It’s been 60 years since the feteful (hehehe) introduction of Paul McCartney to John Lennon, so I drew up two little things to celebrate! So many “what if’s” still haunt me at night; what if Paul was too lazy to go to the fete? What if John never let Paul in the band? What if they were never introduced? Everything fell into place though because of that one sunny day, and the world is all the better for it. Happy 60th McLennon day, everyone!!

Paul photographed all on his lonesome on a train from London Kings Cross to Hastings recently. 

“He was on his own without any bodyguards or staff. Only a few people stopped to say hello and that it was nice to see him. He didn’t want photos but he was very polite and happy to chat, taking about a new album he has coming out. It was unusual seeing such a massive music star just sat on his own.”

[Daily Mail, 29th June 2017, x]