the beckoning


Effie stepped out of the cab onto the heat-baked street, lugging her suitcase after her. Her driver sped off as soon as she shut the door and she was left staring at the streets around her. A mix of people bustled past; local labourers, mothers herding children between the autorickshaws that hurtled around the corner in packs, gaggles of teens jostling for space and passing bottles of Coke between them and many straggling tourists toiling away under their packs and street maps.

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Beckoning of a Siren - Chapter 5

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“So, um… How did you actually end up seeing him, Saeyoung?” You gave the group’s hacker a confused look when it was just the two of you, before he grinned.

“Well… I was trying to research this apparent siren myth on the beach with my laptop and Saeran, and I kept whispering the name of the siren… But one time where I said the name, some water splashed onto my arm… Nowhere else, just my arm. When I said it again, it happened again. So… I got Saeran to take my laptop back to the hotel as I went closer to the shore, and asked if Zen was there… But then I saw some sort of weird silhouette in the water, it looked like a man… I knew that had to be him, if he were real! Even though it felt like some sort of crazy dream…”

You remained silent for a moment, before nodding. You guessed that it made sense, Zen was able to manipulate the water around him, and he could have tried to make himself visible to Saeyoung.

A few moments later, the door to your room opened, and stood there was Jumin and Yoosung. They both had concerned looks on their faces… Before Yoosung’s head turned to face the floor. “You two… We’ve got a problem. There’s a bad storm moving in… We’re not allowed to leave the hotel.”


“We’re sorry, miss, but nobody is permitted to leave the premises. We are by the shoreline, and the oceans here are too dangerous to approach in these sorts of weather conditions. It has been the law of this town for the past 100 years, since a cruise ship sank, that all buildings by the coast are not to be left until a storm passes.” Your shoulders fell as the RFA remained stood behind you as you simply tried to go outside, before Saeran went over you and took hold of your wrist quite roughly.

“Come on. We’re not gonna get anywhere standing around here.” The redhead then began pulling you back into the hotel, his lips pursed into a thin line. “I need to do something with you quickly.”

Everyone gave the two of you a strange look as you both went past them, before eventually, Saeran ended up pulling you into one of the public bathrooms and locked the door behind you both. He looked down at you, before folding his arms. “You don’t have to go out see if that silly water dude is okay, you know. There’s apparently another way, according to Saeyoung’s brief research.” He then turned to a sink, and set the water off running. “You’re gonna have to talk to the water. I mean, he kept getting attacked by water whenever he said that guy’s name. I have no idea if this is complete bullshit or not, but if you and Saeyoung think this siren is real, it’s probably worth a try.”

You smiled at Saeran briefly, before you went over to the sink and dipped your hand into the running water. “Zen… Hyun… Are you there?”

Zen was… scared. He may now be one with the water, but it didn’t stop him from freezing up with fear whenever a storm moved over the town. He died in a storm, and it would always haunt him…

He longed to be in the arms of a loved one at this point, whether it be his brother, his girlfriend from long ago… Or you. But he knew that it would be impossible, nobody was allowed in storms here because of what had happened to him. It upset him so much… Would he never be allowed the comfort which he had been deprived of for a century? Would he not be able to simply just have a brief moment of human contact?

The only thing which he could do in these sorts of times… was sing. Nothing else. But the thing was, every lyric which left his lips, every note which dared to pass, had a hint of sourness to it. He could only think of you, but it wasn’t as though he could sing to you… He hated being a creature of the water, rather than human…

“Ugh… Why can’t I just be a man again?!” Zen eventually cried out, bringing his hands to his face as he felt like crying.

But that was when… He felt strange. His hands… They didn’t feel like water as he did that… No, they felt… human. “MC… Did… Did you do this to me…? He looked down at his hands, and he bit his lip. Yes… They were… Normal. Skin… Bone… Not just water.

Then, just as he attempted to move closer to the shore, he heard a voice.

Zen… Hyun… Are you there?”

