the beaver pond


@skiddyfisk swung by for a visit a couple weeks back. We decided to hike in to the beaver pond to check things out even though it’s the off-season, and ended up nearly eye-to-eye with one of the biggest beavers I’ve ever seen to date - a surprisingly bold male who swam right up to check us out!  

I’d never observed this individual before, and was legitimately startled by how massive he was. In previous years, I’ve seen three different beaver families attempt to occupy these ponds with only nominal success. One family’s lodge was demolished by what I can only assume was a black bear - likely the large female who comes to visit my elk meadow. 

Fingers crossed that Bold Buddy sticks around for a while and starts a family of his own so that beavers can become more established in the area! 


Trail run Sunday: I forgot how hilly this trail was. It’s a short trail that has a loop around a little lake and a beaver pond which the beavers appear to have abandoned. In the spring it is heavily scented with skunk weed, which while it smells like cat pee, is a beautiful plant. The trail is fairly technical at different points with a lot of tree roots and slippery moss covered rocks. There was a good amount of hiking uphill, today, and an occasional tip toe downhill so I didn’t massacre an ankle.

This run helped me to see just how out of shape I am right now. When I’ve run this in the past, in good running shape, it’s felt like a sweet short run. In the past I’ve added on other parts of the trail, out the Pacific Northwest Trail and up Alger Alp, for views over Skagit valley of farms and foothills. In the past I’ve been nimble enough that the obstacles were fun, not obstacles. Yes, today was not the past, but I didn’t find myself dreading any of today’s hills as I might have in the past; I just ran up the portion I could and gave myself permission to walk when my heart pounded. I allowed myself to stop, stand, and breathe at beautiful overlooks.

In summary: I’ve work to do, but I’m going to be gentle and kind to myself doing it. I will explore and take in each moment with love and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me and of what my body IS capable of.