the beckoning

{Friends-to-Lovers!AU} Minhyun

another edited commission, but it was nice to write something long for w1′s vocal visual hehe~ 

  • to be honest, you blame jaehwan for all the madness that occurs at the beginning of the new fall semester
  • because if he hadn’t been so enthusiastic in all his damn ambitions, maybe minhyun would have decided that a bake sale was more fitting or a can drive,,,,,
  • but no - jaehwan had slammed his hand down against the desk during the charity club meeting and loudly exclaimed “let’s go big! or go home! A FULL BLOWN CARNIVAL!”
  • unfortunately, jonghyun had beamed at the idea
  • dongho,,,,slightly more wary finally shrugged and caved in and minki was already talking about themes, banners, colorful pretty lights!!!!!!
  • the rest of the members all chimed and buzzed in agreement and excitement - college was always dull and depressing a carnival was sure to spark interest
  • only minhyun, the ever voice of reason, bit back his lip and chewed in thought
  • you, who had been sitting across from him wanted to ask if he was thinking the same thing you were - how expensive would this be? how much work? could they do it-
  • but before you could, jaehwan wrapped an arm around the seniors neck and grinned
  • “c’mon,,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re the new leader of the club,,,,,,imagine how good this is going to look when you graduate!!!!”
  • you hadn’t noticed the breathe you sucked in,,,,,,
  • that was right - this was minhyun’s last year in college. after this,,,,,he was off to actual med school and you,,,,,,,
  • his junior,,,,,,,,,wouldn’t see him as much again
  • minhyun’s eyes, always a docile and calming brown brightened up and you knew - he was convinced
  • jaehwan grinned, ear to ear in his usual way and shook minhyun’s shoulders in glee
  • “yes, but all the proceeds are going to the children’s hospital - we are a charity club after all.”
  • jaehwan nodded at the notion, but almost immediately jumped into the group conversation about plans
  • dongho, minki, and jonghyun gravitated that way too
  • and soon it was just you and minhyun
  • “is this a bad idea?”
  • minhyun’s voice made you look up at him, his side profile coming into your view as he stared at the group
  • you cherished the sight a bit more, the daunting idea of his graduation on your mind even though you still had this whole year ahead of you
  • “it’s a little,,,,,,,,,crazy but,,,,,,”
  • minhyun turns finally, gaze settled on you
  • “but it could raise a lot of money for the hospital, and that’s why you joined this club right? to help out the kids?”
  • minhyun hummed a “yes” before smiling and,,,,,,,,god did it make your heart beat just a millisecond faster
  • reaching out, he ruffled the top of your hair
  • “you always know what to say, thank you.”
  • he got up, shifting his way into the center of the blabbering group
  • while you sat there and watched,,,,,,minhyun’s words still making the skin on your face turn softly hot
  • to put it simply, you and minhyun had become friends through minki
  • originally you had planned to join the fashion club, headed by minki at the time
  • unfortunately you and another person were the only two to show up to the first meeting and minki was devastated, the second week - it was only you and him
  • it was still fun, talking with minki about the latest runways over coffee and gushing over art exhibits around the city
  • but at some point - it was less a club, and more or less just friends hanging out
  • and on one afternoon, you had met up with minki to go see a mini reveal show at a small designers studio when you realized there was another person with him
  • upon first seeing him, minhyun had seemed almost unreal - with a skin so smooth and untroubled, eyes of earthy velvet brown, and a smile that pulled his slightly curved lips into a mischievous and almost beckoning smile
  • you found yourself nearly speechless when minki introduced him with a casual wave, minhyun reaching out to shake your hand
  • when he’d asked your name, you barely managed to stutter it out
  • but as the show went on, minki being as lissome as ever as he spoke to random people and other designers
  • you and minhyun grew closer, both quiet and reserved unlike ren
  • he had told you he was pre-med, hoping to become a dermatology doctor at some point. you both liked similar books and found minki’s undying energy amusing. you also both valued organization - both in fashion and in your daily lives
  • so it wasn’t hard to get close
  • the only thing that you felt barred you two was the fact that minhyun had,,,,,,,,,,a face like that
  • a face that you didn’t think belonged sitting the crowd beside you
  • but up there, on stage, with all the other models
  • when everything was over, minki had half a dozen invitations to afterparties
  • all of which he said he could refuse and go to dinner with you and minhyun instead
  • but minhyun shook his head and told minki to go have fun, something almost paternal in the way he addressed him
  • you were expecting to part ways, but minhyun grew up mannered
  • you two got something to eat somewhere inexpensive and kept talking, at some point that night minhyun had said “you seem like my kind of person, those are hard to find”
  • you weren’t sure if minhyun remembered that, it was a while ago when you were still a freshman, but you did
  • and in a weird sense it had made you feel proud,,,,,because minhyun was popular - by no means was he ever lonely or lacking attention, but he was,,,,,,,selective with the people he brought in close
  • you were one of them,,,,,,,,it had happened to naturally but so fast that at some point you didn’t notice but you weren’t only friends with minhyun
  • you were friends with his inner circle, dongho, minki and jonghyun all welcoming you with kindness
  • and ok,,,,,so what that it made you feel special,,,,,,,,,
  • classmates and campus students alike clamoured to be at the attention of one of these four boys - but it was like you had been chosen
  • sometimes you’d daydream a bit about it,,,,,how it happened,,,,,,what was next
  • and embarrassingly, that would include bits and pieces of this idealistic future,,,,,,,with minhyun
  • minhyun whose handsome face glowed when you came around, his hands tracing the skin of your cheek, lips parting “my kind of person”,,,,,,the feeling like feathered wings of his mouth grazing yours -
  • but then you’d snap from it, pulled into reality
  • like now, when november was half over and the carnival was scheduled for the upcoming weekend
  • and even though the weather was chilly, the hype of it was undeniable on campus - everyone wanted to go
  • to eat at food stalls, play games, and unwind from the dawning of finals
  • all for a good cause, to help the children’s hospital minhyun was so passionate about and that you, in turn, had become passionate about too
  • but even though your initial fears about this being crazy had come to light, volunteers and club members all breaking their backs to get their parts done
  • there was one thing that irked at you the most
  • and it was,,,,,,,,the job minhyun had assigned to you
  • “you’re so visually observant - i think you’d be great at making the opening banner. something eye catching and beautiful, but that still tells people why we’re doing this carnival.”
  • the compliments had made you feel weak in the knees for a moment, but then minhyun moved his head and pointed to jonghyun
  • “you can help them right?”
  • that weakness in your knees was abruptly changed to a sort of heaviness,,,,,,,you don’t know why or what made you think minhyun would pick to work on a task with you
  • when he had so much to oversee, so much to check up on
  • but,,,,,,a small tiny sliver of your heart had harbored hope
  • that you and minhyun would be together, hands and clothes stained in paint - laughing together in the sunlight of an open classroom, excited for the carnival
  • excited,,,,,,,,,together
