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The RFA reacting to waking up with MC for thr first time? Not in a sex type of way but maybe they fell asleep on the couch or MC sat next to them till she fell asleep type of thing. Fluffy is nice :p

Fluffy is life! ^^ Hope you enjoy this!

RFA reacting to waking up with MC for the first time


  • He woke up with the morning breeze blowing in his face, was he so tired that he really dozed off on his rooftop?
  • He looks down and… you??? You and him with a blanket wrapped around you two???
  • Wants to scream and push you away before the beast comes out, but… you look so peaceful in your sleep, so comfortable… you shouldn’t be so comfortable around a man, all men are wolv… oh, shit! You’re hugging him and snuggling in his chest.
  • Now he remembers, you two went to gym together and then he invited you over to cool off after such an intense work out session
  • He feels disgusted at himself for leaning against you like that, he was probably all sweaty. Well, so were you, but your sweat smells like cinnamon to him, so he doesn’t mind.
  • You two went to his rooftop and talked a little drinking a beer. You seemed cold, so he grabbed a blanket, and next thing you know… you were cuddling like this…
  • Despite all his fear about losing control, he feels so glad, he would love to wake up with you all over him like this every morning, but probably somewhere more comfortable like his couch or… his bed…
  • “Zen… are you okay?” your sleepy voice and you half lidded eyes, this is too fucking much!  “You keep shaking, are you cold?” he feels really hot, actually…
  • “I-I’m fine, MC, don’t worry.” “Okay, so go back to sleep…” you nuzzle at him again. Oh well… you heard her, beast, go back to sleep…


  • He feels his neck a little wry, this pillow seems different… wait! It’s not a pillow, it’s… it’s… YOUR LAP!
  • There’s so much for him to feel flustered. You’re so close, he’s sleeping on your lap and you are IN PUBLIC!
  • Oh yeah… LOLOL is about to send a new expansion, so there he is camping in front of the store waiting to be one of the firsts to buy it.
  • How he managed to bring you along is a thing he’ll never know… but what’s more important right now is… the sweet smell of cherry emanating from your hair…and your legs are so comfortable…
  • Wait! What? No… the most important thing is… why did he drag you to this? And he should have offered his lap, or… at least, his shoulder for you to rest! You must be so uncomfortable! But you look ok… and so cute…
  • Are people in line looking at you? Oh no… this is so embarrassing… they must think you are a couple…
  • But would it be bad? People seeing you as a couple? He would never say it out loud, but he fantasized so much about doing couple’s things with you…
  • Cooking together, having meals together, waking up together… at the same bed… oh no no no! What was he thinking? This was so naughty, especially having you this close…
  • “Yoosung, are you feeling sick? You’re so red… maybe you have a fever?” he didn’t even notice you waking up. You put your hand on his forehead, could he get even redder? He looks at you all tense, your eyes are a little squinched because you didn’t wake up completely, so…  cute!
  • “Hum… you don’t feel that hot…, just rest a little more, okay?  I’ll wake you up when the store opens.” He hesitates a lot, but you’re so warm and he’s so tired… he awkwardly rests his head again on your lap and feel your fingers resting lazily on his hair, well, none of his fantasies went that far…


  • She wakes up when she feels your head leaning on her shoulder… oh… Zen can ever know you two slept during his movie.
  • WAIT! You’re sleeping on her? YOU are sleeping on HER?
  • She feels kinda honored that you think she’s comfortable enough for you to just lean on, but… why?
  • You two came to see this movie Zen has a cameo on, maybe you two got too tired of waiting for his scene? She would be offended if it was someone else, but since it is you… she understands, she felt asleep too, after all.
  • She wonders if people on the row behind you think you’re just a couple and you are snuggling in her because it’s romantic… she giggles at this thought because, well… it feels sort of… exciting?
  • Yes… it’s such a bright feeling… the idea of people seeing you as a couple, imagining you do these cute and cheesy couple things… she would like doing these cute and cheesy things with you…
  • If you did that while you’re watching one of Zen’s DVDs together, on her couch… oh! What would she do?
  •  “Jaehee… did I miss some funny part?” you whisper at her ear, and she shivers. “Hum… n-no, MC, why?” “Well, you’re grinning so much… did Zen appear yet?”
  • “No, not yet… you can sleep a little more if you want, I’ll wake you up, okay?” you just nod, close your eyes again and go back to her shoulder.
  • Yes, she is grinning again, but it has nothing to do with the movie.


