the beat to my heart

I always thought my world would end with a clap of thunder or the bang of a gun,
But it ended in a whisper,
And please don’t show up at my door,
Because you know I’m too weak - I’ll gush “I love you too” and welcome you like a soldier home from war,
I want to pretend I’m strong and that I’ve prepared for the apocalypse of my heart,
But I know I’m weak and I’ll always come when you call,
Because my heart still beats to the sound of your name in the silence around me; and part of me still hopes yours beats for me too

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hey love, do you have any very fluffy fics you can recommed? i just feel so anxious today and i that's the one thing I need right now xxx

Hi baby!!!! Here’s 33:

green in the morning and blue afternoon

somewhere I can rest my soul

Oh, Here We Go

here comes the sun

you’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less

say i hate you but i always stay

blend into my favourite colour

Make It Everlasting So Nothing’s Incomplete

i’ll take you one day at a time (soon you will be mine)

Naked & Proud

The Shirt You Hate

midnight starlight

never known the likes of this

Fate’s A Bitch Really (Yes)

All We Have

One day to believe in you

Shy Eyes

some of it was true

cotton candy kiss, can’t wait for my sugar rush

All Along, My Heart Was Beating For You

Hold My Breath

Stay Gold

Web Me Harder

Thought The Song Was Sung

like an animal (i wanna feel you from the inside)

baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out

You You You

find me cause i’ll never find you


Bet On It

You’re The Northern Wind (Sending Shivers Down My Spine)

always be my baby

I’m Lovin It

im thinking abt the first time i saw harry styles and my heart beat out of my chest and seeing him now like nostalgia is honored so beautifully in this editorial this is the long haired short haired precious n cheeky harry that youve known forever but new and different and has even more to it like none of this is shocking to anybody its just like omg.. i KNEW it i knew he was like this ive known it all along i knew his potential for this shoot and everything and its been so amazing knowing him and having him and we get to do that again in a new way now like im so lucky

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I always see this cute girl in class every day and she usually wears dresses (which I can't help but look at) but today she today wearing a form fitting sports jersey, sweat pants, and a snapback and my heart skipped like 3 beats but I don't know if she's gay or not what does a gay girl do in this situation

my gaydar and bifi go up tenfold when i see a snapback. it’s worth chatting up conversation to see. ask her about notes or homework. worst comes to worst, you make a new friend - which isn’t all that bad. 

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we're you in love with bree?

every night i fell asleep with a smile because i knew that someone was out there, and they cared deeply about me. every morning i woke up and hopped out of bed, hurrying to get ready, and rushing out the door so that her face would be one of the first things i saw. i would think about her constantly. small things, like her eyes; how one squinted a little more than the other when she laughed. or how when she was talking her lips would move faster than her brain could think of the words and she would stutter and get embarrassed which made her stutter even more. whenever i saw her my heart would skip a beat, my hands would get clammy, my mouth would dry up. it was as if i was meeting her for the first time every single time i laid eyes on her. but at the same time, i was so comfortable around her. we would take bubble baths together, i would scoop up some of the bubbles and form them under her chin; it never failed to make her laugh. we could talk for hours without ever getting bored, or we could sit in silence without ever feeling awkward. we knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. she knew i was scared of opening up, but i knew that she could handle anything that was thrown her way. we would do everything together: record shopping, hiking, open mic at small coffee shops downtown, star gazing, even just sitting in the car listening to The Smiths. we weren’t just girlfriend and girlfriend, we were best friends. and if that’s not love, then i don’t know what is.

The City (Part 7)

Dean X Reader 

Warnings: Swearing

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Wrapping myself in the soft white bedding, I set my alarm on my phone for 4 am; I set it under my pillow, so Alyssa doesn’t hear it and wake up. Closing my eyes I try and concentrate on falling asleep, since I will only get about three hours. As hard as I try though, my mind runs through the events of the day. Suddenly I can feel my heart.