  • but jonghyun nodded and minhyun was off to go assign other roles
  • your eyes avoid jonghyuns when he comes over to plan with you, they don’t necessarily look for minhyun but for some reason you’re even more closed off than usual
  • jonghyun doesn’t seem to mind or notice, he’s too busy trying to figure out your tiny budget
  • and now, after its been a couple of weeks working together with jonghyun you two are nearly finished
  • and you know minhyun is going to be coming in to check up on it
  • for a bit, you consider letting jonghyun handle it alone - he can explain it to minhyun why the banner is this color why they choose the clipart of the children and the balloons
  • you just,,,,,for some odd reason,,,,,don’t want to be around minhyun for this
  • it’s kind of childish - to be hurt ,,,,,, but you are
  • and you are because this whole time, as you toiled alongside jonghyun to paint and cut and decorate
  • you could catch minhyun bustling around
  • the people around him, the pretty other pre-med students and the starstruck volunteers with nice smiles and affectionate touches to minhyun’s shoulder
  • at one point you were sure you saw him hand his phone over to one of them,,,,,,smile in the way you thought he only smiled when he was around the people he genuinely cared about  his bestfriends - the people,,,,,,he loved
  • and yes, he was working hard and sweating over this charity carnival night and day, but he was also surrounded by opportunities to meet people more personally
  • tell them,,,,,,,,they were his kind of people,,,,,,,,
  • everything had just been bubbling inside you, settling finally at the surface when you stood there
  • jonghyun beside you with a proud smile, minhyun looking over the banner carefully
  • “it’s great, do you think you two can hang it up about an hour before the carnival starts?”
  • jonghyun gives a kind “of course!”
  • minhyun’s eyes turn to you, but your own bolt to the floor
  • “can you be there too?”
  • with your hands folded across your chest, the large sleeves of your cardigan basically enveloping your frame
  • you shake your head, “im not going to the carnival. i have to study for a final that day, sorry.”
  • you ,,,,,,,,, aren’t sure why you say what you say
  • it’s all of those feelings at the surface that come spilling out of you to the shock of both jonghyun and minhyun
  • you know jonghyun is just going to say ‘oh but you put some much work into this!’ and minhyun is going to ask, simply ‘why?’
  • so you give a sort of timid bow and leave, hurrying out into the cold of the approaching winter
  • and you don’t expect to be followed - and you’re not
  • instead, your phone buzzes in your back pocket, but you don’t check it
  • from minhyun: is something wrong? please please please tell me
  • on the day of the carnival, you wander across your nearly abandoned dorm
  • everyone is there, you’re sure of it. bundled in scarves and hats but laughing amidst the cold, enjoying the games and the food, couples trying to win prizes for one and another and even professors coming out to show support
  • but you just walk the dorm, lost in your mind as you try to figure out what to eat for breakfast
  • the common kitchen is empty of course, and you put on morning coffee. everything seems like it’s in slow motion
  • that’s why you don’t react when you hear someone come in, not until you hear their voice
  • and the morning grogginess makes it hard for you to tell who it is
  • “minhyun is worried sick, let’s get you dressed and go to the carnival.”
  • you see minki, a look of desperation you’re not used to seeing is scrawled over his features and you just shake your head
  • “breakfast,,,,,,,,,,,,and final-”
  • “everyone has finals, but everyone is at the carnival. go get dressed and eat breakfast there, your favorite place is catering one of the stalls.”
  • you know it’s a bribe, but you also know that going to the carnival means seeing minhyun and,,,,,,,,
  • having to explain why you did what you did, said what you did
  • and you don’t want to, you don’t want to lie to him and the truth stings worse - “oh why didn’t you pick to work with me? you’re graduating and we won’t see each other a lot - but you’re fine hanging around others - doing work with them - i wanted memories with you,,,,,”
  • but minki is unmoved as you try to think of something to say, he pulls you by the wrist back to your room where he has you haphazardly throw on a coat and you find yourself following behind him
  • “thanks for bringing them.”
  • minhyun is in front of you now, at the opening of the carnival - you and jonghyun’s banner overhead
  • you blink at him as minki waves goodbye, but look away when he meets your gaze
  • “what’s going on?”
  • words are hard to process without your breakfast, with the cold whipping your cheeks
  • “why did you send minki,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • you start, slowly and then feel something turn in the pit of your stomach - it’s not hunger
  • “you couldnt,,,,,,,,,come yourself?”
  • minhyun’s face down casts, a shadow of something makes its way over his features and you feel guilty
  • obviously he had to be running this carnival,,,,,god why can’t you think before you speak,,,,,you really need to eat something and wake up
  • but then minhyun reaches out and you feel something settle on your shoulders
  • you touch it, the fabric is soft - it’s minhyun’s coat that he’s shrugged off
  • “you’re quivering. why did minki pull you out here in your pajamas,,,,,”
  • you open your mouth to protest, you also have your jacket on - but it’s true the extra layer stops the cold from coming in much better
  • but now,,,,minhyun in just a turtleneck looks like he might freeze
  • but somehow he doesn’t seem phased at all, instead his eyes are searching yours and he looks like he’s thought long and hard about what he’s about to say
  • “this is my last year, after this med school is going to,,,,,,,,,,,is going to take me away from here. away from you and i -”
  • the sounds of the carnival die away, the words ‘away from you’ ring like uninterrupted white noise in your mind
  • minhyun pauses but then breathes and it’s so cold you can see it
  • “and i don’t want that. i don’t want that all, but i only have a limited amount of time to enjoy your company everyday, to see you everyday and im sick and tired of wasting it. i don’t know what i did or what happened but i,,,,,,need you.”
  • you can’t help but be pulled into minhyun’s eyes this time around
  • “i need you so don’t run away from me like that anymore, please. be by my side while time allows it.”
  • his words make sense, you know what he’s saying but what ,,,,,,,,, but what does it mean
  • minhyun is not oblivious and although he knows that other people flirt their way up to him, surround him in a cloud of suggestive atmospheres
  • he has never ever wavered - it’s been you and it has been you since you met
  • his hand comes up, slightly chilled from the lack of layers and you want to say something back but all you can say is
  • “you’re cold,,,,,,,”
  • opening your arms, minhyun pulls you toward him
  • and suddenly it makes sense, what he said and what it means
  • his head buries itself in your neck and his lips graze the warm skin and tremble
  • “be next to me,,,,,,,,be mine,,,,,,”
  • the sound of the carnival comes back, everyone too distracted to see you and him clutching onto each other
  • “ok,,,,,” you answer and it’s just a sleepy whisper, but it makes minhyun hold you tighter and when he pulls back just enough to kiss you
  • it as sweet and light as you remember it in your daydreams
  • your emotions conflate in your heart - fireworks of adrenaline, calm waves of relief, and small fires of embarrassment for the sudden pda
  • but it’s worth it when he pulls back and he’s not just minhyun, your friend anymore
  • he’s something more,,,,,,and you’re more to him
  • one of the many perks of having friends turn to lovers is they seem to know you,,,,,better than anyone else

