the bearded darren

Hard to be CC shipper

I am known to see both sides of an issue, passionate or not. I do not have a hard time being a shipper. Before I knew about CC shippers too many people I know said they did not ship miarren. She is narcissistic and tries to take away from Darren. Darren shippers. But wanting him to be happy you smile keep your mouth shut. Even though at times he seems misserable. Then you hear Darren sing songs that are connected to Chris and you really start questioning. Then you hear beard…ding, ding,ding. It is not hard to ship happiness. If this CC is not real heaven help Darren, literally. He has to enjoy being unhappy, by his face. One in particular made me very sad. At “opt smile” M holding babe Darren in pic…not happy. Wanted to cry.


I absolutely understand that to actually believe in CC, you have to be strong.  You have to see through the BS.  And you have to look at everything,  But I can tell you, I believe with every fiber of my being. And I know enough. And have observed enough. And read all of Chris’ books. And pay attention to the songs Darren writes. And the ones he talks about.   that there is no doubt as to what the truth is. 

And I Could not agree more, there is nothing wrong with shipping happiness. I have said so many times, even if I am wrong, the only thing i want is for both men to be happy and healthy. And with Darren specifically, his public relationship is toxic and emotionally abusive. He deserves better than that.  It is why I cannot wait for her to exit his life for good.  Because even though its not a truly an intimate or romantic relationship. It is a working relationship,. And he is forced to interact with her often and frequently. And I think it is extremely detrimental to his emotional well-being.

And it constantly amazes me that people ship Darren and Von Beard. Because it is rare that we get a convincing photo.  Generally we get pics where she does all the work (notice in 98% of them he is either not touching her or or doing the minimum possible including the all too numerous kiss pics). She is always the one sticking her claws in his neck. Or with her hand pressed on his chest. Always her. And he looks so damn miserable in ever one.  Or we get the forced “happiness” like in her snaps yesterday.  Where the real Darren is gone and the character he has created, straight asshole Darren, appears.

I strongly believe that Darren has survived this nightmare and is still standing strong because of the love and support he receives from his real, private partner. 

Dear Team Beard,

Second day in a row I am writing you a note. PLEASE STOP!  You are making the situation that is already embarrassing enough into a complete joke and a mockery of Darren and his career.  

We called it weeks ago that you would try to sell Zoe as Ben’s girlfriend and by her post today, I think that is confirmed. 

Granted this is a better sell than Alli who had a girlfriend when you tried to spin that tale.  

Please start giving your audience a little credit. Even the die hard miarrens at this point are seeing through the lies. You can’t ignore Ben for 2 years and suddenly try to re-invent history and create a story that is completely contrary to the facts that have been provided by Ben and M themselves, so that you can create a story that fits into to the PR narrative.  The man has been living with Von Beard for 2 years.  I know you think you can change the facts, you have tried many times when creating your PR story. But these particular facts are all over his social media, hers and the social media of her friends.  

Please set Darren free.  He is so much more appealing when allowed to be himself.  The man is making a career playing LGBT+ roles.  Please allow him the freedom to do this in a truthful and genuine manner.

The only thing at this point you are accomplishing is making a complete fool of a man who has worked too hard and is to talented for your incompetency.

Thank you.