the beauty of this person is just simple you know


You know that scene in ROTJ when Luke asks Leia if she remembers her mother, and Leia replies that she was “very beautiful, kind, but… sad.” Those words often echo in my mind when I look at Diego. Despite his famously sunny personality, his eyes carry a tinge of sadness. Always beautiful, of course, often kind and compassionate, yes… but there’s some sorrow in that gaze, too. It’s just a small part of what makes him so utterly bewitching, I think, at least to me. There is nothing simple about this man.

Shinee as boyfriends
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  • Onew: Really frickin adorable. He would be so sweet to you and would make you feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the world. He'd buy you gifts at random times, just to show how much he cares about you. He would love to go on simple dates with you, a picnic being one of his favourites. He would also love to cuddle, and would be really good at it too. Jinki would love to hold you in his arms, and know that you're safe there with him. He would also like to rest his head in your lap, and love it when you run your fingers through his hair. He'd honestly be so sweet and caring, and he would always be there to listen to you and vice-versa. He be so much fun to be with too, and he'd always know how to make you laugh. Whether it was because he told a joke or he was being clumsy, you'd be guaranteed to have a good laugh when you're with him.
  • Key: He'd be so much fun to have as a boyfriend! He would joke around with, and there'd never be a dull moment with him. He would love to take you out on fun dates, something that'd be enjoyable for the both of you. I also feel like he'd really like going on spontaneous dates, where he'd just be waiting for you outside your work/school and he'd take you somewhere nice but simple, like your favourite café. He would also just randomly come over, sometimes to talk or just enjoy your company. He would like to cuddle too, for some reason you guys never really cuddled often. Just saying, but I also feel like he'd be great at making out. I also think he would like to cook for you, and tbh I think kibum would be pretty good at cooking.
  • Minho: He would be really protective of you. I don't really think he'd get necessarily jealous, but the minute someone even threatens to lay a finger on you it would not be pretty. I think he could be really romantic at times, and would love to take you out to expensive restaurants and buy you nice things. He'd want you to know how much you mean to him. I think he would love to buy you flowers, for no real reason except that he wanted to. He would be so cuddly too. I think he'd like to hold you and also be held, he wouldn't really have a preference. More often than not though you'd wake up to him snuggled up to you though, his head nuzzled into your neck. He would also be such a dork though. He would try to show off and look cool at something like soccer, and chances are he'd fail miserably. I also think that Minho would blush easily, like you could say that his hair looked really good today or something along those lines and there's a huge chance that he blush a little bit. Even though he'd try to act tough in front of you he's actually a totally sweetheart. I also think he'd love to give you back hugs.
  • Taemin: He would be really sweet, but I feel like when you first start dating he could be kind of awkward too. He'd want to sweep you off your feet with some smooth line, but end up messing up halfway through. He would be the type of boyfriend to see something at the store and buy it because it reminded him of you. I feel like he'd also be really clingy. Whenever you're together he'd always have an arm around you, or he'd be holding your hand. When you guys are watching a movie or something, I feel like he'd be the one to curl up to you, and that he'd would just enjoy the thought of being held. As for dates, I think Taemin would love to go somewhere like an amusement park! He would go on all the rides with you, and would try to win a stuffed animal for you at one of the games. Although I think he'd be a little shy with PDA, sometimes he would just randomly kiss you. He would try really hard to be a great boyfriend.
  • Jonghyun: If you want someone romantic, he's the one. He would shower you with love. Jonghyun would love to take you out to fancy places, or somewhere meaningful. For an anniversary he'd take you to the place where you had your first date, stuff like that. I also think he would love to buy you jewelry. He would be such a good listener, and you knew you could trust him with anything. He'd also like to joke around a lot too, it wouldn't always be serious with him. I feel like he would love to play pranks on you tbh. He would also love cuddling, and he'd be great at it! I think he would like to be the little spoon more, because it would make him feel more safe. He would give you the world and more if he could.
The batgirls like to troll
  • Tim: Okay, mission plan. We get in, we get out, we keep it simple. Got it?
  • Stephanie: Yeah, we know how this goes. *points to Tim* You're the brains and *points to Cass* she's the brawn.
  • Cassandra: *nods*
  • Tim: Then what are you?
  • Steph: The BEAUTY, duh! Not to mention a great personality. *poses*
  • Tim: ...What are you doing?
  • Steph: Even the corners have eyes. Pretend there's cameras.
  • Cass: *poses beside her*
  • Steph: Ooh, selfie! *takes out cell and snaps a shot together*
  • Cass: *looks at photo* We look bomb-diggity hot.
  • Steph: I know, your ass looks fantastic.
  • Cass: Well, they don't call it gor-ge-ass for nothing.
  • Tim: This is why I hate teaming up with you.

Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 6: Favorite Moment of Comfort

This was such a beautiful moment. It was all about the simple comfort of just being there for the person you love. Damon was hurting and struggling with his emotions and having to express himself. Elena just sits down and strokes his arm and plays with his hair and kisses his cheek. She is just there for him in the best way she knows how to be. She knows she can’t take away the pain of losing one of his best friends or give him the words to say for his eulogy. It really showed how domestic and married they really are. I don’t say that in a dramatic fangirl way either. I mean it in the most literal way. They had the maturity and the comfort level of a couple that had been together for ages. Elena knows her man well enough to know what he needs in this moment. The one thing she can do is just be supportive and love him through it. So she does. 

World Mental Health Day🌍💕

To all those people who feel like they’re different or wrong or messed up or just weird.


You are so many things. Like beautiful, amazing, talented, funny, caring, creative, unstoppable and many many more. But those negative thoughts that you get sometimes.

Those aren’t you.

Mental health is never simple you can’t tell someone to just get over it or to just be happy, unfortunately not everyone understands that.

What matters is you, yes you beautiful person reading this right now. Whatever you’re going through please remember that someone is rooting for you, someone believes in you and someone loves you. You’re perfect the way you are and your illness will never define you. It may take time and effort and it’s not all going to be perfect in a heartbeat.

But know this

You’re beautiful and you’re going to be ok


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Hello. I just wanted to tell you that A Perfect Day For Jaredfish was such a joy to read. Like a slow drip strained out through a funnel, fragrant tea in a delicate cup, warm and lovely. Beautiful in the way it's so pleasantly mundane, taking in all the simple ways that make life all the more precious. It's silly but there I was reading it and thinking that, yes, the world can be cruel, but it can be sweet too, if you let it.

Hello, my kind anonymous friend. I don’t know if it’s because I’m sleep-deprived and feeling extra emotional, or just the kind of person I am, but this message made me cry. Full-on, stupid tears!

If Jared can have a good day, there must be good in the world, y'know? It’s a nice thing to think about, and I’m grateful we could share it.

They say Aphrodite
cares more about
looks than she does
about the heart.

It’s not true.

She’s the goddess of
love though and
knows it better
than you.

There’s love in
the way a person
can walk in silence
and smile with joy.

There’s love in
how someone can
look at the sky
and wish they could
touch it.

There’s love and
beauty too in
how a smile can make
you laugh or cry.

Loving Aphrodite is
simple, just be true
to who you are
and who she is too.

A goddess cannot
change her ways
her heart is not ruled
by only you.

When laughter
and joy are what
filters through your
heart, she’ll hear it
and she’ll come look
for you.

It is beauty of a kind
that cannot be seen
but felt in the 
deepest of ways
that draws Aphrodite
and makes her want
to stay.


Loving Aphrodite | K.C

Aphrodite always gets the crappy end of the love-stick in Greek myth (caring more about looks than she does about anything else) but I personally think Aphrodite can see inside a person and judge their beauty by what’s inside, not what is seen by mortals.

