the beatles shop


Okay so I was in the London Beatles shop, because it’s not far from where I live, and they’ve brought in some new statues… honestly I’m fucking terrified lOOK AT THEM,, id pay £125 for Satan on my shelf.

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i have so many things to say about this…in the first one wtf is wrong with ringos face like he looks like a pterodactyl… and georges lack of eyebrows just make him compeletly unrecognizable and i hate the way paul is looking at john…then in the second ringo looks like hes been kidnapped and forced to be there…and judging by georges teeth im assuming hes the one that bit off johns legs

Playing Jane for fashion feature in Queen magazine. Photo by John Kelly showing Jane wearing dress by The Fool from Beatles shop Apple at Baker Street. Tights by Mary Quant. Shoes by Kurt Geiger purple and orange two tone with ankle straps and Louis heels late 196Os.

Terence Pepper collection.