  • He wakes up at his couch feeling something on his lap, it seems a little heavier than Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Oh… oh… it’s your head, you are… resting your head at his lap, this is… weird? And… so… intimate? And… good?
  • At least you don’t have your face turned to his body and… oh, you roll over, he can feel your breathing through his shirt.
  • He invited you over to show you some ideas he had for a new cat project. People could judge him and he didn’t care, but your opinion on his cat projects is always fundamental.
  • You gave him great suggestions as usual, and you two could spend the whole night discussing it, but you  felt tired at some point and fell asleep on his shoulder.
  • He should have offered you a bedroom, but he was pretty tired himself… and you’re so warm and… look so comfortable.
  • He’s not sure about what moment of the night you fell on his lap, but… does it really matter? It’s so… amusing…
  • He feels so tempted to caress your hair, it looks so silky… and your peaceful sleepy face is so… mesmerizing, he could watch you sleep like this every night.
  • He would prefer doing this in bed, when he can look straight at you, laying beside you… easy there, Jumin…
  • It’s so weird knowing you trust him that much to let yourself be so vulnerable near him, usually people feel so intimidated by his presence, but not you… you just think he’s good enough for you to rest…
  • “Jumin, doesn’t your neck hurt?” your sleepy voice is like music to his ears “No, MC. Why do you ask?” “You’ve been keeping your head down, maybe you have a wryneck?”
  • “Don’t worry about me, MC. What about you? Aren’t you uncomfortable?” you  look around, grab a pillow and put on his lap. “I’m okay… sweet dreams, Jumin.” And you get back to sleep.
  • Well, he doesn’t need to sleep or dream, this is sweet enough for him.


  • He wakes up because this pillow feels a little weird…it’s comfortable, but it’s different…
  • Oh, it’s not a pillow, it’s your chest… he blushes, did he drool a little? Gross… and kind of pervy?
  • He looks at you and sees you’re drooling a little too, ok, now he’s not that embarrassed.
  • Wants to take lots of pictures of you to spam the chatroom, but there’s something about you like this that makes him feel he should be the only one to ever see you so peaceful and vulnerable.
  • His legs hurt, keeping them curled up like this all night because there’s not much space on the backseat of his car it’s a little uncomfortable. Luckily enough, the upper half of his body enjoyed this warm and smooth pillow that is your body.
  • He invited you for a ride in one of his babies, unfortunately, there was a problem with the engine. He called a tow truck, but it was taking too long and you looked so tired… so you two moved to the backseat… maybe he was very tired himself too… who knows if the tow truck showed up after all?
  • He can hear your heartbeat, it’s so liberating and soothing at the same time, now it’s slow since you’re sleeping, but he can’t help thinking if he could ever make it race with his words or… with his touch? What is he thinking? No no no…
  • Most of your body is under him, but he would still like to touch you more, run his fingers through your hair, trace your jaw line… he keeps getting greedy with you…
  • He rarely sleeps this well, well, he rarely sleeps, and being able to relax like this just because you’re this close could only mean one thing, right?
  • “Saeyoung, don’t your legs hurt like this?” your sleepy eyes and messy hair are the cutest thing he’s ever seen, he swears. “Oh… a little, but it’s fine, MC.”
  • “No… here, let’s exchange so you can stretch your legs a little.” Now your legs are curled up and he’s being the pillow.
  • Well, now he can at least caress your hair, but he’s the one with the heart racing like crazy.

You can see Saeran and V here~

Painting meatballs

For @copperbadge: Sounds like you could use some cheering up this week. :) 

Most days, being a superhero did not pay off. He’d been chased through probably twenty miles of tunnel, managed to drop his last nine arrows down an open manhole (who just leaves manholes open?), and it was only by the grace of his fingertips that he hadn’t gone down after them. He’d forgotten to go grocery shopping, he had a headache from somewhere south of hell, and he was almost hungry enough to share a bowl of Kibbles ‘N’ Bits with Lucky and call it a night.

“Happy freaking birthday to me,” he grumbled as he trudged up the stairs to his apartment. By the time he realized that his keys had apparently gone the way of the arrows, he didn’t even have enough frustration left in him to swear. He dropped his head forward, hitting the door about ten million times harder than he’d meant to, and jerked away with both hands over his forehead.

He definitely didn’t think anyone could blame him for being a tiny bit slow to react when his apartment door opened by itself, but he did manage to have a knife up by the time the interloper leaned around the doorway.

Natasha quirked an eyebrow at him. “Is that a sharpened butter knife?”

Clint glowered at her and slid the blade back into his boot – one of only three, but his count, that hadn’t ended up buried in some guy’s thigh, or washed away in Shit River. “I had to improvise,” he defended. “Why are you in my apartment?”

The other eyebrow quirked up to join the first. “Why are you not in your apartment? Also, you smell like sewage.”

“Long story.”

She tipped her head to the left to examine him, and maybe he was projecting or something else that the group home counselor would have said was unhealthy, but he was positive she could see right through the smarting mark on his head and read his mind. Without a word, she stepped back to hold the door open and gestured inside with one hand.

“I’ll get you a beer.”