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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Triggering material for anxiety and depression 

Request: @potterhead1265  : heyyyyyy can I get one where Tom helps the reader through an anxiety attack?? 

A/N: Tom IG fan account- Tiemeupspidey

-Please don’t read if you get triggered easily.

Short and sweet xx


[Reader’s POV]

“Hey love, I’ll be back later I have to do photo shoots today” Tom comes into the room sliding on a pair of pants. Hopping into them and pulling them up to his hips. Looking up at you, his curls moved back flopping a bit.

“That’s fine babe, I’ll probably take Tessa for a walk and draw a bit later till you come back” Leaning over you grab his wallet and hand it to him. He thanks you giving you a brief kiss before leaving the room. Of course, he overslept and set a timer for longer than he should of. Under his breath, he was muttering that he was going to be late. He reminded you of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. 

“Drive safely!” you call out hearing a ‘Will do!’ followed by the door downstairs slamming shut. The sheets scrunched as you moved on the bed. Repositioning yourself you lay back down on the bed. Sleep was beckoning you but you knew better and not sleep your day away. 

    Time seemed to fly by as you cleaned around the house. It felt good to get things off of you to do list. When everything was done that meant you had more time to spend with Tom when he gets home. Nikki dropped off Tessa while you were busy cleaning. When you busted out the vacuum the house filled with barking.

    Unlocking your phone you open up your music app. Shuffling your relaxing playlist you exit the app and head onto Instagram.  Swiping up on the screen you lower the brightness. Your eyes wincing at the light from the screen. Sitting up due to the pictures that started flooding your feed. Messages started piling in from your best friend. You had gotten off of Instagram for a week due to some of Tom’s fans. 

    Ever since you two had been together for over two years, it was half of his fans that despised you. Half of them liked you and supported the two of you. Yet the other half couldn’t stand you. They always tried spreading rumors to try and split the two of you up. One time it almost worked causing the two of you to end up in a horrible fight. Nikki had to smack some sense into Tom when he almost broke up with you.

      It was super stressful to try and stay positive when media was looking at everything you do. Scrolling through all the posts your eyes land on something that broke you inside. It was Tom holding hands with some other woman. Your fingers zoom the picture up as your eyes scan to see if any photoshop has been done. Normally you could tell the photoshop but you saw her reflection with hers and his in the window. Setting your phone aside you try and take a few deep breaths. She looked like a slime model making malicious thoughts swarm your mind.

     Opening your phone up you click on the messaging app. Scrolling down your messages you click on the thread you had started yesterday. The sounds of the keyboard filled the air. Once you finish the message you press the blue arrow sending it. Letting out a defeated sigh you get off the bed still holding your phone. Moments later it started to vibrate in your hand. Tom’s name flashed on the screen, you wanted to answer but pressed the power button.      

