the beginning of their love

❗️Beware sentimental speech ahead❗️
Dear Pixelberry-Team,
Thank you for creating the amazing fantasy story that is “The Crown and the Flame” - the one that started it all for me, the one that got me obsessed with Choices, the one that chained me to my phone from minute one, the one that never failed to keep me entertained.
Without TCATF I wouldn’t be here with all of you guys tonight. I would’ve never created this blog… I would’ve never been able to hang out with such a diverse, talented and hilarious bunch of people. I would have never met my two favorite gals Hannah and T. … I would’ve never met my dearest Jake.
All of this, all of you mean(s) so much too me … you can’t even imagine how much I love you guys, how much you enrich my existence and how much you helped me to get through the hardships of the past few weeks.
A million times “Thank you”. I raise my glass to more adventures, to more amazing moments together - cheers 🙂

When i meet her 30 years after I let her go

The optimist

We might almost pass by each other without noticing,
But something, may it be fate, a subconscious knowing or simply coincidence, will make us turn heads.
We will look into each other’s eyes.
Her face will look weathered from the sun,
The piercing she used to wear will be gone,
Her hair will have begun to turn grey,
But her eyes will still express the same youthful and cheeky nature that lays beyond her walls I used to climb.
She will smile at me the way that used to make my knees go weak,
They will go weak this time too.
My brow will arch and I too will smile.
As shy as never before we both will say “hi”,
Neither of us knowing what else to say.
Thousands of questions and stories will race through my head,
“How have you been?”
“Last year I finally did the thing we always talked about.”
“Did you ever get that tattoo?”
“I think I missed you more than I ever noticed”
Slowly we will both take a step forward,
Towards each other.
Another step,
Ten inches apart from each other.
“Hi” we will say, once again.

—  Alias

Soooo, did anyone else notice the extra slots on the contact list?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Who are the people being added to fill these slots?!?!?!?! Thank you @cheritzteam you guys are so awesome!*starts fangirling*

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What are your top 15 townhull tunes? (Songs that remind u of our cabbage boy and quaker sass king) aka the ship to rule them all™

oh my god, anon. let me tell you, my songs for them are in a constant state of disarray because they’re part of my overall abraham woodhull playlist, for both canon and my modern au(s). that said, i will list my absolute top picks for them: 

SolidS Drama CD 1 -Don’t work too hard!- track 4

Gray moon -灰月-

Track 3 || Translation index || Track 5 

???: Ah, there’s no one here… Did I come too early?

Tsubasa: Eh- *drops juice* Who are you?!

???: Ah, good morning. Tsubasa, do you know if Shiki is back yet?

Tsubasa: Huh?

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instead of fat hunk jokes how about a running gag that no matter what planet or galaxy they go to, some alien will always fall irreversibly in love with hunk for his kindness and open personality and the team has to come up with plans and procedures for what to do when hunk inevitably gets proposed to on a planet they’re trying to form an alliance with


i’ve found the strength to grow so much more
a whisper to a roar
no more crying
it’s time for me to soar


Somebody I Used To Know re-imagined as an 80s hit.