“Don’t have any,” Clint muttered. He had about half a bottle of Nat’s shitty vodka somewhere, though he’d used the whiskey for antiseptic the week before.

“Good thing Jan knows how to throw a party,” she said. Her smile softened slightly and she gestured in again. “Though Tony thought jumping out and yelling ‘surprise’ was a smart idea for all of twenty-two seconds.”

Clint shuddered just imagining the heart attack he would have had if he’d opened the door and yelling had been the result. He was suddenly grateful that he’d lost his keys – he’d forgotten all about Stark’s threatened birthday party, and he was more than a little surprised that everyone else had apparently remembered. Now that he was paying attention like an ex-assassin and current masked superhero with poor apartment security and lots of enemies should be, he could hear the faint chatter of about half a dozen people and the subtle clinking of forks on plates.

He glanced at the door and then over to the elevator. “Maybe I should just go get some chips or something.”

Natasha shrugged. “If you want. But your meatballs will probably be cold by the time you get back.”

Clint’s stomach emitted a loud snarl, and his mouth instantly flooded with saliva. Nat might have been kinder than most people gave her credit for, but she still laughed at him as he stood rooted to the spot, doing a good impression of a meatball-zombie. 

“Please tell me they’re not those bullshit fancy meatless-meatballs or whatever Pepper had A Thing about,” he begged.

“Nope, they’re the cheap frozen meatballs you get out of a bag and dump in the oven.”

He could have kissed her. He definitely did moan, “My favorite.”

His apartment had been cleaned, and it smelled like Pinesol and sweet sweet processed meatballs fresh from the oven. Every lamp he owned had been moved into the living room, which had apparently not been enough, because there was an Iron Man suit standing in the corner and glowing like a six-and-a-half-foot art deco lamp.

“Surprise?” Tony offered, from the kitchen, and Holy Patron Saint of I’m never letting you live this down, was wearing a bright yellow apron liberally splashed with hearts and smiling sunflowers, a matching pair of oven mitts, and a lime green party hat.

“Why are you like this?” Clint blurted out with a laugh.

“Laugh all you want,” Tony said, setting down a tray of freshly cooked previously frozen guaranteed delicious meatballs so he could point at Clint with one bemittened hand. His eyes transferred over Clint’s shoulder and he nodded faintly. “But I’m leaving this here when I go. You can thank Jan.”

“Happy birthday!” Jan said as soon as Clint turned to face her, looking like she was ready to burst. “I really want to hug you, but you have been out doing things that got you a little too close to a sewer. Air hug!” She announced and crossed her arms over her own chest, squeezing hard and twisting side-to-side.

It looked like a really nice hug, and Clint was even sorrier about the damned sewer. He looked between his bathroom door and the piles of warm meatballs, and made a noise that he normally would have blamed on Lucky, but Lucky was on his back in the middle of the living room, shamelessly soaking up the belly rubs from Thor and getting his muzzle petted by Steve.

Natasha pushed past him to the kitchen, piled a dozen meatballs on a purple plate with the Hawkeye symbol stamped in the middle, and nudged him away with one finger. “They should be cooled down by the time you wash your hands. Go!”

Clint eagerly took the plate, leaned over, and lipped one of the meatballs right off the top. He tried to smirk at her, but was too busy sucking air in around the molten mouthful as she pushed him toward his bedroom.


Despite orders to the contrary, Clint had devoured the plate of meatballs before his shower, and he felt less likely to gnaw someone’s arm off by the time he made it back to the living room. A long folding table had been wedged between the couch and the bar, and it looked like Jan had dumped the entire Hawkeye section of Party City on top of it. It was cheesy, and stupid, and perfect. He stood in the doorway for a second to just look it over – they were all pretending that he wasn’t staring at them, and that was what good friends were for when you just got off of a Hell Week leading into Nightmare Night. Lucky was up on his back legs so he could have his front paw on Tony’s lap and was doing his damndest to get at the mountain of meatballs in the center of the table.

“I’m not feeding you,” Tony told the dog seriously, but his hand was wrapped around Lucky’s ribs to rub at his belly. “Seriously, have I ever fed a single thing in your entire life? Why don’t you go to climb in Steve’s lap? He’s a dog person, and I know for sure that he’s fed you at least once tonight.”

“That was just a treat, Tony,” Steve protested.

“He said the word treat,” Tony told Lucky, which just got him a messy kiss across the cheek and Tony leaning comically sideways in the chair to in a vain attempt to avoid it.

“Just push him away,” Clint suggested, stepping into the living room and climbing over the couch to get the open chair.

Tony gave him a frankly scandalized look, but turned back to Lucky to say, “You’re not getting anywhere with this. I am immune to canine flattery.”

“Not all canine flattery,” Natasha muttered, and for some unfathomable reason, Steve blushed and kicked her under the table. Natasha neatly dodged, and held an open beer out for Clint, so cold that it had mist curling out of the neck and droplets running down the sides.

