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100 Harry Potter Prompts: Part 1

This list is #$@&%*! amazing, amigos! Thanks for all the submissions. Here is part 1:

  1. Parseltongues aren’t the only ones who can talk to certain animals; There are a number of hereditary abilities that allow wizards to understand and communicate with other species. You are a young wizard who can understand birds, and it is driving you CRAZY.
  2. 10 years later, on the day of the battle of Hogwarts. George is standing in front of the mirror, looking himself in the eyes, wishing that his reflection was someone else.
  3. Harry Potter prompt: The Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets is back! …but now it’s the size of a thread snake.
  4. A muggle angered by the fact that there are only 10 dragons in this world and 7 of them are European, sets off to find more dragons.
  5. Your entire family is full of Hufflepuffs, so during your sorting you begged the Sorting Hat to place you there. Now you’re older and definitely a Slytherin and you need to hide it.
  6. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes has an adult section in the back.
  7. after Ron picks up the wrong hairs for a polyjuice potion Hermione is making, the two find themselves in each other’s bodies.
  8. You are the new heir of Slytherin, capable of opening the Chamber of Secrets and talking to snakes. On your first visit you find the monster dead. Not that you care, you never hated muggles anyway. Instead you start giving guided tours, charging a couple of Sickles for each tour, trying your best not to make the teachers notice.
  9. You’re a muggle born sorted into Slytherin of all places. The other students warn you that the Bloody Baron hates muggles, but to your surprise, the ghost has somewhat of a different view on muggleborns like you…
  10. Harry DOES get sorted into Slytherin when he asks not to be and becomes best friends with Draco as well.
  11. No one knew Voldemort was the last line of defence against them. Now he’s gone, and they are coming.
  12. Many years after the Dark Lord Voldemort was killed, a new dark lord has come. He’s part of the ministry and the new candidate for minister of magic..
  13. When Harry Potter dies in his first year at Hogwarts, Hermoine Granger takes on the duty of defeating the dark lord and succeeds in her task in the second year. The wizarding world is safe once again. Describe how she managed this.
  14. Write about Hermiones struggles and success as Minister of Magic.
  15. The dementors may suck the souls out of their victims with their kiss, but what happens to the soul after that?
  16. As a young gifted wizard, Sirius Black once found the Mirror of Erised; but what did he see as he glanced upon its glass?
  17. Hagrid comes every year to celebrate Harry’s birthday
  18. Harry never got a letter. He goes through his day to day life as a muggle, never noticing obnoxiously weird things around him. Write a day in the life of harry the muggle
  19. You’re invited to Tom riddle’s 6th birthday party
  20. Magical patronuses are extremely rare. It’s said that only the pure or the purely evil can conjure them. You’re a Slytherin trying to prove what they say about Slytherins is wrong. In Defence against dark arts, you just found out your patronus is a Hungarian horntail.
  21. “Don’t worry, Potter,” said the Dark Lord, “killing will get easier. And as my right hand man, you’ll need to get used to it.”
  22. Au where Snape is the chosen one and Harry is the Potions master
  23. In second year, Draco writes in the diary of Tom Riddle instead, and gets some pretty sound advice.
  24. “You went to school for seven years and THIS is what you use your skills on? Just- Just tell us why THIS branch of Animagi…?”
  25. Harry’s a girl, and has to deal with all the Voldemort shit when she has cramps so she’s extra pissed off.
  26. The Nimbus 3000 just came out, you are one galleon short but you desperately want it, how will you get your hands on the new broom?
  27. You somehow stumble into Filch’s office and grab the nearest artifact before you escape.
  28. Both Harry and Neville are the ‘chosen ones’. Only together are they able to defeat the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, everyone thinks only Harry is the ‘chosen one’. Follow Neville and co. as they discover the truth.
  29. Divination has a new muggle-born teacher, who seems more intent on teaching useful life lessons than magic.
  30. “You’re a wizard, Hermione.”
  31. “How many times have I told you to leave your dragons in Romania?!”
  32. “You’re a wizard, Harry.” “No shit!”
  33. All the Harry Potter character have switch roles, so that the heroes are now the villains. Who’s who and what happens?
  34. Mcgonagall, after noticing Harry’s letter is being ignored, goes to the Dursleys to check on the young wizard.
  35. Harry wonders what the fuck kinda school this is when Dumbledore says “ The third floor corridor is out of bounds for anyone that doesn’t want to die a most painful death.”
  36. Hermione Granger is one of those kids who is in classes meant for those a few years older than her, she is a genius.
  37. You are a muggle, yet direct magic doesn’t affect you, you wander into Hogwarts, you are not harmed by the shriek of mandrake plants, a basilisk cannot petrify you, magical devices break at your touch. you are a magic null.
  38. You thought you’d made a simple mistake in potions. As you sit outside the headmaster’s office, straining to hear the grave conversation from behind the door, it dawns on you that your error couldn’t have been as simple as it seemed.
  39. Harry goes on a journey of self-love by hiking around an Arby’s parking lot at 2am.
  40. The series is entirely the same but Voldemort and Snape have swapped noses .
  41. A day in the life of Dobby.
  42. Lucius is sacrificed by Voldemort and dies in the Wizarding War leaving pregnant Narcissa disillusioned and scared. She seeks help from Dumbledore and becomes a double agent.
  43. “Hmm, courage… yes… plenty of intelligence too! Very loyal… but crafty… hmm. Tricky, very tricky. I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to belong in any specific house. Better be… HOGWARTS!!!”
  44. Harry and Ron/Hermione and Ginny become the canon ships.
  45. Hermione and Ron visit America for a family vacation. Write about their adventures.
  46. Sassy harry calling Snape and Dumbledore out on their bullshit   24/7.
