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Wow! So, @humblydefiant, @bardofheartdive, @oneiricjourney, @threewhiskeylunch and @sanguinespire all tagged me in that post going around where you call out the people you love.

Needless to say, I feel prrrreeeeeeeetty loved, and by some straight-up amazing people, to boot!

Humbles, it is so nice to talk to have effervescent chats with you at the most awkward moment of my day!

Bard, you are enormously fun to talk to about writing stuff, and I love hearing about your characters!

Journey, I deeply admire your work and wish I ‘got it’ like you get it!

Whiskey, rare-pair hell cellmate. Citadel Council 6-way from crossover Saved Council/Sacrificed Council verse???? (”In my universe, you died in the battle of the Citadel… but in any universe, you’re beautiful…”)

Spire, you’ve been such a supportive voice when I really needed one. Thank you You have more fun with tumblr than most people I know, and it inspires me!

And now I shall ceremonially pass no further love for a couple people:

@storyhoard, my brother in salty late night rants struggles to understand the Youth.

@tovaras, you always teach me something about world-buliding! And cats…

@choosyfruit, who will never look me in the eye again

@gayscottryder, love editing, love being edited, love reading your work and talking about everything

@n7-paleontologist, I actually would sleep better if more people followed your blog, it’s just so great.

@nightmarestudio606, one of my first friends, always keeping me on my toes

@biasfuzzball, I weep that I cannot discuss EU politics on your level, but I enjoy every stimulating or banal chat in between!

@mehutchinsane, you carved a lenny-face on my heart

@shepard-alenko, you made me proud to love fluff

@opallight, i miss collaborating with you, I love you (no hetero)

And of course,

@stonelions, you are one of my very best friends in the world.

Love you all, and several people have recently messaged me some really encouraging and supportive things at a time where I really needed it: I can’t wait to get to know all of you and to see a little bit of life through your eyes. You all mean a lot to me.


The Ryder Siblings - Pathfinders for Humanity

Not everyone believed the Council when they dismissed Commander Shepard’s warnings about the Reapers as delusions.

And Cerberus was not the only extralegal organization to take matters into their own hands.

Unbeholden to government interference, energized by Shepard’s discovery of cryogenic pods on the Ilos research facility and later spurned into action upon her death two months after the Battle of the Citadel, these individuals - top scientists, military leaders, Spectres, and other experts from countless species - developed a fallback plan for the inevitable Reaper invasion that the Council and countless governments were content to ignore.

Launched in 2183, they called it Operation Pathfinder.

The plan was ambitious - build a spaceship (later named “The Ark”) capable of intergalactic travel, recruit a group of intrepid colonists from all species under Reaper threat, place these individuals in cryogenic stasis, and direct them to leave the Milky Way behind and find a new home, away from the specter of the Reapers and inevitable galactic extinction.

Operation Pathfinder was successfully completed in 2186, three weeks before the Reaper invasion. After the Reaper War, the project members turned over all information about Operation Pathfinder to a reformed Council.

200 years later, at the beginning of the Dark Energy Crisis, the galactic governments frantically attempted to resurrect Operation Pathfinder, and re-establish contact with the The Ark, racing against time as stars across the Milky Way began to prematurely die, costing trillions of lives.

Their endeavors failed, and The Ark soldiers on towards the Andromeda galaxy, unaware that the entire Milky Way galaxy has been extinguished, that entropy had destroyed what the Reapers could not.

The Ryder Family

Ayda Ryder (b. 2155) - The Mercenary

Eldest daughter of Zainab and Walid Ryder, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined the Alliance at 18. She earned multiple commendations, including an N7 designation, for her service during the Raid of Torfan. Later, she witnessed the Battle of the Citadel firsthand, serving on the S.S. Mogadishu. Disillusioned and demoralized by Alliance leadership that began denying the Reaper threat, she spoke out, frequently and vocally, and was dishonorably discharged for insubordination.