“MC…” He knew for sure that it was your voice… “MC, please… I need you… I… I don’t want to be out here any longer…”

And suddenly, he felt a wave of dizziness come over him. “Please…” He could feel himself falling into the waves as a huge gush of water moved around him onto the shore, before his eyes closed and he felt overtaken by coldness. Just like the day he had died.

When you and Saeran had returned to the hotel lobby after an unsuccessful attempt at communicating with Zen, things couldn’t have been so frantic. Both of you were overwhelmed by the amount of people by the doors, trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

Jumin had been quick to find the two of you, with his face straight as he glanced between the two of you.

“Han, what the hell is going on over there?! I’m gonna have to go back to my room if those people don’t clear off…” Saeran huffed, folding his arms before glaring at everyone who had gathered.

“People are claiming that they saw somebody in the ocean from their hotel rooms. Security and life guards have gone out to see if the claims are true.” Jumin stated, before he turned to face you. “By the way… What exactly did you say that this apparent ‘siren’ looks like?”

You brought your finger to your lips, and thought for a moment. “Long hair that’s… um… White, I believe… And red eyes… I’m not completely sure of his appearance, he seemed to mostly appear as water…”

Jumin’s eyes widened then. You didn’t even need to ask about why he had reacted in such a way… You knew exactly what it meant.

Somebody matching Zen’s appearance was in the ocean.

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How about #8 and #62 for Drabble please?

Originally posted by nellaey

It was one of those nights where you and your boyfriend, Draco, stood cuddled up to each other on the bed, nothing having to be said as you listened to his heartbeat and he ran his fingers through your hair. Being up at this time was a normal occurance for you and Draco. It was currently four in the morning, and you and your boyfriend each basked in the warmth the both you provided each other, stairing aimlessly at the ceiling. 

You ran your fingers down his chest, past his abdomen, then back up again, repeating the actions. All the while Draco had his fingers in your hair, twirling the soft strands around his fingers and back to where it landed on the cream colored sheets. Your legs were flung over him, your ear against his chest as you listened to the slow ‘thump, thump… thump, thump…’ of his heartbeat. 

Small gusts of icy wind blew through the curtains of your wide open window, beckoning goosebumps over your skin, in which made Draco smile softly.

It was a year after the war with Voldemort, and you and Draco spent every minute together. Staying up until four in the morning was sort of a routine with each other, but Draco had been thinking a lot lately on your relationship. It was extremely serious as of this moment, but some sort of pull in his gut told him he wanted to be more. 

So he started to think. 

And that’s when he decided to change the routine up a bit. 

“Let’s go for a drive.” He whispered quietly in your ear, breaking the silence that was built between you two and placing a soft kiss upon your cheek. 

He felt you smile against his lips, a telltale sign that you approved, and jumped from the bed, dragging you behind him and outside of the small flat you two shared. The cold night air bit at your skin and made you shiver, as you were only wearing the slip that Draco so dearly adored. He noticed and began to speed up his pace, skipping to the car and grabbing the door so he could hold it open for you. 

“Thank you.” You said, placing a chaste kiss upon his lips before you climbed into the car and waited for him to join you. 

Another gust of wind flew through your long locks of hair, and you shivered for the second time, visible goosebumps lining every inch of your bare legs. You watched as Draco closed the door with a smile, starting the ignition and taking off. 

“Where are we going?” You asked after a few minutes of driving around, looking out through the darkness of the London streets Draco drove upon, wondering why he had suggested a late night car ride. 

When he didn’t answer, you looked back over to him to see a crease between his eyebrows, signalling he was thinking hard on something. Slowly, you placed a comforting hand over his knee and squeezed, bringing his eyes over to you. 

“What’s going on in that brilliant mind of yours?” You cooed, rubbing small circles over his knee. 

Draco looked back over to the road, his bottom lip becoming trapped between his teeth. He wasn’t sure how to put what he was thinking into words, but he knew one thing for sure. 

“You know I love you, right?” He asked, his tone consumed with worrisome thoughts and anxious words. 