  47. Ravenclaws have a chamber of secrets, but it’s just a library of infinite knowledge too nerdy to touch.
  48. Post-apocalyptic Draco and Harry, where Draco needs the help of Harry in order for both of them to survive.
  49. You thought you were a muggle-born witch/wizard and then you find one of your long before ancestors in the portraits of the school’s corridors.
  50. You can do magic without a wand. You are the second most wanted after Voldemort.
  51. Disco balls and disco and lgbt folks at Hogwarts
  52. A student is accepted into Hogwarts only to find out it was a mistake and they don’t actually have any magical abilities. Tell their story of trying to make it through Hogwarts after all these years.
  53. Remus Lupin adopts Harry.  He never lived with the Dursleys. Tell us his happy Wizarding Childhood.
  54. You’re a historian writing a critical paper on The Battle Of Hogwarts. You believe the existing discourse has ignored the significance of one woman: Mrs Norris. Write a paper discussing her much-maligned role in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  55. A story about the lonely, never-useful life of Snape’s shampoo bottle.
  56. Rumour has it the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher has already arrived and is hiding. Whoever finds them gets 500 points for their house.
  57. write the wizarding sex ed pamphlet that gets handed out to fifth years.
  58. everything’s the same except every character is a lizard.
  59. Describe the three trials in the next Triwizard Tournament.
  60. “Nobody knew about the fifth Hogwarts founder, and the secret they hid in the castle… until now”
  61. Minerva McGonagall is quite puzzled by Dumbledore’s recent hires for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and would like to have a serious talk with him about it.
  62. You decide to try flying on a broom just for shits and giggles. It works, and now you need help. A lot of help.
  63. The previous magical protection of the prime minister has been retired. You have taken their place.
  64. The Wizarding World decided it’s time to explore space.
  65. Doleres Umbridge is now the head teacher of Hogwarts and president Snow form panel is the minister for magic. They have reinvented the triwizard tournament to have aspects of the hunger games. Tell the story of this year’s tributes.
  66. “When I wished to be part of the world of Harry Potter, I was hoping for an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, not for the bridge I was crossing to be demolished by death eaters on my way home from work!”
  67. You are a squib from a long line of witches and wizards who has never made any contact with the Muggle world. Today is your first day of high school.
  68. Hermione blinked. “You’re right, Ron. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.”
  69. Through a series of events, you land yourself in the world of Harry Potter. The catch? You’ve never read a word from the books and have absolutely no clue what’s going on.
  70. The entire series but everyone is emo as hell.
  71. You are Harry Potter’s less famous twin sibling. All you want is a quiet wizarding school life.
  72. Write the science behind magic.
  73. You are in the infamous library where no books have titles. Somehow, you pick up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You want to help in any way you can.
  74. “The wand chooses the wizard” except this time three have chosen the same master. And they’re attempting to duel each other.
  75. Re-write one of the quidditch chapters from the perspective of the snitch.
  76. Harry being raised by Sirius and Remus because they actually caught Wormtail
  77. Dumbledore reads My Immortal and thinks it’s really good.
  78. “The Death Eaters stole this from the Muggles. What is it, Hermione?” “Ron, I…I think it’s a Nuke.”  "WICKED! Dad’s gonna love this!“
  79. Draco and Ron get in a wizard’s fight; Harry has to reveal his love for Draco by protecting him.
  80. While looking through Filch’s files of rescinded objects, you find something extremely dangerous. Just as you put it in your pocket for later investigation, you get caught by Peeves the poltergeist.
  81. A deaf Ravenclaw, a disabled Slytherin, a mute Gryffindor, and a black trans Hufflepuff help together to cope with each other’s’ problems.
  82. You’ve just received a Howler in front of the whole school. What does it say and how does the school react?
  83. A very derpy Dementor who doesn’t even try and suck souls, but just wants to be friends with everyone and gets sad easily so everyone has to cheer it up.
  84. As it turns out, Neville is the strongest wizard of all.
  85. Write a love story about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.
  86. Your boggart and your reflection in the Mirror of Erised show the same thing.
  87. Who maintains the enchanted ceiling at Hogwarts? How did they get the job and what’s their life like?
  88. Finally, Hogwarts gets its Wi-Fi hotspot.
  89. After a traumatising first year at Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley has to learn to deal with the long-term psychological effects of having been possessed by a dark wizard.
  90. Someone didn’t focus enough when trying to apparate somewhere and somehow wound up on Mars.
  91. You show someone the Mirror of Erised for the first time. You ask what they see, and they just look at you strangely. “What? Did you forget how mirrors work? I just see us.”
  92. A story written from the perspective of a student who died in the battle of Hogwarts, and is now a ghost there.
  93. Hogwarts wants to open a school in another part of the world.
  94. It’s been a hundred years, or so, and you’re still stuck in this dusty, shabby place. As a wand, it would be nice if you could finally choose the perfect wizard to wield you.
  95. You hide pictures of Voldemort in most  unusual places to freak other students out
  96. AU where all spells are imaginary. They’re basically running around with sticks yelling nonsense.
  97. The DA learned their most important lesson from Hermione - always bring a gun to a wand fight.
  98. Write about the day the magical world discovered internet (and proceeded to make their own WizNet)
  99. Harry Potter where Harry’s dad survived but is left emotionally destroyed by Voldemort’s attack.
  100. Harry Potter lowers his wand at himself. He swore he would rid the world of Horcruxes. He was about to make good on that promise.

