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The Rutles, “Get Up and Go,” 1969 or 1978

On March 22, 1978, NBC aired a mockumentary entitled “All You Need Is Cash.” It was a brilliant parody/satire of the Beatles, with the combined forces of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live cast members. All four living Fabs approved, hugely, to the extent that George Harrison made a cameo appearance as a TV news reporter. My friends and I loved it - but it was apparently way, way over the rest of America’s heads; it was the lowest-rated TV show that week.

All the song parodies are still extremely funny, 37 years gone. “Get Up and Go” is my favorite. It’s very close to “Get Back,” probably too close - no less an authority than John Lennon warned them to be careful of lawsuits.

All hail the Pre-Fab Four!

Saturday Club w/ Brian Matthew (Unedited Session Take)
The Beatles

November 29th, 1965: The Beatles record segments and soundbites for the forthcoming Christmas special of friend Brian Matthew’s BBC radio programme Saturday Club. In between takes, the band fool around, confer on their schedules, and act the goat. (Note: Joy. A complete transcript to follow soon; read under the cut for more context on what they’re recording.)

JOHN: [strong Liverpool accent] Smashing. [sniggering] Smashing.

MATTHEW: Are you mildly worried—

PAUL: [strong Liverpool accent] No!

MATTHEW: —that John said the Searchers were good when they’re not on the programme?

JOHN: [laughs] Oh, sorry! I thought they were on it!

RINGO: Well, that’s better!

ENGINEER: It would have to be cut, of course.


JOHN: [posh accent] Oh, [inaudible]. Just cut it!

RINGO: It’s better if you leave it on ‘cause they’ll all be saying, “I must have been out when they were on.”

JOHN: [laughing] And they’ll all be puzzling!

PAUL: Yeah, leave it in.

MATTHEW: Are you happy with that, then?

ENGINEER: Yes, that’s fine for me. Um, any news about forthcoming American trips?

RINGO: No, we don’t know anything.

JOHN: No, we don’t know anything about anything.

PAUL: [strong Liverpool accent] No. No.

JOHN: [strong Liverpool accent] ’Fraid not.

RINGO: We don’t know.

PAUL: There’s nothing. There’s nothing in the offering you know.

ENGINEER: No new films?

PAUL: Well, yeah. But it’s not decided. You know. There’s nothing, uh—

JOHN: Worked out. [laughs]

MATTHEW: That’s a very good impression of Terry Doran. [laughter]

PAUL: No, this is like the girls in Liverpool dance halls, really. I mean, everybody thinks you’re doing a queer when you do it.

JOHN: Yeah.

PAUL: [lofty] Have you opened your stocking yet, John?

JOHN: I haven’t even taken it off.

PAUL: [sniggers] Ooh! [scattered laughter] No, you’ll have to cut that!

JOHN: Cut that[inaudible]

PAUL: You can’t leave that on, mister!

ENGINEER: Splendid.

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