the beast awakens



Something has begun to whisper in the back of your head. Each day it grows louder. You feel the urge to tie an orange ribbon around your wrist. You check your snapchat frequently, waiting for updates. A copy of Con Air has appeared among the box of DVDs from the library. You dare not watch it. You open your backpack and discover a bottle of Faygo, unopened, at the bottom. You’re beginning to see those zodiac posts floating around again. The beast is awakening. Those shitty 3-D glasses are staring at you from the drawer you’d put them in. You stare back. Your heart is racing. The voice in the back of your head is loud enough to make out now. Something honks outside your window. The voice is not one, but dozens of voices, reawakened from their slumber. They whisper, and you feel sick. You can hear them, chanting over and over and over again: “4/13 is coming, 4/13 is coming”.

It’s tomorrow. You are terrified. Cal’s awful yaois are behind your eyelids when you blink. You begin to say it with them.

4/13 is coming. It’s tomorrow. Homestuck is awake. Brace yourselves.

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As we’ve already mentioned, the original Star Wars trilogy was a coded metaphor for George Lucas’ life – how a young idealistic man didn’t want to be dragged down by his father’s bad choices. So it’s fitting that in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams not only revisits the plot of the original Star Wars, but also its motivation. Only this time, the father is George Lucas, and his bad choices are the steaming piles of Bantha fodder that are the prequel trilogy. Right off the bat, the opening crawl lets us know that Luke (who remember, is Lucas’ fictional counterpart) is out of the picture. Like in real life, the guy who was a big deal decades ago isn’t a part of this movie.

So why have the heroes of the original Star Wars been banished to strange planets / luxury Californian estates? Both Luke and Lucas tried to follow up their successes with another project and screwed up royally. Lucas made three craptacular movies, while Luke started a new Jedi Order but ended up teaching a new Space Hitler how to murder people with laser swords. Hard to say which is worse.

6 Personal Secrets Filmmakers Hid In Famous Movies

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*Puts a crown on his head* Your majestic I wanna give you all the love in the world!! *bows infront of him* You may lock me up M-Master I love you..

W-wait lock you up?! M-master? Omg…

Hnnng!!!! You REALLY shouldn’t say things like that! 

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RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who touches them distractedly a lot, like not in a sexual way or a ticklish way, but just absentmindedly touching their skin as if it's physically comforting for the MC to know the one they love is right beneath their fingertips. If you've got too many, don't worry about it though. ^-^

I feel like some of this is very close to the fine line between ‘cute and soft’ and ‘cheesy and cringey’  so I guess I’ll leave it to you guys to decide which side of the line it’s on lol


  • he finds it oddly intimate
  • every time you do it his entire body heats up with a weird kind of mix between embarrassment and pride
  • she’s touching me she loves me
  • it really helps to calm his anxieties about not being good enough for you
  • he especially likes it when you do it in public, because it shows everyone that you belong to each other and that you’re not ashamed to be with him
  • it always sends tingles throughout his body and makes him shiver in the best way
  • he probably gets all sulky if you haven’t done it in a while, or didn’t do it for as long that time
  • he just really likes how it feels ok


  • he thinks it’s super adorable
  • it makes him grin like an idiot whenever he feels you doing it
  • he’ll often do it back in response because he loves the innocence of the whole thing
  • he’s sometimes worried it’ll awaken ‘the beast’ but honestly, it never usually does
  • it’s too soft and pure and he doesn’t want to corrupt that
  • the most it ever leads to is a soft kiss, because it makes his heart swell with love and sometimes he can’t resist it
  • it makes him feel so fuzzy


  • she’s really not used to affectionate physical contact, and so it surprises her at first
  • she might jump a little when she feels it the first few times because she isn’t expecting it
  • you instantly apologise and say it’s just a habit you have with people you care about
  • and she’s like… me?! you care about me?!
  • once she’s used to it, it soothes her a hell of a lot
  • if she’s ever stressed over something all she has to do is sit with you for a little while and feel your fingers dancing over her skin and it’ll calm her down
  • she kind of melts into it when it happens, because she’s never felt this loved in her entire life


  • every time he feels your fingers brushing against him, it makes his heart leap a little
  • he’s not used to this kind of loving touch
  • whenever women have flirted with him before, they touched him in an awkward, flirty way, but this is different
  • he didn’t realise that a simple touch could feel so good
  • you often don’t notice when you’re doing it, and he never points it out because he doesn’t want you to get embarrassed and stop
  • he’s never quite sure how to respond to it, because he doesn’t have much experience with this kind of thing
  • so he settles for just closing his eyes and allowing himself to let down his guard for little while