You smiled softly at him, moving your hand from his knee and to his hair, lightly playing with the small blonde strands that grew at the back of his neck. “Of course, Draco. And you know I love you, too, don’t you?” 

Draco nodded unsurely, biting down harder onto his lip to the point where he was shocked he hadn’t drawn any blood. The next few moments were silent, and Draco could feel your worrysome eyes on him, his face beginning to heat up. He was usually never this nervous to talk to you about his feelings, most of the time being able to trust you with everything, but he felt as if he might be going too far if he were to say what was currently on his mind. However, when he heard your gentle voice echo in his ears and felt your soft hands run comfortingly down his arm, he knew he could tell you anything. 

“Draco, baby, what is it?” You had asked, trying to ponder whatever was swirling through his mind at the moment, the heat from the air of the car circling around and creating a complacent atmosphere for the both of you. 

Draco tried to gulp down the nerves that were currently coursing through his veins and getting trapped in his throat, and he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He tried one more time before, successfully, a few sentences bubbled out of his mouth. 

“This might sound very abrupt or unexpected, but I’ve just been thinking a lot about this, and I need you to bare with me here.” He looked over at you for approval, and you nodded softly, sending him a quick smile. “Okay, so hypothetically speaking, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?” 

It was almost as if your eyes were popping out of your head when Draco looked over to you again, and he couldn’t help but laugh at the shocked expression on your face. 

“I know, I know, it’s unexpected and we’ve never talked about it before this, but I just… I just really wanna know what you would say.” He watched as your mouth slowly opened, your eyes going back to their normal shape, and listened carefully as you spoke. 

“I would…” You had to think about your answer for a moment, but the one you had given him came with no regrets. “I would say yes.” 

Draco hands gripped tighter around the steering wheel in excitement, and he smiled jovially at you. 

“You really mean that?” 

He wanted to make sure you knew what you were saying, and when he saw you smile and heard your laugh resonate throughout the car, he couldn’t be any more sure of what his plans for his furture with you were. 

“Yes, Draco. I really mean that.” 

A shaky laugh escaped his lips, his head flinging from the road to you, causing a strand of his blonde hair to come loose and fall over his forehead adoringly. 

“Well…” He laughed nervously, sitting up straight in his seat. “That’s good to know then.” 

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Ikr? "Your shipping pairs are unhealthy. Stop shipping Samifer." Like honey I will not stop shipping it

I will ship this until I breathe my last, I will be on my death bed and I will beckon my grandchildren near and with my dying breath I shall whisper “They were M.F.E.O.” and I will specify in my will that my tombstone is to be engraved with the words “Samifer is canon” and instead of a eulogy I want the Priest to read every piece of samifer meta I’ve ever written, plus a pre-chosen samifer slash fic, time allowing. 


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Your son is adorable and i wanna request long distance romance hc or scenarios with Ren's significant other (female perfered). ❤❤

(*sputtering noises* I never thought I’d see the day when someone would want to request something for my OC but here you are!)


  • Ren thinks it’s a miracle he even ended up with you in the first place. Because of this, he’s very patient with the long distance, and tries his best to make it work.
  • That doesn’t mean it doesn’t make him sad, though. He misses you every day he can’t see you or hear your voice, but as much as it pains him, there isn’t anything that can be done about the matter.
  • He’s almost a little jealous that you are out somewhere other than the Order. He would love to be able to get out and go places, as his wanderer’s spirit beckons him too. 
  • He takes every chance he can get to come see you. Given his line of work, this is very difficult, but he’d be damned if he didn’t at least try. 
  • Since he can’t see you a lot, he calls you. If you don’t have a phone, he specifically gets you one just for this reason. But, like, you can obviously use it to call other people, too. He just wants to have a way to get in touch with you. 
  • All in all, he’s good at holding it together and being strong for you, but you can tell he has a hard time prying himself away from you when he has to leave. 