“I love you,” Clint told her very seriously.

“I know,” she answered.

He swallowed about half of it before pressing the cold bottle gently to his forehead and rolling it back and forth. This was the life – why did he not have a million roommates again? He set the bottle aside and looked down to realize that what he’d mistaken for plates were actually large plastic painter’s pallets with little cups of “paint” set around the edges. There was a bright purple cup of paintbrushes sitting opposite his beer, and a stack of napkins with the Avengers Assemble cartoon Hawkeye at his elbow.

Jan leaned forward to explain, but Clint just shoved his finger in the yellow paint and licked it off – spicy mustard, the kind he got at Chinese restaurants and poured over everything.

“Or you could just do that,” Jan finished, laughing. “It was Steve’s idea.”

“This,” Clint said, snagging a meatball off the pile and a paintbrush, “Is the best birthday idea ever.”

Jan nudged Tony, who was still not-really fending off Lucky’s affectionate begging. “And you wanted to bring wine,” she scoffed.

Clint had three painted meatballs stuffed in his mouth when Jan climbed out of her chair and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She leaned over to press their cheeks together and squeezed hard, rocking him gently side-to-side.

“Happy birthday.”

“’appy meathba’ ‘ay,” Clint corrected, but he reached up to squeeze her wrist and leaned back against her.

Maybe he was just imagining it or something, but it seemed like his headache was gone.

Cream Cheese Pretzel and Samuel Adams Cold Snap from Pretzel Palooza located near the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I Kissed Him & I Was Home

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Modern AU

Authors: Lil Lambie

Words: 1260

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, fluff, kissing

A/N: Long time no see! I am SOOOOOO sorry that this was delayed so much. I’m still working on my project but I really felt like writing. This probably isn’t my best but I really tried lovely. Enjoy!

Anon: Hi! If I may request something could i get and A.Ham X reader where they have a flirtationship and the rest of the hamilsquad teases them and tells them to get together already but they don’t think that their feelings are reciprocated. (even though they both are in love with each other) and reader overhears him talking about his unrequited love for her and reader kisses him AND FLUFF

It was the end of a long college semester. You threw on a gray loose sweater and some black leggings and dragged yourself out of the door. You walked to Hamilton’s house. Before you could get a chance to knock on the door it swung open and three pairs of arms swarmed over you.


Your protests were drowned out by the admirations of the three guys. They finally let go and let you breathe. Laf frowned at you and said, “Amour, why so sad?”

“I’m not sad.” you said, slamming the door behind you. You slipped off your boots and threw your scarf on the nearest chair. “Just tired.”

You walked past the three concerned men and welcomed yourself to the feast of junk food.

“(Y/N),” John said, loose curls falling in his eyes, “forgive me for my bluntness, but you look dead.”

Sarcastically, you checked your pulse. “Oh, still alive.” you shrugged. “How unfortunate.”

Hercules frowned at you and gave you big a hug from behind. He let go and his face lit up with alarm. “She’s dying! I need thirty ccs of beer, stat!”

You laughed and pulled away from Hercules, but Laf and John presented a cold dark bottle of beer in front of you.

“Fine.” you laughed.

Laf popped the cap for you and held it to your lips. You drank. “(Y/N)!”

You put the bottle down to meet eyes with Alex. He was walking down the stairs with an armful of blankets. “It gets cold.” he smirked.

Laf, John, and Herc winked at each other and spoke wordlessly to each other in clear understanding. It was beyond you and Alex.

“Hey, are you okay?” Alex said, when he reached you. He put his hands on your shoulders and looked you in your eyes and smiled. You smiled too.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just exhausted. I just want a break from all the stress.” you said. You shivered.

Alex took one blanket from his armful and dropped the rest. He wrapped it around your shoulders, leaving his arm slung across. You blushed and held it with your fingers. “Thanks.”

The five of you dismissed the conversation and walked down into the den, sitting on the sofa. You sat next to Angelica and hugged her. Next there was Eliza. And Peggy. Eliza and Alex were no longer an item, they hadn’t been for years, but they were still good friends.

For the evening, you all drank beer, watched movies and played board games.

“Why is it so cold in here?” Angelicia shouted, rubbing her shoulders.

Alex laughed. “Um, yeah, my furnace is broken.”

You found yourself searching for warmth in Alex’s arms. Alex was sat on the floor, against the sofa. You were on his side, but your head rested on his chest, feeling the rhythms of his heartbeat and warm laugh. His arms enclosed your body to him.

“When are you guys going to kiss already?” John shouted, throwing down his cards.

“What?” You and Alex looked at each other and strung apart.

“I-I-I um..” Alex tried to say.

You shook your head and moved a foot away from him, wrapping the blanket back around yourself. There was an awkward silence over the group.

