the beatles a hard day's night


On this day in music history: June 26, 1964 - “A Hard Day’s Night”, the third studio album by The Beatles is released (UK release date is on July 10, 1964). Produced by George Martin, it is recorded at EMI Pathe Marconi Studios in Paris, France and Abbey Road Studios in London from January 29, 1964, February 25 - 27, 1964, and March 1 - June 4, 1964. During their initial rush of Beatlemania in the UK, The Beatles receive an offer from United Artists Pictures to make a film. The film company’s motivation is to make a quick, low budget film so that it has the rights to release an accompanying soundtrack album in the US. In spite of this, the project is an inspired collaboration between The Beatles and director Richard Lester. When the band begins work on the music prior to the start of filming, they once again demonstrate another leap forward in their musical development. The soundtrack is the first Beatles album to feature all original songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The title track is one of the last songs written and recorded for the film, inspired by a statement made by drummer Ringo Starr, exclaiming “that was a hard day’s night, that was!”, after an exhaustive day of filming. Lennon and McCartney write the song overnight, and play it for film producer Walter Shenson on set the next day. The song is also selected to be the film’s title (the working title had been “Beatlemania” up until this point). The soundtrack album is released in the US ten days before the film’s world premiere in London on July 6, 1964. The US version of the album differs significantly from its UK counterpart. The UK version features the seven songs included in the film, and an additional six that make up the LP’s second side. Aside from featuring different cover artwork, the US LP features the seven songs used in the film along with “I’ll Cry Instead”. The other four songs (“When I Get Home”, “Things We Said Today”, “I’ll Be Back”, “Any Time At All”), are replaced by instrumental versions of “I Should Have Known Better”, “Ringo’s Theme (This Boy)”,  "And I Love Her", and “A Hard Day’s Night” scored and conducted by George Martin. Like the film itself, the soundtrack will be a runaway success, spinning off a total of four singles (including the previously released “Can’t Buy Me Love” (#1 Pop), and the title track (#1 Pop). The rights to the US version of the soundtrack revert to Capitol Records after the demise of United Artists’ record division in 1980. That configuration of the soundtrack is deleted in 1987, when the original UK version is finally issued in the US. In January of 2014, the original US version of “A Hard Day’s Night” is reissued on CD (in a CD sized replica of the original LP package) individually and as part of the box set “The Beatles - The US Albums”.  "A Hard Day’s Night" spends fourteen weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

What your favorite Beatles album says about you
  • Please Please Me: you're cool and care about your hairdo, but you've got a softer side. you giggle when boys look at you from across the room.
  • With the Beatles: you really like the Beatles, but for some reason you don't wanna hear them do their own songs. but you really, really like the Beatles.
  • A Hard Day's Night: nobody really knows the real you. they think you're a suave, energetic socialite. deep down, you're a farm hand with a piece of wheat sticking out of your mouth, trying not to cry. you can cry if you want. it's okay to cry.
  • Beatles for Sale: you think your friends all secretly hate you, and you think strangers all secretly love you. also, George is your favorite Beatle and you like hearing Paul scream.
  • Help!: you really like ironic humor and feeling sorry for yourself, and you think people would be happier without you in the picture. you need to understand people care about you, and you should learn to like yourself. but proposing to a girl in a jumping 12 bar is wrong. don't do that.
  • Rubber Soul: when people ask you what kind of music you listen to, you say you like all different kinds.
  • Revolver: crawling into bed, you're half asleep before you remember to set your alarm. you do it with one eye open.
  • Sgt. Pepper: people say you're really together, but you know you're not. you wonder why people think you're seamless. you have so many seams. it seems they don't see your seams.
  • Magical Mystery Tour: your parents fought a lot in front of you. i'm sorry.
  • The White Album: you're greedy and like the blues.
  • Yellow Submarine: this album says a lot more about you than i have room to type about sorry you can pm me
  • Abbey Road: you won't stop trying until you're sitting at the top in a gold encrusted throne made of the skulls of your enemies and the good wishes of your friends. you don't know how to rap.
  • Let It Be: you think you have an intimate relationship with somewhere between 1 and 4 of the Beatles in a way they'll never understand. you watch a movie again if it makes you cry.
Beatles Albums Explained
  • Please Please Me: the Beatles like sex
  • With the Beatles: the Beatles like sex part 2
  • A side of A Hard Day's Night: glamorous 60's pop
  • B side: bitter country music?
  • Beatles for Sale: the Beatles are a country band now in a good way
  • Help!: the Beatles remember they're a rock band but they like flutes and violins too
  • Rubber Soul: 4/5 stars songs coming together to make a 6/5 stars album
  • Revolver: hello we're the Beatles and we're ascending
  • Sgt. Pepper: the Beatles straight up dictate what pop is gonna sound like now and everyone takes notes
  • Magical Mystery Tour: "hello we're Paul and the McCartneys I mean "the Beatles" and here's the music from "our" new movie
  • The Beatles: We Are Tense
  • Yellow Submarine: idk here's some singles and new songs and a bunch of scoring from the last movie we have to make (not)
  • Abbey Road: wHOa ThERe FRiEnD
  • Let It Be: among a few orchestral pieces, the Beatles return to their roots of straight single track rock n roll that you can actually perform and they BEAT IT UP