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Dating Draco while being a Weasley would include...

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  • Hearing unflattering stories about Malfoy from Ron, your one year older brother
  • Always wondering who is he and is he really that bad as Ron says

On your first year:

  • Seeing a white haired boy on the platform 9 and ¾ looking at you 
  • The two of you starting talking not realizing who the other one is 
  • Him asking if you would like to join him in the train 
  • Ron noticing the two of you and coming to warn you not to talk with Draco 
  • Draco becoming aware of who you are as soon as your brother approaches you 
  • Him changing in a second and starting commenting you rudely 
  • Seeing a pinch of disappointment in his eyes when you were sorted to Gryffindor 
  • Talking with Draco when you bump into each other in empty hallways 
  • Ron advising you to stop talking to him 
  • Hearing his disrespectful comments about you or your family when he’s with someone 

On your second year:

  • Checking if he’s okay after he was injured by Buckbeak 
  • Talking with him a lot when he is in the Hospital Wing 
  • Draco always loving how gentle and sensitive you can be 
  • Shouting at him when you hear that he wants Hagrid to be fired for this 
  • Always thinking how is it possible that Draco can be a decent human being when the two of you talk, but turns to someone so cold and mean whenever somebody else is around 
  • Receiving some unsigned letters from him during the holidays but being too angry with him to read them or write back 

On your third year:

  • After months of ignoring him, asking him how could he help Rita Skeeter write those stories about your father and slapping him 
  • With tears in your eyes finally reading those letter he sent you months ago, letters full of apologies and sweet words 
  • Draco wanting to ask you to go with him to the Yule Ball but knowing that he can’t ask you out because of his reputation 
  • Forgiving him for all the bad things he had done 
  • Sneaking out on meetings with him 
  • Walks near the lake 
  • Having a few arguments about pure-blood supremacy 
  • Making him behave better and nicer

On your fourth year:

  • Breaking contact after he joins the Inquisitorial Squad 
  • Not tolerating the fact of Draco being on Umbridge side 
  • Despite your feeling towards him avoiding him all year

On your sixth year:

  • Having a broken heart when he joins Deatheaters 
  • Having a lot of problems during your sixth year due to your disobedience on the Dark Arts class and standing up for younger kids 
  • Amycus and Alecto punishing you quite often 
  • Once Draco sees you after ‘detention’ and despite you telling him to leave you alone he helps you 
  • You blaming him and calling him a traitor 
  • Draco telling you everything about his family’s problems and asking you to understand 
  • Secret meetings after classes 
  • Crying in his arms 
  • Draco crying while holding you in his arms 
  • All night talks 
  • Draco loving your independence and persistence 
  • First kisses that taste like tears 
  • Trying to help him make the right choice 
  • One day he asks you to trust him and travels with you to a place where he locks you up and leaves ignoring your protests 
  • The Battle of Hogwarts starts the next day 
  • You manage to release yourself but arrive to Hogwarts already after the battle 
  • Reuniting with your family that is grateful that your safe but you’re just angry and bitter that you couldn’t fight alongside them

