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headcanon that when kaz kisses inej he has to do so with his hand lightly cupping the back of her neck but his thumb would be in the front, gently caressing the soft hollow of her throat where the pulse is because the feel of it beating keeps him present. it reminds him the person he’s touching is alive and well and warm and he’s not drowning and the fact that her pulse is always hammering rapidly makes him smile into the kiss sometimes because she’s just as wrecked as he is 

 Steele ended up in a tight spot after her shrinking device broke down on a pirate vessel. It had only been a matter of time before the device broke down at the most inappropriate moment and the pirate she was trying to take into custody was more than happy to take advantage of it. Turning Officer Steele into an Officer Snack.

Luckily for her the anti acid pills she carried were more trustworthy than the prototype size changer. Though she didn’t have a watch her internal clock told her she had been in the constantly moving fleshy prison for about a day but thanks to the pills she looked none worse the wear. Though the physical beating and ever present heat from the shifting and pressing walls was tiring she was fine. The pirate was likely in more danger of starving than she was of digesting.

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Mcdonalds AU - yuuri sees victor and his heart mcflurries / victor looks at yuuri but its not a bro thing no no they're mcflirtin' / victor's heart used to be cold and empty but he met yuuri and now its a gold mcnugget

what the sexual tension in that McDonald’s would be like:

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beyond the the dark fields
of what has been hushed
bruised & blue

we rode,

a slow unfurling of

this is an old story ;

farness in the name of
blind hatred ,

the convoluted sacrifice,
and so on

and not far,
the song of oak, plum
and yew dot the

coming darkness with the
ancient flame

gorged with the memory
of stars,
of estrangement

turns demure in the rotting

she, veiled , often
full of self-inflicted anguish

what matters?

- the black hum of insects
bewinged  and wildering

there is no time for the present

red beat of betrayal
don’t forget

the torchlights are lit underground
it is hard to be taken

Ambrosia | 01 (M)

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Summary: You find an injured man outside your apartment one day, and in your haste to get him medical attention, you might have told the paramedics that he’s your fiancé. However, from this lie, grows something very real as he continues to stay with you. Except he isn’t exactly who he appears to be.

Word Count: 6.7k

Genre: Fallen Angel!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut

A/N: I have a lot of feels™ okay?

​Your mother always told you not to talk to strangers, let alone touch them, or God forbid, bring them into your home. This contrasted with your father, who would roll down the windows of the car so he could pass food to any homeless people he would pass on the street. That’s why he always kept so many snacks in the car.

Your father would be proud of you right now. Your mother? She wouldn’t disown you, she loves you too much. But she wouldn’t hesitate to call the police if she saw the dirty homeless man half asleep in front of your apartment building. You wouldn’t have gone that far, probably only ignoring them, maybe giving them some spare change if you had some on you. But this man is lying on the ground, face down, blood soaked through the back of his shirt, though it seems to have dried up by now. And maybe if there were other people around, you would have passed responsibility on to another bystander.

But as it happens, you’re alone tonight. Shit. You immediately pull out your phone punching in the numbers 911. “Hello? I have an emergency… Yeah, someone’s passed out, it looks like they were bleeding, but it’s stopped.”

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Before My Eyes (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None!

Words: 1,929

Warnings: None

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“I’m so excited I think I might pee.”

“You think you’re going to pee because you drank all that sweet tea in less than ten minutes.”

“But I’m so sweet because of all the sweetness in my sweet tea, don’t you see my sweetheart?” You threw your body back against the passenger seat of Bucky’s car. You had your legs pulled up to your chest as you turned to look over at Bucky with a silly smile covering your face.

“Are you sweet though, are you really?” Bucky teased, taking his eyes away from the highway for only a second to look at you with a smirk.

“I am too sweet! I’m the sweetest gal in this whole wide universe.” You crossed your arms around your legs and shivered. You didn’t know why Bucky always kept the car so cold, you were wearing track shorts and a band tee.

“The universe is a very large place, doll.” Bucky rested one hand on the steering wheel and moved his spare arm to rest of the armrest lazily.

“I know.” The grin could be heard through your tone of voice. You waited only a couple of seconds before chipping up again. “Thank you for the concert tickets, by the way. I don’t know how I’ll beat your birthday present now.”  

“You’ve wanted to see Ed Sheeran for a while now, at least now you’ll finally shut up about it.” You punched his arm lightly, knowing it wouldn’t hurt him either way. “I’m kidding, god you’re touchy.”

It was true, for the past few years all you’ve talked about is wanting to go see Ed Sheeran in concert. You had been to plenty of concerts before, but you had never seen him despite him being one of your top favorite artists. On your birthday Bucky surprised you with two tickets to his Divide Tour, and after the long wait you were finally going to his concert tonight.

“I love this song!” You got distracted from your previous conversation when Nancy Mulligan came on, you were playing your Spotify playlist dedicated to Ed on the way to the city the concert was being held at.