Cerberus took notice, and two months later, she was serving as a Cerberus operative. She later turned on her fellow operatives when she discovered that the Illusive Man was working directly with the Collectors, sacrificing Terminus colonies in exchange for information. Enraged and disgusted, she slaughtered every member in her cell and escaped, turning in vital information about Cerberus and their operations to the Shadow Broker in exchange for credits.

Operation Pathfinder found her on Omega after months of searching, working as a mercenary-for-hire and still on the run from Cerberus. Impressed by her combat abilities and apparently unconcerned by issues with loyalty, they extended an offer. She accepted, on the condition that they would find her siblings and her parents - whose whereabouts were unknown to her - and recruit them as well. She had no qualms about danger and sacrifice, but she refused to leave her family behind.

Malik Ryder (b. 2158) - The Soldier

Like his sister, he joined the Alliance at the age of 18. Unlike his sister, he refused to leave. Placing his faith in the Alliance, he trusted that the Reaper threat had been defeated with Sovereign. He and Ayda parted on incredibly bitter terms, believing that Ayda had betrayed humanity, and betrayed the family.

The Collector threat forced him to re-evaluate his beliefs. After being assigned to train under Commander Alenko under the 1st Special Operations Biotic Company, he was assigned to Fehl Prime as a covert operative, designed to monitor and neutralize possible Cerberus and/or Collector activity. Despite his vigilance, Fehl Prime was attacked by Collectors - assisted by a Cerberus operative. Upset by his failure to protect the colony, angered by the Alliance response, and facing demotion for his failure in Fehl Prime, he resigned from the Alliance in 2185 - taking a job as a security guard in Noveria on behalf of Elanus Risk Control Services.

Later, he was approached with a offer to join Operation Pathfinder at the request of Ayda and Amal Ryder. Dissatisfied in his current profession and unwilling to re-join the Alliance, he accepted, hoping that this would finally be his chance to use his skills for positive change without the weight of complacency, politics or ruthless disregard of ethics, and a final chance to prove himself.

Amal Ryder (b. 2161) - The Scientist

Amal Ryder’s stint in the Alliance was not spent on the battlefield, but in a lab. The Alliance, aware of Amal’s biotic abilities, initially attempted to recruit her as a soldier, but instead offered her a full academic scholarship after seeing her aptitude scores. She proved to be a scientific prodigy, graduating in two years from MIT with a degree in Xenotechnology. She then served as part of Alliance R&D for four years, helping to develop the Thanix cannon and developing pioneering advances in shield technology, developing a reputation as an expert on Reaper and Collector technology.

She left the Alliance after her required years of service and was later recruited by Jormangund Technology to develop handheld weapons and VIs integrating Reaper tech.

She was recruited by Operation Pathfinder in 2185, tasked with studying Prothean cryogenic technology and adapting it for multiple species. She accepted the position, on two conditions - that if Operation Pathfinder came to fruition, that her siblings and parents would be extended an offer of recruitment as colonists. And that she would join them.

For Amal, this request was not about escape or survival. This initiative was an opportunity for exploration and a new, exciting challenge - a chance to play even bigger role in the survival and advancement of galactic life.




(this is a re-edit of a thing from my old blog where I replaced the dollmaker pics w/ faceclaims and ignore canon b/c I’m sick of Cerberus)

It’s Furiosa and The Valkyrie! After the end of the movie when they both need some quiet recovery time. The Valkyrie sure took a nasty bonk on the head didn’t she????????? but she’s ok :) With everything going on, Furiosa didn’t realize she’d been downed, but after everything she had to go back and find her. But lo and behold, The Valkyrie had been trying to make her way to the Citadel since right after the battle, and had made it a good distance already. So all she had to do was pick her up and take her back and they recover together while Toast & the other women from Joe’s harem, as well as the remaining Vuvalini, begin to build a kinder, fairer Citadel!

that’s how it goes in my head, anyway

Members Of The Citadel Class of 1862

During the Civil War, the SCMA Corps of Cadets was organized into a military unit known as the Battalion of State Cadets which took part in nine engagements. In January 1861, Citadel Academy cadets manning a battery on Morris Island fired the first shots of the conflict when they shelled the Union steamship Star of the West which was attempting to resupply Fort Sumter. In December 1864, the cadet battalion made up more than a third of a Confederate force that defended a strategic rail line during the Battle of Tulifinny.

