the bead muse


i fill my emptiness with music
clean house
string a few beads
my muse has long been sleeping
it makes me feel sad
it makes me feel restless

i stretch my arms out wide
pretend to have wings

there is a mockingbird
who sings here every night
such a lovely way to measure time

i hear an invitation…

come, be in this darkness with me
there is beauty to be found
inside your loneliness

Azuki Lynn


I have a Penny Muse.

She was Steve and Bucky’s neighbor back in the day, always thought the fellas were sweet on each other and ended up being a USO SHOW GIRL because she always wanted to get into showbusiness.  Plus, hey, she’s already got the name for it - Penelope - so she’s gonna see her name up in lights, like The Perils of Penelope.  

So she’s shocked as all hell that this “Captain America” character is Bitty Baby Stevie Rogers, who’s suddenly grown a foot taller and gained about two hundred pounds.

There’s a wounded Penny! from Steve at this, because, hey, he was a hundred and ten before the…. top secret thing that happened to him that changed him so drastically.

And Penny stares him down and says, “Stevie, you know that Bucky’s gonna kill you for this, right?  I mean, he’s gonna be happy that you’re healthy and everything but - ”

“Yeah,” Steve is miserable.

“And then, after he gets over himself, he’s going to climb you like a tree and kiss you stupid.”


“Aw, you two have been sweet on each other since forever. That’s his Ma’s ring you’re wearing on your dogtags - did he propose to you properly or what?”

Steve blushes any redder, he’s gonna explode.

Um. There’s also a few more people who may be USO show girls as well…. I am terrified to realize that I am seriously Not. Sorry. 

thunderboltsortofapenny - WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO