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Rules: Answer eight questions then tag eight people.

Last movie I watched: goodness I don’t watch movies much- technically I didn’t /finish/ a movie since watching Stardust on Christmas 2016. But back in April I partially watched Ladyhawke and it helped relieve my anxiety a ton (along with @beanarie and others’ prompts that I still intend to dwell on/fulfill)

Last Song I listened to: Addicted to You by Utada Hikaru (my favorite music artist)

Last Book I Read: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket. I still intend to finish the series, I found nearly all of them at a Goodwill, but I’m not sure it’s what I’m in the mood for rn. (I’m not in the mood for fic either, still too angry.)

Last Thing I Ate: orange chicken with white rice from my favorite Chinese restaurant

Where Would You Like to Time Travel To: if it was just to visit: Utada’s Wild Life concert in 2010 in Japan; otherwise I’m not really interested in truly living in another time - culture shock or worse sexism is guaranteed

Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day: Joan is the obvious answer here. I’d love to shadow her on a case and cook/bake for her, and generally just learn more about her. A non-Elementary answer… I’d have to say Nausicaa, from Miyazaki’s manga. I would learn SO much and exploring her world would be amazing.

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would I Be?: Kyoto, Japan. Idk much about anywhere I want to travel, but Kyoto seems the most peaceful, for me personally.

Current Fandom Obsession: Elementary and Sense8

I will tag: @amindamazed, @beanarie, @lesbxdyke, @sickrey3, @saotome-michi, @foxy-mulder, @actiaslunaris, @liggytheauthoress, and anyone who would like to do this! Only if you want to of course!


you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
”As long as i’m with hyung, i’m happy no matter where we go. - Jeon Jungkook


“What Shall I Do, Lemony Snicket?” from one of the special paperback versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was from The Bad Beginning, or Orphans! 

I took these back in June of 2015 right after I graduated high school and was going to the campus university bookstore after our orientation and class scheduling. I’m glad I did because the bookstore doesn’t carry it anymore or else I would have totally bought it now. 

I just love these questions and answers, so I wanted to keep them as a means to laugh or smile when I was bored or upset. Now I felt like sharing them with you all. 

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

The Start of Cassini’s Grand Finale

Cue drumroll…

For the first time ever, our Cassini spacecraft dove through the narrow gap between Saturn and its rings on April 26. At 5 a.m. EDT, Cassini crossed the ring plane with its science instruments turned on and collecting data. 

During this dive, the spacecraft was not in contact with Earth. The first opportunity to regain contact with the spacecraft is expected around 3 a.m. EDT on April 27.

This area between Saturn and its rings has never been explored by a spacecraft before. What we learn from these daring final orbits will further our understanding of how giant planets, and planetary systems everywhere, form and evolve.

So, you might be asking…how did this spacecraft maneuver its orbit between Saturn and its rings? Well…let us explain!

On April 22, Cassini made its 127th and final close approach to Saturn’s moon Titan. The flyby put the spacecraft on course for its dramatic last act, known as the Grand Finale. 

As the spacecraft passed over Titan, the moon’s gravity bent its path, reshaping the robotic probe’s orbit slightly so that instead of passing just outside Saturn’s main rings, Cassini would begin a series of 22 dives between the rings and the planet.

With this assist, Cassini received a large increase in velocity of approximately 1,925 mph with respect to Saturn.

This final chapter of exploration and discovery is in many ways like a brand-new mission. Twenty-two times, the Cassini spacecraft will dive through the unexplored space between Saturn and its rings. What we learn from these ultra-close passes over the planet could be some of the most exciting revelations ever returned by the long-lived spacecraft.

Throughout these daring maneuvers, updates will be posted on social media at:

@CassiniSaturn on Twitter
@NASAJPL on Twitter

Updates will also be available online at: 

Follow along with us during this mission’s Grand Finale!

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:


Dedications | Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events