A relationship is not all just about the physical, although no one is denying that that’s a fantastic part. A real relationship is about being there for each other, through the good and the bad. Challenging each other, building each other up, encouraging one another, making each other better. It’s about the simple things like driving around town with his hand on your leg or walking around and she reaches out and grabs your hand. It’s the simple good morning texts or a smile and saying hello beautiful, how are you handsome? It’s the random conversations, the deep how you feel about one another moments. It’s about letting the other person know how important they are. Never forget to share how important that person is to you. A real relationship is having a best friend who’s always there. To do stupid things with, to have fun and laugh and joke. I love being pushed against the wall and kissing till I’m short of breath. But I also truly love just sitting there with my head on his chest as we watch a movie or holding hands as we take a walk or spending time together with our friends. I simply love being with my best friend, and that’s a real relationship
—  A Secret Heart
you thought it was crazy how I thought you could never love me because you thought I was the stars wrapped up into one; with perfection looped in my eyes; with a deep understanding of the universe & how we were put here & I had the luck of meeting you.
oh how wrong you were darling.
the love you believed was real for me; never to be possible because once you know me, you will want to leave me. everyone has & everyone will.
I’m the mess that even an artist could not fix for it is not a beautiful disaster but just a simple mistake with no meaning.
I’m so sorry you thought you could love such an impossible nightmare like me, I even warned you so harshly that I thought you would understand; loving someone like me just isn’t an actual possibility.
please do me a favor & find yourself the most amazing person out there who will encourage you to love them & you don’t have to worry about them crying at night about why on earth you’re still trying to love them, screaming in the afternoon about the ache in their stomach from starvation to perfection, & their frustration, almost anxiety attacks in the mornings; when they look in the mirror & step on the scale.
but maybe I’m wrong, maybe you could love me. you’ve been here for such a long time I never realized the embraces you give when I cry at night, whispering in my ears softly,”because I love you”. when you just give me a look to, that I crave even more & beg for me to just “take a nibble”, & I do it because I know it’ll make you happy. you tell me I’m what you can’t believe is even alive because I’m so amazing.
maybe it’s not you I’m really worried about loving, maybe it’s myself. I never noticed anything, I just doubted & tried to blank out everything, self doubting your love & trying to not fall in love for fear of you just being a memory if I tried.
so if I do start to fall in love with you, please don’t leave, not now. I need to refresh my memory on how you yawn in the morning, how you groan when I run my fingers through your hair, the way you grab my waist & lift me up as if I’m as light as a feather & sit me on the counter & let a sigh out as if this is the first time you’ve ever touched me & you’re nervous.
no one has made me feel this way, I try to think about how you’re just everything I need right now; not perfect nor flawless, but just what I need. sure you have flaws; you cry some nights about the past, you have bad morning breath, you sometimes get a little grumpy & snap at people. but I can look past that because you look past mine.
okay, maybe I’m not falling in love with you. I might already be in love.
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It’s Bellarke week so I gotta say the moment I started shipping bellarke was Day Trip, but it wasn’t set in stone until the 2x05 hug. 

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Honestly I was caught off guard at it. They’d been shoving their worry for each other down so deep you almost didn’t know it was there, but then it exploded in this scene. it was a beautiful and emotional confirmation that they had missed each other more than anyone else would have guessed. Confirmation that there is deep affection running between them, more personal than just a simple ‘co-leaders’ relationship, and it absolutely shone in this moment. :”)

honesty time.

here we go…

A friend of mine died yesterday. I found out this morning at 4am. I was in a state of shock all day, I barely had sleep, and had to work all day anyways, no crying, but just feeling of the depth of it all, of this life. The beauty of a simple smile, or kind word from a friend, to hear someone is proud of you, more so to hear someone loves you, from one who loves you truly and deeply. Now I feel the weight of it all.

