the beatles fan

If you say anything bad about the Beatles on tumblr it take about 52 seconds for a Beatles fan to message you and tell you you’re wrong

A fan photo of George Harrison signing an autograph at Kinfauns, found via Gotta Have Rock and Roll (where it’s up for auction, at a minimum bid of $500).

Q: “George Harrison, how different is your life now as a member of the Beatles to what it was, say, even four years ago?”

George Harrison: “Everything’s completely changed. We don’t have a private life anymore. And we, um, are public property now. Not that we mind.”

Q: “You don’t mind being such public property with no private time at all?”

GH: “Well, you get accustomed to it, and after a while you just take it for granted and you just do everything automatically… like signing autographs and [laughs] waving at people.” - Doncaster, 10 December 1963


Fan Request - With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles cover) - in Cincinnati, OH (7.28.15)