Alex stood up. “I’m going to go find some more beer.”

Guilt and sadness feasted inside of you.

John, Laf, and Herc followed after him. “You don’t need that many people to get beer!” Peggy shouted.

Her sisters laughed at her. “It’s fine.” they said.

You sighed and sat back on the sofa and closed your eyes as you opened another beer. You let it flow down your throat and numb your fingertips. Numb the pain. Numb everything. It was the best feeling. It was the only feeling.

“Would you guys stop it?” you heard Alex yell from the kitchen.

“What? We aren’t doing anything wrong. We are trying to help you! We are doing a favor!” John yelled.

You continued to eavesdrop.

“Ami,” Laf said softly, “you must tell her or we will.”

Alex groaned and John laughed.

“You have had a major crush on her ever since she moved here! Alex, you need to some licking your wounds with Eliza. Okay? It’s over, she has someone now. You could too. You know you want this.” Herc said.

You stood up from your chair and started for the stairs.

Alex sighed. “I-I-I can’t. We’re just friends. That’s what all she thinks we are. Friends are easier to keep than lovers. Lovers you have to chase, but friends are always there.”

“Don’t you love a good game of chase?” John asked.

“It’s not like it was with Eliza. We almost got married, sure, but with (Y/N), I don’t know…it’s just different. It’s like, I loved Eliza but I wasn’t in love with her. I love her like my best friend, because she is. But, with (Y/N), I want to be more. I want to feel (Y/N)’s arms around me. I want to feel those lips on mine. I want to feel the warmth of that smile. I know it doesn’t make sense to say that (Y/N) smells and sounds like sunshine, but there is no other way to describe it. (Y/N), it’s like that time of day when everything is golden. Five p.m. when everything is cast in a beautiful golden glow, but it never goes away. The smell is everything that reminds me of my childhood, everything I miss and everything I love. But, that’s what would make her saying no so much harder.”


Alex turned at the sound of your lilting voice. He smiled with tears in his eyes. He laughed and covered his face. “Oh god, you heard all of that didn’t you?”

You laughed and nodded, your eyes welling up with tears.

Herc, and John were grinning wildly behind Alex. Laf thumped in the back of their heads and pulled them away.

It was just you and Alex.

Alex let out a big breath and pulled you into the next room in a doorway. He held your hands and smiled.

“I meant, every word of that. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. But, (Y/N), I’ve never met someone like you before. I can see clearly now, because of you. You help me to realize what is important in life and I don’t know how you feel about me. But, (Y/N)(L/N), I am madly in love with you.”

He was holding out on you. His heart was in your hands. He put himself out there. But the question was, were you going to.

The words rushed out of your mouth in a jumble before you could realize what you were saying. You only got half of them out before Alex kissed you.

He pulled away.

You breathed out. The two of you stared at each other hopelessly. “-already.” you finished your sentence. “Just kiss me already.” you breathed and you felt a burden lifted.

“I’m in love with you too, Alex.”

“Can I kiss you again?” Alex laughed awkwardly.

“Yeah. I would like that. Very much.” you laughed. You kissed again, passionate but gentle. Your lips danced like they had done this once before. They moved in time with each other. It was all so new and unfamiliar. But it all felt like home.

Thanks, bro. 

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,600+
Pairing: Heith

“Can we get two beers?”

The bartender nodded and smiled before grabbing a couple of glasses. Amber-colored liquid poured from the tap into each glass, with bubbles collecting into white foam at their brims. She gingerly placed the cold drinks in front of two young men, both a few years shy of the legal drinking age.

They thanked her under their breath. One instantly reached over and took a gulp, while the other cupped the drink in his hands and looked down at it with guilty eyes.

Keith wiped his mouth with a sleeve and huddled in close to his friend to whisper, “Can you stop being so obvious?”

Hunk, who had been hunched over and making himself small, suddenly sat at attention and loosened the grip on his glass. “I know– I’m trying to be cool– But it’s hard,” he stammered.

“You can start by actually drinking your beer,” Keith suggested.

“Right, right.” Hunk brought the edge of the glass to face, hesitating as the foam touched his mouth. Keith’s smile twitched as he watched Hunk frozen in place.

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greenkneehighs  asked:

Trappist-1 makes me laugh because Trappist monks brew beer so now I'm just imagining a Star Trek universe where people visit the Trappist-1 to get wasted on beer brewed by space monks.

this is amazing and i love you

the Trappist system have found a way to get along, and a great many centuries have passed since the last war ended in a sulky peace. each planet returned to their homes and got piss drunk. decades passed in nearly no communication between the planets as they quietly got over their resentment and made various alcohols. Each planet got very good at their preferred drink. 