Bucky had barely opened the door to the hotel room before you were flying underneath his arm and skipping in the room at a fast speed. You dropped your suitcase by the bathroom door and instantly kicked off your shoes, leaving you in just your emoji socks.

By the time Bucky got fully into the room, with the door shut behind him, you were already standing on top of the queen sized bed like you owned the place. You had your hands on your hips as a silly grin plastered over your makeup free face. Bucky only grinned in return as he dropped his duffel next to yours, and mocked your stance.

“I’m so excited!” You jumped up and down on the bed several times. “I’m gonna breath the same air as him, can you believe it?! Ed’s my favorite person in the whole wide world, besides you of course, and honestly Ed Sheeran understands women more than women understand women.”

You kept rambling on and on, jumping on the bed like a young child with a grin covering your pretty features. Bucky watched in awe at how adorable you looked. Your hair was messy and your face was clear of makeup, although Bucky thought you looked like the most gorgeous girl with or without it. Your smile made his heart stop beating and your carefree actions made him fall even more in love with you.

Even though you weren’t his girl.

Bucky was your best friend, and he had been for a few years now. You were your complete and utter self around him. He had seen you at your worst and he had seen you at your best, yet loved you all the same. It’s like you didn’t even notice how much he loved you, nor did you notice every action you did made his breath get caught in his throat.

He had watched you fall in love, and he watched your heart break in half. He listened to your rants and never once complained. He went to family events that you honestly didn’t want to attend just to keep you company, he even pretended to be your boyfriend on several different occasions to get the judgmental sides of your family to shut up.

He once washed your hair when you were sick while you wore one of his shirts, he shaved your legs when you were too lazy and painted your nails when you were down. He knew to play with your hair at the end of a long day because it made you feel at ease, he knew you didn’t like milk in your cereal and hated food that looked remotely burnt.

He knew you were afraid of heights and the dark, so he reached for things up high and bought you a nightlight. He ran his fingers up and down your arm when you felt overwhelmed by anxiety to calm you down.

Everyone else saw that the best thing for you was standing right before your eyes, but you didn’t notice. You were too lost in your own little world to realize who you had with you all along.

Bucky snapped out of his daze when you hopped down from the bed and went straight for your suitcase, flipping it open and digging out everything you needed to get ready for the concert that was only in four hours.

“I’m going to get dolled up.” You called out over your shoulder before skipping excitedly towards the bathroom. He nodded in response, clearing his head to be back into reality.

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Your First Kiss With Up10tion



I know it’s not that great, but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! If you have any Up10tion requests please feel free to leave them in my ask box! :)


Jinhoo: You would know your first kiss with Jinhoo was coming, but that wouldn’t make it any less amazing. It would more than likely happen when he was dropping you off at your home after a fun date or a trip to the park. The two of you would be standing in front of your door, your hand gently linked through his as you thanked him for the amazing time you had spent together. That’s when he would make his move, his hand slowly leaving yours and gliding across your waist, his body gently pulling you toward him as he whispered, “Well, there’s definitely a way you could thank me.” before leaning in and molding his lips with yours.

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Kuhn: Your first kiss with Kuhn would be a huge surprise. You would have NO idea that it was coming. The two of you would be hanging out at the dorms and watching TV when you suddenly felt his eyes burning into your skin. When you turned around to ask him if something was wrong his face would be a mere two inches away from yours, his eyes never leaving yours as he stayed completely silent. As you began to question him once again, his pink lips would cut you off as they softly pressed against yours, any thought or sentence that you may have had completely fading into the air as you molded yourself against him.

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Kogyeol: Your first kiss with Kogyeol would be a complete accident. The two of you would be sitting next to each other on the couch, a magazine sprawled in your hand as you talked about the latest news and gossip. Your legs would be tangled together, the closeness of your friendship making skinship a completely unawkward thing. Then, a random bang would ring through the dorm, the noise jarring you and Kogyeol out of your conversation as you both whipped your heads upward in search of the perpetrator. That’s when it would happen, the soft touch of his lips rubbing against yours making your heart stop. You would pull away quickly, immediately apologizing as you untangled yourself from him and tried to make your way into a standing position. But he would stop you, gently pulling you back down onto the couch and giving you a small smile, slowly leaning toward you as he silently asked your permission to kiss you once again.

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Wei: Unlike with the rest of the guys, your first kiss with Wei would be initiated by you. The two of you would be in the middle of the dorm, your hands pushing against each other as you playfully wrestled on the ground. That’s when Wei would randomly loose his balance, his back coming into contact with the floor as you fell against his chest. That’s when, as you began to push yourself up, your eyes would meet his and you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself from getting lost in them. You would feel him lightly tap on your side as he questioned you on whether you were okay, and then without saying a word, you would lean in, your lips meeting his in a gentle kiss before he easily switched you places, your kisses becoming more rough and more passionate with each passing moment.

