the battle of the citadel


Battle Masters (1992) was the big battle miniatures game counterpart to HeroQuest’s introductory dungeon bash.  Milton Bradley and Games Workshop collaborated again to fill a large box with plastic Citadel miniatures and kid-friendly rules.  Warhammer players bought many copies for the 103 figures, including Imperial knights, foot, and a cannon with crew, vs orcs, goblins, wolf riders, an ogre, Chaos knights, beastmen, plus a 6″ tall polystyrene tower.

I know more than one player who converted the Mohawk-sporting Chaos archers to make Chaos centaurs, and I’ve seen the vinyl map used under WWI aircraft games.


A few people were asking me what my favourite Promptis moment is..
But.. The sad fact is, that neither of them have actually been included in the game so far.

My favourite moments happened long before FFXV became FFXV.
My love for Promptis goes way back to 2011, when XV was still called Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
I was one of those unfortunate people who waited for trailers to come out every year.

But to answer the question:

Prompto saving Noctis butt in battle before the Citadel, is my most favourite Promptis moment (as shown by the gifs above).

Bored guards outside the peaceful town of Carnelian, shortly before the dragon swooped down, turned the spearmen into popsicles, and tried to drop the catapult onto the approaching party.  (Tower from 1992 Battle Masters game, 1980s Citadel Feudals spearmen, Grenadier 1987 crossbowman, WOTC guard captain, catapult from a ‘90s Weapons & Warriors game)

#tabletopday wrap-up:

  • Dragons slain: 1
  • Hill Giants defeated: 2 slain, 5 skillfully avoided
  • Orcs liberated from giant/dragon oppression instead of killed on sight: 8
  • Pocky consumption: high
  • First-time players who want to play again: 3 out of 3
  • Parents of players who want in: 2

The Battle Masters tower is overrun by orcs from the combined tribes of Citadel, RAFM, and Prince August.  I love making detailed terrain pieces from scratch, but it is so convenient to snap together the 5 panels to make this tower and place it on the table with no worries about damage during transport or attacks by snack-stained player fingers.

me/a timeline

2129:  Alec Ryder is born on Earth.
2148:  Mateus Silva & his team discover the Prothean ruins on Mars.
2149:  The Charon Relay is found; Jon Grissom leads a team through it.
215x:  Alec Ryder took part in N7 training.
2154:  Shepard is born on April 11th.
2157:  The First Contact War/Relay 314 Incident is fought at Shanxi.
2163:  Sara & Scott Ryder are born on the Citadel.
216x:  Alec Ryder is assigned to the Citadel as a military attaché.
2170:  Mindoir is raided by Batarian slavers.
2176:  Elysium survives the Skyllian Blitz.
            The Andromeda Initiative is founded.
2177:  Colonists & Marines are killed by thresher maws on Akuze.
2178:  Slavers are routed at Torfan in retaliation for the Blitz.
218x:  Sara & Scott Ryder enlist in the Alliance military.
2183:  Saren & Sovereign attack Eden Prime.
            Shepard becomes the first human Spectre.
            Sovereign is defeated during the Battle of the Citadel.
            The Normandy SR-1 is attacked & Shepard is killed.
2184:  The Andromeda Initiative begins recruitment & orientation.
2185:  Shepard is revived as a result of the Lazarus Project.
            Shepard goes through the Omega 4 Relay & defeats the Collectors.
            The Andromeda Initiative departs for the Andromeda Galaxy.

➝ Alec Ryder’s N7 training likely took place after the Charon Relay but before the First Contact War (per AI briefing).
➝ Sara & Scott Ryder likely enlisted when they turned 18 in 2181 (typical enlistment age for ME characters, time for training + eventual assignment before officially joining the Initiative).

➝ Alec Ryder wasn’t assigned to the Citadel until the late 2160s (per AI briefing) but the twins were born there in 2163.
➝ Alec Ryder was only 20 when he went through the Charon Relay.
➝ And 28 when he fought at Shanxi.
➝ The twins were 13 when the Initiative was founded.
➝ And they are 22 when the Initiative launches.

One of the first 200 Panthers to see action at the Battle of Kursk. 

Prior to the battle, Germany stood up two new tank battalions, the 51st and 52nd Panzer. This is one of the reasons why the German offensive was delayed so late. 

51st and 52nd Panzer Battalion were attached to Panzer Grenadier Division Grossdeutschland, under XLVIII Panzer Corps, under Army Group South. 

