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I know Sherlock is a totally hyper-real universe where stuff like this happens and people get over it but if I were John I never would have forgiven Sherlock for his fake suicide. Plus, I really hate what Sherlock did in the train car scene in TEH. I don’t know that John ever really did forgive him. So that complicates the whole matter.

Please don’t forget that, no matter how much we empathise with how John has to have felt, Sherlock DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE about said faked suicide. He was blackmailed into it, and part of everything else he was forced to undergo in order to save John’s life for the next two years, was that he had to keep John in the dark about it. He sure as hell could have explained that better when he came back, but that doesn’t change the fact that it wasn’t his choice. I still have a need to hear John thank Sherlock for everything he went through in saving his life that way! I agree, it complicates the matter that the writers never saw fit to give John the explanation that he deserved to hear, nor Sherlock the proper moment to tell the full story. Sigh. 

  • Me,three days ago: honestly I don't give a single fuck who the doctor is this time around, I haven't watched doctor who in three goddam years and would die before I speaking to a wholocksuper of whatever the fuck it's called.
  • BBC: its Jodie Whittaker. It's a woman.
  • Me, tattooing the t.a.r.d.i.s on my own ass: I never doubted we would be able to turn the page. Old sins are forgiven. Steven moffat who?? Dont know him. I'v always loved this show.

*deep breath*

Remember when Moffat added that lady with a surprisingly helpful skillset that seemed almost too perfect until it was revealed that her never talked about past included her being a psychopath and a trained kill who, shortly after having her secret revealed, went on to non-fatally shoot the main character and view herself as profoundly irredeemable until she was forgiven by an infinitely patient and loving Doctor who learned her story right around the time he married her?

Remember that character?

She was my favorite.

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So why do you ship Warstan? This wonderful ship that's been canon for over 100 years. :-) (I ship it too and if you ship ACD Warstan tell me why too,please.)

Oh lordy, why do I ship them? I love their dynamic, the way the two characters interact, and not just on BBC Sherlock - I love how John and Mary meet in the original story, I love how feisty Mary is in the RDJ movies, I love how understanding BBC Mary is of John’s relationship with Sherlock - even though some people have professed that she was  “too much of a Mary Sue” until her assassin background was revealed, I’ve NEVER felt that way. I loved that she and Sherlock get each other, in a very BROTP sort of way. And I love how she is very clearly the woman who helped John get his life back together after Reichenbach. Shooting Sherlock? Bad decision. Being forgiven by Sherlock? Absolutely in character for him because HE GETS HER. John taking forever to forgive her? Also absolutely in character. But that “Is Mary Watson good enough for you?” scene in HLV? If I didn’t ship them before, that would have done it for me.