     Your head was swarmed with thoughts of how you wanted to yell at him. Anger was the main emotion that coursed through your veins. Setting your phone down on the counter, your thoughts stop when you see yourself.Of course, you wanted to yell at him but was the problem you? Eyes trailing over your body in the reflection.Raising Tom’s shirt you look at your body, the gaze felt as if it was burning the flesh. 

   Your eyes watched as the blood trickled quickly out of your wrists. The razor slips past your fingers clattering onto the floor. Leaning against the wall the coolness feels good against your skin. The cuts in your wrists were shallower than they’ve ever been before. Dark thoughts swirled around in your head thinking of all the people that hated you and Tom together. Closing your eyes you slowly slide down the wall.

   Walking over to the glass doors you open them turning on the water. The temperature slowly increases in the shower filling the bathroom with steam. Stripping off your clothes you get into the stream of hot water. Minutes felt like hours going torturously slow. The hot temperature burned your skin that sure was turning red slightly.

“Darling I’m home early! We need to tal-”

“What was that sound?”

“T-Tom?” your voice comes out slurred , the sound of it stinging your ears. Looking down your vision tunnels in and out as red falls in front of your eyes. The door busts open to revel a panicked faced Tom.

[Tom’s POV]

   I got a call from Harrison over what was sent to my girl. It was a shot from the movie I’ve been working on in the countryside of Scottland. We went into town to get food and Kiera grabbed my hand. Of course a photo got out and now this could really fuck up our relationship. Plus my mum would kill me if I ruined this beautiful relationship I have…

I could feel the hit on my head coming..

   Running up the driveway I click the lock button on my car keys. The feeling of my heart rate rising stirred my emotions slowly. More and more my mind swirled at the possibilities of what could happen. Calling out to the house when I walk in I hear nothing. Tessa comes from the living room couch with a happy bark. A loud bang comes from upstairs making Tessa looks towards the stairs, followed by a small whine.

“What was that sound?!” I yell still recieving no answer. Taking off toward the stairs I make my way up to the bedroom. The sound of running water fills the air making me look over. Our bathroom door was open with steam flowing out into the room. 

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh God baby why’d you do this again?” Tom lifts your body out of the shower. Your skin is then covered by a towel. Another wraps around your wrists, the cotton pressed tightly againsty your skin. Blood was dripping from your head, probably from the fall.

“I don’t make you happy” you whimper out as he holds onto you. Leaning you against the wall he opens the cabinet bringing out a box of medical supplies. 

“You’re my everything angel, what you saw wasn’t real.. you’re my girl and the only one I care about..” his words toned out as you felt your heartbeat getting faster. 

Pausing before you spoke “You could leave me for anyone..” the thought of him leaving you sent your heart into a frenzy. A frenzy of panic and distress. 

“Look at me angel, look at me”

    Tears clouded your vision as you looked up. Blinking them away your vision becomes clearer. He was looking down, gaze focused on the bandage being wrapped around the wounds. Once finished he places his hand on your cheek. The warmth soothing and extremely comforting. 

“I’m never leaving you baby, ever” his voice serious as he looked down at you. His curls were disheveled from him probably running his fingers through it constantly. 

    Tom pulls you into his arms and starts to sing Ed Sheeran to you. It’s his way of calming you down. Which was singing your favorite songs to you. Of course, they were Ed Sheeran because who doesn’t. When you were all calmed down he picked you up taking you to the bedroom. He gave you his shirt to wear since you were naked from the shower.     

“you promise you won’t leave?” You ask resting your cheek against his chest. His fingers run up and down your back slowly.

A kiss was placed to your forehead before he said “with my entire soul baby, I will never leave you because I’m the one who keeps you ” 

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-Sorry this wasn’t my best one

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Book!Jon holds everyone in contempt

I don’t think the show captures how much scorn Jon has for everyone and everything. So here’s Jon “You Can’t Sit With Me” Snow at his judgy, savage best. 

Sassmaster Jon to Janos Slynt:

Thorne was much the more clever of the two, Jon realized; this had his stink all over it. He was trapped. “I’ll go,” he said in a clipped, curt voice.
“M’lord,” Janos Slynt reminded him. “You’ll address me—”
“I’ll go, my lord. But you are making a mistake, my lord. You are sending the wrong man, my lord. Just the sight of me is going to anger Mance. My lord would have a better chance of reaching terms if he sent—”
“Terms?” Ser Alliser chuckled.” (ASoS)

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Jon defending his pretty squire Satin from a drunk Septon (and launching a hundred Jon x Satin fics):

Septon Cellador spoke up. “This boy Satin. It’s said you mean to make him your steward and squire, in Tollett’s place. My lord, the boy’s a whore … a … dare I say … a painted catamite from the brothels of Oldtown.”
And you are a drunk. (ADwD)

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Jon would rather talk to a banker than fanatical Selyse:

Then the queen beckoned to another curious member of her entourage: a tall gaunt stick of a man, his height accentuated by an outlandish three-tiered hat of purple felt. “And here we have the honorable Tycho Nestoris, an emissary of the Iron Bank of Braavos, come to treat with His Grace King Stannis.” 
“I hope we shall not inconvenience you too greatly.”
“Not at all, my lord. You are most welcome.” More welcome than this queen, if truth be told. (ADwD)

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Jon “Ain’t Got Time for This Bullshit” Snow:

