the beauty that is kpop


[mmmmmm yes look at hoseok  🍓]

Wow i’m back again with a bias selfie tag! Thank you to the beautiful @myhusbandhobi for tagging me. (you’re the best). I wanted to show how much I loved hoseok so I put lots of hearts but tbh that’s still not enough hearts to show the love i have for him (;¬_¬) Anyway i love you all lots and I can’t wait to see y’alls beautiful faces. ^~^

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“Can I request WANNA ONE wallpapers please? Some that are inspired by their latest comeback? Thank you!” - @alyxys

“Can you please make lockscreens for wanna one beautiful? Thank you.” - @plaquesire

“Wanna one just had a comeback, can u make something related to that?” - @zmr102

I *think* you guys wanted me to do something for Wanna One’s Beautiful… I hope this satisfies :)

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hey, you.

hey, yes, i’m talking to you. i know you’re probably scrolling right now but this post wont take too long to read.

i just wanted to give you a quick reminder that you’re beautiful. yes, i know what you’re thinking, wow what an idiot they cant even see me, but that isn’t the case.

regardless of your looks, how long your hair is, how white your teeth are, how skinny you are, how tall you are, the colour of your skin, how big your butt is, you are beautiful. because you’ve made it this far. you have gotten through every fucking day in this shitty universe, and you are here right now, looking at this post. you have survived heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, trauma, and just all the general ups and down of life, and you are alive right now to tell the tale of it. you’ve pushed on through everything.

sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it, like you’re worth it, but you are. one day, that’ll make sense. you’ll be sitting somewhere nice, watching something, maybe someone, and you’ll remember all of the things you had to get through, and it’ll all make sense. 

congratulate yourself on getting this far. it’s a big thing, yet you’ve done it. if you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, i want you to know that it’s all going to be okay. you impact so many people’s lives, and you are some people’s entire worlds. people love you, they look up to you, they admire you. don’t give anyone the ‘life would go on without me’ excuse, because you know it wouldn’t. no one recovers from that.

you, my friend, are beautiful. dont you dare ever forget it.

the significance of serendipity

serendipity (n): the effect by which one stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something unrelated. 

when a person experiences a serendipity, it is usually because they have found something truly meaningful without the initial intention of finding it. basically, you find something truly wonderful without thinking of looking for it. these events could be love, success, happiness, etc. these events happen because they were meant to happen for us to experience. they are moments that catch us at the least expected times and places. 

bts making the song as the start of the “her” era is perfect because in a way it goes super well with their current theme. when you find someone to love, it usually happens in the most unexpected ways; thus a serendipity. if you look at it from a bigger picture, it could also be the event of bts coming together with each other and army. the boys have said time and time again they weren’t sure they were going to make it, but the universe had other plans for them. the success of bts and the love between us and them was something the world intended to happen. bts is a serendipity. we are a serendipity for bts. bts and army is a serendipity. we both found in each other when we least expected it. 

One of the worst things about being a kpop fan is when you start school and all of a sudden you have to pretend like you want to socialize all the time and care about your school work but in reality I’m just waiting for comebacks, photo shoots, and anything else that will kill me