  • the first few times it happens he kind of tenses up and freezes
  • he’s not used to any kind of physical contact with people, and he doesn’t feel like he deserves your affection
  • you usually don’t notice his strange reaction, so you continue
  • after a few moments he relaxes into it, and every time it happens he gradually gets more and more comfortable
  • and he finds that he actually really loves it, because it shows that you genuinely do love him, which is always something he worries about
  • he worries he’s not good enough for you and that you’ll get sick of him, but this helps him forget that
  • it helps calm him down and focus on nothing but you for a few moments
  • it’s like you guys are the only people in the entire universe
  • and he ends up finding himself subconsciously picking up the habit too
  • he loves the physical contact and the constant reminder you’re here with him


  • at first it makes him jump every time you touch him
  • he’s kind of twitchy and definitely not used to gentle, physical contact
  • he knows you don’t do it on purpose, and honestly he’s not entirely sure how he feels about it at first
  • he tries to put up with it because he doesn’t want to make you feel bad about it, and he kind of wants to figure out how it makes him feel
  • eventually, after he manages to push past the initial anxiety, he realises it’s actually kind of… nice
  • your touch is never harsh or aggressive, and so this gives him a taste of the kind of human contact he isn’t used to
  • he never knows how to respond, and usually just sits there while you do it, totally hyperaware of every movement
  • it sends his brain into overdrive every time
  • he really doesn’t feel like he deserves any kind of love
  • and he’s always been scared of abandonment, but whenever you do it he questions how he could possibly ever be scared of you leaving


  • he’s big on touch too
  • and as it turns out, he has pretty much the same habit
  • whenever you’re near each other, you’re always touching in some way
  • maybe he’ll be stroking your thigh and you’ll be tracing patterns on his arm
  • he loves it because of how intimate it feels, and it also reassures him that you’re there and that you love him
  • it helps soothe him whenever he’s feeling down
  • and it helps him realise that there are different kinds of love in the world
  • strong and trusting love with Jumin, fast-paced and intense love with Rika, complicated and fragile love with Saeyoung, and then soft, gentle and pure love with you
  • neither of you really notice when it’s happening
  • it’s only once it’s stopped that you feel the absence of it
Beast - Kylo Ren (Version 2)

Here’s verison 2! I’m giving you a warning, this is very dramatic, there is some drinking, and it’s very long! I hope you like it! Message me with feedback! 

Originally posted by tfareylo

Kylo Ren was infamous throughout out the galaxy, known as the poster boy for The first Order. He was cruel, unwavering in the fight against the Resistance; but you got a view of him that no one else did, even from your prison cell. You could remember the pictures of a smmiling little boy that General Leia had showed you. How could any love the beast he had turned into? Either way, she had entrusted you with her secret and now you could use it against her long-lost son. While you were on a scouting mission, your ship was jumped by a First Order Star Cruiser. The memories of Stormtroopers flooding the halls of your ship were still racing through your mind when the door to your cell opened one day. In the doorway stood the dark figure of Kylo Ren. You felt your knees threaten to buckle under the fear, but you thought of the cause and from that to your family. You had joined the Resistance to protect them and the possibility of being captured was part of the deal.

“You are strong,” echoed the robotic voice, “but not as nearly as strong as me.” You held your ground, standing before the hooded creature. You didn’t reply to his pointless statement, you knew who he truly was and that was your greatest strength. “Too scared to answer me, well, I do wish that changes during our interrogation.” The heavy metal door shut behind him and as if on queue, the chair in your room shot out behind you. A force pushed you down into the chair and you realized this was by his doing.

“Now,” he started, “tell me what your gang of killers was looking for.” Your nose twitched at his order. Your crew had been looking for any sign of First Order inhabited sections of galaxy when you were attacked; when members of your squad were murdered by the enemies.

“We’re the killers?” You hissed, catching the masked creature off guard. “We are not the killers here, the Resistance are the saviors. We will bring peace to the galaxy, the very peace you stole away.” Kylo Ren cocked his head to the side, as if examining you.

“You’re Y/N L/N, according to the files we found on your ship.” You tensed at the sound of your name, flashing back to the sounds of your comrades screaming for help as they were shot down by Stormtroopers. You gazed down at the floor, trying to block out the haunting memory. “A pilot, a very skilled pilot at that.” You continued to stare at the bland grey flooring, ignoring the monster that stood above you. “But that’s not why we spared you out of all the rest,” this peaked your interest. You gazed up at the masked figure, as if telling him to continue; and as if under your spell, he did. “I spared you because of what you know.”