After Hogwarts:

  • Not seeing Draco for next few months when you grieve after your brother and other friends 
  • Hearing that Draco will get married in an arranged marriage 
  • Meeting him in a bar week later Talking all night 
  • Getting a little bit drunk 
  • Ending up kissing each other until he stops and leaves 
  • Attending his wedding the next day to finally lose all hopes 
  • Watching him refusing to marry the girl that his parents chose for him 
  • Waiting for him outside to try to talk to him 
  • Draco silencing you with a kiss 
  • Him changing his whole lifestyle because of mistakes of his past… and you 
  • Living in a small apartment together 
  • A lot of talking 
  • A lot of apologizing 
  • A lot of kisses 
  • Learning a lot of new things about each other every day 
  • Cuddling after nightmares wake you up 
  • Temple kisses 
  • Picnics on sunny days 
  • Teaching him how to create a Patronus 
  • Making him a flowercrown 
  • Draco treating you like a queen 
  • Him buying you all the beautiful things even if you don’t need them 
  • Cooking together 
  • Midnight dances 
  • Hickeys. A lot of hickeys
  • Very passionate kisses 
  • Introducing him as your boyfriend to your family 
  • Everyone being shocked 
  • Firstly almost everyone thinks that’s a bad idea but they try to accept it 
  • Bringing him home for next Christmas 
  • Molly knitting him his own sweater 
  • Draco behaving a bit grumpy and uncomfortable around your family but it slowly changes as he realizes that no one is trying to judge him 
  • Him helping your family from time to time 
  • His family never fully accepting you 
  • Lucius being against your relationship with his son but Narcissa liking you because you make Draco a happier person

A/N: Writing this was a challenge. Draco character is pretty complicated itself and the reader being a Weasley complicated everything more. I like the final version, and thanks to the beautiful request it’s very different from any other Draco dating headcanons… I just hope you’ll like it ;) Enjoy! 

I love that the Harry Potter family don’t have a specific day they celebrate. There’s the battle of Hogwarts, September 1st, Halloween, Harry and Jo’s birthday and all of the other characters birthdays. It’s basically every canon date we know and I think it’s wonderful. 


b.a.p x hogwarts

Art by @upthehillart
I was looking through her dramione art and was inspired to write this Drabble off this picture.

Hermione Malfoy the new head of the ministry of magic

Flashback to year six in Hogwarts:
Since Hermione caught Ron cheating on her with Lavender Brown after a quidditch match. She has been spending even more time in the library because Ron and lavender keep snogging in the common room. Hermione is in the library she sees Draco sitting alone at a table everyday. One day she couldn’t take it anymore her curiosity getting the better of her. She goes over to the table and sits down interrupting Draco from staring out the window. “ Go away Granger.”

Hermione doesn’t move “ No we’ve come to some sort of a silent agreement after I punched you in third year you don’t call me mudblood anymore and I start being relatively nice to you.”

Draco nods but still doesn’t look at her “ Go away.”

Hermione not moving but looks around the part of the library there in is empty. “I’m still not leaving talk to me I’m the only one in this school who stands up to you and you like that. I saw you in potions the other day you looked completely out of it but my voice brought you back.”

Draco looks around its true her voice brought him out of his thinking “ Not here astronomy tower after curfew.”


After curfew Hermione slipped out of Gryffindor tower and sneaks up to the astronomy tower. She sees Draco looking out into the cold winter night. “ You came.”

Hermione walks up to him “ Your my friend and I want answers.”

Draco looks over at her she’s just in a pair of jeans and a sweater. They have been friends since the summer after she punched him. It’s like everything clicked after that he realized he had been a fowl loathsome evil little cockroach especially to her. When in reality he had feelings for her. One summer afternoon Hermione was in her room when an owl appeared outside her window she lets the owl on and there’s a note: Hermione I’m sorry for being extremely cruel and a fowl loathsome evil little cockroach to you. It’s just we were brought up so differently I was brought up to hate what you are when in reality I quite admire. Your just as smart as i am and your the only person in Hogwarts who I like. Plus nobody has ever punched me in the face before. Draco.

“ What do want to know?”

Hermione moved her hand over his on the railing. “What’s wrong with you why are you paler than usual, your not eating, you look distracted all the time your always alone?”

Draco looks down at her hand on his he likes that she’s noticed a change in him she’s the only one who has noticed. “ I have to do something but I can’t and it’s tearing me apart.”

Hermione looks over at him “ What do you have to do I’ll help you.”

Draco shakes his head and moves from the railing “ I can’t tell you. How do I know your not telling Potter all this?”

