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Daddy Robert headcanons!

(Almost completely about just Robert as a dad here…)


Robert tries everything to get their little boy to sleep- he’s not a fan of night time sleeping. One night he even tries singing to him as he carries him; he’s not a bad singer and he has tried everything else. Only he’s so tired he can’t remember any songs other than ‘Trap Queen’ which is why Aaron walks in to the living room to find Robert with the finally sleeping boy, head on Robert’s shoulder as Robert rhythmically pats/rubs his back while singing,
“And I get high with my baby
I just left the mall I’m getting fly with my baby, yeahh
And I get right with my baby
I be in the kitchen cooking pies with my baby, yeahh…”
And Aaron asks him what the hell he’s doing so Robert just shrugs and says it’s working and he carries on. They then download the song- the baby loves it. It becomes his sleep time song and yes, people are weirded out.

When the baby was first born, both Robert and Aaron took time off work to be with him. Robert used to strap him to his chest and have him there for as long as Aaron would let him. The baby didn’t leave either of their arms for the first six weeks of his life. Robert still has issues where he wants the boy to know how much he loves him. He loves holding him no matter how big he gets.

Robert knows everything about car seats. He can remove it from one car and fit it in another in under five minutes. He knows exactly what they’re going to get next, he knows the brands, he knows the safety measures in them. He becomes the car seat expert.

He has a playlist especially for the little boy in his car. It becomes different when he grows up a little bit, nothing makes a car journey better than having his boy dancing in his car seat and singing along to the songs. When he starts to talk, Robert spends the time asking him questions to get him to speak more.
“What colour is daddy’s car?”
“And other daddy’s car?”
“What colour is Ollie’s hat?”
It’s Roberts favourite thing to do. When Aaron is in the car with him he just grins the entire time, pride filling him at the sight of them.

Robert doesn’t want his son to ever feel like he doesn’t have time for him. So if Aaron is busy or on a collection and Robert has to be at work he will take the boy, he won’t shove him with a babysitter- sometimes he does because Vic demands time with her nephew- but mostly he brings him along. The little boy loves going to work with Daddy, he sets him up at Aaron’s desk and gives him “paperwork” to do.

He reads to the baby every night. Aaron does mornings, he’s up earlier than Robert anyway and he likes getting the boy ready so he does those and Robert does nights- bath, story & bottle, bed. He has a constant list of books on his amazon as the child grows. He reads to him constantly, and when he has to be away for the night, Aaron sets him up on the phone or face time to read to him.

When the boy gets sick, Robert spends the night in his room with him. He has done since he was born; first he spends the night in the rocking chair with the boy in his arms, not sleeping because every movement the boy makes startles him. As the boy gets older Robert sticks to just watching over him. Aaron does the same. They don’t leave his side until he’s better.

Robert has this thing about museums. He wants their son to be immersed in culture. Aaron thinks he’s a bit of a nerd but Robert doesn’t care. Aaron did enjoy the museum with the dinosaurs. They’ve done one that more than once.

Nothing means more to Robert than his little boy. When he had to go away for work for three days it killed him to be away, it was hard enough being away from Aaron, it was ten times harder being away from their son. When he got home Aaron told him he had a surprise. Robert has never cried so much than when his little boy looked up at him and said,
“Love you Daddy.”


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graylu 40 ;*

“Cuddle with me you weirdo.” for GrayLu

Cuddle Buddies

An irritated and exhausted Lucy, dragged herself home grumbling the whole time about how she needed to stop letting Natsu pick the jobs they went on. It wasn’t an issue of them not earning enough or even losing part of the reward due to his occasional inattentiveness. It was the constant fighting and monster hunting that she was growing tired of. She could definitely fight and easily hold her own against the guild’s elite, but there was more to mage work than just fighting.

Maybe she just needed to take a break for a week and let her body properly rest. That’s exactly what she needed; to go home, take the longest bath imaginable, and then curl into bed with a good book. Just thinking about sitting in the hot water with her favorite bath salts to ease her tense muscles, put a skip in her step and she hurried home.

When she stepped inside, she locked the door and then made sure the widow had also been locked because she wanted no visitors tonight. Satisfied with her security measures, Lucy heated the bath with lavender salts, then laid out a pair of her favorite underwear and one of several t-shirts that Gray had forgotten at her place. It wasn’t like he wore them anyway.

“Ahhhh, that feels nice, Lucy hummed as she lowered her body into the hot water, her body already starting to relax thanks to the bath salts. She rested her head against the back of the tub and slid deeper into the water till it reached her chin and closed her eyes. She had half a mind to just go to bed but her without her favorite cuddle buddy, she knew that’d be near impossible.

“Where is he anyway?” she wondered. It was nearly ten when she’d gotten home and the apartment had been empty. While she expected to remain empty while she was out of town, it wasn’t unusual for her to come home and see Gray waiting for her. He had a spare key so that he could let himself in for instances like this when she was too comfortable in the bath or just unable to hear him knock. Maybe he had been waiting but left, thinking that she wanted to be alone

Lucy was enjoying her warm bath, but she also craved his touch at that moment. She loved the contrast between his cool skin and hers, how she always shivered at the first moment of contact from him. One would think that she’d be cold while he held her at night, but he always made sure Lucy was comfortable with a few extra blankets to keep the heat trapped between them.