The second planet, where it is unbearably hot, live underground because even though all the planets are tidally locked (i checked, that seems the most likely option, which is a shame, but hey, Remans exist) theirs is the hottest soil. So they live underground and grow their edible roots and make their vodka with ice and they love it. It is an awful colour for vodka, but they’re mostly blind so they don’t give a fuck.

The third planet, comfortably in the habitable zone, has a ring of rainforest-esque flora and they make some damn good rum. They live in their trees and have still got their large climbing claws, but they have developed modern methods of movement, they have escalators and moving platforms, and so on. They like their rum.

The third planet have sooo many rivers and the habitable ring resembles venice or just straight up pirate ships depending on the area. These guys have the best. fucking. grape. vines. wine up the ying yang. These guys are wine mums personified with gills.

The fourth planet, the last one with life, is fucking cold. Any day over freezing temperature is a day for a party. These guys go for beer, and they go hard. How tf are you gonna sleep if you don’t have alcohol thinning your blood so that you don’t freeze cos it’s so fucking cold. They got beer, blubber, and hard, leathery skin. Rockin.

They finally meet up again, 50 years having passed and the treaty demanding contact. Each planet brings a gift to the banquet, and each one brings their drink. There is some confusion and awkwardness at first, but then they realise that they’ve all brought alcohol, and maybe they have a bit more in common than they’d thought. 

anonymous asked:

More of that time travel fic you wrote for basama plsssssssssssssssssss... please???

continuation of this

naruto is ready to tell sasuke that the ghost of one of his deceased relatives is haunting them, looking for its mother, when sakura elbows him in the stomach to shut him up. the little girl stands at sasuke’s feet and reaches up, asking him to pick her up. he assesses her briefly before bending forward and complying.

“what just happened?” naruto whispers to her.

“i have no idea,” sakura replies. she smiles at the little girl – this strange child that, honestly, could very well be a ghost like naruto insists – and the girl smiles back.

“i love you, mama,” she declares, reaching out for sakura. she squirms wildly until she’s mostly leaping out of sasuke’s embrace, forcing sakura to catch her.

“she thinks you’re her mother,” naruto says. he walks around sakura to stand in the hall with sasuke. he doesn’t even looked ashamed as he slowly backs away, tugging sasuke along with him. “sakura-chan, i know you’d want us to survive without being cursed or made into ghosts as well, so–”

“naruto, you ass!”

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geekystorytelling  asked:

The nb!Alex headcanons/ mini fics you posted are wonderful! Is there any way you can expand on the 4th one with Kara? I would love to see Alex come out to Kara. I would also love to see the gala and Alex feeling good in their suit- maybe Lucy is there like a pre-director sanvers thing? I don't know. I'm asking too much I know. I just love your writing. Thanks for all that you do!

hi! i know this is approx. ten years after you sent this - but i was finally struck with the inspiration. so here is alex coming out to kara.

your hands are shaking.

your hands are shaking, your mouth is dry and god, god, 

you’re pretty sure your throat is closing.

you’re sitting, curled on your couch, trying to find a way to extricate your arms from around your legs. you’re trying to find the moment wherein your muscles will listen and standing can happen. there are groceries sitting on the counter, there is root beer getting cold and ice cream is slowly melting.

you have so much you should be doing - but kara is coming.

kara is coming and it’s sister night.

”it’s been so long,” kara agrees over the phone “you and me,” she says, obviously so excited - you can hear it in her voice “sister night.” and you hate the way your stomach twists.

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27 jikook ☺

hello my angel, thank you for sending <3

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best friends au | fake relationship (kind of)

