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John and Cynthia arrive for the premier of How I Won The War at the London Pavilion on the 18th October 1967. John and Cynthia dressed in typical late 60s psychedelic style, as did George and Pattie with George wearing his orange Granny Takes a Trip jacket and black velvet trousers. Paul and Ringo however came in more reserved, traditional dress suits. After the film, the Beatles went to a party at Cilla Black’s apartment at 9b Portland Place, London.

Signs As My Favorite Ships
  • Aries: Ryden
  • Taurus: Mclennon
  • Gemini: Jamie Hewlett/Damon Albarn
  • Cancer: Gabilliam
  • Leo: Ryan Ross/William Beckett
  • Virgo: The Glimmer Twins
  • Libra: Gallaghercest
  • Scorpio: George Harrison/Patti Boyd
  • Sagittarius: Gramon
  • Capricorn: Joncer
  • Aquarius: Brian Jones/Charlie Watts
  • Pisces: Mick Jagger/David Bowie
I met John in Hong Kong in 1977. He was travelling with Sean, who was about two years old, and was on his way to meet Yoko in Japan. I was with David Bowie and Coco Schwab, his friend and PA, on our way back to Europe from Japan, after a rock tour of my stuff… A pair of elevator doors opened, and he stood in the hotel foyer, wearing a basketball jersey that was way too big, and he gave David a very big hug and a kind of laughing, greeting smile. I was surprised to see an English industry giant exhibit such warmth. Also to see him in a basketball jersey was super-cool (pardon my fandom).

Iggy Pop on John Lennon and David Bowie