With brand new machines fresh off the factory floor, inadequate or non-existant reconnaissance, poor training and unfamiliarity with the new tanks and yet to be fixed teething problems, out of the 200 odd Panthers sent to Kursk only 184 were able to see action at the start of the offensive. 


Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain spoilers if you haven’t read them. I haven’t watched the Shadowhunter TV series, so these ideas are based solely on book canon.


Theory: (Codex pg33) Reveals that Henry Branwell was in a long collaboration with the Iron Sisters back in 1914, “the results still remain secret”, and with Clary’s special gift with runes, I think the Iron Sisters want her to work with them for the equivalent of her year abroad—an internship of sorts. I have more on what they might be working on below. But, I don’t think she’ll feel like she can commit to a marriage until she has finished that work—even while she knows that it will evoke all of Jace’s self-doubts and insecurities. Plus, she’d have to tell him she was going away.


Silent Brothers are twisted and mutilated, and I think Angel magic done right isn’t going to make them look that way (See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and all that).

What makes them so different: Runes. The problem with parabatai who love each other: Runes.


              When rescuing Tavvy they spoke to each other with their minds (something only the Silent Brothers can do). Their Runes were powerful enough to rival the healing of Silent Brothers. I think Julian had to have used the White Runes (that’s what I’m coining them) to help Emma heal after the whipping, because she was whipped that morning and facing Malcolm that night—no Shadowhunter could have healed that kind of damage that fast. I think because of that incident, coupled with Julian surviving the poisoned crossbolt, Diego is going to become suspicious and nosy (poking into Julian’s locked room), —and may even report his suspicions to his superiors and turn them in.

              Jem says, (LM pg659), “Not everyone has a parabatai, but the fact that they exist is part of what makes Nephilim what they are. Without them, we would be infinitely weaker, in ways it is forbidden for me even to explain.”

Theory: What if the Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters were created as a means of separating Parabatai that become too powerful? Jem was told they go mad, but is that the truth? We take his words as canon, but what if his information isn’t accurate.

Could they just become something too powerful for the Clave to control and that is something the Clave cannot abide by?

So, the Clave separates them: the men become Silent Brothers and the women become Iron Sisters, and their excess magic becomes the fuel for the Clave’s power from everything from wards to witchlight to Seraph blades. But in separating them they become oath breakers before the Angel, sworn always to be together, but forever separated by the Clave and that separation, despair—lack of connection to their humanity turns them into something else. And that something is not good. We assume they are heroes because they saved Jem’s life—but what if they aren’t?

              In ‘After the Bridge’, on Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr, it’s the most we hear about Jem’s life as a Silent Brother. On Tessa: “He’d wondered during his time in Idris, after the heavenly fire had cured him, if it would still be like that with them: if his human feelings would return to him. He had been able to touch her and be near her as a Silent Brother without wanting her as he had when he was a mortal. He had still loved her, but it had been a love of the spirit, not the body. He had wondered—feared, even, that the physical feelings and responses would not come back the way they had. He told himself that even if Silent Brotherhood had killed the ability of his feelings to manifest themselves physically, he would not be disappointed. He had told himself to expect it.”

              And if that isn’t bad enough in COHF (pg233) Jem tells Jace: “We—they don’t die, you know; they fade after many years. Stop speaking, stop moving. Eventually they are entombed alive.” (What do you think Will would have thought of that?) He also says, (COHF pg232), “But, I was never an ordinary Silent Brother.”—we assume it was because of his yinfen poisoning, but could it be he never reached that level of power because he wasn’t in love with Will?  

              If this theory holds true, then how depleted of power would the Shadowhunters have been after Valentine’s attack on the Silent City when so many brothers were killed? And I would then be curious to know what the parabatai rate between orphans and mundane children who ascend (both without families to look for them, or care what happens to them), are compared to the general Shadowhunter population. That’s a good question for Ty’s statistical and analytical mind. And what of Simon who spends a great deal of time extolling the virtues of being Parabatai, (especially to mundane hopefuls), how would he feel presenting the option without telling the full disclosure of it?

              There are tests prospective Parabatai go through and Julian could have faked it with the help of his splash of Eidolon blood and his penchant for lying, but what if the Silent Brothers have been watching them in hopes of gaining new recruits. Carstairs have served them well before and there are a lot of Blackthorns.