Jungkook knew this was a bad idea the moment he uttered an annoyed yes in between his teeth. He fucking knew it, but he dared someone to remember a moment in which he said no to Park Jimin. Blame his best friend’s merciless puppy eyes. Jimin played dirty to get what he wanted and Jungkook was way too weak. Even when giving in to Jimin meant neglecting his own feelings.
“You’re way too old for this childish shit.” Jungkook had told him, hurt in the heart, when Jimin requested him to ‘be his fake boyfriend for a night’.
“Jungkookie, please… I just need him to see us together once. Just once, I promise.” It was even worse they were going to fake it for the asshole Jimin had had a crush on. They fucked once and then the guy ditched him for some other chick. Surprising, right? Such an original cliché.
“Do you even like him? Still?” Jungkook remembers himself asking, having faked his wobbling tone with incredulity for Jimin’s dumbness.
“No! I just want to get revenge… Please?”
Jungkook sighed. That’s how he ended up in a party he didn’t want to be, too many drunk people for a too tight place around him. He somehow managed to find a way through the sea of bodies crowding him til the only empty armchair, claiming it as his own before someone else did. He didn’t get up for a good couple of minutes, having lost Jimin two seconds after they walked past the front door. He closed his eyes, a sigh escaping his dry throat begging for a cold drink. He wanted a beer so bad, but he couldn’t risk losing his seat for some gross couple to make out.
However, sometimes angels really are sent from above – just not in Jungkook’s life, of course. In Jungkook’s life the above can only send him back a slightly drunk Jimin climbing up his lap, full ass pressing down his thighs a little bit too hard for his despair. He sighed again, eyelids still resting against his eyelashes – not needing to slid them up to know the weight on his legs belonged to Jimin.
The smaller boy closed his hands around Jungkook’s black tshirt, leaning closer so he could whisper on his ear. “Hello boyfriend.”
Jungkook gulped, ignoring his stomach twirling, and lazily opened his eyes, tired of that stupid act even though they had just started. “Is he here already?” he asked, not bothering to look around to check. He didn’t want to see the source of Jimin’s thirst for vengeance anyway.
“Not really.” Jimin sat back straight, eyes finding Jungkook’s, a smile Jungkook knew too well playing on his lips. “Just thought it’d be good setting up the mood between us first.”
The younger rolled his eyes, but his hands were resting on Jimin’s waist and he didn’t know when that happened. “Please, don’t make this more awkward than already is. You’re my best friend. And you’re drunk.” 
Jimin tilted his head to the side, dragging his hands up and down Jungkook’s clothed chest. Fuck. He knew this was a bad idea.
“Oh.” Jimin’s brows jumped just the slightest bit up, the surprised pout on his lips soon being replaced to a suggestive smile when his hands stopped just above Jungkook’s heart. “Someone’s nervous…” he murmured against the younger’s nose, feeling his heartbeat with fingertips pressed against his chest.
The distance between them was now too fucking distracting for Jungkook to be thinking straight. He squeezed Jimin’s hipbones tight on his hands, getting the older boy to press his ass against his thighs harder, their growing erections meeting through their pants. Jungkook gasped.
“Jimin–” he choked, but it was meant to be a warning. This was not going well.
“What?” Jimin leaned in closer, reaching for his best friend’s jawline, teasingly sticking his tongue out to trace a wet line of saliva till below Jungkook’s ears. He parted his mouth open and sweetly sucked the flesh, bringing his hips further into Jungkook’s lap and sitting down on his cock.
Jungkook’s mind went blank.
He placed his hands on Jimin’s lower back to steady himself and maybe try to halfheartedly stop the boy from grinding against his erection, but it only motivated Jimin to drag his lips lower, teeth scratching Jungkook’s neck muscles with just enough pressure to get his chest rosing up and down. He kissed the curve of Jungkook’s neck and then pressed his tongue over it, sucking harder than he did before, the younger jolting his hips up in response.
“Fuck.” He managed out, too breathless for the word to come out properly. “Can you stop?” he asked, and even though his body was showing the otherwise, he really wanted to stop – he didn’t want Jimin like that, drunk and trying to make out with Jungkook for the sake of his ego in a ruined relationship.
But Jimin was stubborn like a child, so he obviously didn’t listen to him. Instead he pushed Jungkook’s tshirt down and licked his collarbones, bitting down afterwards. Jungkook sucked in a breath.
“What were you saying?” Jimin smiled against his skin, hands going down to the hem of Jungkook’s shirt.
Devil. He was the devil.
His warm fingers reached for Jungkook’s bare skin beneath the cloth, dragging them up until they were rubbing and pinchinf Jungkook’s nipples and – Jungkook have had enough.
He grabbed Jimin’s wrist, his hard cock twitching inside his pants as if complaining about the decision he was making. “I told you to stop.”
Jimin scooted back to look at him, a mix of hurt and surprise swimming on the surface of his brown orbs. Maybe Jungkook’s tone had been a little too harsh.
“Why?” his eyes were shining with genuine innocence – it almost didn’t seem like they belonged to the boy with a hard dick pressed against Jungkook’s stomach.
“We don’t need to do that if your stupid crush is not here.”
Jimin seemed hurt now. “Don’t you want to?”
Jungkook was caught off guard, the unexpected question disarming him. He wanted to, but not in those circumstances.
“That’s not what I said.”
“Then kiss me.” Jimin leaned in again, hands going up Jungkook’s shoulder, and then getting lost in his soft hair. It almost sounded like a whine, but it didn’t seem like Jimin cared.
Jungkook resisted the urge to close his eyes and do as Jimin asked – as he himself wished.
“No.” He gulped.
“Why not?” Jimin murmured. He was so close, so temptingly close, Jungkook was forced to lick his own dry lips to focus in another thing other than his best friend’s hot breath invading his mouth. Jimin watched him as his tongue swiped over the red flesh, gaze not leaving his lips even after Jungkook finished.
He tightened his grip around Jimin’s waist, the elder shrinking under the touch, a soft whine hanging from his throat as his eyes fell closed. “Why are you acting like this? Stop making me misunderstand.” Jungkook’s voice was raspy, the hoarseness making Jimin close his hands in tight fists on his hair.
“I’m not…” he moaned, pressing his thighs harder on the sides of Jungkook’s body, a shudder going down both their spines. “I’m not, so please, kiss me.”
“Why–“ Jungkook was starting to feel in control, when Jimin suddenly pushed his head back until it hit the coach, and wrapped his lips around Jungkook’s, the latter’s heart unable to keep its humanly pace, beating faster than it had ever done before.
The touch lasted long enough only for Jungkook to be overwhelmed by the feeling, overwhelmed by the way Jimin’s lips were so full it completely enveloped his own, so soft it made the spots where it touched tingle with sweetness. He was about to part his mouth, so he could catch Jimin’s bottom lip on his own, when the older pulled away.
Their gazes met, Jimin’s dazed eyes answering Jungkook’s half unsaid question a lot better than any word would. 'Because I want to’, they said.
It was all it needed for the younger to pull his hyung closer – closer than he had ever been before –, their lips clashing together in a kiss that it was much too soft and much too rough at the same time. Jimin licked inside his mouth and Jungkook melted, the warmness of his tongue spreading down his chest to his toes; Jimin’s fisted hands pulling Jungkook’s head back so he could deepen the kiss. It was all too much – the clenching in his stomach, the desperate beats of his heart, the heat of Jimin’s body against his –, it was all too much and it was driving Jungkook to the verge of falling. Falling harder than he has ever fallen before. And he was scared, but he was a lot more lost in the way Jimin’s tongue licked and curled around his to give a shit anyway.
He wrapped his arms around Jimin, not wanting to pull apart neither wanting for reality to break into their moment. But their lungs were both needy for oxygen, so they just parted their lips enough to pant into each other’s mouth.
Jimin catched Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth – still breathless, but needing to breath Jungkook more than he needed to breath air –, letting it softly slide through his lips just so he could catch it a moment before it completely escaped his mouth to sweetly suck on it for a second or two. Jungkook groaned in repressed pleasure and in frustration simultaneously. This was a mess. He didn’t know what they were doing.
“What are we doing?” he verbalized his worries, but Jimin just loosened his grip on the younger’s hair, sprawling his fingers on it and pushing him forward.
“Who cares?” he mumbled, eyes already closed and Jungkook knew there was no way back. “Shut up and kiss me.”