The celestial mage sighed at the thought. Her plans for a nice night alone had been dashed due to her desire to spend the night with the ice mage.

Lucy, lost in her thoughts, failed to hear the ice mage return and rummaging around in the kitchen. She’d been texting him while she was on the train and he stepped out to buy a couple of her favorite sweet treats since she seemed stressed and worn out. He thought to surprise her when she walked in, but when he returned she was already in the bath.

He started to put away some of what he’d bought when he heard Lucy shriek followed by something crashing and the splash of water. Gray rushed to see what had happened and found the blonde sprawled on the floor with her legs still hanging in the tub. He raised an eyebrow at her, unfazed that she was naked.

“Hey, Gray,” she greeted. “When did you get here?”

“Just got back. You good?” he asked, his eyes raking over her to make sure.

“Yep. I just stood up too fast.”

Gray grabbed a towel and tossed it her, leaving her dry off. “You want some ice cream?” he called back from the kitchen.

She walked out of the bathroom and over to her bed. He watched her get dressed while he waited patiently for her answer. “Nope. I want cuddles,” she answered, pulling back the covers on the bed.


“Cuddle with me you weirdo,” she whined.

Gray blinked at the blonde standing in front of her bad and pouting at him. “You just fell out of the bath and didn’t care that I walked in on you naked and I’m the weird one?”

Lucy shrugged. “Maybe I’ve just gotten used to seeing you naked all the time. By the way, where’d your shirt go?”

“Hell if I know.”

“Well if you’re done talking about my being naked, will you come to bed?”

The ice mage walked over to her, forgetting the ice cream, and held his arms open for her. She met him halfway, shivering when his arms wrapped around her waist. “I will never understand why you love that so much, but I love your reaction, Lucy.”

“Mmm, I love Gray cuddles.”

Gray led them to the bed, smiling as she made herself comfortable against him. “Hey, Lucy.”

“Yeah,” she mumbled lazily.

“Love you.”

“Mmm, you too, Gray. You… too.” He rolled over, pulling her closer to him and kissed her forehead before he too, drifted off to sleep in the arms of his cuddle buddy.

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Reach For It

Pairing: Fitzchuu

Rating: G

Summary: Sometimes, Francis likes to tease Chuuya by refusing to bend down and give Chuuya kisses. One day, Chuuya decides to retaliate in a rather unusual way and gives Francis a taste of how it feels to be the short one in the relationship.

Author’s Notes: So after finding some angsty fanart on Twitter and subsequently discussing this ship with the dazaiscans Discord (primarily with @nyaasumog ) I decided that this is one of my favorite ships and I needed to write a fic based on one of the headcanons that Kitaa brought up during our discussion. I had a lot of fun writing this and this is the first time that I’ve ever written with Fitzgerald, if I can remember correctly, so I really hope I did him justice! Anyways, I hope you guys like this fic even if the pairing is a bit unusual. Please join me in rarepair hell. I tried to make this as cute as possible to persuade you all into liking it ;)

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Any tips to help prevent nightmares?

I do have a few tips for you! I don’t have my full books in front of me, but I’ll give this a go off the top of my head! lol!

Herbs like lavender, chamomile, mullein, mistletoe, hops, valerian, lady’s slipper, wood betony, skullcap, lemon balm, anise, ash, hyacinth, morning glory, and rosemary can help prevent nightmares! Please do your own research on each plant if you are planning on ingesting them because not all of the above are safe to ingest! If you are taking any medications, please consult with your doctor before taking any herbs to make sure they don’t have any interactions. Sleep sachets can be made with some of these.

Crystals like amethyst, citrine, hematite, lepidolite, malachite, and a few others can help with nightmares as well, when placed under a pillow!

Some of the tips below taken from here.

Keep in mind nightmares (and dreams) are sometimes your brains way of alerting you to a problem you have been avoiding that you need to deal with. Make sure there are no issues in your life that need to be handled or you have been putting off. Now may be the time to do it.

Some medications may also cause nightmares. I don’t know if you are on any, but if you are, DO NOT discontinue without consulting your doctor first. Maybe your doctor can readjust the dosage. 

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before sleeping. You would be surprised how often this is the culprit of nightmares or weird dreams in general! Making sure you have a consistent sleep schedule can also help as well!

Don’t watch violent movies before bed! Actually it may help to shut down screens in general. Put the cell phone away, computer, TV. Try reading a book or taking a bath before bed instead! Try meditating before sleep, or doing some calming yoga focused on breathing, it may help as well too!

The Signs as Sounds
  • Aries: Heels on a hard wood floor
  • Taurus: An orchestra tuning
  • Gemini: Running bath water
  • Cancer: Walking on crunchy leaves
  • Leo: Rustle of bedsheets
  • Virgo: Toothbrush scrubbing teeth
  • Libra: Pages turning in a book
  • Scorpio: Striking a match
  • Sagittarius: Distant city sounds
  • Capricorn: Wind chimes
  • Aquarius: Water running across rocks
  • Pisces: Thunderstorms