I sit up in a panic. My heart is beating so hard; I can visibly see my chest move when I look down. Climbing out of bed, I move to the bathroom, quietly shutting the door, so Alyssa remains asleep.

Water splashes on my face, momentarily cooling me down. Taking a seat on the toilet, I try and slow my breathing. Suddenly my breath catches in my throat, and I actually feel my heart skip a beat. I clutch my chest involuntarily.

“Relax (Y/N), its just heart palpitations, not a heart attack.” I whisper to my self, to remind me it’s a common symptom of the pills. Standing up, I turn on the shower. Water always relaxes me.  

The water engulfs me physically and mentally. Thankfully it calms my heart as well. I towel off, and slip back on the cloths Alyssa gave me. While pulling on the shirt, I remember my bag is just outside the door. I can wear my own cloths! Oh so slowly I open the door, and reach my hand out to grab my duffel bag.

A high-pitched scream leaves my mouth as I see a dark figure waiting on the other side of the door.

“Holy shit (Y/N), relax its just me!” Alyssa flips the hallway light on. Taking steps back into the bathroom, I clutch my chest once again; mentally cursing her for bringing my heart rate back up. “Why did you shower again?” Her question catches me off guard.

“Yeah, um, I just got some ranch in my hair by accident; so I wanted to wash it out.” She tilts her head to the side, considering my story.

“Okay, sounds good.” She turns away, and then looks over her shoulder at me and glances down. “Do you want a shirt?”

Looking down myself, I realize I wasn’t wearing a shirt; I only had my arms folded across my chest. I nod my head, too embarrassed to say anything. Alyssa turns around and grabs a shirt out of my bag.

She throws it at me. It simply hits my chest and falls to the ground, she laughs and shuts the bathroom door. I snatch the shirt off the ground. Holding it in front of me, I see which shirt she ended up grabbing for me, Dean’s. I laugh at how ironic it was that she grabbed this shirt. Part of me wanted to grab another, but if I did that I would have to explain to Alyssa why I would wear this one. So I man up, and slip the shirt on.

Suddenly I hear a nock on the door that joins to the boy’s room. Placing my ear against the bathroom door, I listen as Alyssa greets someone.

“Is everything okay? I heard (Y/N) scream!” Dean’s worried voice floats through the door.

“Yeah she is fine, just saw a spider in the bathroom.” I smile at how Alyssa lies for me.

“(Y/N)?! Are you okay?!” I could tell he was on the opposite side of the door. I place palm on the door, spreading my fingers, pretending he is doing the same on the other side.

“Yeah, I’m fine! Just saw a spider.” My voice cracks at the end. God, I want him to not believe me. I want him to demand I open the door and pull me into a hug, while simultaneously calling me out on my lie. Then I would be honest for once, and maybe, just maybe, he would say he loves me too.  

“Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”  He says sounding relieved. My palm still rests on the door as I hear his door close.

Taking a step back, I close my eyes and bring the bottom of the shirt to my nose. Inhaling deep, I can imagine being wrapped in Dean’s strong arms, safe, loved.

The crushing wave of hopelessness and despair hit once again, and I drop the shirt.

Time to go.

Opening the door I head to my bed, planning to leave as soon as Alyssa falls asleep. I stop, shocked to the core as I spot a bright orange bottle placed in the center of my pillow.

I just pick it up, not looking at Alyssa. The small blue pills move, filling the room with awkward sounds of a revealed secret.

I can’t look at Alyssa; I am too angry and embarrassed. Clutching the pills I start to walk back to my bag, ready to just get the fuck out.

“Wait!” Alyssa is suddenly standing. “Look at the bottle.” I still don’t look at her, but glancing at the bottle, something seems off. Upon closer inspection, I realize, they aren’t mine. “Yeah, I take them too.”

Turning around I see her with her head down. For the first time since we have met, Alyssa is quite and looks almost lost. I don’t say anything; hell I’m not even sure what I am thinking. Luckily Alyssa speaks, so I don’t have to.

