion!” Daryl shouted back, shouting his muscular arm out at you for emphasis. 

“This is ridiculous I am a grown ass woman! I should be able to go wherever I want!” You folded your arms and grit your teeth.

Daryl’s angry eyes met your own fuming eyes and he huffed, walking over to you and putting his hands on your shoulders in a loving motion.

You bucked out of his touch and walked a few feet back, still angry as hell.

Daryl dropped his hands and his eyes, his anger subsiding when he saw you were just frustrated. 

“I’ve been training with you for over a year now. I know how to take care of myself…” You trailed off, your anger levels dropping as you felt him walk into you and pull your body into a hug.

You breathed in deeply the smell of him before resting the side of your face on his chest and smiling to the sound of his heart beat, leaning into him further.

Daryl’s hands rubbed up and down your back and he kissed the top of your head when he felt you give into him.

“I know…” He drudged his chin back and forth on top of your head, “…You’re a great fighter, Y/N. You know I trust you with any of those un-dead assholes out there…”

He stopped, leaned back and took you by your shoulders again, his eyes pleading for yours, “…But we don’t know anything ‘bout these sons-of-bitches. All we know is they are capable of a hell of a lot of harm to people and I’ll be damned if I let you go anywhere near them…”

Daryl’s eyes hardened as he trailed off and looked off into the distance, thinking for a minute about all the possible ways things could go wrong and how many bad things could happen to you. 

He shook his head harshly, returning his resolved eyes to yours as he bit on his lip, “No. I ain’t gonna just let you walk into a trap with who knows what kind of men… I can’t lose you, Y/N.”

His eyes softened as did his voice when he said this. 

You smile softly and saying nothing, simply move your right hand up to his cheek and caress it lovingly. 

He leans into your hand and moves his head up and down, closing his eyes at your gentle touch; he hated fighting with you. 

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Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

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Candles and Stars - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Okay so I came up with the idea of Sirius x reader where she’s been very busy w school and they argue cuz they are not spending time together and so it’s her birthday and no one knows except Lily and he feels like super bad and miserable bc all he did was make her cry and I’m sorry I just love sad sirius
Warnings: Idk, not that great? My English?
Gif isn’t mine/ Credits to its original owner.

  It had been a hectic month. You didn’t know how you had managed to survive through that hell of a month. You loved Hogwarts but you hated the amount of homework you had lately. Did they want to kill you? Because if they did, it was working.You missed your boyfriend- you missed his hugs and kisses, you missed your late-night conversations by the fireplace but you didn’t have time and you knew it was driving Sirius mad, no matter how many times you had explained to him how important it was for you. Right now, it was one of those times. Again.
“But baby, you’re always studying” he pouted at you. He was adorable when he gave you the face.
“I know, Siri, I know.Just a bit more” you reasoned. After all, Christmas was less than a month away. You will make it up to him.
“Come on, I haven’t seen you in days” he continued a bit more annoyed. But you are growing tired of this tactic.
“It’s not my fault” you try to remind him. He’s snorted.
“I don’t even know anymore. It feels you’d prefer to date that bloody book over me” he said and stood up from the couch, causing a scene. You were in the common room after all.
“Sirius, what are you talking about?” you asked bewildered. How could he ever think something like that? You valued him and loved him and respected his wishes. Why couldn’t he do the same for you?
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, since you don’t mind not being with each other, we should just end it” he said coldly. You just stood there, gaping. 
“Siri-” you tried to talk to him, to reason him, standing up as well.
“Save it” he cut you off and took a step back. 
You heard your heart breaking into pieces. You blinked a few times, but the tears kept coming, so you left. ‘Happy Birthday to me’ you thought the moment you entered your dorm and fell onto your bed, crying. Great.
“Sweetie, you know he didn’t mean that” Alice said after a while. She had followed you, to make sure you were alright. That was Alice; Kind, caring and too sweet for her own good.
You shook your head. He meant it. He had never been more serious in his life.
“But Alice, he did” you whispered in between your sobs. Alice was about to say something when Lily marched in, fuming.
“That arrogant, insolent, poor excuse of a boyfriend” she cussed out, furious. She was the only person who knew that today was your birthday… You almost smiled when you saw that her face was as red as her hair.
She looked at you, softened her expression and enveloped to you in a bone-crushing hug.
“I’m so sorry, honey. I’m so sorry” she mumbled. You just noticed. You didn’t know this but she may or may not had informed someone else about your birthday.
After a while, the girls had finally convinced you to celebrate your birthday and chill a bit. You had grabbed a bath and changed into a beautiful outfit -it was your day after all and you are about to meet your friends and sneak out to Hogsmeade for a couple of butterbeers. You had to keep your eyes dry since you had done your makeup and you didn’t want to waste your mascara on him.
You walked down the stairs to the common room, ready to find your friends and forget about him, but instead, you found a note, hovering mid-air, in front of your eyes.
“RoR”. It was the only thing written. It was clearly meant for you to find since no one else was there and it was past curfew. You didn’t recognize the handwriting as Lily’s but you shrugged it off and left through the portrait hole. If you had paid attention, you would have been able to hear something-or rather, someone-moving under an invisibility cloak. 

