the battle of the tinies

A bug infestation.

So for those of you who don’t know, or are just noticing weird stuff here and there in your game, there are Bugs everywhere. Some of them are texture errors, like Sending people to the Hot Tub and seeing tons of little Hot Tubs inside the Hot Tub, or seeing tons of little Skeletons in the Laboratory. Bugs like Hawkeye unable to change from his Rank 1 Outfit, bugs with the event’s battle system, and more.
These are all things that Tiny Co is aware of. They seem to be pulling strings behind the scenes to make some big changes, so please be a little patient!

Of course, if a bug directly affects your progress in the game/event, contact Support right away for them to help you out as soon as possible!

kat started the idea of “draw ur otp in alola” but tbh they’re actually alolan natives

riku has a bunch of dark types obv but he and his houndoom are very protective of namine & her tiny cleffa

namine isn’t really into battling but if you cross her she’ll wipe your entire team with her lapras without batting an eye

they like to hang out on the beach under a sun umbrella- namine sketches the pokemon that come and go and riku & houndoom play fetch until they get sun fatigue and come back to nap next to her

later when the sun goes down and the beach comes alive with night life, they drift along on the back of her lapras & ride the gentle tide. everyone dances on the beach and chill music plays as the stars come out.

The UI during battles in the first Final Fantasy was significantly segmented, with each major piece of information (combat commands, health, enemy placement, party placement, etc.) given it’s own smaller section on the screen. This was meant to better communicate the status of each battle without cluttering the screen too significantly, as well as reinforce the abstract nature of these battles.

He walks past the doorway and stops, hand on the frame as he takes one giant step back to look into the bedroom. She’s holding her toys, participating in make-believe play. The woman figure in her tiny hands is currently in battle, facing off against a man who threatens her family and kingdom. Adorable little fizzles, crackles, and pops come from her lips as the woman defeats the big bad and restores peace to her land. This little girl sees the woman as a powerful sorceress and she doesn’t know that one day, she’ll be that strong. That powerful. 

Suddenly there are arms snaking around his waist. Magnus falls back against his husband and the quietest, amazed sigh leaves him as the sound of their child continues to fill his ears. Every fight, every tear, every loss—everything is suddenly worth it. Every moment in his immortal life seems to have built up to this single, perfect moment. A moment he never thought he would get. 

Magnus blinks tearfully and says, “She’s beautiful.”

Alec smiles and kisses the side of his head. 

“She is.” 

This new cleaning your Pokemon mechanic is hilarious because I keep picturing my Mudsdale emerging badass and victorious from a battle and then there is me, her tiny trainer, coming up to her with a washcloth like “You got some mud on you sweetie.” 

The final battle in Double Dragon (Arcade) is a fight between the two player characters, Billy and Jimmy Lee. While also a method of establishing a final score when two players are working together, this is also a strong moment wherein the players must think around the control scheme presented to them entirely differently. Rather than just a series of patterns, this tests the player’s ability to feint and bring their opponent in close enough, mirroring what would become fighting games over time.

My favorite thing about the M*A*S*H fandom is probably how there’s zero drama. There’s no aggressive ship battles or anything. Our fandom is so tiny and cozy, it kinda just feels like we’re some close friends sitting in some living room, drinking tea and eating cookies and having a swell time. This is probably the least problematic fandom I’ve ever been in. I love this fandom and all the people therein.