Hermione goes over to him “ I haven’t told anyone about our friendship and your lucky I didn’t tell anyone because Harry would of done a lot worse than just used Sectumsempra on you he might of actually killed you. Your so lucky I was walking past the bathroom when you two were fighting. I heard two people but hid when Harry came out I waited for the other person but when nobody came out I went in and there you were bleeding. I was so scared for you.”

Draco wipes a tear rolling down her face “ He’s going to kill if I don’t do this.”

Hermione brings Draco to the steps and turns to him she knows exactly who ‘He’ is. “He Draco please don’t tell me your with him. What is he making you do?”

Draco turns to her and rolls up his sleeve and shows her the dark mark on his arm
“ I had to there was no other way I have to kill Dumbledore he’s going to kill me if I don’t.”

Hermione puts her head on his shoulder “We will find a way around this I can’t loose you your the only person in this school who actually understands me both in knowledge and you know what I’m saying in just a look.”


The next school year Hermione is with Harry and Ron finding horcruxes every night after Hermione made sure they were asleep she would apparate to where Draco was. They would talk he told her what was going on, on his side she told him what was going on, on her side. They never told anyone else that they had secret meeting with each other.

At the battle of Hogwarts when Draco’s parents called him over Hermione was by his side she had her fingers entwined with his she whispers to him “ I’ll go with you.”

Draco looked at her they both have dirt on there faces her lip is cut and she has a couple small cuts on her forehead to him she still looks beautiful. He wants to keep her safe and with him. Then he looks at his parents Lucius is holding out his arm to come join them Narcissa is saying Draco come. He has two options stay and fight Voldemort and possible die or go with his mom he knows she just wants to keep him safe and alive. “ Do you trust me?”

Hermione looks up at him and squeezes his hand “ Of course.”

Draco looks down at her and runs his thumb over her cheek to get some of the dirt off her. “ I promise I will keep you safe.”

Hermione nods. Draco squeezes her hand and walks towards his parents with Hermione at his side. Hermione doesn’t look at anyone while she’s walking with Draco. Voldemort hugged Draco but not her. When they got to his parents Narcissa saw how her son and this girl were holding hands and saw how when they called Draco her son and this girl had a conversation before coming to them. She takes the two teenagers and they leave the battle.

Tonight is the third biggest night of Hermione Malfoy’s life. The first was when she married her husband and the second was when she gave birth to their four children the fourth being born only nine months ago. Tonight she is being named the minister of magic. She’s putting her black heels on with a red dress while her husband Draco Malfoy uses his wand to get the wrinkles out of his black suit. “ Draco can you tell Scorpius and Anya it’s time to get ready then dress Zane and Alexander while I finish up.”

Draco goes into his older sons room first and sees his five year old son who looks like a mini Draco and his twin sister Anya who looks like a mini Hermione with blonde hair playing with their toys on the floor of his bedroom. “ Scorpius, Anya time to get ready.”

Scorpius and Anya both look up at there father. “ Pick up your toys then Anya go to your room and pick out what you want to wear. Scorpius do the same while I have to get your brothers dressed.”

The twins nod and do what there told. Draco goes to his two youngest sons room they were born nine months apart from each other. He dresses both the nine month old and the one year old in suits. He puts them back in there cribs. Then goes to check on the twins he goes back to Scorpius’s room first who is just laying on his back on his bed. “ Why aren’t you dressed yet?”

Scorpius looks over at his dad in the doorway “ I have nothing to wear.”

Draco comes over to his oldest child and sits on the bed next to him “ Well how about a suit just like mine.”

Scorpius looks at his fathers all black suit and nods. Draco pulls out his wand and points it at his son and a second later his son is in a all black suit just like his dad.

He knocks on his only daughters door and hears his wife from inside the room say “ Wait a minute.”

After a minute both his wife and daughter come out his daughter wearing a green dress while his wife wears a red dress. “ You both look beautiful.”

Hermione kisses Draco and looks at little Scorpius at his fathers side “ You look very handsome Scorpius.”

Scorpius smiles up at his mom “ Thank you mom.”

Scorpius and Anya run off to there younger brothers room and tied to get them from there cribs. When there parents come into the room and see them. “ We’ll get your brothers go wait downstairs for us.”

The twins runs downstairs to wait for there parents. While the parents pick up there younger sons from their cribs and bring them downstairs. “ Now does everyone remember the rules?”

The twins nod and hold on to there parents. Anya hold on to Hermione while Scorpius holds on to Draco. They usually take the floo networks to travel but there apparating to the event tonight. Draco and Hermione hold hands and they apparate to the event hall.


