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Since you were very helpful about Ghost Trick, what's Sarah and Duck?

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YAY for people to ask me to explain stuff I love!!!

Ok ok, so, Sarah&Duck is an animated cartoon show for preschool children commissioned and distributed by the BBC.  It’s made in London, UK by Karrot Entertainment and animated in CelAction (the same program used to make Peppa Pig)

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The show stars the titular Sarah, a little girl with big eyes and a green hat, and her constant companion and best friend Duck.  Sarah is shy, curious and determined always up to try something new or find a solution to a problem.  Duck is…well…a duck.  He’s flappy and quacky but also has the mindset of a little boy who loves trains, dinosaurs and being loud.  

Between them they explore their home, coming across various characters in their neighbourhood including Scarf Lady and her talking Bag, the Ribbon Sisters who live next door, the Moon who they often catch on his way to work, the Cloud Captain who lives in the park, and four chatty Shallots who live in their garden.

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All the while Sarah & Duck are guided by the omnipresent Narrator (voiced by the amazing Roger Allam) who looks out for them and gives them advice.

The show is (to me) more like an animated storybook.  S&D’s adventures are small and local, but also surreal and dream like from time to time.  A perfect show to watch with kids before bedtime.  Their adventures include helping a hydrophobic umbrella, visiting a hotel made for ducks, riding a bobsled with Scarf Lady or going underwater in a sea-bus to meet manatees.

This show is unique as it’s quiet and quirky, much like Sarah, but imaginative and off the wall making it different to shows with a similar premise.  Plus is fun for adults as there’s lots of little design details and goodies hidden about the show thanks to the amazing art team.  The show LOOKS so lush :D

But at the end of the day I’m hardcore biased and you should probably check out the show yourself.  It’s available on iPlayer in the UK, and Netflix as well as being shown on the Sprout Network in the US ;D