the beauty that is kpop

Let me start off by saying I love Got7. I was introduced to kpop with Got7. I will always love them and be an igot7 but my kpop love grew from there thanks to them. I am now a part of sooooo many fandoms including Monsta X. I watched last week how Got7 got so much love and four wins (so happy and proud of my boys). But now I feel like it’s time for Monsta X to get that same love. I know it’s unfair of me to ask but to anyone out there who has a soft spot in their heart for us Monsta X and kpop underdogs in general, please vote for Monsta x, stream their video and maybe even listen to the rest of their music. I swear you won’t regret it. Even if you don’t know them or stan them, seeing those boys get their first win will fill your heart with so much joy and happiness you’ll be glad you did. Sorry for the rant but I really want this for them.

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I watched beauty and the beast today and just... beautiful and the beast au with woozi... just because || yo have a nice day~

ayyyyyye thanks for requesting! tbh idk how i feel about this one but i hope you like it! it seems a little rough to me, i started it over a few times but idk man… anyways enjoy!! 

You thought staying at the castle for the rest of your life as his prisoner was going to be the worst thing ever; it had started as the worst thing ever, so who would have that could change. All the yelling that occurred the first night, the simple trauma of losing your father like that was enough to break you. This had to all be a nightmare. There was no possible way a castle like this existed and no one had noticed. There was no way you had lost your dad like that. There was no way you were a prisoner. And there was absolutely, zero percent chance all this furniture could talk and move, and your capture was a freakin beast.  

You sat on the lavious bed set in the middle of the room, calming your heart down from the beasts previous screaming as you stared at the wardrobe as she flitted about her own drawers. You flung yourself back on the bed in exasperation. You were just starting to contemplate if pulling all of the dresses from the wardrobe and tying them together and using them as a rope to climb down the tall tower was a good idea when there was a knock on the door. You sat up and looked towards the large door. Surprisingly, seeing a teapot and teacup roll in on a cart by itself didn’t shock you. And you weren’t shocked when they started talking to you about various things.

Before you knew it, you were being  whisked away to an exciting dinner, and then after that you somehow found yourself exploring the castle. Being the curious person that you are, you found yourself wondering towards the west wing. Little did you know you would soon experience such a trauma that it topped all else that day. Being yelled at again by such a furious beast for the second time that day was enough to send you running into the snowy weather. The wind whipped your hair around your hair as you climbed onto your house, speeding through the maze of plants until you had finally broken free from the cursed castle grounds. Not long after entering the dark forest did you hear the howl of the wolves. You spared a second to look behind you, only two see no more than eight wolves at your horse’s heels.

When the beast came to save your from those wolves is when everything started to change. After ignoring his intense complaining and whining while you tried to clean his wounds did he start to open up. With each day that passed the castle started to brighten up. Each interaction the two of you had, the world grew a little brighter. The staff worked hard to set things up between you and the beast, but whether they had been doing that or not, you were sure nothing could stop you from falling in love with him.

The night the two of you danced around the ballroom was a night you would never forget. The way the lights sparkled, the feeling of the fancy dress brushing against your legs, but most of all the way the atmosphere felt that night. When he showed you the mirror, and you saw your poor father that way, everything about that wonderful moment faded within a blink of an eye.  For the second time that month, you found yourself speeding through the snowy woods on your horse, sparing only a second to think about the kind beast you left behind.

You had never imagined going back into town would end that badly. Never in your wildest dreams would you have thought the town would lock you up like this and storm off to the beast’s castle, but thanks to your wonderful, brilliant father you were free, and you were making the long ride back towards the castle. This ride felt like a million years, the path never ending no matter how fast you urged the horse to go.

There you stood, the wind pulling at your hair and dress, in front of you the beast and the man you hated fought, or rather, the beast took all the beatings. You couldn’t help but call out to the beast upon seeing him in such pain. He looked over at you with his big brown eyes, and the once dull look began to glimmer with light again. He rose up from the ground and stood his full height, towering over the small man in front of him. It didn’t take long for the beast to easily overtook the man.

Everything that happened after that was a blur. The beast kind nature kicked in, and soon the man took everything you loved from you. There in front of you laid the beast, clutching the wound on his chest. You knelt down beside him, pleading for him to stay. The tears poured from your eyes like a waterfall, blurring your vision. You didn’t know what to do with yourself. Everything was crumpling around you. He was gone, the beast was gone. You hadn’t even gotten the chance to tell him you loved him.

You’ll never understand why the beautiful gold light wrapped around him like it did that day. How it lifted him up into the air and transformed him like that will always have you perplexed. There, before your eyes stood a man, much shorter than the beast. Much shorter. His back faced you, leaving you to see only his torn pants and his white shirt that hung loosely over his shoulders. His dirty blond hair was organized chaos on top of his head. Only when he turned around and you got a good look at his face did you realise who it was. It was your beast, your beautiful, kind, quiet, gentle beast. Alive and standing right in front of you. Needless to say, the past few months were full of intense emotions, but nothing could top the extreme happiness that you experienced that day, and the many days to follow.

jungkook acne appreciation

so anti’s are acting like jungkook’s acne is a issue! actually i love it. jungkook is so handsome and talented and he is such a genuinely good person and the fact that he has acne just makes him more human. for fans who feel ugly for having acne – for just being human – it’s so nice to see an idol who is so beautiful and loved struggle with something as mundane as acne <3 so i actually love it. i love him and i think its nice that we get to see him as a human instead of an unattainable idol.

and take a look – he isn’t any less handsome 

his cute little bunny smile!!!

slay me kookie i love him so much

lashes ~~~ why is our kookie so handsome

HIS EYES ARE JUST! so beautiful


MELANIN COME THRU!!!!! so damn handsome

as you can see everyone is dumb and kookie with acne is super handsome and loveable and if you have a problem with it then u can suck my fat dick <3