the beauty of a dream

The Signs As Places In Europe

Aries - Barcelona, Spain

Taurus - Paris, France

Gemini - Berlin, Germany

Cancer - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leo - Prague, Czech Republic

Virgo - Budapest, Hungary

Libra - London, England, United Kingdom

Scorpio - Stockholm, Sweden

Sagittarius - Bruges, Belgium

Capricorn - Lisbon, Portugal

Aquarius - Venice, Italy

Pisces - Crete, Greece


An Avatar: The Last Airbender prequel series chronicling the events of the Hundred Years War. Each episode focuses on a specific character, some from the show, some fully original ones.

A few ideas:
- Fire Lord Azulon’s backstory
- Fire Lord Sozin’s actions after killing Roku
- A group of Air Nomads fleeing from the fire nation
- Monk Gyatso reacting to losing Aang
- The extermination of Dragons
- How Iroh becomes the Dragon of the West
- Zuko’s journey to find the Avatar after being exiled and before Aang’s return

Victor and Yuri arrive at the church

world: saved

homophobia: ended forever

engagement rings: out