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Heartbreak Girl-Calum Hood Smut

 Rating: R

 Warning: smut and swearing

Note: Hey I’ve been working on this one for a while and I realized it’s a lot like my other Calum one but I like this one more because it has more detail. Anyways I’m gonna post my first request for an Ashton one hopefully this weekend. :)

You scooped another large spoon of ice cream in you mouth as you sat with your legs propped up on Calum’s lap. “I mean,” you paused to swallow the ice cream, “I don’t get it. He sleeps with another fucking slut and blames it on me and demands that we go on a break. What the fuck is wrong with guys? I’m done with them. They are stupid and mean and they have cooties,” you let another tear fall as you turned your attention back on the show that you were watching.

“Come on, (Y/n), not all guys are bad,” Calum rolled his eyes at your over exaggeration.

 "Well you’re nice. Your friends are as well but…I don’t know. All the guys I fall for are just fucking assholes. Literally,” you sighed.

He groaned and stood up suddenly, causing your feet to get pushed forward. You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion, “Calum, what the hell?” you asked in bewilderment.

He looked like he was contemplating saying something but your urged him to talk. “Come on Cal, we’ve been best friends since middle school, you can tell me anything-”

“That’s just it!” he yelled, pointing a finger at you. “We have been best friends since we met in sixth grade but since then all you’ve done is prance around and bring all of your asshole boyfriends in and out of the apartment. They all hurt you, (Y/n). All of them. And I tell you every time to be careful but you brush it off and tell me that you think he might be ‘the one’.” Calum started pacing then, a look of hurt and determination across his face.

“And I sit here and just watch the girl I am so fucking in love with cry after every guy breaks up with her and it shreds my heart because I can not describe how much I love you.”

“Cal-” you tried but he shushed you.

A bitter laugh escapes his lips, “And you know what I notice about each guy that saunters in here for the first time? His eyes aren’t even on yours. They’re on your fucking ass or your boobs the whole fucking time. (Y/n), I’d never do that to you. You mean everything to me and it sucks when you bring guys in who don’t even appreciate the things you do. Like the way you poke your tongue out of your mouth when your concentrating or how much you love chocolate fudge brownie ice cream or how great your voice is when you sing but you’re too shy to sing so I can only hear it when you’re showering.

“There aren’t enough god damn words to describe how I feel about you. Fuck it, if you bring another guy in this fucking apartment one more god damn time, I’m going to lose it.” And with that, he stormed into his room and slammed the door.

You groaned in frustration and ran your hand through your hair. After his long speech, everything seemed clear to you. Every time you brought a guy home it always puzzled you why Calum always remained silent with a pissed off facial expression. He never even tried to talk to any of your boyfriends because he was jealous.

Grief washed over you and you dropped your head into your hands. With his newfound confession playing over in your head, for the first time you started thinking about how Calum looked. He wasn’t unattractive by any means but being best friends for years had blinded you from that. You also started thinking about his body, tall and built from when he works out every now and then.

It felt weird thinking of the guy you always thought of as your best friend like this, but you suddenly had an itch to feel his body against yours. You felt like you needed his touch.

A rush of courage swept through you and you slowly knocked on his door. “Go away,” a voice mumbled from the other side of the door.

Ignoring his request you opened the door anyways and you were met with a bare chested Calum who was seemingly changing into his pajamas. He cringed when you walked in and took a hesitant step towards you, “(Y/n), I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that and I don’t wanna mess up what we already have-wait what are you doing?”

You took a couple steps until you were almost touching his chest with yours. You brought your hand to his cheek and guided him downward so that his lips were inches away from you. For you, it felt like seconds had passed, but for him it felt like centuries until you firmly pressed your lips against his.

He groaned loudly and immediately responded by wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling you closer so there was no space between the two of you. He bit your bottom lip and pulled it slightly erupting a moan from your lips.

Swiftly, you brought your hand down and started rubbing him through his sweatpants. He froze his lips and opened his mouth to release uneven pants. “Fuck, you don’t have to-”

“But I want to,” you responded.

