the bay blanket

Northwest blanket gun

Manufactured for the North-Western fur trade beyond the Hudson Bay, sawn off and engraved by Tlingit natives c.late 18th century.
.69 caliber smoothbore barrel, flintlock single shot musket.

Northwest type guns were a specific model used to trade with American natives during the 18th and early 19th century, which were characterized by a brass serpent plate on the left side of the lock and an enlarged triggerguard to allow shooting with either thick gloves or two fingers.

A Northwest gun’s distinctive brass plate, signed Pritchett c.1829.

These were suited for war and hunting and were greatly appreciated by native tribes, who lacked the infrastructure to produce them but well understood their superiority to more ‘traditional’ weapons.

Two full-length Northwest guns.

Mary and Joseph’s kids

I want to adopt the Christiansen children and marry Mary. I will become the better father that the creepy children deserve and need to become good. Mary’s not the best mom, but she deserves better than Joseph. Joseph can continue to live on the yacht for all of eternity, I honestly don’t care much for his route.

I have so many imagines for the children…

Imagine trying to get Chris to open up and smile a little, so you introduce him to an old version of Animal Crossing Amanda used to play. You hand him the old DS, instruct him on how the game works, and tell him to be a good mayor. He gets completely hooked within playing for 20 minutes, and learns that he can manipulate the time in the game by fixing the time on the DS. Mary is both happy and distressed cause the kid won’t put the damn thing down at the dinner table. He will cry legitimate tears when the DS battery eventually dies and Mary has to run over to your house to get the charger from you.
That Halloween, you and Mary work together to make Chris an Animal Crossing costume that looks like his avatar but with a top hat and sash that says, Mayor. He refuses to take it off for a whole week and even goes to sleep in it. He only takes the dirty costume off after you promise him a K. K. Slider plushie that you have to pull out of the attic storage.
You slowly introduce him to newer versions of the game, and he learns how to browse forums and hack the game thanks to Carmensita. Once he tires of the game, he rifles through other DS games Amanda has left behind and got his hands on Professor Layton. The top hat is back on his head for at least another 2 weeks.

Christie loves the idea of playing with makeup, but Chris and Christian have no interest in it what so ever, Mary isn’t always available, and Joseph can’t even figure out how to open a container of foundation for the life of him. She finds surprising companionship in Lucien after you find her alone in the Christiansen yard and ask a passing Lucien to paint her nails for her after she tells you of her troubles. After having black nail polish painted onto her fingernails (much to Joseph’s distress), she’s completely entranced and makes regular visits to the Bloodmarch manor on weekends for makeovers with Lucien and Damien. Lucien enjoys the practice partner and mostly does nail art on Christie. (He finds that she’s surprisingly good at sitting still for long periods of time.)
Her favorite nail art so far is the gradient of orange-pink-purple Lucien did after she told him her favorite color is the sky during a sunset. The picture of Christie’s toothy smile and colorful nails is Mary’s phone background for a whole year. The day she got the picture, Robert got to hear the whole story enough times to be able to retell it perfectly and Mary almost kills her phone battery cause she had her phone open the whole night staring and cooing at the picture.
The day you let the neighborhood girls play makeup with you, you spot Christie staring from behind the yard fence and invite her to join in. You sit on the lawn chair in your backyard as the girls paint your nails and play with your hair. It ends with you needing to take a long shower to get all the hair gel out, a painful experience of removing rubber bands and clips from your hair, and 30 minutes of sitting and removing nail polish from everywhere that’s not your nail. The makeshift gradient Christie does on your right foot is her pride and joy, along with being the cleanest of all the paint jobs and actually being on your nail. Lucien refuses to admit how happy the picture you send Damien of your toenail art makes him feel.

Christian is a wild child with an even wilder imagination, so wild it sometimes gives him nightmares. It doesn’t help that the church Joseph works at has some creepy, if not frightening statues lingering here and there of forgotten saints. In the day time, he can pretend that they’re monsters he has to fight or old ruins of a lost city, but at night they can be pretty haunting.
You walk Mary home one night after a fun night at the bar, and she immediately falls asleep on the couch. You go around the house to check in on the kids and find that Christian is still awake, puffy eyed and sniffling up a storm. You rush to his side and ask him what’s wrong. He tells you a vivid dream he had about the church statues with shark teeth chasing him down dark stone corridors on all fours. You pick him up and hold him in your arms, rocking him back and forth to sooth him, and eventually begin to sing a quiet song (I would sing him Hang on Little Tomato by Pink Martini, it’s a good lullaby song). He falls asleep in your arms but won’t let go of your shirt, so you cram yourself onto his bed and sleep in a position that will surely have you sore in the morning. Mary gets a wonderful picture of you sleeping on your side with your back pushed up against the wall, dinosaur pillow protecting your head from the hard corner of the bed frame, on top of a Disney princess blanket that’s been haphazardly pulled over the sleeping child cradled in your arms. 
Christian becomes very attached to you after the incident and will ask you to play make believe with him. You’re either the dashing knight come to save him from Octo the baby blue Kraken, or the gentle hearted dragon who flys him through the living room. Playdates end with him tired and sleeping on the couch tucked in a Maple Bay blanket.
You give him your phone number so he can call you if he ever needs you for a nightmare after you find him sleep deprived one morning. The calls are luckily not very frequent.

