the begining of fashion

So, this episode was very horror-inspired.  But, also like really bad, like an actual nightmare for fans.  So, like, could this be meta-horror?  Like, ‘this is everyone’s worst nightmare of an episode’.

If this were meant to be awful, on purpose, like what Sherlock does to Mycroft in the opening sequence, maybe this is about us knowing there’s got to be more?  

When ACD killed Sherlock Holmes there was a backlash, people wrote letters.  People complained enough that ACD resurrected him.

What if this episode is meant to create a backlash?  What if we write so many complaints to the BBC that something needs to happen to fix all this?  What if that’s the plan.  What if it’s not a trick but a plan?

In the beginning Mycroft is watching and enjoying an old-fashioned romance movie, just like what we’ve been watching from BBC Sherlock this whole time.  And that gets interrupted by this over-the-top nightmare created by Sherlock to make a point to Mycroft.  Is Mycroft’s movie the way the show really is?  Is Sherlock’s nightmare TFP as we, the fans, perceive it?  Or even all of series 4?  Is this the groundbreaking this that’s supposed to make history?  That we all see that this is a horrifying farce that we must fight against?

theres just so much to unpack here………

  • shou is just standing with his legs spread out like. hell yeah. im weaaring this shirt. im OWNING this shirt i loook fucking GREAT. hes happy to be part of the squad. he probably knows it looks like shit but he just finds the whole thing hilarious
  • ritsu is standing in solidarity with his brother. very respectfully. hands behind his back and everything. god fucking shit he is so STIFF  i think hes dissociating a little bit i mean cjust fucking LOOK at him look at his face he is fucking astral projecting as we speak
  • inugawa is dying. he wants to be dead. who can blame him, really. someobe free him
  • mob just Does Not Care he never had a fashion sense to begin with he doesnt understand what the big deal is
  • teru……..oh lord teru……..where do i even start……the hand on mobs shoulder. the sparkle. the hand on his hip and the fuckin leg. his fucking. dreamworks face. honestly i dont think i need to say anything teru is just self-explanatory and i hate him awful AWFUL
  • hoshino is rivaling reigen in his sweatiness. someone help him. hes dying
  • sagawa doesnt care at all hes pretty much exactly like mob but his muscles are just jutting out of his shirt. if he flexes the shirts just gonna rip right off his body

we all joke that tom is so cute and soft (which he is), but when we get model!tom, it’s literally the worst thing ever because he’s not only soft and cuddly, he’s a fucking man with a strong ass jawline and looks that can kill. honestly what did we do to deserve him?????? this is only the beginning too, like wait til more fashion magazines hit him up like GQ. we gonna be dead.