the beauty of grey

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Nickname: Noe, Noah
Zodiac sign: Saggitarius
Height: 164 cm
Last Thing You Googled: Best ghibli movies
Favourite music artist: Little mix, check out their acapellas!
Song stuck in my head: Love me again by John Newman
Last Movie you watched: Beauty and the beast
What are you wearing right now: Grey sweatshorts and an old shirt
What do you post: My drawings, my edits and I reblog anime stuff, memes, aesthetically pleasing photography and gifs
Why did you choose your URL: Because of my two nicknames: noe noah and oli is a short way of my last name
Do you have any other blogs: Nope, only this one, all my stuff is here
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Don’t let your partner convince you to do stuff you don’t want to do
Religious Or Spiritual: Neither
Favorite Color: Recently I have discovered that it’s turquoise
Average Hours Of Sleep: 10 
Lucky Number: I don’t have any
Favorite characters: Bokuto Koutaro, Steve Rogers, Erwin Smith, Yuuri Katsuki and many more
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1 blanket (pillows are another story, I need 5)
Dream Job: I would love to work illustrating books

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Ok lovies, it’s time to see what this rainy day cleanse has revealed within you! It’s so funny, if you count the rain as the first element, we’ve hit all of the elements in the cards pulled, take a look below!

For those of you who chose the Left Card, the rain washed away everything but your inner Strength, your inner fire and kindness. This is such a beautiful card for a cold grey day, telling you that you don’t need the sun to be shining outside to feel the warmth inside you. You have such a strong passion and drive and when you shake off your fears, you become a real force to be reckoned with. Be your own Lion Whisperer, encourage the Kingliness in yourself to take center stage. You may find that the energy of Amber is helpful for you in this transformative time.

The Center Card people, you are the lovely Airy spirits in this reading, having drawn the Knight of Swords. You are being asked to trust your intellect, know that you do, in fact, know best in regards to yourself. The journey before you seems to stretch ahead endlessly, but problem solving is your strength, and so is endurance. You’re on the right path and even in the midst of chaos, you’ll always know which is the right course. You need not second guess yourself! If you have some blue kyanite around, it may help you in trusting your intuition as you move forward.

And finally, we come to our Earthy people, those of you who chose the card on the right. We came up with The Emperor, the stable leader and ruler. The rain may fall, but your roots run deep and strong. In this card, I see a new power coming to you through Ancestral Work. Some time medititating on your history, those who’ve come before you and shaped who you are today, could highlight your strengths now and put a spotlight on that which is already in you that you may have overlooked. You have everything it takes to achieve your goals already, you just need to trust your inner wisdom. Try working with petrified wood to unbury your innate wisdom.

I hope that these cards are helpful to everyone who’s found them! Thank you for allowing me to read for you today.