              My theory is that if Emma and Julian are caught, they’ll be forced into servitude with these organizations. Traditionally, families were probably told Parabatai pairs heroically died in battle together, while in reality, they were imprisoned with runes behind the Citadel and the Silent City: given new names and identities, separated forever from the families who love them.

Did Silas Pangborn really kill himself? And there is no mention to the fate of Eloisa Ravenscar, his parabatai. The marks used to keep their mouths and eyes permanently closed are the Marks of Fettering (Codex, pg195). The very definition of fettering is to restrain with chains or manacles—that doesn’t seem like a voluntary act, while the Sisters (Codex, pg197), “They wear simple clothes, long white gowns bound tightly at the wrists and waists by demon-wire.” (bound by demon wire?) The book says it is to protect them from the fire of the forge, but maybe that is misleading—why wouldn’t one use Angel wire instead of demon wire in that case?

OR, (I think this would be the case of Julian and Emma) their families would step up to the Clave to keep them from being taken away, and the Clave would kill anyone who got in their way. The Clave cannot allow something as powerful as loved parabatai to exist because they simply cannot control them.

A twisted version of “They would destroy their families, the others they loved. Death would surround them until eventually they died themselves” (LM pg659), becomes true simply because their loved ones fought on their behalf to keep the Clave from taking them and the Clave killed them for interfering—not because they are inherently mad. It becomes a sort of sad self-fulfilling prophecy.

**Note: Silas Pangborn’ s sister, Barbara Lightwood (Gideon, Gabriel and Tatiana’s mother), supposedly killed herself over grief of her brother’s death. Then upon further investigation it was thought she killed herself because her husband gave her the demon pox. And I’m disappointed Charlotte Branwell never asked the question: “Well, my husband is banging demons, perhaps it’s a good idea if I just kill myself now and allow him to raise my three small children.” But, maybe she never killed herself, maybe she was too close to her brother’s secret, trying to help him and Eloisa and was killed for her trouble. The Clave would need an explanation for her death, and Charlotte, I know you had a lot on your mind during the Infernal Devices, but why didn’t you ask that question?

              But, maybe that is something she learned when she became Consul and that leads to…

              I wonder if this is what Henry was working on, a fix of some sort in his secret project with the Iron Sisters and why Clary would want to help. Luke’s mother left two young children to become an Iron Sister, out of the blue, leaving them virtually orphaned. Why? Was this something she had a choice in, or did this scenario happen to her? Sister Cleophas was the one to meet Jocelyn Fairchild and Isabelle Lightwood to talk of the similarities of Sebastian and Jace’s bond and you guessed it—the Parabatai bond.

              In Shadowhunter history how much is true and accurate vs. how much does the Clave wants Shadowhunters to believe is true and accurate? And who writes the Codex and the history books, teaches what is canon law—it’s the Silent Brothers.

              I read a lot of ideas about Cortana being able to cut through anything—meaning the Parabatai bond. I think this is a red herring. I think Cortana is going to have an entirely different purpose.

***I’m brand new to Tumblr, joined just so I could pass along theories, get feedback and don’t have any followers and I’m not quite sure how to get my ideas out there—so if these ideas intrigue you, please pass them along. Over the next few days I’ll post lots of my theories from the Fae to Church and everything in between. So, please let me know what you think.


*** I saw this art by SpaceAltie and it fit SO well with my ME2 stuff, so I had to use it for this! Hope you enjoy! P.S Artist gave me permission to use! <3 ***

Now is the Winter of our Discontent

It had been three weeks since Garrus left Shepard standing on the Docking Bay. He had mostly settled back into the routine life of a C-Sec officer, and was only a few more weeks away from starting Spectre training. He had always planned on reapplying at some point, but after the Battle of the Citadel he was offered a position in the next round of training. It was hard to imagine his life would change as much as it did in those last several months. It was weird how quickly it could happen…

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A sliver of silver reflection.

I remember years ago, while working in C-Sec there was this case where Turian children kept disappearing on one of the wards. Posters were popping up on every street corner, countless faces. Within weeks the outpost I was stationed at was packed with dozens of Turian parents begging for their children to be found. Often mothers doing most of the talking while the fathers were either out trying to find their sons and daughters themselves or simply did what they could to somehow get us to work harder on figuring out what in spirits name was going on. This was all happening within my first year as a C-Sec officer, before I got moved up to investigations at the C-Sec HQ.

