the beast is awake now

Title: The Day She Saw The Black Cat  / Hogwarts!AU (Chapter 2)

Summary: When Marinette is being followed by a black cat, three days after coming back to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she doesn’t know yet that this cat will probably change her life forever.

Note: Thank you all for your positive feedback on the first chapter. I’m so happy you enjoyed reading :)

You can also read it here | Chapter 1

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anonymous asked:

rfa + saeran & v react to MC sleeping in the nude please?

I too sleep in the nood

Some words before we jump into it…

  • writing MC as a girl for this! If you want anything specific, I’ll (try to) cater!
  • I haven’t played Jaehee’s route yet, and when I tried writing her into this, I found it difficult (I’m so sorry baehee I still love you)
  • omitting V and Saeran for now. I will proabably do them in a separate post


  • it would be pretty late into the night
  • mc would already be in bed
  • yoosung is just coming back after slaying hella monsters
    • he’s tired af
    • ready to drop dead
    • can’t wait to snuggle up with warm mc because his feet are freezing
  • dirty clothes discarded
  • pj pants are on
  • he’s ready
  • sliding under the covers as normal 
  • arms snake around mc as he tries to pull her closer
  • stops dead when he feels skin on skin
  • smooth, soft, warm skin
  • with her curves in all their glory
  • watchout! Yoosung is hotter than his PC after a long night
    • face is red
    • RED
  • immediately throws the covers back
  • “MC! Why are you naked?!?!?!”
  • mc is in a panic
    • really disoriented
    • with yoosung’s shrieking, surely something is happening
      • monsters?
      • fire?
      • seven hacked into his computer again?
    • and goddamn it’s cold without the blankets
  • cranky mc tries her hardest to take the covers back
  • “there was a poll online about sleeping naked. just trying it out”
    • immediately disappears beneath the blankets again
  • yoosung is speechless
  • mc was just exposed
  • and was just so casual about it??
  • of course he’s turned on
  • poor boy
  • he’s just all red and flustered now and certainly no longer tired
  • it would be pervy if I tried anything, right? MC is just trying to be comfortable”
  • but heck he just can’t get over the fact that she’s lying next to him wearing nothing
  • he just keeps getting warmer and warmer the more he thinks about it
  • can’t bring himself to do anything
  • doesn’t get a wink of sleep that night


  • he was the one to bring it up actually
  • “mc I read that it’s more beneficial for your health if you sleep naked. Shall we test that out tonight?”
  • his smirk is unreal
  • you know that mc is blushing, even if just a tad
  • bed time rolls around
  • saeyoung disappears into the bathroom
  • when he returns, mc is already snuggled up in bed, scrolling away on her phone
  • as saeyoung slides in, his arm brushes up against her back
  • and there’s nothing there
  • he was still actually wearing clothes
    • he was just reasing her earlier!
    • guess mc doesn’t play around
  • surprised and slightly red, but he rolls with it
  • really naughty smirk
  • glides his palms up and down mc’s sides
  • molds to her back and squeezes tight
    • there was definitely some boob groping going on
  • his voice is low and husky in her ear
  • “you know, I made that up earlier about sleeping in the nude”
  • mc twists around so she’s facing him, a smirk of her own now settling on her face
  • “Oh I know”
  • she’s tugging his shirt up to reveal his stomach now
  • “but I still wanted to try it out”
  • rip saeyoung


  • he’s already in bed
  • just finished up his skin care routine and wants nothing more than to snuggle up with mc
    • he had a long day at work
    • someone messed his measurements up and his pants were too short
    • (of course that’s the only inconvenience that he had but if there’s somrthing that Zen hates, it’s clothes that don’t fit properly)
  • “Priinceeesssss! Your wonderful knight is waiting for yooouuu!”
  • he’s getting restless now
  • just wants to hold mc and tell her about his awful day gdi
  • mc returns from the bathroom, freshly showered and only sporting a towel
  • “you look wonderful babe, now hurry up and get in bed”
  • “wonderful, you say?”
  • mc may have been feeling a little bit frisky
  • let the towel drop
  • hopped into bed
  • “you seem to be impatient tonight” she says as she runs her hands through his hair
  • zen is silent
  • “babe, don’t you want to put some pajamas on? I mean unless you had something else in mind…?” 
  • the beast had been stirred when she walked out in a towel
  • but now it was fully unleashed and zen couldn’t help but wrap an arm around her waist and draw her closer
    • he had to admit that this was much better than what he wanted in the first place
  • “let’s try sleeping naked tonight”
  • mc has the most smug expression 
  • you thought the beast was awake before? now it’s alive and filled with fire as zen rips his sweatpants off
  • he’s on top of her now, already attacking the skin of her neck
  • “oh there won’t be any sleeping tonight, princess”


  • it was a stressful day in the office
  • meetings had to be pushed back
  • his favorite pen stopped working
  • and even though he came home and had a glass of wine, he was incredibly lonely because mc was already in bed
  • but his stress melted away as soon as he saw mc curled up in bed
    • the only thing that could improve this is Elizabeth the Third. Too bad she’s asleep on the chaise…”
  • made quick work of changing out of his suit
  • just wanted to bury his face into mc’s hair and forget about the day 
  • as he was climbing into bed, mc stirred a bit
  • jumin smiled and went to brush back the hair that had fallen in her face
  • lost his breath when mc shifted again and revealed her bare chest
  • he allowed a satisfied grinned at the sight
  • but didn’t move to do anything except continue to stroke her head
  • he noticed when mc’s eyes fluttered open
  • she smiled when she realized he was home and wormed closer to him, burying her head into his chest
  • “I’m glad you’re back”
  • jumin held her close and nodded, clearing his throat before speaking
  • “Yes, it was a long day. But might I ask why you’re not wearing anything?”
  • mc shifted further into his embrace
  • “Clothes can be so resticting in bed sometimes”
  • he nodded in agreement adn began stroking her waist
  • “That’s a good point, love. But now that you’re awake…”
  • he shifted back so that he could catch her lips in a heated kiss
  • “Why don’t you help me forget about my stressful day?”
  • mc certainly didn’t regret her decision to forego her bed attire
Black Trailer

Black the beast descends from shadows…

                                                            - Jeff Williams


Of leaves within the forest of Forever Fall.

Above all, the sky’s pale blush watched,

Disheartened with its crying crescent eye,

Where I shared its sentiment.

I shared its sentiment. I

Recounted these falling leaves. Down the

Fallen maples surrounded the isle of stone I sat, these

Crimson drops poured into my memory, eyes shut –


Wondering how we descended from protests,

Requests to tread the same earth and that those unlike us

Stand by our aid against true darkness which

Pitted us at this matchup, into what you believe:


Punishment for bystanders

Overlooking our cries,

Refusing service in shops, and

Assuming us as beasts to tame.


You accept the beast, but my eyes awake –

I now stand on this train leaving you behind.


Your shadow wishes to retain the light left. So

While my ribbons cry, I find this

Black beauty the first step towards

My own liberation.

R W _ Y