When you reached the seventh floor and turned left, you found the entranced. You knocked but the door opened itself, revealing a sight that left you doubtful.
The room was big and dark but you could make out the blurred outlines of the things inside it. There were floating candles and when you looked up, you saw the night sky in all of its glory. You stepped inside and heard the delicate sound of a flower been crushed underneath you. You quickly glanced down and saw a couple of hundred rose petals lying there on the floor, creating a path to a… bed? 
‘What the heck?’ you thought. What was the meaning of this? Suddenly, the door closed behind you and everything went even darker.
“I’m so sorry, love”. You froze and you felt your eyes widen. You swallowed hard, trying to regain composure. Sirius had done this? You didn’t dare to move but you felt him getting closer, until you actually saw his gray eyes, shining brightly like the star he was named after. You lowered your eyes, not being able to handle it-you didn’t even know what ‘it’ was.
He stood so close to you, his body radiating heat, making you… hot and unable to verbalize your thoughts. He cupped your face with his slender fingers, softly caressing your cheek, while you stood there like a statue.
“I know I hurt you and I will never be able to forgive myself for that. It’s your birthday and all I ever did was make you sad and cause you pain. I should have respected your wishes and the fact that you care about classes, even if I don’t. I am so sorry. So, so sorry” he whispered tenderly. When you finally decided to look into his eyes, you found remorse, pain and love. He may hurt you but you saw he had beaten himself up more than he deserved to. You cracked a small smile towards him, but it didn’t last and he saw it.
“I understand if you want to-to.. you know, end it” he breathed out softly but you heard the silent screams that were pleading you not to give up on him. He had a bad temper and you knew it, but he never truly meant the things he said when he was angry. That, however, didn’t mean that those words didn’t hurt. You took a breath as you slowly placed your hands behind his neck and stepped closer, pecking his lips. Oh, how you missed this. Those plump and wonderful lips that tasted like smoke and sin, ecstasy and sugar. 
“I’ve missed you” you whispered, placing your head in the crook of his neck. He instantly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulled you suffocatingly close to him and placed a tender kiss on the crown of your head. Out of the blue, soft music started playing and he took the initiative. He slowly danced you to the end of your worries and problems and being the gentleman he was, his hands stayed on your waist. You found yourself falling for him all over again. He kept mumbling how sorry he was until you kindly, but firmly, asked him to shut up and kiss you. And in that moment, his smile spoke louder than any word could. That genuine smile, the one that only gave to you, swept you off your feet. 
He kissed you lovingly and tenderly and-oh, Merlin, you melted into his touch.
He picked up, one hand on your back, one hand under your legs and carried you to the bed, laying you down as your eyes searched the night sky for the Canis Major Constellation. 
“Happy Birthday, my little star” he whispered, his breath falling hot onto your lips. 

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Mindless (M)

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Min Yoongi. 5 048 words. Rated M for adult content. Brother’s best friend AU.

❝“Look, his roommate just moved out and it’s a pretty good place–“

“Jin, I’m not sharing an apartment with Min fucking Yoongi.” There’s no mistaking the cringe on your face, as though the name on your tongue tastes too bitter for your sweet little tooth.


“I promised Seokjin I’d take care of you.”

“Then take care of me.”

“Like a brother would.”

━Desperate to get out of the god forsaken dorm and get as far away as you can from your slob of a roommate, you find yourself knocking on the smooth white door of apartment 104 that belongs to you brother’s best friend who just so happens to be your arch nemesis for as long as you can remember.

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Sierra Madre Broadcast
Vera Keyes
Sierra Madre Broadcast

“Has your life taken a turn? Do troubles beset you? Has fortune left you behind? If so, the Sierra Madre Casino, in all its glory, is inviting you to begin again. Come to a place where wealth, excitement and intrigue await around every corner. Stroll along the winding streets of our beautiful resort, make new friends, or rekindle old flames. Let your eyes take in the luxurious expanse of the open desert under clear star-lit skies. Gaze straight on into the sunset from our villa rooftops. Countless diversions await: Gamble in our casino, take in the theater, or stay in one of our exclusive executive suites that will shelter you and cater to your every whim. So if life’s worries have weighed you down, if you need an escape from your troubles, or if you just need an opportunity to begin again, join us, let go, and leave the world behind at the Sierra Madre grand opening this October… We’ll be waiting.”