The Citadel traces its origins to a series of arsenals constructed by the state of South Carolina in the 1820s; founded by an act of the state legislature in 1842 as the South Carolina Military Academy it originally consisted of the Citadel Academy in Charleston and the Arsenal Academy in Columbia. The Arsenal was burned by General Sherman’s forces during the American Civil War and never reopened. The Citadel Academy was occupied by Union troops in 1865 and reopened as an educational institution in 1882.

Photo is from The Citadel Archives & Museum. /Charleston Libraries and Museums Council Blog Spot/ Info source WIKI.

SS-Panzer-Division “Totenkopf"advance during Operation Citadel, under the command of SS-Obergruppenführer Paul Hausser, in an attempt to breach the Soviet third line. The Totenkopf broke the back of the Soviet defence and were able to make an enormous gain; Theodor Eicke of the SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Totenkopf led the advance on the western flank battling through the 52nd Guards Rifle Division pakfronts, while SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Leibstandarte SS was forming the spearhead. 


Waiting for orders. A group of Leibstandarte Division soldiers rest in a ditch during the fighting around Belgorod in the early phase of Operation Zitadelle, July 1943.

astromantique  asked:

#6 for horikane, please? ♥

6. A Kiss of Relief


It would be startling to any sword–perhaps disconcerting even–to be a new arrival to the citadel after centuries of sitting still in a museum.  Suddenly given new form and new purpose, Izuminokami Kanesada was ready to fight again.  Not just ready, he was champing at the bit for want of deployment.  The problem was that he was as yet still too new, still too inexperienced, still too weak.  But even that wasn’t anything that would get him down.

Except for the part where Kunihiro was being sent out far more often than he was, having arrived much earlier and having gained much more precious battle experience against their enemy.  Truthfully, the two were deployed together more often than not, but there were battles deemed too dangerous for the less experienced swords of the citadel–battles for which Kunihiro was ready.  And he wasn’t just ready, he was necessary.  When Kunihiro went out on those missions without him, Izuminokami paced restlessly around the citadel, sighing and moping and complaining to anyone who would listen.  

He’d ask the other swords their opinion of Kunihiro’s strength, as reassurance that he would never break.  Not that he doubted his partner’s strength, of course, but it was still heartening to hear the other swords speak well of Kunihiro.  He’d do his best to tidy their room and make it pristine and up to Kunihiro’s standards for a comfortable return home.  When truly desperate, he’d offer to help with extra chores around the citadel.  

He usually hit ‘truly desperate’ around eight hours into any departure.

“That might have been our longest deployment yet!” Kashuu groaned as they neared home.  “I’m ready to get fixed up, and then I’m going to sit in the baths for five hours.”  

Five hours, Kiyomitsu?” Horikawa giggled.

“To make up for lost time!  Although speaking of making up for lost time…” 

“I wonder how that giant baby has held up all this time without you, Horikawa-kun,” Yagen smirked.  “He tends to pester my baby brothers when you’re away.”

“It’s become troubling even to O-Sayo,” Souza put a concerned hand to his cheek.  “He may be mostly quiet, but he worries after others quite a bit.”

“Ah… I’m sorry everyone that Kane-san causes so much trouble…” Horikawa put a nervous hand to the back of his head.  “It’s just that–”


Dashing toward them at a speed so fast they almost thought him on a horse, Izuminokami came roaring down the hill from the citadel, arms wide, a dust trail in his wake.  The others darted aside only just in time as he fell upon them, arms wrapping tight around the wakizashi’s neck.  

“There there, Kane–mph!”

“Get a roooooom,” Kashuu drawled as Horikawa flailed slightly around the lengthy kiss.  