So there is absolutely no way I am not cosplaying as Strong Bad to Anime Expo and walking around with a cooler of root beers so I may crack open some ‘cold ones’ with every ‘the boys’ I find

Nothing To Worry About

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Mina x Reader (and 2yeon if you squint)


Angst x Fluff

Word Count: 1645

Written by Admin LJ

(Authors Note- Hey guys! I actually combined two requests into one for this, I hope you don’t mind! It wound up being longer than what I’ve previously written so I guess that works out? Also, I apologize for any grammatical errors, it’s almost 5 in the morning and I have yet to sleep! Hope you enjoy this!)

“Can we get another round of drinks over here?”

It was Momo’s idea to go out to the bar. You didn’t need any convincing- once she had said, “me, you and the rest of the gang should go get drinks tonight”, you were in. You and the others needed a break from the busy schedules you all had, and this was a great opportunity to unwind from the stress of the last few days.

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The curve of her hip where I’d lay my head,
that’s what I’m thinking of now, her fingers
gone slow through my hair on a blue day
ten thousand miles off in the future somewhere,
where the beer is so cold it sweats in your hand,
cool as her kissing you with crushed ice,
her tongue wet with blackberry and melon.

That’s what I’m thinking of now.
Because I’m all out of adrenaline,
all out of smoking incendiaries.
—  From R & R by Brian Turner

Pink. The leather jacket Izzy wears, smelling of cigarette smoke and spilled beer, the rivets so cold and foreign on your hands. The light from the neon sign, falling on his pale face, the small smile, the reaching of his hand to yours. Pink palm to the night sky, the smog and the stars, the blinking lights of a plane high, high above. Pink in his cheeks as he catches you, the sand on your knees as you fall and roll, his body warm and firm against yours. The light through the window (pink), in the early morning, when you roll to see him there, long eyelashes, eyes closed. The sunburn on the back of his neck as he walks away from you, climbs onto the stage. Pink, the sloshed drink on your feet as you watch him, sweaty hair and nimble hands, the music like an ocean wave washing over you.

tubbernator  asked:

Break down of "cracking open a cold one with the boys": basically it stems from the idea of a couple of dudebros cracking open a can of cold beer and hanging out like bros

so apparently i got it right the first time but i thought there was a deeper meaning to it. lol. thanks tho!

You know the idea that if you take something apart piece by piece and replace all the parts with identical ones then it is the same object?

If you believe that that is the case, then you are literally made of stars and are 13.4 billion years old.