A couple minutes after they arrive at the event. Narcissa and Lucius arrive to support there daughter in law. Hermione and Narcissa always did get along. Narcissa didn’t care that her son fell in love with a muggle born woman. She could see the happiness between the two and she loved seeing her son happy that’s all she ever wanted. Lucius on the other hand didn’t accept Hermione at all he didn’t like that she was muggle born he thought his son deserved better. At there wedding he finally start to tolerate Hermione only because Narcissa told him Hermione is not going anywhere he will just have to accept her. It was only after she gave birth to his first two grandchildren did he accept her into the Malfoy family.

Narcissa goes over to her grandchildren and hugs and kisses them. Hermione hands Xander to her while Draco hands over Zane to his father. You would never think that Lucius Malfoy ex death eater would love his half muggle grandchildren as much as he does but he has loved them since they were born.


Hermione and Draco are walking around the event when professor Minerva McGonagall walks over to them “ Congratulations Mrs. Malfoy, Mr. Malfoy.”

Hermione hugs her old professor/head of her house at Hogwarts “ Thank you professor McGonagall.”

Minerva was invited to Hermione and Draco’s wedding she went and she couldn’t of been more proud of her two former students. Breaking all barriers to be together being sorted into rival houses, hating each other from the beginning, to becoming friends. She saw it that day at the battle of Hogwarts how when Lucius and Narcissa called for there son to come to them Miss Granger was holding his hand and went with him. She always saw something between them even in second year when she was explaining the chamber of secrets to the class and they could have a whole conversation without even saying one word.

McGonagall notices the twins at there parents side “ And who are they?”

Both Malfoy’s look down at there oldest children “ This is Scorpius and Anya our oldest children there twins and there five. Narcissa is holding Alexander but everyone calls him Xander he’s our youngest he’s only nine months old and Lucius is holding Zane he’s one.”

McGonagall smiles at her former students they look so happy and in love. “ Two Malfoy’s at Hogwarts at the same time will they be saying your famous line Mr. Malfoy my father will hear about this.”

Draco looks down ashamed and Hermione lets out a little laugh.


Later Hermione sees her friends Harry and Ginny Potter and goes over to them “ You came.”

Harry and Ginny hug Hermione “ Yes and you brought your kids.”

Hermione smiles over at her husband, in laws and children “ Yes we usually leave them with Draco’s parents but because they were coming today. Do you know if he’s coming?”

Harry and Ginny know exactly who he is “ No he’s not coming he’s still bitter you married Draco and have four kids with him.”

Hermione nods and let’s out a breath of relief and looks down at her emerald wedding ring. “Good I can’t have him ruining this night like he tried to ruin our wedding.”

Flashback seven years ago:
Today is Hermione’s wedding day she is so excited and happy to be marrying Draco she couldn’t think of anyone else she would like to marry. She loves Draco so much and she knows Draco loves her so much. Hermione is getting ready with Ginny and Pansy. Yes Pansy Parkinson had become one of Hermione’s friends there not best friends like her or Ginny but with Pansy being best friends with Draco Hermione got to know Pansy better and they become friends.

Its just Hermione and Ginny in her changing room when there’s a knock on the door. Both girls turn to the door when Ron Wesley is standing in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”

Ron looks at hermione “ I want you back I’ve realized I made a mistake you can’t marry him.”

Hermione and Ginny both look at each other in shock and confusion “ You tell me this the day of my wedding. Why do you think I shouldn’t marry Draco.”

Ron coming further into the room “ Because I love you and it’s Malfoy he only cares about himself he also thinks he’s better than everyone else.”

Hermione looks down at her red and gold engagement ring then at her white wedding dress. “ You don’t know him anymore he’s changed Ron you need to leave.”

Hermione turns to look at herself in the mirror and ignores Ron in the doorway. He leaves and finds Draco’s changing room he’s the only one in there he is straightening out his suit getting ready to walk to the alter. When he sees red hair in the mirror he only knows one person with red hair was invited to the wedding but this wasn’t Ginny. He turns around with his wand out “ Locomotor Mortis.”

Ron’s legs and hands bind he falls down and Draco walks over to him “ What are you doing here weasel?”

Ron glares up at him trying to get to his wand so he can untie himself “ Hermione doesn’t want you she wants me she just told me herself when she attacked me so happy to see me she begged me to get her out of here.”

Draco glares at him not believing a word he’s saying. “ Accio wand.”

Rons wand flies out of his pocket and lands in Dracos hand who puts it on the opposite side of the room “ Have fun getting that weasel. I have a wedding to get to.”


Hermione and Draco are at the alter Hermione just said I do it’s Draco’s turn to say I do when the doors of the church burst open and Ron is standing in the doorway. “ They can’t get married.”

All three Malfoy’s pull out their wands and point them at Ron. Lucius holds his wand up “Avada.”