“My lord father used to say a man should never draw his sword unless he means to use it.”
“Using it was my intent…I had been given to understand that the Night’s Watch defended the realm against such monsters. No one mentioned keeping them as pets.”
Another bloody southron fool.
“You are …?”
…The knight turned to his queen. “Your Grace, that is the King’s Tower there, if I am not mistaken. If I may have the honor?”
“As you wish.” The queen took his arm and swept past the men of the Night’s Watch with never a second glance.
Those flames on her crown are the warmest thing about her.  (ADwD)

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Jon’s choice words for people who betray their family members:

When he espied Jon Snow, Axell Florent tossed a bone aside, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and sauntered over. With his bowed legs, barrel chest, and prominent ears, he presented a comical appearance, but Jon knew better than to laugh at him. He was an uncle to Queen Selyse and had been among the first to follow her in accepting Melisandre’s red god. If he is not a kinslayer, he is the next best thing. Axell Florent’s brother had been burned by Melisandre, Maester Aemon had informed him, yet Ser Axell had done little and less to stop it. What sort of man can stand by idly and watch his own brother being burned alive? (ADwD)

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Jon observing Selyse loving fire more than her own husband:

Alys Karstark leaned close to Jon. “Snow during a wedding means a cold marriage. My lady mother always said so.”
He glanced at Queen Selyse. There must have been a blizzard the day she and Stannis wed. Huddled beneath her ermine mantle and surrounded by her ladies, serving girls, and knights, the southron queen seemed a frail, pale, shrunken thing. A strained smile was frozen into place on her thin lips, but her eyes brimmed with reverence. She hates the cold but loves the flames. He had only to look at her to see that. A word from Melisandre, and she would walk into the fire willingly, embrace it like a lover. (ADwD)

BONUS - I’m just going to pretend these are Jon’s thoughts about bending the knee to Dany:

“She went to one knee before him. ‘Sire.’ Am I humbled enough for you, Your Grace? Am I beaten, bowed, and broken sufficiently for your liking?
- The King’s Prize (Asha, ADWD)

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it's paladin, not pilot

[[I’m aware. It’s just a quirk I decided to give my iteration of Zarkon. I forget whether or not he calls them Paladins in canon - usually I try to stick as close to canon as possible, but in this case I might be diverging from it a bit.

[[Zarkon refuses to call them Paladins. They are not Paladins. They may pilot the Lions, but they are inexperienced and arrogant children who are undeserving of the title of Paladin. In time, some of them may earn his respect, and he may start to call those ones Paladin.

[[But not Shiro. Never Shiro. Shiro will never be Paladin of the Black Lion. He is barely even ‘Pilot’ - he is the usurper.]]


“Obedience does not breed weakness, Calypso; pride does.”

Her father’s words had echoed against the castle walls. Her father’s words had circled tirelessly in her mind. Her father’s words had ran through her veins, each syllable pulsing with meaning.

Her father, her father, her father; the reason she now stood before the black gates of the Institute.

The sky looked like spilled milk; a heavy curtain of thin clouds veiling a weak patch of sunlight desperate to break through. But the sun would shine before noon, she thought; it always did, without fail. They could owe that much to Demeter all her love for all things that seemed pretty on the surface.

The gates opened with such force it startles her. She watches as they part way, as if its wrought iron arms are beckoning her for an embrace. A figure begins to walk down the glittering path of polished stone, and Calypso is reminded of herself.

Back straight. Eyes forward. Keep your chin up. Hands behind your back.

Her father’s words, her father’s words, her father’s words.

Calypso speaks the language of men. More specifically, she speaks the language of men who want to satisfy their bloodlust by disguising it as “resolving a conflict.” This is a language she has learned to decode since she was old enough to utter her first word; Ares has never spoken to her through sentimentals. His I love you’s came in the form of pleased grunts when she hit her target and nods when she perfected a new move.

But it was enough; it was always more than enough.

A myth, a whisper, stands before her. Calypso’s eyes trace every feature; bright eyes. Graceful fingers. Beautiful posture. Perfect, perfect, perfect. 

Calypso is transported; bare feet slapping against the muddy forest floor, a silver haired boy running ahead of her. A girl with wild curls, trying to keep up, as always, but just a pace or two behind. Still, she runs, knowing that there is more at risk if she stops than if she continues.

Her father’s words. Her father’s words. Her father’s words. They carry so much, but suddenly they mean so little.

Calypso lets her face give way to a grin, her eyes focused solely on the person before her.

“Would you prefer a bow, or a curtsey?”

Surfacing Pt. II

Part I

The next morning Karen heard a soft knock on her front door and she felt her heart skip a beat. She turned off her sink faucet, abandoning the half clean coffee mug and made her way to the door.

It was him, it had to be. If it was him, everything would be ok now. Her mind raced with desperate hopefulness, as if she could will him to be on the other side of the door. She wiped her hands on her skirt nervously and peered out the peep hole. Her lips twitched up in a small smile.

Foggy Nelson stared back.

She unlocked the door and any disappointment at the identity of the person outside vanished when Foggy gave her a sympathetic smile. She saw him glance at her cuts. In one hand he held up a coffee carrier and in the other, a bag.

“I come bearing gifts.”

Karen grinned and beckoned him in.

“Hi Foggy.”

He set the coffee and donuts down, before turning to her, “Don’t ‘Hi Foggy me’, c’mere.” Foggy embraced her and squeezed tight. Karen hugged back.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” she mumbled against his shoulder.

Foggy patted her on the back and as the embrace ended, headed into the kitchen with his gifts.