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inspired by this that was inspired by this lol

when she was sorted into gryffindor, she was excited and nervous, because she was a muggleborn and wasn’t quite sure what that meant. but everyone was smiling and clapping, and she grinned at the sea of smiling faces dressed in red.

she was given a place in the boys dorm, and that seemed right to her at the time. but in her fourth year, she began to wonder if the out-of-place feeling she had wasn’t just her anxiety and awkwardness, but something else. when she realised she was a girl, it felt like she had blossomed into the world, to face it as a finished person. she told people that summer - texts to her muggle friends, owls to the wizards, and everyone was happy for her. for days she couldn’t do anything without the beep of her phone, or the peck of an owl at the window.

when she came back to hogwarts, and went to her dorm, she turned the other way. towards the girls dorm, where she had a place ready for her, picked out by her friends. she felt that same tight nervousness she felt when she was sorted, the pounding in her chest, the shaky hands. but she told herself to be calm. she was going to do this.

she put her foot on the bottom step. and then the next. and then the next.

the voice inside her head that had been telling her that hogwarts wouldn’t realise who she was shut up. she whispered a thank you to the steps, a small word that only the castle heard. then she ran up the rest of the stairs, a grin emblazoned on her face, new robes swirling behind her, ready to start the next year at school.


he was fifteen when it happened. he had been questioning for a while, but he wasn’t sure. he didn’t want to call himself a boy, not yet. a part of him was urging himself to just go for it, because he knew who he was, if he really thought about it. but he was hesitant, and didn’t define himself.

then it happened. one night, when he was alone, he was going back upstairs, when he slipped. his hand steadied himself on the rough stone wall, and he looked down to see what had happened. one of the steps was slanted, just enough to make him trip. it wiggled a bit, then made itself into a step, as if nothing had happened. he frowned at it at the time, and went up to bed, but the memory of the incident lingered days after. and weeks.

he remembered it later, when he sat up all night thinking of how he didn’t belong here, in the girls dorms. he didn’t want to label himself, but he’d been more and more out of place, and he knew who he was, really. when he stopped telling himself that he wasn’t.

it wasn’t too long before he told everyone. he felt like shouting it from the rooftops, flying over the castle with his new name on a banner. he didn’t, though. he just settled for casual chats with the people he knew and an awkward owl to his professors.

and one night, after he’d settled in to the boys dorms, he put a foot on the bottom step of the girls staircase. instantly, the bricks flattened themselves into a slide. he grinned, and carried on up to his new room in the boys dorms.


they always knew they didn’t quite fit into any of the genders they knew. they weren’t quite a boy, weren’t quite a girl, but they didn’t have the words to express what they felt. it was only after a few years at hogwarts (and a lengthy google search one night at home) that they learned the word ‘nonbinary’, and realised that there was a word for it, after all.

they decided to be casual about it at school. the people that they trusted knew, and some of the teachers. but it wasn’t as though they had a separate dorm just for them, so 


one day, when they were heading up to sleep, they saw a door. it was on the stairs to the dorms - girls went one way, boys went the other, with a blank wall in the middle. except it wasn’t blank, not then. there was a door. they asked their friends about it, but just got strange looks in return. but every time they climbed those stairs, the third door was there.

the next year brought a new wave of first-years, and they joined a group helping the kids out with navigating hogwarts. they were showing a group the way to the dungeons when one asked them what the third door was for. you know, the one between the girls and boys dorms. they froze, and looked down at a nervous first-year who was, even then, getting odd looks from their classmates.

they opened it together, the first-year and them. turned out it was another dorm. the beds were made, light shone through the windows, and the whole room seemed to beckon, invitingly. the first-year was ecstatic, and they found themself smiling too. the pair of them moved in the next day, and began to set up their own little space.

after they moved in, everyone could see the door. and slowly, the dorm began to fill up. kids from all years claimed beds there, older kids who had been too nervous to try the door, younger kids who were thrilled that it existed. they were the first, so they were looked up to, and they were happy they had.


help will always be given by hogwarts, you see. even for those who don’t know they need it.