My immediate thought was to figure out where all these kids were from and after a few days of asking around and looking through the public records of all the parents that had approached us I was able to narrow it down to a half dozen blocks of residential buildings. A mostly Turian enclave area of the Citadel with some Volus and Elcor mixed in, maybe even the occasional Salarian. 

One thing I noticed was how quiet the streets were. For an area that housed over ten thousand residents, the main streets were mostly empty. The local park had the occasional shady figure who would run off if you tried to get close, but for the most part it was also empty. 

I walked down a few dozen more blocks, out of the enclave and into the Asari/Salarian dominated area of the ward. Children and families were noticeably making up over half of the locals walking by. Asari school groups, and the occasional Salarian cluster created the kind of bustle you would expect. 

Growing up on Cipritine I was accustomed to streets filled with other children playing war, and building forts out of dumpsters and cardboard in back alleys and raiding the bases other ‘factions’ of kids who were part of different educational regiments or schools. 

As a kid I was much more fascinated with tearing things apart and figuring out why they work and trying to improve them or splice them into something else. 

Sol, my sister, took after me in this aspect a little as she got past her infant years my tools and projects would often go ‘missing’ often ending up under her bed or hidden in a closet.

I was never the kind of kid who was into reckless violence and growing up unless I had some kind of conviction for what I was doing. I only ever got into one fight with this one kid named Valaksus because he kept harassing the smaller kids. Ended up breaking his arm, and dislocating his other shoulder; I only walked away with a bloody face. We ended up moving to the outskirts of the city after that.

I could see the value in something like hand to hand as a form of protection for myself and others. Aside from that, if I didn’t believe in learning something I never really gave it my full attention much to the frustration of my father. I hated rifle training and hunting trips when I was young, needless violence, and why did I have to kill them? I always had a moral high ground of thinking people could, with enough persuasion see things my way and that violence could be avoided. My dad tried to help me understand that the convictions of the self and the convictions of the cause must always be worth dying for, and while this may seem close minded as I argued, he pointed out that some people’s causes are for peace and for helping others like he was with his job at C-Sec. keeping an open mind is always important when dealing with so many different people he said; but sometimes violence is necessary. Sometimes people need to die, and it is their conviction to their wrong doing that decides their fate. When I asked him how he decides who lives and dies he simply said their lives weren’t up to him; and that whether they needed to die or not wasn’t a choice he could make as a cop, but rather a personal belief he had to set aside for a noble cause: Staying within the lines of the law and of civility.

So walking around on the Turian enclave later that night while off duty I happened to pass by an alley when I saw a kid out of the corner of my eye at the far end. 

She ran off before I could say anything, and given the lack of any other kids in the area and the fact that they’ve been going missing, I ran after her. Down the alley, through some fences, and two residential buildings I followed her to this basement under some shabby restaurant that had closed years ago.

Ended up upon this ring of Turians who were selling the kids to Batarian slavers and auctioning others to Krogans who wanted to take their revenge out on the Turians who put their species down with the genophage. The kids couldn’t fight back. The kids would get shipped out to other parts of the citadel and would be beaten to death and disposed of, even cooked afterwards by some of the Krogan, most of the kids were homeless but as they ran out of those, they started taking the ones who had families just to keep the business going. 

Even to this day I can’t recall the firefight that ensued, or even fully recall tracking down every monstrous customer of this nightmare from the ledger I found and doing the world the service of removing them from it. I had never in my life experienced such an intense rage towards another person or group of people. 

 I killed them all. Every single one.

When my dad found out he was furious. Yelled at me about fair trial and following the rule book. Especially when it came to those that I had tracked down. 

He ended up covering the whole thing up, aside from giving me credit for shutting down the crime ring, which gave the promotion to the investigations unit, no one ever really knew or found out about everyone who had bought the kids. Several of them were returned to their families after a couple raids on batarian slavers weeks later, and the ones I saved that night went home the next day. The young girl I had followed had managed to escape and led me to where she was taken, before running home once she knew I would enter the building. Turns out she knew I was a cop because she had seem me on patrol weeks before. Within weeks the enclave seemed to be no different from the streets back home.

But he covered the whole thing up.

It was the only corrupt thing he had ever done in all his years at C-Sec. I know damn well I would have lost my job and probably gone to prison for murder.

But… they had to die. Of this I was fully convinced. 