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Bitto: Your first kiss with Bitto would be after your birthday party, his kind personality making it impossible for him to leave you at your house alone to clean up the aftermath. After the two of you had finished cleaning the ungodly mess that the boys had managed to make, you would hug him and thank him profusely, continuously rambling about how you could never repay him as you walked him out of your house and onto the porch. He would laugh, his voice deep and sincere as he touched your shoulder to stop you from thanking him even further. You would look at him and smile, his eyes boring into yours as the hand on your shoulder caused goosebumps to cover your skin. That’s when he would strike, his eyes flashing to your lips hesitantly before quickly leaning forward, his lips meeting yours in a passionate kiss that definitely beat out every other present you had received that day.

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Wooshin: Your first kiss with Wooshin would most definitely be during some type of extremely pointless fight. The two of you would have been fighting for hours, your mouths spewing venom as the argument became more and more heated. Then after questioning whether or not Wooshin cared about you at all, you would feel a pair of hands grab your waist and slam you against the nearest wall. Then, with no warning whatsoever, Wooshin’s soft lips would roughly meet yours, his hands trapping you against the hard surface as your mind became foggy by his passionate and intoxicating presence.

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Sunyoul: Your first kiss with Sunyoul would be incredibly sweet. The two of you would have been doing something like cooking for the guys when all of a sudden you would accidentally flick a mixture of water and flour onto your face. After giving a super cute annoyed and surprised expression, Sunyoul would find you absolutely adorable and wouldn’t be able to hold himself back from laughing. Then, almost as if he gained a random surge of confidence, his hand would reach up and gently wipe the substance from your skin, his eyes meeting yours and he slowly began to lean in, his pink lips like velvet against your skin as he gave you the most soft and gentle kiss you could have ever imagined.

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Gyujin:  Your first kiss with Gyujin would be incredibly playful. You and him would be washing dishes after some sort of celebration dinner when all of a sudden you feel a heavy spurt of water splash against your clothes. As you turned toward Gyujin to scold him, you would see him smirking as he raised the sprayer from the sink once again, water making its way onto your skin as he lightly sprayed you in the face. After getting back at him by splashing him with the sink water, the two of you would end up in a complete water war, both of you having to hold onto one another as the floor became one giant puddle. Then, without much warning, you would feel one of Gyujin’s warm hands gently cup your face, his lips passionately meeting yours before he pulled away and laughed, the water coming into contact with your skin once again as you continued to spray each other.

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Hwanhee: Though you knew your first kiss with Hwanhee was coming, it would still be a complete surprise. The two of you would be standing in your kitchen, your conversation dipping into deep territory as you spilled your biggest secrets to one another. Then the two of you would drift into lighter conversation, the topic quickly changing to that of Wei getting his first kiss on reality television. You would become quiet at that point, the thought alone completely bizarre as you wondered if that would somehow happen to you. Hwanee would notice your silence and would immediately question you, the fear that he had said something that upset you seeping into his heart. You would reassure him that he’d done nothing wrong and that talking about Wei just got you thinking about the fact that you had never had your first kiss. That’s when he would smile at you, his body slowly making its way closer to yours as he whispered, “Would you like me to change that?”, his lips meeting yours in the softest kiss in the entire world the moment you nodded your head in approval.

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Xiao: Like with Kuhn, your first kiss with Xiao would be incredibly unexpected. You would be sitting in the guys’ dorm, a giant book in your hand as you continued to loose yourself in the fantasy world you had spent hours reading about. Then, all of a sudden, Xiao would show up, his fingers annoyingly poking into your sides as he asked you to do something with him for what seemed like the hundredth time. Deciding to ignore him in hopes that he would just give up and go away, you continued to read your book before you suddenly felt a presence right in front of you. Looking up you would see Xiao, a small smile on his face as he slowly leaned closer to you, your breath catching in your throat as his lips got closer than they ever had before.Then, with no warning whatsoever, his lips would passionately mold against yours, the book quickly slipping out of your hands and onto the floor as you pulled him closer to you.

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♡ for... your choice of characters from the Raven Cycle

I can’t see a prompt about sleeping without going Pynch. Although, technically, this is set a bit pre-Pynch, late Blue Lily, Lily Blue ish. Takes advantage of the insinuation that Ronan was a frequent visitor to Adam’s St. Agnes place.

Dealing with Ronan was less like dealing with another human and more like dealing with Cabeswater. His communication style was best described as forces of nature than any more easily understood language. He swept through a room like a storm and offered smiles as sharp as the sickle of a waning moon. As with Cabeswater, Adam felt like he was slowly getting better at interpreting.

Ronan’s arrival was generally heralded by the thump of bass in the St. Agnes parking lot, like a thunderstorm localized in one charcoal grey BMW. If it was followed by the pronounced screech of tires, it meant danger. Ronan was in a mood and looking to drag Adam into it. If, instead, a knock or “Hey, open up, asshole” followed the sound of boots on the stairway, it was generally a better portent. Tonight, it seemed, would be just such a night.

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