“So what are you going to do,” you asked with a cocky tone “hold me captive forever?” Kylo Ren remained quiet, as if calculating your suggestion. “One just doesn’t forget their enemies real name,” you paused, “Ben Solo.” The creature lunged forward at the utterance of his real true name, but no harm was inflicted upon you. You locked your gaze with the eyes of the mask, staring but seeing nothing that lead you to believe that, whatever was hidden within was in fact human. Only prior knowledge confirmed the doubts that swirled in your mind. This was in fact him, the small boy you had seen; but now he was grown and a well-known murderer of the innocent.  He pulled away from you, his dark cloaks flowing as he moved.

“No, you fate is far worse than this prison cell,” he muttered, turning his back to you. He stepped forward and the door to the cell opened. “I hope you sleep well, Y/N.” With that final statement, he walked out of the small room. When his darkness disappeared behind the metal door, the force holding you against the chair lifted and you were able to move once more. That was until, the door opened again and a Stormtrooper hit you with a stun blast.

When you awoke, you found yourself covered by a heavy blanket. You sat up in the soft, large bed and looked around the large room. Dark curtains hung against the window, they were open and showing off the forest landscape outside. You crawled out from under the blanket to look outside the window. The forest outside resembled that of Endor, but the grassland to the left was unfamiliar to you. You looked down at yourself, taking in the dark clothes that adorned your body; clothes that weren’t your own. You turned around, taking in the rest of the room. A dark red, almost maroon wallpaper matched the rest of the gothic theme. A dark wood vanity, without a mirror, rest against the far right wall, nearest to the door. An open door at that.

You crept towards the door, peeking your head outside of it. Down the hall, you noticed more doors and a painting of the what you assumed was the grassland outside. You walked quietly towards the painting, admiring the piece of art. You heard footsteps fall from behind you but you waited until they grew closer to spin around. You extended an arm as you spun around, but the man behind you caught it before it could hit the side of his head.

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RFA+Saeran+V Reacting to MC cosplaying as them

If you want to see something specific, feel free to send a request!


  • You wear black pants, a nice black sweater, and of course a white cardigan that resembles his famous white coat
  • You meet up with him, expecting him to react right away
  • For someone who is supposedly into himself, he actually doesn’t even notice.
  • He’s literally wearing the same outfit
  • You take a bunch of selfies (just like he does) and post them on the chat
  • You recite some of his lines throughout the day
  • He finally grabs your shoulders and says “Are you okay? What’s going on? Why are you acting like this?”
  • You smirk “Whoa now. Careful, or you’ll awaken the BEAST™”
  • He stares for a long second before cracking up laughing
  • He’s so happy you dressed like him
  • His turn to take a bunch of selfies with you


  • You dress in a striped shirt and a classic blue hoodie
  • You even have his signature hairpin
  • You put on a video game headset
  • When you see him, you yell into the (unplugged) speakers some of his usual phrases while playing LOLOL
  • He notices right away cutie
  • He’s so happy
  • You can be that kind of couple that has matching outfits
  • His dream come true!
  • After this, he also buys you guys matching LOLOL shirts


  • You show up in her business suit, skirt, glasses and all
  • Instead of a clipboard, you have a framed photo of Zen under your arm
  • She knows you by now
  • She knows exactly what you’re doing
  • She doesn’t humor you at all
  • Although, there is a picture of you that appears in the chatroom later


  • Okay, so you couldn’t be as subtle with him
  • You show up in a three-piece business suit and a stuffed animal cat resembling Elizabeth the 3rd
  • As expected, he doesn’t react
  • Instead, he walks up to you and fixes your tie like you usually do for him
  • He pets the stuffed animal
  • “Oh, my beautiful princess also has a twin.”
  • He kisses the top of its head
  • He leaves mentioning he’s making you pancakes
  • He says, “Jumin loves his pancakes fluffy, so I’ll make it that way.”
  • You’re more confused than he is
  • You don’t see him laughing in the kitchen


  • You have the red shirt, the head phones, the cross necklaces, the hoodie, and of course the glasses
  • You show up at his door with an Arabic dictionary and Honey Buddha Chips in your hands
  • He opens the door, looks you up and down, and sighs
  • “Finally a chance to love myself.”
  • You throw the bag of chips at him


  • With Seven’s help, you raid his closet
  • You find his classic, argyle sweater and tanktop combination
  • He does a double take at first
  • “Is that mine?” 
  • You laugh and explain
  • “Take it off.”
  • You weren’t expecting that
  • He forces you to change because he wanted to wear that sweater today
  • Gives you one of his other sweaters though


  • You dress up with a nice blazer and a camera around your neck
  • When you see him for coffee, he’s acting suspiciously normal
  • He’s chatting away in a normal conversation like nothing is wrong
  • It’s not until you decide to add sunglasses to your little costume do you realize your mistake
  • *Stares into the camera like the office*
  • He smiles at you “You went quiet. What’s wrong?”
  • “I think I’m gonna change before dinner…”