the beast is awake now

Black Trailer

Black the beast descends from shadows…

                                                            - Jeff Williams


Of leaves within the forest of Forever Fall.

Above all, the sky’s pale blush watched,

Disheartened with its crying crescent eye,

Where I shared its sentiment.

I shared its sentiment. I

Recounted these falling leaves. Down the

Fallen maples surrounded the isle of stone I sat, these

Crimson drops poured into my memory, eyes shut –


Wondering how we descended from protests,

Requests to tread the same earth and that those unlike us

Stand by our aid against true darkness which

Pitted us at this matchup, into what you believe:


Punishment for bystanders

Overlooking our cries,

Refusing service in shops, and

Assuming us as beasts to tame.


You accept the beast, but my eyes awake –

I now stand on this train leaving you behind.


Your shadow wishes to retain the light left. So

While my ribbons cry, I find this

Black beauty the first step towards

My own liberation.

R W _ Y