the beauts


Kent Parson has his life together a solid 40% of the time. That drops to a shaky 30% when the Aces management hires Eric Bittle, recent Samwell graduate and more recent ex-boyfriend of Jack Zimmermann, to babysit his tweeting habits.

posters for @yoursummerfrost ‘s fic Can’t Learn to Leave as a part of my  follower milestone giveaway! (my comments on AO3 took up like a good page) This fic is astounding on so many levels and the setting is just so vivid and present (hence these beauts). If you haven’t read it already go and check it out! 

anonymous asked:

Tell us about your winged beautes :)

Basically, I’m native and my mom’s spirit animal is those really sleek and smooth crows right?? Those crows are really rare here, the crows are really fluffy over here. But every time she’s mad at me or dissapointed these crows show up and just stare me down. Everywhere I look there are sleek crows staring at me. It’s kind of amazing but also terrifying cause this woman hasn’t practiced actively in YEARS and she still manages to get all these animals following me and I’m slightly stressed but also wow???????,

I have so many feelings about Zoe Evans, and her beautiful face 💫