the battle of the amazons

“You wear the symbol of Amazon. Act like one. An Amazon grieves after her duty is done.”
- Donna Troy, Wonder Woman (2006) #27

In which Steve and Etta realise that there’s not much they can do to help Amazons and demigods in battle.

PS: this is still done without graphic tablet. Maybe i should get one.

Arrows / Bats / Flashes / Lanterns

Wow, a new Yu-Gi-Oh book collecting TCG art is coming out soon! The best part is the book’s pun-based title. XD

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME allows kids, teenagers, and adults to relive the exciting duels that take place in the animated Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! THE ART OF THE CARDS collects the classic artwork of every real life playable card featured in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL MONSTERS animated series. Featuring over 800 cards, this prestigious hardcover tome is the ultimate archive of the cards used by Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Seto Kaiba, Mai Valentine and more in their battles to prove who truly has “the Heart of the Cards”.

Injustice: Ground Zero #11 by Mike S Miller


As events reach their climax, Regime forces finally locate the headquarters of Batman’s Resistance, and Harley assembles a new army to bring justice to the streets of Gotham City. Two Wonder Women battle on Themyscira for leadership of the Amazons, and the two Batmen reach a decision to bring over the Superman from the parallel Earth.
On sale MAY 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+ • DIGITAL FIRST

A comic cover for a still title less comic idea. Hope you guys like it! 

Hera has finally had enough of Zeus and breaks their vow of matrimony. With her godly powers she makes All men vanish from existence creating the Age of Women.

The world is put into chaos while the Amazons and Hunters battle for supremacy.

It is up to to Reyna, Annabeth, Hazel and Piper to save the day and bring back the balance in the world…and hopefully their boyfriends too.

any title suggestions?

lego-joker  asked:

Was the New 52 ever a good/necessary idea, even in theory?

In theory, I’d say it was. There was a LOT of shit that could have been streamlined, updated, diversified. Or just plain gotten rid of. 

I think a lot of us tend to forget just how much awful shit happened before the reboot. Just in the thousands we had War Games, Identity Crisis, Beechen Cass, Amazons Attack, Battle of the Cowl, Lian dying horribly. That’s just off the top of my head.

I was excited and intrigued when I heard about a reboot. There was a lot I still loved about DC, but I was honestly pretty tired. 

But then, instead of expanding on the best of their world and mitigating the worst, DC mostly did the opposite.


Dean: Yes and the two of them get along very well. Because her mother is an Amazon, Emma is far more linked to battle than I am willing to be. While Dad was glad that I didn’t turn out to be a god of war, he probably missed getting to share that with his children. 

By the way, Dad was very amused and proud when I brought Emma home. I think he considered knocking up a woman a rite of passage.
So Long, Amazon? — Electric Literature
A New Service Offers One-Hour Book Delivery or Indie Shop Pick-Up
By Nicholas Politan

Huh! A new start-up is trying to give indie booksellers a boost in their battle against Amazon. NearSt lets you browse the inventory of local bookstores, then delivers your picks right to your door.  Right now, it’s only operating in London, but they’re aiming to expand. What do you think? If it came to the U.S. would you give it a try?


A few years ago Google and Yelp just deleted fake reviews or, at worst, banned you. Now, it’s getting more serious: Yelp has sued over fake (negative) reviews, and Amazon has actually entered into court battles with over 1,000 different negative reviewers. Even Google, the Thunderdome of review authenticity, finally started cracking down. They use a program called Fakespot (hey, you can use it too!) that can identify fake reviewers with pretty good accuracy and then presumably fire lasers into their eyes.

In some states, like New York, fake reviews are against the law. One delightful idiot lost about $8,000 reviewing a restaurant that hadn’t even opened yet. Luckily, there’s still TripAdvisor, where it’s insanely easy to post fake anything with zero consequences. But be careful: You might find out (to the tune of a five-figure lawsuit) why it’s a bad idea to complain about your hotel online.

I Get Paid To Write Fake Reviews For Amazon