“I know. That’s why I came,” he called over his shoulder.

They sat at her kitchen table debating the best donut flavors, talking about Foggy’s work, about his move in with Marci. Foggy didn’t bring up the previous day’s events until after they had finished their coffee and refused to take another bite.

“Have you heard from him Karen?”

There was sympathy in Foggy’s eyes and Karen knew there was only kindness and concern.

Karen shook her head, “No.” She picked at the lid on her cup and waited for his response.

“I’m sorry.”

She glanced up sharply. It wasn’t the response she had expected.

“Sorry for what?”

“I know how hard it is to not hear from someone you care about. Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive,” Foggy shrugged, “I know how much it sucks.”

Karen reached a hand out to Foggy’s and clasped his fiercely.

“Thank you.” Her voice was full of emotion and broke from it.  Foggy squeezed back, “He’ll be fine Karen. He always is.”

She nodded and gave a small smile. But this time it’s different.

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Ponle Vicks

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Hispanic!Reader

Summary: The one where the reader can’t call off from work and Seb doesn’t know where the reader left the children’s medicine.

Note: I am going to be writing a mix of Hispanic reader inserts and reader inserts that are inclusive to everyone. 

Italics are reader’s mother. 

Translations: suegra = mother in law; Cómo está = how are you; mi hijo = my son; Ponle Vicks = put Vick’s on them; Dios mío. Lo logró mi madre. = my god. My mother achieved it. 

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It rained heavily last night and again during the early part of the morning, so that I drove up to the farm through a thick grey curtain of water, which was good for the land. Abba, however, looked miserable in the field, but when I got to her, she was far less damp than I had expected. Took her out for a short lunge, just trotting, to get her to warm up, and she dried off in fairly short order, as the clouds rolled away inland, and the sun came out, and a brisk wind picked up. 

She and I are both enjoying the slower days we’re having at the moment, and as a mark of how far she has come, I don’t have to halter her to catch her - I can just walk up to her, stroke her neck, and then beckon her to follow as I walk off, and she comes. Nothing impressive, except for the fact that this is the mare who could not be caught, and whose record remains two hours, four people, every single treat they brought with them eaten, and Abba still at large. So that is some consolation whenever I feel like we are going nowhere very quickly. 

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Prompt: for J/C. "Don't" combined with "I'm not afraid."

“Don’t,” she reaches out, beckoning him back into her bed, her eyes heavy lidded as if she’s still half asleep. 

The sight of her, all relaxed and naked, welcoming him with a soft sly smile, is an almost physical tug in that direction.

“Kathryn,” he sighs, wrestling with the urge to just comply, “if I stay any longer someone will be awake and present to witness my walk of shame and the direction it is coming from.”

“Shame, Chakotay?” She sits up, wrapping the blankets around her. “I…”

Her scrunched concerned face and suddenly drawn in shoulders make him drop the pants he was about to put back on and sit down on the bed beside her. 

“I’m not ashamed, Kathryn. I never have been. I just know you have been apprehensive-”

She’s out from under the covers and halfway in his lap before he can finish the sentence.

“I’m not afraid,” she tells him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him thoroughly.  “I’m not embarrassed of us and apologize for making you feel like I was.”

“Apology accepted,” he assures her, letting her push him back down onto the bed, swinging her leg over his to straddle him.

“Don’t let me off the hook just yet.” She grins.  “I am rather looking forward to making it up to you, so please don’t deprive me of that pleasure.”

The warm feeling of contentment in chest moves lower to become something else, as her eyes rake over his body, matching the throaty rasping purr of her voice.

“I’d never deny you any pleasure,” he eagerly gives way, breath catching as she leans down towards him to follow the path of her gaze with her hands and lips.

I Remember - Ieyasu -2-

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  • I didn’t expect this to get so much love!! Thank you everyone! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ Please enjoy chapter 2!

The hood fell back slowly, exposing the radiant golden hair that complimented his beautiful red eyes. Floods of hazy memories beckoned my memory as I saw pictures of war, love, and lust all circulate my head.

“Ieyasu..” I called out again, feeling my legs give out under me as I fell back.

“Hey! Watch o-” His words were cut short from my conscious giving away to the dark in seconds of a time.

As I woke up, I found myself laying in a hospital bed with a humidifier and a warm figure over my hand. Pacing myself, I stood up to hear a surprised cry from the man I had seen. He lifted his head, his eyes crusted with the tears he shed. But, as he saw me awake in my bed, he wiped his tears quickly before looking down to the ground.

“W-What happened?” I timidly asked, staring at the hand that was on top of mine. The man quickly took his hand back and furiously blushed with a deep red as the color of his eyes.

“You..fell..” He said quietly. His leg fidgeting as he still refused to stare at me. Again, the wave of memories hit me, and I stared at him blankly once again.

“Ieyasu? Is that you?” Unfamiliar words kept spewing from my mouth, making the man stand up and look closely at me.

“Do you..know me?” He said, his eyes interlocking with mine as I shrieked back.

“N-No. I’ve seen you in my dreams! We were about to kiss and then I woke up! A-And then we were-”

“Tch.” His agitated lips formed a hissing sound. Making him pull away from me.

“Ummm..” The words suddenly stopped by the frightening aura of this man.

“So. You’ve only seen me in my dreams. You don’t..remember days with me? Where we feasted on drinks and food? Fighting at war?” His words seemed foreign for me, and for the first time, he looked like a stranger.

“No..Only in my dreams.” Timidly, you cranked your neck back, as he slammed the table next to you.

“Damnit!” He yelled, obviously upset by your response. He slammed the door open and closed it furiously.