Hermione isn’t his favorite person in the world he doesn’t even really like her but he does love his son who is marrying Hermione plus he never liked any of the Weasleys. Hermione watches as her future father in law gets ready to use the killing curse on her old best friend/ex boyfriend. Hermione can’t reach her wand which is under her wedding dress in her garter belt. She sees Draco has his wand out and she really wants Lucius to accept her Into the Malfoy family but she doesn’t want her father in law to go back to Azkaban. “ Draco give me your wand.”

Draco was just watching all this he’s also mad Weasley got free. He hands over his wand and Hermione points it at her father in law “Expelliarmus.” She does the same with Ron’s wand who is pointed at all three Malfoy’s.

Lucius wand goes flying out of his hand he looks up at the minutes to be married couple Ron glares at them. Hermione gives Draco his wand back. “Now this is a wedding a joining of two people not a battle. Ron your not even supposed to be here you weren’t invited yes I’m marrying Draco I love him and he loves me. You can’t break us up. ”

Ron takes a step forward and Pansy is next to Ginny she gives Ginny her flowers “ That’s it you’ve ruined my best friend’s wedding enough.”

Pansy goes to walk towards Ron when she smiles at the couple “ I got this also congratulations.”

Pansy pulls her wand out from underneath her dress. “ Wingardium leviosa.”

Ron starts to float in the air and yells to be put down. Pansy walks him out of the church then stops the spell and watches him drop back to the ground and run away. She turns back to everyone “ Continue.”


Everyone is seated and there are people giving speeches about how wonderful a person Hermione is and how she will make an excellent minster of magic. Harry gave a speech and so did McGonagall on how smart Hermione is. Kingsley Shacklebolt the last minister goes up to the podium. “ Now we will hear from Draco Malfoy.”

Hermione turns to him with surprise all over her face. “ I didn’t know you were giving a speech.”

He kisses her on the forehead “ I’ve supported you this whole campaign now it’s time to tell you how much you mean to me.”

“ I am extremely proud of my wife Hermione Malfoy there is no one more qualified to run the ministry of magic then her she will be an amazing minster not only to the wizarding world but to the muggle world as well. Having come from the muggle world and is the brightest witch in the wizarding world. She made the Malfoy family not only whole but see the light when we were in never ending darkness. Being minister will be nothing for her she is the smartest, bravest person I know. ”

Everyone gives Draco a standing ovation for his speech. When he got back to the table that seats his wife their children and his parents. Hermione gives him a kiss. “ Thank you I loved your speech it was beautiful.”

It’s Hermione’s turn to give her accepting speech she kisses Draco one more time and walks up to the podium. “ All the speeches were lovely tonight. The campaign for minister was not easy I had stiff competition with Oliver wood and I was pregnant with my fourth child. But through it all I came out ahead. And I am honored to be the first woman minster of magic. I want to give a huge shout out to my husband Draco who has been my biggest supporter since I announce my running. I remember one day I came home I was busy all week campaigning and I told my him I don’t think I can do this anymore I was so exhausted. He told me I can do this and that if anyone deserves to be minister it should be me. I should also say at the time I was nine months pregnant and due any day. Still through all the obstacles I faced threw this campaign I came out on top. I am extremely lucky I have a extremely supportive husband and four healthy children. I am going to try to be the best minister of magic you have ever seen.”

Hermione’s speech gets a standing ovation too. After all the speeches Rita Skeeter wants a photo of the Malfoy family for the front page of the Daily Prophet. Hermione holding Xander and Draco holding Zane stand behind Scorpius and Anya on stage while Bozo one of the daily prophets photographers snaps their picture.


After the event the Malfoy family apparate to there mansion. When they got engaged they bought this mansion. Before they had kids it was so big and empty but once they got married and had Scorpius and Anya the mansion didn’t seem big at all. Draco puts Xander and Zane to bed while Hermione puts Scorpius and Anya to bed. Hermione goes to her bedroom and puts on her silk green nightgown while Draco puts on a pair of Slytherin pajamas pants and gets in bed. Hermione snuggles into his side and puts her head on his shoulder while he runs a hand threw her hair and kisses her forehead. “ Thank you.”

Hermione looks up at him confused “ For what I didn’t do anything.”

Draco smiles down at her and pecks her on the lips “ For punching me in the face all those years ago. It was the wake up call I needed to finally understand the feelings I had for you. It wasn’t just that I need punched it was a muggle born punched me I realized that day that were not different you can hurt me just as much as I can hurt you.”

Hermione leans up and kisses him “ Even after all this time I don’t regret punching you. You had it coming.”

Draco lets out a little laugh “ Did you ever think back in third year I’m punching my future husband?”

Hermione running her hand over Draco’s bare stomach “ No I just thought I’m punching this evil little cockroach who has it coming.”

