the beatles merch


Me as human!impala. (Yeah I know I look like crap but this was after I got home and I was really tired) I used the Kansas tag and wrote their initials on my hand but you can’t see it in the picture. Hope everyone had a nice Halloween!

(Ps this lady asked me if I even knew who ACDC was and I said yeah and the guy with the candy said ‘I’ll give you ten pieces of candy right now if you sing one song’ and I started singing highway to hell and he was like ‘yeah! There you go that’s the BEST ONE’ and gave me a whole handful of candy so yeah that happened)

—- So many cool human!impalas! And I feel your pain with the ACDC thing, I’m a huge Beatles fan a people still think I’m only wearing ‘The Beatles’ merch to be “Cool” or “Hip”. Then I break into one of their songs to shut them up! More power to you girl! Rock them ACDC shirts!

Happy Halloween!
~Chels and Allison


I bought this at a flea market today. It’s a 60′s Beatles vending machine insert, like the one you can see on the vending machine on the right. It seems like it’s never been used, but I’m not sure about that.
It’s printed in the US and it was used by Seltaeb (Beatles backwards), a company that looked after Beatles merch on behalf of Brian Epstein.

I had never seen this before, so I had to buy it! :)


Ive had the most amazing 2 weeks! 
in the mist of a soul crushing i was able to get up, and become stronger.
i was able to spent my last days in LA with my best friends❤
im going to miss them so much! but they gave me these amazing things to remember them by and countless memories that will keep me going until i come home to beautiful LA.

im so ready for the new adventures that are coming! 
im fortunate enough to have some of the most amazing people up in potato land with me. 

im blessed.