Hesitantly you reached into his sweat pants and pulled out his hot member. You grasped him in your hand and slowly started pumping. “(Y/n), fuck!” he threw his head back.

Slowly, you started trailing kisses down the base of his throat, leaving hickies in your wake until your lips rested right above the band of his sweatpants.

You pulled them down slowly and Calum released a breath when his member was freed from the confining pants. He looked bigger and wider than any of the guys you had been with before which only made you want him more. Before he could say anything, you licked a long stripe up the underside of his dick.

He moaned loudly and grabbed your hair to form it into a makeshift ponytail. Your lips latched around his tip and you sucked greedily, “This must be a d-dream,” he whimpered.

You lowered your mouth further and fit half of his thick cock in your mouth before humming in response causing him to jerk his hips forward. From his unexpected jerk of the hips, his tip touched the back of your throat, causing you to gag. “Fuck! I’m sorry but that felt so good,” he moaned, as you placed him in your mouth again. Just as you reached for his balls he pulled you back. “Please. I won’t last if you keep doing that. I need to be inside you so bad.”

Nodding, you stood up and pulled your sweatshirt over your head to reveal your bare chest. “Oh my god, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered before cupping one of your breasts in is hand and the other when into his mouth. You moaned instantly and dug your fingers in his hair.

He flicked your now hardened bud with his tongue and pinched your other one with his fingers. “Calum, please. I’m so wet.”

With that he looked up from his assault on your breasts and looked you straight in the eyes. His eyes were clouded with lust but also appeared sympathetic. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you have to after what I said earlier.”

You nodded, “I want this, Calum. I want us.”

With that he lightly tossed you on the bed and crawled over you. “Fuck you’re so beautiful,” he mumbled before going in to place his lips on yours again.

You disconnected the kiss briefly to dig through his bedside table drawer where you knew he kept his condoms and you pulled one out. Once tearing the packet with your teeth, you pumped him a couple of times before rolling the condom on his length.

A strangled moan left his lips and he bucked his hips into your hand. He pulled you into another kiss and slid his hand between the two of you, “Are you ready?” he asked.

You only nodded in response which gave him permission to line his cock up and inch his way into you. Merely half way in you moaned loudly, scratching your nails down his back, “Fuck! Calum you’re so big,” your back arched into his and he restrained himself from moaning at the feeling your bare chest against his.

He finally slid all the way in and he paused momentarily to let you adjust before rocking his hips into yours. Breathing deeply, he lowered his head to the crook of your neck and scattered kisses along your collarbone. “You’re so tight,” he grunted.

Unlike any sex you had previously, Calum didn’t roughly slam into you, it seemed as if he was expressing his true feelings towards you through his long, slow thrusts. You hand’t been fucked like this before, because, in fact, he wasn’t hungrily fucking you, he was making love to you as cheesy as it sounded.

With each deep thrust you chanted Calum’s name. When he lifted your leg to wrap around his waist you screamed when he hit your g-spot, making you clench tightly around him.

A strangled groan left his lips, “Oh my god do that again please,” he begged, looking down to see your bodies meet.

You did as he requested and his grunted again. The noises that emitted from his lips make a pit build in your stomach which, with each thrust grew tighter and tighter until you felt as if you were just about to release. “Calum, I’m going to cum,” you whimpered as he brought his thumb down to lazily rub your clit.

“Me too,” he responded right before you screamed and let the bubble inside your your stomach explode and pure ecstasy flooded your veins. Just as you came down from your high, Calum stilled inside of you and his face contorted in pleasure. 

“Fuck!” he chanted, releasing into the condom. Once he milked out his high he slowly pulled out of you and laid down next to you. “I meant what I said before, (Y/n). I do really love you and it’s that kind of love that-”

“Enough deep conversations about lovey dovey shit Cal,” you teased. “I love you too you shithead,” you smiled, resting your head on his chest.

“Just let me finish-wait what?” he chest stiffened but soon relaxed. “You do?” All you did to respond was nod your head and even though you couldn’t see him, you knew he was smiling.

Just before you fell asleep you felt a light kiss being pressed to the top of your head. “I love you (Y/N).”


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