the beginning of my summer in a nutshell

Eurovision Grand Final in nutshell

Slovenia - Amy Winehouse and her dancer’s invisible violin

France - post-apo in the background and dancing soldiers

Israel - Golden Boy with golden shoes from Bollywood

Estonia - Estonian version of “Summer wine”

UK - somebody watched “The Great Gatsby” recently. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND (or vampire from Twilight)

Armenia - singing druids 

Lithuania - let’s kiss and dance and feel the love

Serbia - born this way!

Norway - Merida from Brave and her partner are singing Norwegian Bohemian Rhapsody at the beginning to hide the fact that it is BALLAD 

Sweden - pop-star of my youth came back to get my vote and draw with light. 

Cyprus - … sorry I took a nap. 

Australia - gangsta kangaroo 

Belgium - rapapapapapa and robot dance 

Austria  - beds piano is burning when Austrian Elton John is playing. 

Greece - sad Conchita

Montenegro - I have no idea what they sang about but dance was nice

Germany - she looks like Adele 

Poland - detergent commercial with Japanese cherry tree in the background

Latvia - Oooooooo techno slow-motion

Romania - song about Euro-orphans in Romanian. 

Spain - red-hood in Frozen world who evolved into dancing princess

Hungary - “We are the world” ver. Hungary

Georgia - dharkness and georgian Xena

Azerbaijan - he wolf 

Russia - princess sings ballad about peace and equality 

Albania - love song and mourning dress

Italy - they brought Italian opera to Austria. Well done Italy!