the beatbox

Some random little Sneezy headcanons I feel like sharing:

  • He dislikes raisins.
  • His two hidden talents are bird calling and beatboxing.
  • He’s terrified of getting shots.
  • Despite his hayfever, he loves flowers. Daisies are his favorites.
  • He can’t handle eating spicy food (sort of canon, since he can’t even smell something spicy without sneezing).
  • He likes going to the Jollywood spa and getting manicures. He tried getting a pedicure once but was too ticklish.
  • He likes citrus flavored things.
  • Cats are his favorite animal.
  • He has trouble drinking fizzy drinks because the bubbles make him sneeze.
  • It’s difficult for him to give kisses because his nose gets in the way, so he opts instead to nuzzle with his nose. That usually makes him sneeze, though.
  • He loves wearing dresses/skirts and trying on makeup. He likes to feel beautiful (but what he doesn’t realize is that he’s always beautiful).

joji is truly a legend like he made the harlem shake meme famous he has two different musical personas he keeps up pretty well with (he currently has 10+ joji songs ready to drop and is already recording new pink guy music after dropping an album 10 days ago) hes a producer/musician/singer/rapper/beatboxer has recorded w so many people filmed party monster by the weeknd is on the spotify 50 viral 13 times at once with 13 different songs is number 76 on the billboard 200 like honestly when will any of your faves ever tbh


have you heard the rumours about my rapping?
i have, actually!
come at me with a beat.
okay, yeah.


Baby beatbox battle.

For @magitek 

The voice actors of Prompto, Ignis, and Noctis from FFXV, along with the voice of Luxu from KH 2.8 singing/beatboxing “Stand By Me” from today’s stream.

considering that the last time there was a Big Incident, Leo posted a scolding message and then deactivated his twitter, I don’t think he deleted his Instagram and locked his new twitter account outta being hurt. I think he did it as a punishment because let’s face it: we broke his trust.

VIXX always trust us. They sit down next to us and knows nothing will happen to them. They like to be close because they know no one will touch them. this tho, this was kind of a low blow, so i can see it as a punishment. we don’t deserve the looks into his private life–minyool, vacations, etc–if we can’t control our shit.

of course, not all of us are to blame for the few actions of a group of delulus, but i figured this was just something to think about in case anyone’s feeling too shitty about what’s happened.