From then on my relationship with him got even harder, we hardly talked, and anytime we did, it was either him lecturing me or both of us arguing. I began to loathe all the rules and red tape the came with the job and after what I had witnessed. 

The capability for unimaginable cruelty of other people. I always had more of a mind that taking these kinds of scum off the streets in such a way that they could never harm anyone ever again was worth whatever means it took to accomplish that, even if it meant bending or breaking some of the rules. 

This is how I went about my job at C-Sec for years, each year feeling more and more restrained by the rules that felt like they were only there to help the bad guys get away. People like Dr. Saleon. 

And then I met Shepard, this… amazing human who taught me how short sighted my frustrations had left me. Who showed me more than I ever would have learned with C-Sec. She showed me the direct approach of convincing others to see her side or dealing with them if they won’t. Who had the ability to set out the ideals I had as a kid and put them into practice in the real world. And who’s combat ability was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. The first few missions with her I caught myself distracted by how quickly she moved from target to target, clearing rooms faster than I had ever seen. The Geth, and the Pirates, Mercs, assassins. The minute she arrived they didn’t stand a chance. 

I aspired to be like her. How even with merc bands smart enough to talk first, she would give them the opportunity to leave, rather than shooting them first. Always offering the handshake first and the barrel of a gun second. 

Every encounter with Saren she fought him through words as well as weapons, and her spirit never seemed to back down. Her influence was so great she was able to convince him to take his own life, the last act of defiance against Sovereign. A power with words I had never seen in my entire life.

It was as if she was glowing and I was careful to absorb all I could from her and to be at her side no matter the situation. 

After Saren, I went back to C-Sec with a renewed fire and passion for serving; for protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. And even though the frustration of the red tape was almost immediately apparent, I kept my head held high, and always offered the handshake and a way out, before going for the gun. Those months I brought in more criminals alive and unharmed (mostly) than I had ever done in entire years of working with C-Sec. Many of them recognized me next to Shepard on the vids of the battle for the Citadel, cutting through Geth heavy lines and kind of gave up as soon as I showed up to whatever operation they had going so I guess that made the job a little easier. 

 Intimidation wasn’t something I was used to, but I learned how useful it was in ending fights before they even began. 

 And then Shepard died.


 It’s still kind of hard to talk about or clearly recall.

It felt like losing a part of myself, and life on the Citadel fell apart. 

The constant drug busts and same scenario criminal kingpin wanna be’s made me feel like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

I was losing it. 

Everything Shepard had taught me, everything we accomplished. 

Everything she taught me to be, everything that I was and wanted to be. 

I was losing control of it all. 

I had to do something. 

Had to stop the problem at the source. 

It’s what she would have done.

I Ended up drifting for a few months from colony to colony in the terminus systems looking for trouble as I went before losing my way all the way to Omega. 

I needed a cause to believe in and Omega was no shortage of causes. 

And well… Heh… I’m sure your familiar with how that went down hmm? 

When Shepard came back from the dead it felt like a part of myself that I had lost had been restored. I fought better, the banter came natural, I could let my guard down around her. I could truly feel like myself around her. 

No way was a I about to let a rocket to the face cut short what had been returned to me only moments prior. Though I’m sure how high I was off the stims might of affected how i was feeling. Three days straight of shooting bad guys can make even me a little… whats that human word? Cookoo? 

With Shepard back in my life I could feel more myself, and I could let my guard down around her, even more so than back when we took down Saren. It felt more natural this time round for us to be just us. 

Just like old times, but better still. 

And with very few people onboard the Cerberus ship that we felt like we could trust (I removed like three dozen hidden cameras and audio devices from the forward battery, as well as a algorithm tracker from my terminal) It was only normal that we turned to each other more and more. Old friends, a hard thing to find back then. 

And then after Shepard helped me with Sidonis, and the way Kaiden reacted to Shepard on Horizon, I suppose I should have expected Shepard to want more than friendship, me being the only one she could fully trust. And well… being completely honest that caught me completely off guard. 

It was… nerve wracking and awkward, but the more we felt out our feelings the more natural it became, the more… right it was and the more we could feel like ourselves. And this innate need to find ourselves in each other and to support each other defined every aspect of who we were, and spirits be dammed if I ever let anything happen to her because I know I’ll lose myself as well. 

 It’s a kind of belonging of the soul that I think we all strive for, and I couldn’t be more at peace with having found my place in this world by Shepards side. 

Because as I’m sure you know. 