It’s surreal, one day theres a person, living, laughing, breathing, smiling, and the next day, they’re not. They’re not breathing, laughing, smiling, living. My friend believed in Jesus, my friends and I all know this, but existence on this physical earth is such a fleeting thing. We are here, then we are not. We smile, we breathe, we live, we dance, we love, we cry, we sleep, we see beauty, we see tragedy, we create, we feel. and then one day, we don’t. not here anymore at least. We leave the tragedy, the tears, the heartache, the sadness, the pain, and instead experience whole, tangible joy, we see and are able to bow before glory in its most visible, brightest form, Christ. We live free, we dance and praise and sing and laugh and see beauty and create and feel truly, all in the place where we are home, where we are finally one with our heart’s greatest and deepest soul desire, the One who created us. What a marvelous, beautiful day that will be. But on this short side of eternity, we see the pain, the hurt, the sadness, the tragedy. There is hope. We have real hope. because we know what’s coming, what’s on the other side. and we know Whose we so graciously are.

I love that feeling when you spend so much time with another person you just always want to be closer. You miss them when they aren’t there; their presence becomes meaningful, marks a difference in your day. You begin to love them as you know them more, just for who they are, with all the little details and quirks and intriguing differences that make them unique. It’s beautiful and fulfilling. The love inside you just kinda wells up. Even at just the mention of their name.

I think God created us to love the hearts He created and the souls living inside bodies that are much more than the flesh and bone we see. I believe people are very loveable and for just the simple fact they are a person; if you take the time to uncover the layers and see them for who they truly are. Deep down there is a clearer image. Our Creator is the one who helps us see that, in ourselves and in others- the purer form of who we were created to be in Him. I think that is exists in everyone, some just never even see it in themselves. That is why love is like a light. We shine it on others so they can see. And when they do, they are welcomed into a warmth they have never felt before. Love is like that. It burns brighter the closer you come.

12:22 A.M

I have a thing for complimenting / uplifting people. It’s a feeling that won’t go away until I do so. A simply “hey you look so pretty today” a simple “I just had to express how beautiful I think you are” a simple “you seriously inspire me” a simple ” I just wanted you to know that I think that you are amazing” a simple ” I know that you’ll make it far, never give up no matter what occurs around you” a simple “I love you”. Can change the way one views themselves as well as others. Words are important. Words are powerful. Words seep into a person’s skin, mind, and heart quicker than you think, words can either make a person or break a person. Now I’m not saying that I’m perfect and always do this, but I try my best to. I pray to at least be able to help one person in any which way that I can. I pray to be a blessing to others as they are to me. Make an impact. Let the light that is residing within you shine. You can change someone’s life. You are a powerful being, don’t ever think that you cannot have a positive impact on someone because that is far from the truth.

- words that were in me to say. Shoutout to all of the beautiful people in the world 💗.

I just realized something.

In 4×22 Emma revealed how much she loves Killian (to Regina). The next day Regina threatened to gut Killian. Then she threatened to cut off his other hand. Simply because he pointed out that Regina hadn’t done anything to find Emma (which was a simple fact) and also had gone soft (which is something Regina should love to hear since she is not evil, you know… *snorts*)

How is that a beautiful friendship between Emma and Regina? How is Regina a caring and good person? 

My only hope for pure utter happiness
My first thought when I wake
My last when I sleep

His beautiful honey colored eyes seem to stare into my soul without the faintest bit of judgement
He sees who I am
The good
The bad
The incredibly ugly

He sees my pain and though he may not have felt it himself, he knows how to help

He knows how to make me smile
And god when I’m with him do I smile

I never thought a single person could make me so happy with just a simple “I love you”

I kiss his lips and my troubles fade far behind me
Momentarily brushed aside by his soft strokes
By his little moans
I now know what it means to want someone so urgently
Yet so delicately
So hard
Yet so tender

I now know why people go crazy over love
Because with how he makes me feel, I could never let him go
He is the tape that mends my broken heart
It may not last forever
But it doesn’t have to

He knows when to wrap me in his arms and let me cry
When to make me smile
And most importantly when to show me his love

He knows me like no one ever has
He brings out the person whom I want to be eternally
Happy, loving, compassionate, and most of all,

he’s still on my mind