You have still never seen Crish, but that’s okay. The small baby is mysterious but lovely none the less. He leaves gifts for you by his crib, mostly flowers from the garden, and generally stays out of trouble. The few times he does cause a problem, you find that standing and speaking loudly into an empty kitchen gets the message across. Robert is completely convinced that the child is a cryptid, and you can’t find proof that he’s wrong. Crish occasionally acts more like a brownie fairy than an infant, and the fact that you leave lukewarm bottles of milk by his crib for him doesn’t help disprove the accusation. 

a non-exhaustive list of incredibly niche canadian jack headcanons

i pulled some of these from my past posts and compiled them into this semi-master list of things our local moose boy has definitely done

  • smh has never seen jack more animated than when “she ain’t pretty” by the northern pikes comes on
    • its on ransoms kegster playlist for this reason
  • ransoms mom sends jack swiss chalet sauce packets because he’d never been to swiss chalet and ransom was Shook when he found out
  • he superstitiously carries an old $5 bill with him all the time bc it has a passage from roch carrier’s the hockey sweater on it

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Two Bosses Ch 1: You Can Do This

Hello! It’s me! So I’m going on vacation with my family and won’t be back until the 12th of August so I won’t be doing any writing during that time. So to hold you over I will be posting the first EXO story I every wrote! If you follow me on AFF you maybe read it. Well after a year of it being on hiatus I finished it! So I’ll be posting a chapter of that every day until I get home and write some more! Hope you don’t miss me too much!

Jimin(OC)xSehun&Kai (Xiumin is her best friend/fuck buddy)

Summary: Jimin has been working hard to get a good secretary job. With luck, she was able to get an amazing position as the secretary for two CEOs who own a massive company. The job is great, the pay is good, and the people are nice, the only problem happens to be her bosses who can’t seem to keep their hands off her.  

I snuggle deeper into his chest as the arms wrapped around me pull me closer, as if it is even possible. Our bodies fit perfectly together. The warmth between us keeps the cold air in the room at bay. He pulls the blanket higher so it’s over our heads, blocking out the raising sun. I can’t help but regret not closing the curtains last night. The screeching of my alarm makes us both groan. I try to push away from the man holding me in a death grip to turn it off but fail.

“Oppaaaaa!” I whine as he only holds me tighter.

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Weydor Daz

Wishes And Dreams x Little Shady Lady

Oldenburg x Appaloosa, Stallion


Born 1998

BS #8 - Breastfeeding

Calum: You were very comfortable breastfeeding your baby. It was a bonding moment for the two of you. At home, you didn’t cover yourself up. It was just Calum in the house with you and he had no problem with it. “Is she eating?” he asked when he saw Liliana latched on at your chest. “Yeah, she’s quiet hungry today,” you chuckled quietly, glancing down at her. “Good,” he smiled softly, biting his lip. “Growing girl needs all the milk she can get to grow big and healthy.”

Ashton: You had tried feeding them both at once, and while it had technically worked, it was too uncomfortable for you. So now, your little routine was while you fed one baby, Ashton would keep the other one occupied. “You’ll get your turn Ali, just let your brother finish up,” your husband cooed, rocking the fussy little girl. You looked over at them, smiling tiredly. Joseph finally finished up so you passed him to Ashton and took Ali, who relaxed almost as soon as she was at your chest.

Luke: There was something about sitting in the dimly lit nursery, holding Jess to your breast in the middle of the night. Everything was so quiet and peaceful in the moment as your daughter fed and your husband slept in the next room. It was soothing to have time like this with your baby. When Jessica finished, you lifted her carefully onto your shoulder so she could burp. On nights like this, you would usually end up asleep in the rocking chair with your bay girl.

Michael: Draping the blanket over your shoulder, you made sure that Grace was latched on properly before laying the thin blanket over her. Michael came into the kitchen and smiled at the two of you, pulling a water bottle out of the fridge. “Like father, like daughter right?” he chuckled, pulling the chair out beside you. You shook your head, smiling softly and looking down at her as she ate happily. “It’s my one moment of quiet now that both of you are occupied,” you teased, scrunching up your face.

Rosalie Favell | I awoke to find my spirit had returned. 1999

From the series Plain(s) Warrior Artist, Favell is seen here working with Louis Riel’s last words “My people will sleep for one hundred years and when they awake it will be the artist that gives them their spirit back…”

Early forms of photoshop are used in this image, as Favell edits herself front and centre of the famous scene of The Wizard of Oz.  Favell places herself in the role of the heroine of the film and while taking up the viewpoint enforcing acknowledgement of her Metis heritage in doing so. Favell lies in bed covered in a Hudson Bay Blanket while Louis Riel seems to check in on her.

The assertion of Favell’s Metis imagery into such a well-known piece of White Settler ‘culture’ be interpreted as a form of resistance via occupation. This assertion of Metis identity is powerful with the addition of the Hudson Bay blanket, thinking about what that blanket and pattern can mean for many Indigenous people and specifically the Metis connection to the Fur trade and the HBC.  Louis Riel too adds this persistence of resistance as from all angles contemporary and historical Metis identity is being inserted into the scene. Keeping Favell’s own image in colour brings forth her own identity as present and rejects the notion of Indigenous people/culture being in the past. 

Favell inserts herself and her heritage onto the predominant oppressive culture and in doing so brings her own identity into the foreground in an act of resistance to White Settler culture and oppression.


Written for @promptisfanweek under the prompt “Ten Years Later” (even this is technically eleven) 

Rated T- super bittersweet 

The sky was just shifting from light purple to pink with the coming rays of sun as Prompto sat on the rocky jetty just south of Galdin Quay. Off in the distance was the craggy island Noctis woke up at after a decade of meditative slumber. The calm waters of the quay sloshing against his bare feet as Prompto waited patiently.

The past year after the last battle in Insomnia had been rough. Not as rough as the ten years of darkness, but still rough none the less. During the world of ruin there was still the glimmer of hope that someday, someday, Noctis would be back. Now, however, despite the warmth from the early morning light, Prompto felt hollow. Cold.

Noctis was gone. Truly gone. He wouldn’t be coming back this time.

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