Draco turns over to her and hovers over her and leans down and kisses her “ I love you Hermione Malfoy.”

Hermione puts her arms around his neck and kisses him back “ I love you too Draco Malfoy.”

Imagine, after the battle of Hogwarts, all the students and teachers and even Headmistress McGonagall who walk around specific spots in the corridors, classrooms and grounds. Like there’s nothing there, not anymore, but in their minds eye they can still see a body there. They know it’s where someone lost their lives, they can say things like:

“this is where we found Professor Vector”

“I tried to stop her from bleeding out here, but I couldn’t”

“I saw Remus fall here”

“I didn’t know him, but I held his hand”

So even though the bloods gone, they still can’t bring themselves to walk over these spots.

Feelings (Oliver)

 Requested- (the request was really long)

- - -

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” You best friend, Oliver Wood called. You shrugged your shoulders at him and headed back to your dorm. You were ignoring him, for some personal reasons. Oliver didn’t know what the reasons were, so he stood where he was, completely puzzled by your actions these days. Sometimes he’d see you cry, and sometimes he’d see you doing nothing but staring out the window a lot. You weren’t feeling yourself. He decided to go to his friends, Fred and George, for an answer. After walking through the endless hallways, he finally found them. They were leaning on the stone wall while joking about something when they noticed Oliver, “Oliver! What brought you here?”

“Just something that has been troubling me.” He responded, massaging his temple. “Do you guys know what did I do wrong? Y/n is giving me cold shoulders.”

“Are you being insensitive again? It’s normal that girls can be a little depressed when they break up with their boyfriend.” Fred answered. “What?!” shouted Oliver. George frowned, “uh, Fred said that it’s normal-” 

“I know what he said! Y/n broke up with Diggory?!” 

“You didn’t know? Cedric broke up with her.” said the twin in sync.


“Diggory!” Oliver shouted at the Hufflepuff boy. Cedric stopped in his tracks and turned to find the source of the voice. Oliver continued in a quieter tone, “why did you break up with y/n?”

“She- she seemed off, so I just suggested it- which she accepted.” The other boy answered, surprised by Oliver’s question.

“Well, she’s behaving differently ever since you two broke up.” Oliver pushed down his feelings for you, trying to get you smile again by getting you and Cedric back together. He loved you, not like those infatuations boys usually have with girls. “Please, talk to her and get her back?” Cedric frowned at Oliver’s request and nodded.

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1) Harry married Ginny (Weasley) they had three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, Lily Luna

2) Kinglsey Shaklebolt became Minister for magic.

3) Hermione and Ron married and had two children Hugo and Rose.

4) Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass they had one son Scorpius Hyperion.

5) After the death of his parents Teddy Lupin was raised by his grandmother.

6) George Weasley married Angelina Johnson they had two children Fred and Roxanne.

7) Bill and Fleur Weasley’s first child was born the day of the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts they named her Victoire (victory in French). 

8) Dementors were no longer used by the Ministery of magic. 

9) Ginny became a professional Quidditch player. 

10)  Harry and Dudley kept seeing each other, and get their families together. 

11) Hermione went back to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year and her N.E.W.T.S. Harry and Ron did not. 

12) Minerva McGonagall became headmistress of Hogwarts.

13) Harry ensured the the portrait of Snape’s portrait was placed in the Hogwarts headmaster’s office next to the Dumbledore’s one .

14) Harry lost the ability to speak to snake when he destroyed the Horcrux inside him. 

15) Neville became the herbology teacher in Hogwarts and marry Hannah abbott she became the landlady at the leaky chaudron.

16) Harry and Ginny’s children stole the Marauder’s map and brang it into Hogwarts. 

17) Harry, Ron and Hermione was immortalized in Chocolate frog cards. 

19 Years Later

The Battle of Hogwarts was fought the summer of 1998. That means that the day the trio wave off their own children from Platform 9 ¾ is the 1st September 2017. That will be the fourth ending the Harry Potter fandom has suffered; this is the finale. We have to go out with a bang. On that day, 1st September 2017, we should all gather at King’s Cross Station to celebrate the magic of Harry Potter and what the queen of the Magical World, J.K. Rowling, gave us. We should dress up, meet the fandom, light Chinese lanterns and release them into the sky, as a final celebration of our era.

30 day harry potter challenge Day 9- a character I feel the need to defend Draco malfoy because people say he’s a git and evil but look how sincerely scared he is. He has no true choice in his decisions. His family were at risk, his friends and his life. He never killed dumbledore and he never killed a Hogwarts student. He escaped with his mum because she didn’t fully agree with voldemort. He had pressure from his dad through his whole childhood and really…he was a nice guy who needed to be shown love.