the beginning of my summer in a nutshell

Eurovision Grand Final in nutshell

Slovenia - Amy Winehouse and her dancer’s invisible violin

France - post-apo in the background and dancing soldiers

Israel - Golden Boy with golden shoes from Bollywood

Estonia - Estonian version of “Summer wine”

UK - somebody watched “The Great Gatsby” recently. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND (or vampire from Twilight)

Armenia - singing druids 

Lithuania - let’s kiss and dance and feel the love

Serbia - born this way!

Norway - Merida from Brave and her partner are singing Norwegian Bohemian Rhapsody at the beginning to hide the fact that it is BALLAD 

Sweden - pop-star of my youth came back to get my vote and draw with light. 

Cyprus - … sorry I took a nap. 

Australia - gangsta kangaroo 

Belgium - rapapapapapa and robot dance 

Austria  - beds piano is burning when Austrian Elton John is playing. 

Greece - sad Conchita

Montenegro - I have no idea what they sang about but dance was nice

Germany - she looks like Adele 

Poland - detergent commercial with Japanese cherry tree in the background

Latvia - Oooooooo techno slow-motion

Romania - song about Euro-orphans in Romanian. 

Spain - red-hood in Frozen world who evolved into dancing princess

Hungary - “We are the world” ver. Hungary

Georgia - dharkness and georgian Xena

Azerbaijan - he wolf 

Russia - princess sings ballad about peace and equality 

Albania - love song and mourning dress

Italy - they brought Italian opera to Austria. Well done Italy!

seven o three * a summer’s start mix * (listen) * (summer’s end)
* of moths and sunset swims and spitz, of timbits and bad jokes and scraped knees, of car rides out to the lake and stupid games and pet adoption centers, the beginning starts with a minty heartache and ends with a loveless breakdown, complete with lemonade *

the swan song * a fine frenzy | lost my heart in republic city * legend of korra soundtrack | candlelight * relient k | noble maiden fair * brave soundtrack | california girls * piano tribute (cover) | goodnight and go * imogen heap | popular * wicked soundtrack | dear john * taylor swift | i think you’re swell * matt bennett | upward over the mountain * iron & wine | a lack of color * death cab for cutie | gallery piece * of montreal |please don’t go * barcelona | superbass * drew tabor (cover) | ours * taylor swift | rescued * jack’s mannequin | somewhere beyond the sea * bobby darin | call them brothers * regina spektor (ft. only son) | tomorrow will be kinder * the secret sisters