the beat brigade

Beat Breakerz Brigade are having our second large scale K-Pop concert on the 5th of May at Musiq’s free company house! 

Our stage this time around is larger than ever, so it’s okay to bring lots of friends since we have the room for it! This show will be based around songs that deal with heartache and loneliness, so it might not be the best show to bring a date or a special someone to see. If you’re someone who can relate to this kind of theme though, we welcome you with open arms for a night of lamenting together!

We’ll also be serving food & drinks of course, because what’s better for a broken heart than good music and something delicious?

As always, admission to the show is free of charge but we’re always welcome to donations that will help us put on even better concerts in the future! 

Friday, May 5th 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST

Goblet Ward 12, Plot 30

Even if you can’t attend, please reblog this around to show your support, we appreciate it greatly! Hope to see you there!

Meet the Bards: Beat Breakerz Brigade

3B, standing for Beat Breakerz Brigade, is an up and coming co-ed pop idol group that debuted only last month with their first ever showcase, consisting of  Kiki, Ziyo, Rahf, Mae, Lex, and Lili, and founded by their leader Waltz who had his own solo idol background behind him that was able to make this all possible thanks to the tireless support from his fanbase that cheered him on all the way. These seven members, each with their own stories to tell, all coming together with only two common goals. To bring the most epic performances that can be heard from around the world and to get everyone dancing once that beat drops! 3B, breaking the beat down as the music starts!

Find them at @waltzconcerto and at the Spring Fever Music Festival at the Cat’s Meow (Goblet 12/55) Sunday, March 5!

Fri. Jan 20th, 2017
Goblet - W4, P42, The Sultana’s Breath Subdivision

Come out for the debut of Eorzea’s much anticipated first ever co-ed K-Pop Idol group, 3B (Beat Breakerz Brigade) hosted by Crescent! Each member will be presenting their own solo acts to showcase their individual talents and personalities as well as a special group performance they’ve worked on over the past month! Learn a little more about each member below and let us know who your bias is in the comments! We hope to that you can make it and that you’ll show your support for us even if you can’t!

Reblogs will be helpful and much appreciated, hope to see you there!

A big thank you again to @crescent-ffxiv for letting us use the space!

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