“In a way, it’s almost… sweet,” Souza hummed, watching in amusement as Izuminokami did everything possible to deepen the kiss as Horikawa attempted to push him off.

“Should I welcome you back like that?” Yagen laughed, briefly wondering how in need of oxygen Horikawa might be.

“I think I’ll join you in that five-hour bath,” Yasusada winked, falling in pace with Kiyomitsu as he led the others home, leaving the returning warrior and his wailing bride to their antics.

anonymous asked:

Hi, following your ask about the saniwa/player winning against the historical revisionists; in an alternate reality the saniwa is on the losing side and then killed in battle. Thus the citadel become masterless. From the point of view of the same 4 swords from the previous request (Mikazuki, Ichigo, Tsurumaru, Kashuu), can you please write what happens from that point? The war is not lost, just not in the government favor when the saniwa died.

Ooh nice, I haven’t thought much about this turn events. I’d imagine at least until the Government comes up with a solution the swords would be left on their own to manage things. A war without support or backing is incredibly disadvantaged, so it’s certainly not like the swords could last very long on their own especially considering on how much they would have been and relying on the Saniwa. I’d imagine if the Government didn’t supply them with any new assistance or maybe a new Saniwa quickly enough, they could very much lose the war. Of course, it is possible the swords could band together and pull through relying on what they had been taught, their own intuition and gathered experience but I don’t see it being very likely.

• Not used to being so affected by losing your leader, he’s been around so long but this is the first time.
• He’s a bit more too himself, not being too helpful as he’s lost in thought a lot as he’s not the type to share what’s on his mind.
• He only really comes to when there is battle to be done, he is a bit too eager to shed some blood to distract him.
• “Our battle has been lost, now everything’s uncertain.”

• Working hard on keeping everyone together, trying to save the overall moral.
• Spends most nights to himself once his siblings have fallen asleep, maybe with the few swords he’d lower his guard around. He needs that sort of time so he isn’t completely bottling everything.
• Trying his best to keep everything running smoothly, probably taking on too much overworking himself to just keep doing anything.
• “We can’t let your actions be wasted…”

• Starts working a lot harder, he’d usually try to keep things bright but it’s pretty obvious to everyone that since the Saniwa was defeated he’s forcing it.
• Pays a lot more attention and time to training, he doesn’t voice anything but he definitely found himself way too weak.
• Isn’t getting much sleep, he’s almost constantly thinking about what they’ll need to do next and if there even is anything he can do. He is seriously determined to turn the tide of things.
• “It shouldn’t have to be a surprise if we win.”

• Has basically given up on all the care he used to put into himself, he’s taken it incredibly hard and it’s really shook his morale and peace of mind.
• Is more reckless in battle so the other swords are doing their best to keep him watching over things in the Citadel.
• He just feels really useless and lost, he generally has a bit of tendency to think too much about the past so this is greatly influencing his confidence and performance.
• “There’s no point in looking pretty anymore. It’s not being loved that matters.”

Headcanon: Shepard has small “notebook” conected with omnitool. In it, drawings on various Elysium plants, notes on armor ideas and fashion on Tuchanka, photo of SR1 team after citadel battle, 20 names for fish, scatches of crew at work: Joker playing with controls, James cleaning the weapons, Doctor checking Garrus after fight. Kaidan showing Ashley one biotic trick

[me, watching mad max for the first time] yeah this movie’s pretty good, furiosa is hot and max is cute.

[joe starts making his speech] i am a sane and reasonable person, joe is clearly the villain of this story, i’m not attracted to him

[joe begins the hunt for furiosa and the wives] nope, i’m not doing this, it’s not happening

[joe mourns the loss of his potential heir] JOE IS A SAD DAD

[during the chase scene to the citadel] i’ve lost the battle. i am joe trash, i’m so thirsty for this gross old man i can’t even think straight, you win joe. you fuckin win.

The commander of the Totenkopf Division Hermann Prieß (center) and other officers observe the battlefield at Kursk in July 1943.