the beach is my home

The Signs as Songs from Wiped Out! by the Neighbourhood
  • Aries: Prey
  • Taurus: Baby Came Home 2
  • Gemini: A Moment of Silence
  • Cancer: Cry Baby
  • Leo: Ferrari
  • Virgo: Daddy Issues
  • Libra: Greetings from Califournia
  • Scorpio: Wiped Out!
  • Sagittarius: The Beach
  • Capricorn: R.I.P. To My Youth
  • Aquarius: Valentines
  • Pisces: Single
Do The Signs Even Like Summer? 🌤


No wtf it’s too hot so its just me getting burned all the time, it’s fun for like a week then you get bored, and I’m definetly NOT beach bod ready:
Taurus ᯽
Pisces ☾
Capricorn ᯽
Virgo ᯽

Yeah I enjoy it, I mean no school right? Gives you an opportunity to have fun and not worry but you know sometimes it’s nice to see all your friends at school:
Aries ☼
Aquarius ➶
Libra ➶
Gemini ➶

I THRIVE on summer, tanning is my strange obsession, the beach is my home, I do whatever I want and just don’t care. Also don’t have to run into any snakes at school:
Leo ☼
Sagittarius ☼
Scorpio ☾
Cancer ☾