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Easy Winter Witch Tips 🌬✨❄️

With Winter quickly arriving, there is a certain spark in the air that only seems to come during the holiday season. For us Witches, this spark can be incredibly inspiring for a certain sort of magic, one which involves the twinkling promise of a new state of mind… One that holds inspiration in the coming of the newest year, one that beckons us; an empty canvas within a blanket of fresh snow. Alas, sometimes things can become busy around this time, and it is during this period in which many of us must practice our magic in the easiest ways possible. Here are some simple tips for doing just that! ~

♡ When you are outside in the cold, breathe out deeply and visualize your visible breath as negativity being exhaled from your system.

While wearing gloves or mittens, rub your hands together to manifest a warm (both physically and emotionally!) sort of energy, letting this energy be your driving force. Each time you feel unsure or stressed, just use this technique, and imagine it as a positive, invisible encouragement being “sparked” to life.

Carry with you a special little positivity pouch, one that invokes the wisdom brought with Winter. It can be as simple (a tiny plastic bag with a small crystal and a note of encouragement), or as elaborate (a small velvet satchel filled with pine needles and gold ribbon) as you wish. remember, all that really matters is your intent, and the energy you build while creating your on-the-go charm bag!

Gather fallen nature that you come across while out and about. Pinecones, fallen sticks, and even collected snow can be the little objects you place within your home to easily bring the season into your indoor life.

♡ Give yourself a “boost” by anointing your winter wardrobe with seasonal oils - rubbing a little peppermint or cinnamon essential oil on your boots, scarves, or a special piece of jewelry to promote a happy and lucky state of mind can be quick and effective!

Be inspired by your surroundings. View the fresh snow as a fresh start. Rejoice in the positive essence that the holidays bring out in others (or, if everybody is seeming stressed, *be* that cheer to bring others to life). Think of all that you have accomplished this year, and be proud of yourself for making it. 😌♡

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hoLY COW THE WOOZI MERMAID AU WAS AMAZINGJWJFJWJW!! May i also request a mermaid!au for hoshi??

 find others: woozi 

  • just your regular uni student,,,,,,,doing his best to hide the fact that he’s a mermaid - nothing TOO crazy you know
  • thankfully he’s been doing well sneaking into the pool late at night after it gets closed to get some exercise and transform into his natural form because good god human clothing,,,,,,,skinny jeans,,,,,,so stuffy for someone who has a gigantic tail most of the time
  • legs weren’t weird for him when he first got them,,,tbh he got adapted really quickly - even learned to dance well
  • much to the shock of other (secret) mermaids,,,,,,,,seokmin keeps telling hoshi it feels like he’s going to fall over if he walks too long and hoshi is like damn dude have you tried riding a bike????? 
  • mermaids would totally not understand bikes
  • but in his natural form, he’s got a tail of ruby and gold scales, he got nicknamed the ‘lobstermaid’ by a couple of friends because of the color of his scales LOL 
  • unlike other mermaids, he has frilled gills that stick out of his hair,,,,he can move them too!! 
  • speaking of lobsters, he kept one as a pet and used to scare seokmin with the pincers LOL
  • but after moving to a normal ‘human’ college,,,,he had to leave mr.krabs back in the ocean,,,,,,
  • but anyway, hoshi and you meet in one of his acting classes
  • to be honest, you’re kind of nervous about acting in general and hoshi is thankfully always there to help cheer you up
  • with endless laughter and jokes, you two become quick friends and even though you’re pretty close,,,,
  • hoshi can’t tell you his secret - he just,,,,doesnt want you to think he’s weird
  • seokmin: they probably already think your weird
  • hoshi: im weird? looks whose talking 
  • but it’s really something he doesnt want to get in the way of his friendships - like,,,,,,humans have made mermaids into man eating sirens so,,,,,not the best look
  • but,,,you’ve gotten to know hoshi well
  • which means you know about his midnight pool sneakouts, even though he always says he doesn’t need anyone to come along with him,,,he always goes alone
  • and maybe it’s your curiosity that gets the better of you - or just a tiny twinge of jealous thoughts about,,,,what if he’s there with someone,,,,someone special?
  • either way, one night after calling hoshi and getting his voicemail you realize he must be at the pool
  • and you think,,,,there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to just hang with him right? plus,,,it’s getting past one am,,,,he usually isn’t there that long
  • so,,,,you find yourself in the dark, empty halls of the uni gym
  • you can smell the pool as you get near it, hear the splashing of water and when you open it
  • the first thing you catch a glance of is something red - something like,,,,a tail that comes swooping down with so much force it makes a wave that ripples through the pool
  • you stare,,,,,,,,,and then see hoshi’s head pop out of the water
  • he leans back, floating on the surface with his eyes closed and you see that his clothes have been abandoned at the edge
  • his legs,,,,are replaced by a large tail that shimmers in the moonlight that comes through the pool window 
  • and you’re mesmerized by the sight - a mermaid
  • “he’s a mermaid,,,” you whisper to yourself
  • a large splash breaks your concentration as hoshi opens his eyes, turning in horror to see you through the crack of the door
  • in shock, he calls out your name and floats farther from the edge - in a bad attempt to hide his torso in the clear pool water
  • shyly, you come out from the door and step close enough to be at the edge, carefully you look into hoshi’s wide and frightened eyes
  • “did you see,,,,,,,what are you doing here?!”
  • you reach your hand out, as if beckoning him closer but he doesn’t budge
  • “i ,,,,, saw,,,,,,you.” you start, eyes drifting between his face and the gills that peek from his wet hair. just one look into the water and you can see the distorted smudges of red beneath it
  • “it’s so pretty,,,,,,” you add and hoshi’s shoulders seem to untighten
  • “you think it’s pretty?”
  • “it’s the color of roses,,,,and glitter. of course it’s pretty.”
  • hoshi swims closer now to you, at this distance you can see his gills are the same ruby red - sleek and wet 
  • you reach out and carefully run your fingers over the edge of them and hoshi shivers at the contact
  • “is this why you come here at night? to swim?”
  • he laughs, “it doesn’t compare to the ocean, but it’s something.”
  • you nod, even though you can’t understand what it’s like in the least, sitting down so you can dangle your feet into the water
  • hoshi wraps an arm around your ankle, delicately and almost reflexively like if you were to fall in the water he could save you automatically - it’s,,,,,,,,intimate
  • and for the first time you and hoshi have this tension around you two - not bad, just,,,,,,something more than what friends usually have
  • you look down at him and the water droplets on his cheek in neck seem only to highlight his already perfect skin
  • “i won’t tell anyone” you say suddenly
  • hoshi grins, “i kind of expected you wouldn’t. promise me though, friends don’t break promises right?”
  • you nod, “i promise.”
  • and instead of hooking your hand with his pinkie as he outstretches his arm
  • you lean in to press his lips softly against yours
  • you feel him sort of stiffen in shock, but then relax and when you pull away you blush at the sight of hoshi’s grin
  • “well,,,,let me change what i said - lovers don’t break promises either.”

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You're the one who could write a sonnet in iambic pentameter about Cullen's eyes.

 Cullen, leonine, and carved of honey amber and gold,

The Inquisitor’s passion. Lover, and paramour.

How he adores and compels with a strength so bold.

In her quarters as they rest, hands grasp and digits tease

Mouths met, and lips meet and part with such a need.

“Down love,” he says with a heady plea, and obey she does,

As he hooks legs over shoulders, wanton, all too willing to please.

And soft is she, gentle and keen. And never, not once, do eyes break from she.

Eyes of amber, on the sapphire sea. Begging and pleading, compelling her end,

And “come dearest,” he beckons, breath against a supple thigh.

Tremble she does, the commander, and all her starry skies.

And all the while still, eyes do not break from she.

They make love on this night, under the blanket of a star,

And it is with the Commander, the Inquisitor’s thoughts are never far.

a poem

I look rather than respected.
Lights from fancy you’ve never know how it may never let them eat shit from this zero.
I yearn only shelter i’ve drawn.
That is never to the strands to slight the final stitch has rendered useless.
I look into tomorrow and i know so temporary.
I find you sit so shall ye reap, as fields once green are lost in desire, lead the mist that i know so i found just float down spine, thigh, and finally tears through dying on yesterday’s embers fashioning flowers from side to paint these words will end, beckons the storm.
Grey as base as i’ve got nothing.
Empty promises of sundays in a dragonfly.
This is bliss no longer want to fall from your lungs.
Surveying this dream end? now i turn my shift begins the page for sin and if only live in my own.

You were the kind of red that belonged to apples, the sort of sour sweetness that bit back at the tongue. You were the gentle heat emitting from a dying coal, the warmth that rose from the ashes. You were the open doors, the smell of cinnamon in the hallways, the carpet that was still soft beneath the feet. You were the drawn shades, the lit candle, the quiet music in the background. In you was a red that beckoned peace and spoke nothing of war. In you existed contentment, comfort, and compassion. You were the kind of red that soothed the aches and pains, the kind that wrapped around me and welcomed me home again.


mama does not condone cursing (´∀`)

inspired by this that was inspired by this lol


Not much is known about the creators of our world. Were they humans given the tree of life by the Gods, were they the Gods themselves, or maybe something not quite we can begin to fathom.

The youngest three each found their calling quickly. 

The first one was given the gift of creating magnificent things from death itself, drawing magic from blood. It is believed by many he may have been channeling the Blood God themselves at times.
The second turned to the Sun, and was said to be a deity who the Star itself has given birth to. He channeled the powerful rays of the life star in to energy to give power and warmth to us all.
The third wandered without a calling for some time, until nature beckoned him. Soon, he discovered that his talent lied in the mystical art of Botanica, with which he created wonders we can’t even begin to comprehend.

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Here it is, a thing I’ve worked on for a while, what I like to call the Gods and Monsters AU.

I was going to wait until I had the Gents finished, but unfortunately, life happened and they were on standby for quite a while, and I don’t want these bad boys to wait any longer.

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