There really is no Shepard without Vakarian. 

 And damn does being me feel good. 


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anonymous asked:

After reading the one post about the Chocobros having kids, I was wondering if you could write the goodbye rituals the Chocobros will do with their s/o as well as their children. You know like say they have to go on this really big hunting mission and will be gone for awhile. Like how they would say goodbye and reassure their loved ones that they'll be back and all that. P.S. You're writing is awesome!

Hi nonny! I’m really happy that you like my writing and I really hope that I don’t disappoint you on this one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

ALSO, I SORTA DIED WHILE THINKING OF THIS BECAUSE I just imagined Noct telling his kids that he’ll be back soon but then he heads to the Citadel for the final battle AND I CRIED. That aside, let’s focus on the fluff. Why do I do this to myself.


  • “Now, you be a good girl okay? Help mummy out, okay?”
  • “Okay daddy. Can I stay over at Uncle Prompto’s or Uncle Gladi’s while you’re gone?”
  • “Okay, but make sure you tell mummy first. No cooking without your mum’s supervision and NO DAGGERS.”
  • Ignis’ daughter didn’t really need reminding of her responsibilities, but Iggy still liked to do so. Just because it gave him an excuse to cuddle up with her on a couch. 
  • Every evening before Iggy’s departure is spent preparing a ton of food with his daughter.
  • You take some time off of work and double check Iggy’s bags just in case he missed something. He never does.
  • Once him and his daughter are done cooking, he tucks her into bed and tells her a story. He gives her a long kiss on the forehead once she’s asleep.
  • He drags you to bed to get his fair share of cuddles before he leaves.
  • “I’m sorry for leaving you with all the work, darling.” He whispers into your ear as he wraps his arms around your waist
  • You turn to face him “It’s okay, darling, I’m already used to it… You’re still going to have to make it up to me though.” You wink earning you a sly grin from your husband.
  • You were dead tired from the night’s activities that you weren’t able to give Iggy a proper farewell, your daughter wakes you up with breakfast in bed and a note from Iggy.
  • “I’ll be home soon.” 


  • “Chin up, you’re going to be in-charge of things here while I’m gone.” Gladio says to his eldest while his eldest tries to put on a brave face
  • You watch from the doorway as he gives pep talks to every single one of your children and this happens A LOT. 
  • Long night in the Citadel? Pep talk. Overnight camping trip with the guys? Pep talk. A long period of time without him? Long pep talk.
  • He turns his head to you when he hears you giggle.
  • “Hey kids! What’s your number one mission?” He barks
  • “MAKE MOMMY HAPPY!” The kids shout in unison catching you off guard
  • Gladio fold his arms and gives you a smug look, you wrap your arms around him.
  • He leans in for a kiss when the kids start making belching noises.
  • “Okay okay, everybody out!” He ushers the kids out of the room and he turns his attention back to you
  • “I’ll miss you, i’m gonna be gone for quite a while. Are you going to be okay?” He says in a low voice
  • “Of course I’ll be fine, I’m an Amicitia now, and besides the kids’ll keep me company.”
  • “Do you want anything from the outside world?”
  • “Just come home to me safe, sweetheart.”
  • You both stay locked in an embrace until you hear the kids running upstairs shouting that their Uncle Ignis has arrived to pick up their father.
  • Gladio gets in the car with the Ignis. Camping gear, cup noodles, and a family picture in tow. 


  • Would be super clingy to his kids giving them a kiss every single minute an hour from his time of departure. And yes, this happens every single time. Especially on long trips.
  • Long trips meaning at least a day away from his family.
  • By the end of it all, his kids just want him to leave.
  • “Daaaad, that’s like the 45th goodbye kiss already!”
  • If he isn’t kissing his kids goodbye then his arms will probably be wrapped around you… holding on to you for dear life.
  • “I don’t want to leave my wife aloooone! They can go on without me! I’ll miss you and the kids too much!” He says dramatically
  • “Oh stop it, Prom! You boys need some time off together! You won’t even miss us when you’re there already.”
  • “Please don’t make me go! Don’t make me leaaaave!” He says trying to include the kids in his death grip.
  • When Ignis pulls up to the driveway, they already know the drill.
  • You and the kids slowly shimmy your way out of his grip and lo’ and behold Gladio’s here!
  • Gladio has to literally drag him out of the house EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. because Prompto’s bawling so hard.
  • Your kids will be running after the Regalia stifling cries because they’re sure gonna miss him while he’s gone, and Prompto’s crying while taking pictures of his kids from the back of the car.


