the beautificator

i wish there was more positivity for hairy latinx ppl when i was growing up (and now too)? like, man, i got made fun of for my unibrow, mustache, hairy arms, and long ass baby hairs growing up. by my own people. even now, these are still natural features that i hate about myself and feel the need to change. anyways, if youre a hairy latinx, your hair is beautiful, i love you, and fuck european beauty standards ❤️💛


I was tagged by beautiful cupcake @wuboxian <3
The first one is the same as my profile pic and second one was taken 2 weeks ago haha And 3rd one was taken 2 years ago when I was quite normal XD

I want to tag @angel-in-slow-motion @i-have-a-kawaii-unicorn @xiuminel @gwaenchanhajagiya @intokai @changgudforyou and anyone who wants to do this ^^