the bavarian's restaurant


“Bavarian restaurant” - Monty Python

In case anyone wonders: Yes, this is very accurate.
We Bavarians are friendly people

The Most Magical Place-part 4

Summary: Lucas and Riley spend a fun-filled magical week together when he and Ava accompany the Matthews on a trip to Walt Disney World.

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One more chapter to go after this, I think. Hope you enjoy!

Part 4

There was only one attraction left in Fantasyland that they hadn’t ridden, and that was where they’d headed after they left the movie. Passing by gift shops on one side and a Bavarian style restaurant on the other- the calliope from the carousel serenading them with the Mickey Mouse song along the way- they stopped outside the colorful turreted structure that housed the popular boat ride.

“Ah, no,” Lucas gave a mild groan of protest when saw what it was. “Do we really have to go on this one again? I just got that song out of my head from the last time we rode it. And it’s been an entire week!”

Riley laughed silently. “Maybe you and I could go do something else while they ride this,” she suggested with a soothing stroke of his chest.

“No deal,” Cory said stridently, nixing that plan. “If the rest of us have to suffer through it so do you,” he declared. “We’re a team.”

“Well then, maybe none of the team should do it,” Lucas proposed. “I’m telling you, that song is like voodoo or something. We should really protect the kids.” He nodded his head, as if convinced he was right.

“Stop,” Riley laughingly chided him with a swat.

At the same time, Ava proclaimed in argument, "I like the song!” As if to prove it, she started to sing. “IIIt’s a small world aaaf-ter all, iiit’s a small world…”

“Aaand there we go,” Topanga said dryly as the little girl kept singing the repetitive song.

“Just suck it up, dude,” Auggie told Lucas. “My woman wants to see the dolls. And if my woman ain’t happy…”

“Ain’t nobody happy,” the rest of them chimed ironically.

Amidst several chuckles, Ava cut off her song mid-note to smile at her young companion sweetly. Batting her eyes, she crooned, “You know me so well, Auggie-dog.”

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Time for delicacies.

In November 2015, the Mandarin Oriental, Munich introduced the award-winning cuisine of chef Nobuyuki (Nobu) Matsuhisa to the Bavarian capital. The new restaurant follows the successful format of the chef’s original Matsuhisa Beverly Hills and his five other exclusive spots around the world. In his spare time, Nobu can be found behind the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT S.


[Combined fuel consumption: 9.6-9.4 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions: 224-219 g/km |]


i just had a fairly bizarre experience. my aunt and i went to go get pastries at this bavarian restaurant/bakery for my grandpa’s b day. the store looks like it hasnt been patronized by other human beings since 1979. some things i saw:

  • completely empty restaurant despite being 5:30 pm. 0 patrons. checkered plastic tableclothes and plastic vines adorned the walls. the restaurant side is extremely badly lit.
  • entire place had a foul smell not unlike the smell of every grandma ever pushed together into close proximity. i think i accidentally discovered the source of this; more on that next
  • left image: an extremely odd, eclectic sort of thrift/gift shop which sold chocolates you can purchase at literally any store in america (lindt, toblerone), several dozen cheaply made wicker baskets, porcelain religious paraphernalia, several bottles of alcohol that had labels that looked suspiciously similar to the bottles in my parents house that lived through the cold war, an enormous bucket full of 1 dollar greeting cards that looked like they were from 1958 and, the thing that finally drove me out of the aisles, two large jars of rank mushrooms suspended in some kind of oil. made my stomach turn and when i went outside i was grateful for the smoke filled air and sweet scent of a nearby apartment fire
  • middle image: most of the shelves were empty. the top two shelves of the counter had pastries spread out very thin to give the illusion of being well stocked. the bottom shelf is empty except for some scattered pretzels (3), some large loaves of bread that looked like that had been shotput into the case if their haphazard arrangement was any indication, and store bought cookies still in the box
  • 2 dollars for a cookie the size of a half dollar
  • right image: i have no idea what the fuck this is. theyre the only things in the entire case

well, thats my adventure