  • Noctis’ definition of packing his bags is really just him giving a list to the butler and asking him to do it while he spends time with his kids.
  • You of course, double check if he forgot to put anything on that list and once you’re satisfied, you proceed to help the butler out.
  • Noct would be running all over the Citadel playing with his kids that by the time they get back to their chambers, they’re all plastered with sweat.
  • You send them all off to shower but Noctis sneakily grabs you by the waist and whisks you away to the shower with him.
  • The evenings before he leaves are spent with you and the kids huddled up in your chambers making shadow figures on the walls while telling stories or maybe watching movies.
  • Once you wake up, you’d expect Noctis to still be asleep beside you but ALWAYS to your surprise he’s up and about playing football with the kids on the Citadel’s steps while waiting for the bros to pick him up.
  • “You boys take care of mommy for me, okay?” He tells the boys as soon as he sees the Regalia enter the compound. He pulls them both in for a hug and only lets go once Prompto shouts at him to hurry up.
  • Not really shout, more of wail at him to hurry up because, yes, Prompto is still crying… while looking at pictures of his family.
  • He gives you a long embrace and a kiss. When he pulls away he tells you that he’ll miss you and how much he loves you.
  • “Come home safe and preferably in one piece, Noct.”
  • He chuckles and gives you another kiss “I will.”
  • He’ll be watching you and the kids from the Regalia until you’re all no longer in sight.
So here’s a thought...

Just imagine the Chocobros passing at the end of the final battle…

Dawn arises for the first time in ten years. Former citizens of Lucis, Accordo, and even Niflheim run out into the streets and out on the clear roads open fields to rejoice in the first light. Hunters finally dismantle their bases of operation against daemon hoards to focus on rebuilding their hometowns and to establish new homes for the survivors in Lestallum. Several days pass and yet no one hears anything from the King and his Crownsguards. Rumor got around that maybe the King has already started rebuilding Insomnia.

A group of hunters braves the stillness and underlying feeling of dread the fallen city of Insomnia emits. No one wanted to be even near the city before the world’s end and sure as hell no one wanted to be near it when the world went to shit. With the daemons gone and rumors of the King finally taking back his throne, the hunters and former refugees of Insomnia are more than ready to come back home.

Imagine Iris Amicitia, the Daemon Slayer, arriving at the Citadel a few days after first break of dawn. Imagine returning to your hometown after fleeing as a young woman, now returning as one of the most respected hunter and leader among your peers. Imagine leading the first group of people to step foot into their hometown for the first time in a decade. The city is still and the quiet is deafening. Debris everywhere from the destruction of the city and from the recent battles. The streets leading to the Citadel charred from the battle with the Infernian.

Imagine Iris walking up to the steps of the Citadel. Photos scattered everywhere, all of them were obviously from Prompto since she’s seen him look through these photos during his down time, or whenever he’s too injured to fight. However, Prompto is nowhere in sight, and there was no way in hell he would have left these just lying around.

Imagine Iris finding Ignis’s book of recipies just by the front lobby, its writer nowhere in the room. She remembers those first few years in Lestallum as she read each recipe out loud for Ignis as he re-learns how to be himself again.

Imagine Iris Amicitia finding her brother’s body at the steps of the King’s throne. He’s placed at the foot of the throne where Noctis’ body sat pinned with his father’s sword. Alongside her brother are Ignis’ and Prompto’s bodies, it was pretty obvious that someone had moved their bodies to place them by their King who they swore to protect. Whoever it was will forever be a mystery.

By her brother’s side was a sword she’d seen him carry around. She’s heard the story straight from Cor the Immortal about how her brother earned the sword after challenging some ancient spirit that Cor, himself, had lost to.

Imagine Iris Amicitia inheriting the Genji Blade from her brother; a piece of his legacy as the King’s Shield, now hers to carry on as the Sword and Shield of their new world. Imagine Iris keeping Ignis’ book of recipes as a memento of the various places they once visited. Imagine Iris keeping Prompto’s photos as a remembrance of the people she had grown up with during a time now long gone…

Just…Imagine Iris Amicitia at the start of the new world, as she walks away from the people she loved. With only mementos of a time when they were all happy, with only their possessions to remember them by…Into a new world she inherited from the men she cared for and admired.