“I saw your tube sock poking out of the tampon box when I grabbed your shirt. It’s where I keep mine, so I was just curious. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snooped.” She looks so ashamed.

“You’re right, you should have minded your own business!” Alyssa’s head bows even lower. I begin to feel bad; I would probably have snooped too, and its not like she didn’t reveal her own secret to me as well. Alyssa is now my only friend since I’m leaving the boys; it’s more beneficial for me to forgive her in the long run.

“It’s okay. I forgive you.” The look of relief on her face causes me to giggle.

“Oh thank God, I felt so bad!” We haven’t actually talked about it; but the acknowledgement of the situation brings us together even more.

“I’m leaving.” As the words leave my mouth, a look of shock come across my face.

“What?” Alyssa stands there baffled, looking borderline scared.

“Dean and Sam. I am leaving them. I’m hitting the road early.” As I say the words, a very loud girls laugh comes from the boy’s room. Alyssa just looks at the wall. She must have put the pieces together cause she doesn’t ask me anything. She nods her head in approval, and then says something I never expected.

“I’m coming with you.”

Authors note: 

Hey guys, so there is only going to be ONE more part in The City… but, I am thinking of doing an entire imagine that serves as a prologue to this story. let me know if that is something you would want! Thank you so much for reading! 

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My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and he still makes my heart skip a beat. He's the most amazing man in the whole world and I can't wait to spend my life with him! I'm a Pisces and he's a Taurus and we work so well together. We choose love everyday and he makes me so happy.


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every time you post a selfie my heart skips a beat!

me: is crying cuz ur so sweet!!
i love u mysterious anon i hope u had a good day 💓

My thoughts

Ummm.. Hey!
I would just like to say… Thank you Jack!! You mean, so much to me and honestly I don’t know why. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Why I love you so much, why I always feel like crying when you like or answer my post, why my heart skips a beat when I see a new video from you.

I honestly don’t know. This post meaningless, and I’m probably just repeating what other people say and I’m just among the voices of praise, but I’m gonna open up.

I’ll venture a guess, the reason I love you so much is that you understand. Yes, there are many nice and genuine people out there like you, but you seem to stand out. Like, you are so me. The other day, when you were playing the Plank Game and you were freaking out, I was freaking out the exact same way. We are both terribly afraid of heights.

You are like my best friend. My second half. The peas in my pod. When I started watching you, everything clicked again. I have ADHD and 0 confidence and self-esteem and many, MANY insecurities. Some of which you have or overcome.

Watching you is like being on skype. It’s so weird, when I watch you I’d either think or sat something and less than a second after I do you say the EXACT same thing I do. That feeling is amazing.

Sometimes all of my problems get on top of me and I just feel like hurting myself to get rid of the pain, but I refuse to do that. I just write positive quotes from you on my arm and “He wants you alive on my palm” to remind me that you believe I can still go. You are the only person I truly believe understands me and I can’t seem to truly open up to anybody but you. And sometimes I forget that you don’t actually know me and in those times I just cry. Because the truth hurts. I met some INCREDIBLE from the internet through you and I thank you alot. Stop thanking us dude! You do ALL the time and we don’t say it enough. For everytime that you thank us, I thank you twice as more. My parents think I’m just seeking attention, when you can know how I feel without even knowing my situation. That feeling is … I’m rambling so I’m going to bring this to a close. Jack, I could go on for AGES about how you changed me and how you make me feel when I watch you and how much I connected with you. I love you more than you will EVER know m and yes this is some high praise, but you deserve it. You are my best friend. And I may never get to meet you one day, which sucks, but just remember that I’m there and alive because of you and that’ll mean just the same to me (Septishu trash #1)

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Speaking of dragons, many people only watched the Hobbit trilogy so they could see Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug. Even those who hated the movies admit he was amazing. What did you think of him?

Be still my beating heart, never has a dragon had a voice that put butterflies in my stomach quite like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Smaug.

“Sexy” is the first word that comes to mind, while “Abject Horror” are the second and third.