“Please wait!” I took out the equipment off my body and ran out. My body still weak from the sudden neuseua that overtook me. Nurses came flooding to you.

“Ma’am, please go bac-”

“Please! Have you seen a man that just left? Tall stature, gold hair, red eyes?” The nurses nodded as they pointed to the door.

“But, you must go ba-”

Breaking off from their hold, I started running to the door, feeling my body waste away every second. As I dragged myself out of the hospital, I was greeted by a gang of boys in the front. Gasping, I tried to stay low, but their hungry eyes saw me and flickered with an evil glow.

“Hey, hey! Where you going, little girl?” They continued to come near me. Trying my best, I started to run away, yet the weakness from my heart had tampered my legs to slow down and they grabbed my arm in a second.

“Shouldn’t run like that when someone talkin’ to ya.” His breath was tainted with the smell of cigars which made me gag and twist in his grasp.

“Let me go!” I yelled furiously, kicking and trying to punch the man, yet all he did was try to put his hand inside of my chest.

“Aww, cmon! Don’t be like~!” His hands swept up and down on my body, making me uncomfortably wriggle and made tears spew from my eyes.

“Boss, look! She’s cryin’!”

“Ignore her. She’ll be fine.” As things started to escalate, I heard the voice I’ve been dying to hear suddenly ring out.

“What the hell do you think you bastards are doing?” His eyes seemed to glint with the morning sun’s rays and heat, making some of the men coware in fear.

“Who is this?” The man who violated me said, throwing me from his grasp.

“O-Ow..” I said silently, seeing a gash on the upper hand of my cheek. Ieyasu’s eyes tightened, and a heat of anger was shown which made even me fear for my life.

“You bastards really wanna die.” Ieyasu cracked his shoulder, walking up calmly to me and scooping me in his arms.

“U-Um! Ieyasu!?” Worried cries shrieked from my mouth as he laid me near the other side of the pavement.

“Stay there, dumbass.” His words were gruff, yet the warmed my heart as he walked to the men.

“Now, which one of you wants to die first?” One by one, the men riled up and started to attack Ieyasu, slowly. He smiled, a chilling smile as they came for him.

“Ieyasu! Watch out!” My desperate cries were forsaken as they gathered on top of him. The fear in my heart climaxed, making more tears spill. Was he dead? Did he die? What happened? Soon after, Ieyasu rose from their weight and continued to battle them, striking them one by one. I was fascinated, scared, confused, yet I was happy. I felt my worry wash away as I saw him, capable of himself.

“You’ll pay for this!” The men scurried away as Ieyasu came back, perfectly intact like he was a few minutes ago. An overwash of guilt stained your soul.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to g-”

“You idiot.” He said, looking down at you and picking you up again.

“Huh?” The sudden change in height made your arms instantly wrap around his neck.

“Don’t get into shit like that, idiot. It’s a fucking pain looking after you.” Sharp words, but a gentle face that I’ve seen so many times in my dreams. My heart fluttered at the sight of him.

“We’re going to my place.” He said, dashing off.

“Yes, your pla- WAIT? EXCUSE ME?”

“ O brother, you are a killer and you target yourself

I wish you’d never come back for us to see the beckoning end. 
                                                                                                —Opeth, “The Lotus Eater”

universe i: twins.
universe ii: the arbiter.

highly selective and private bloodborne ocs. open for threads, asks, plots, and interactions. taken, exclusive single-ship.

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Kyle was sitting in his cage in the pet shop. He was still a baby by neko standards even though physically he looked to be in his 20's. He was slightly underweight and dirty. The shop owner didn't take very good care of them. He tried to see who had walked in when he heard the bell above the door ring.

Dark didn’t like the silence in his home. It was too quiet on his own, so he decided to get a pet. He didn’t know what pet, but he was in a pet shop, and would find something, right?

He walked around, looking at the different pets, before he saw the nekos. He hummed, looking them over. He had heard about them before, as had everyone. He’d never seen one before, though.
He crouched down in front of Kyle’s cage, holding out his hand to beckon him closer. He didn’t look very healthy.

when frost beckons

Alabastar stardrops fell
in a gentle slant,
tapped against glass windows
in a ballet, poked like pins
at exposed skin.

The moon, not half
so outgoing, remained
tucked in behind blankets
of plush cloud, bowed out
from the chill.

The cold
flushed my skin
a soft rose,
left a sharp sensation -

this reminds me
of when you
were here.

[Oh man! I’m glad you guys liked my post. So, if you guys want to make a request, feel free to do as such. So this is:]

“How they react when S/O is sick.”

Jesse Mccree

  • Oh man, is he freaking out.
  • This poor boy is by the bedside of his S/O beckoning to their every call. He’s willing to go out in the worst weather to get them some cough drops.
  • Though possibly S/O wouldn’t like this smothering and worrying, S/O best do it or his heart will break a bit.
  • He would feel as if that he isn’t a help to someone he cares about a lot.
  • If S/O is sorta a baby when it comes to being sick, sure as heck that he would try to make them as comfortable as he can.
  • If they asked for soup, there is soup there in .5 seconds. He’ll even feed it to them without them asking.
  • If he does get sick from his S/O, he wouldn’t mind at all. He wouldn’t mind his S/O helping him.
  • Overall, he’s just willing to help his S/O. Just as long as he can see them happy and themselves again!

Hanzo Shimada

  • Unlike Mccree’s smothering attitude towards his sick S/O, he would most definitely make some adjustments to their living spaces.
  • He would make his S/O take ginger tea, herbal medicine, things such as that. Even if they made a fit about taking them.
  • Open windows and light in the room if they are sitting in the bed too much. Wanting them to get natural vitamins.
  • He would make them do some medicatating to catch their breath, give them healthier food if they were on a rather sugary diet, and make them stretch.
  • If S/O is feeing too bothered by his ways, he would let them go on their own root. But it is easier and smoother his ways. But at the end, he would help again.
  • If S/O is a baby about being sick, he would begrudgingly follow along with their antics. Reminding him of his younger brother.
  • If he does get sick at the end, expect a bunch of glares shot their way. He follows the routine that he set up for S/O.
  • If he sees his S/O taking care of them, he would soften towards them. Maybe even a slight smile of approval.

Mei-Ling Zhou

  • This girl knows what to do.
  • Giving his S/O antibiotics, scheduling hours of when to take what. Giving them a humidifier for when they sleep. The whole deal.
  • She’s almost like Mccree, willing to give their S/O what they need. Giving into their antics.
  • If S/O rejects the medicine from her, their going to feel extremely bad afterwards. With her saddens stare and head down as she walks away, S/O will surely take the medicine.
  • If S/O is not allowing her to help them, she would give them the exact same reaction. It works on them though and she knows it does.
  • If S/O is rather needy, you bet that she would come to their needs. As long as it’s obtainable. If it means that she has to make a few inventions to help her S/O feel more comfortable.
  • If she gets sick from her S/O, she wouldn’t mind at all. This smart cookie knows exactly what to do. When it comes to the whole sick thing, she would love it if she got the same treatment.

Olivia Colomar [Sombra]

  • She doesn’t mind helping her S/O at all. Giving her the good ol’ treatment of Vicks body rub and soup.
  • She isn’t exactly the most educated on the whole sick thing. When she got sick, she would usually have to take care of herself. So this whole thing is pretty new for her.
  • The whole S/O being sick sorta freaks her out. Though she won’t let that show through her tough exterior.
  • She does do some research and pull some strings for her S/O to he some good treatment. It does come with a price.
  • As cheesy as it is, the price is for her S/O would be some hugs and kisses. (Of course when they are better.)
  • If her S/O doesn’t like it, too bad for them. She doesn’t want to see them sick any longer. She likes them when they are healthy and not in the bed much.
  • If they are needy when sick, she will play along with it. Giving them what they need. She will indeed get tired of it but it doesn’t mean that she won’t play along still.
  • If she gets sick at the end, she wouldn’t mind much. Though it would cause her to feel a bit weird. Actually being taken care of by another. To be in someone’s care. It does make the connection between her S/O and her stronger. Allowing her to trust them more.
just like that

she said: sometimes we can go
just like that
and I thought: but why?
why do we have to go like that?

then her face got real shiny
and hot
and the blue hanky came out 
made dark by the water from the eyes
I hate when water comes to mama’s eyes

it was then she got up
left me
just like that

on the porch
the scent of wood treatment
and hot cheap plastic lawn furniture
all around

I sat there a long while
hearing the bird’s sing
and the cicadas beckoning
the approach of night

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The animals of the forest giggled and taunted him. “We see the way you look at her.” They flocked around him from their grandstands in the trees, like a court of jesters and jokers before their fool king. “What do you expect to happen sunny knight?”

The earth pillowed ringlets of gold and leaves framed his jaw. Long had his beard gone, for he desired the cool touch of autumn to grace his face. The enchanting music of the brook beckoned him, and he turned to the direction of the water, watching the surface glitter under the light. Though he spent many a year in Coerthas after she froze, his heart belonged here, for it was the forest that cradled him and cared for his family, even if perhaps he abandoned her.

Perhaps this was why the animals came not like they did with his sister, nor did the flowers sigh, or the boughs sing with the brush of the wind for him. Instead, he is taunted as his eyes grow heavy, and he seeks refuge underneath the canopy of the trees. Instead of ignoring their goading, Lanceloux’s eyes open to stare to the crowns of the trees.

“What do I expect to see?” His chuckle rumbles from deep in his chest and a rough palm brushed from his chin, along his lips, until meeting his golden tresses, pulling them away from his equally auric vision.

“I expect naught in return; what does one expect when witnessing a sunrise, or marveling at a sunset - they experience the beauty of it and ask nothing but to be able to see it again. And like the sun, I expect nothing but admiration from afar, for it shall remain far from mine reach. Ah, but to be burned by such radiance –”

A sigh fell from his lips and the thought comes to fade as sleep came over him.

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Dare you to kiss Moni

Send “I dare you to kiss…” with a url/name and my muse will have to kiss that person on the lips.

(I lied.  This.  This is how Gin dies.)
(Accepting!  Non-canon, just for giggles.)

“Ah don’ even know who tha’ bloody is - oh.”  There’s that stupid grin again as Gin is pointed towards the dangerous, elegant-looking woman.  “…yeah, alrigh’.  Jus’…on m’tombstone write ‘No’ appreciatin’ m’puns while ah wus still alive wus a grave mistake,’ alrigh’?”  She patted the Shadow on the shoulder before striding up to the woman, beckoning her closer.  The kiss was brief, a peck on the lips followed by a grin and a wink from the former mercenary before she’d disappear again.

Three days later, the Gilnean was found dead, a note reading “worth it” in her hands.

( @monishadangelo ; I don’t know who sent this in, but I only vaguely know who Moni is and I cannot tag her, if someone would be so kind…)


mama does not condone cursing (´∀`)

inspired by this that was inspired by this lol