the battle of a lifetime

important things to remember

  • three houses stood between harry potter and pansy parkinson
  • mr & mrs weasley fought the battle of hogwarts without knowing where ron was
  • harry was so caught up in battle prep he forgot about the horcrux thing
  • neville & his herbology buddies threw mandrakes @ death eaters 
  • then neville used venomous tentacula to ensnare them
  • sir cadogan being IN HIS ELEMENT and rushing from painting to painting shouting encouragement @ people
  • mrs norris hissed & batted at owls
  • firenze showed up to fight 
  • poor hermit bewildered alberforth dealt w/ literally hundreds of people passing in & out of his house & then came to fight when he realized what was happening
  • slughorn finally decided his loyalties
  • ron: “so what’s new with you?”
  • colin creevy snuck back in after the evacuation
  • ron went after the basilisk fangs & remembered parseltongue to get them
  • hermione’s quick thinking w/ that slide literally saved their lives
  • mrs augusta longbottom put on her hat before she came to see what the what was up @ hogwarts
  • even the Headless Hunt people showed up
  • all the portraits encouraged ppl
  • instead of grieving in the great hall, ginny went outside, probably to be alone, and found it in herself to comfort a scared, lost girl whimpering for her motherneville & wood gathering the dead
  • professor trelawney throwing crystal balls down @ people
  • percy cursed the minister of magic & cracked a joke
  • minerva in her tartan dressing gown w/ a flock of galloping desks trailing behind
  • peeves dropped snargaluff pods onto death eaters so they were covered in wriggling, fat green worms
  • a dying snape was still with it enough to give harry those memories
  • He is dead!
  • mcgonagall’s scream
  • He beat you!
  • neville charged voldemort and mouthed off to him & slayed tf out of that snake
  • hagrid had his bro carry him from the cave to hogwarts, got shoved through a window, got carried away by giant spiders, and sobbed & carried dead harry all the way back to hogwarts
  • the rest of the centaurs, everyone & their mom, the threstrals, and even buckbeak came to fight
  • kreacher leading all the house elves w/ carving knives & cleavers stabbing & hacking @ death eaters
  • Not my daughter, you bitch!
  • harry literally waited until the opportune moment to reveal himself & it was so dramatic. bless him, sirius would’ve been so proud.
  • harry tried to get voldy to try remorse and redeem himself
  • ppl throwing food out the window into grawp’s mouth
  • blessed luna saw that harry was exhausted & distracted ppl so he could get out of the great hall
  • peeves immediately made up a verse about moldy voldy
  • harry: i’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime. *immediately joins the aurors*

It’s unfair to rush someone into forgiveness. It’s powerful and necessary, but forgiveness isn’t a one-time moment that magically seals up the wound. It takes a deliberate, daily battle over a lifetime. That occasional angry twitch doesn’t mean you’ve failed at finding peace; it’s only part of the process, and ignoring it could be worse. The hurt was very real, because it meant something. That’s no excuse to hold a grudge for long, but no one is allowed to rush your healing, including you. No one can just “get over it.” But I do hope to see you on the other side, where there’s freedom. You can take all the time you need, and I’m with you.

you did not fuck with the polish hussars. they crushed the ottomans (and holy shit you did not fuck with the ottomans to begin with), the russians, and the swedes (swedish warrior-kings, mind you). by the thirty years war, the swedes had learned their lesson. they applied it on the battlefield of warsaw in 1656. from this defeat sprung two legends in european history: first, the birth of prussian military history, and second, the saying that given an army of swedish pikeman and polish hussars, one could conquer all of europe

wow.. more headcanons...
  • Every wizard uses their magic uniquely. Whether it be a signature pose, a battle cry, etc.
  • Necromancers can sense how long a person can last throughout their lifetime. However it is forbidden to tell said person, otherwise, they’ll suffer a life-threatening curse.
  • Despite being generally passive in nature, Theurgists can summon rainbows and hearts that can easily cut through your body.
  • Recycling in the spiral is much different than our world, instead of separating bottles and cans, wizards need to separate by elements. Such as one bin for Fire magic and another for Myth.
  • A Dryad’s tears have magical healing properties, it can cure most common diseases and even can be used to craft special items.
  • When a wizard is going through puberty, their body does uncontrollable habits, such as Diviners electrocuting themselves on occasion.
  • If a wizard gets a fever naturally, they’ll be unable to do certain things such as run or teleport, however they will learn a unique spell exclusive to that individual. Example: A Pyromancer learning how to breathe fire while another might learn how to turn their whole body into flames without harming themselves.
  • Conjurers have the ability to visit another’s dreams, but they can only view them, not change them.
Discovery: The Six Missing Weeks/ Chapter (1/6): The Size of the Wave

Description: After the Snow Queen is defeated and Gold banishment, Emma and Killian spend six glorious, uninterrupted weeks together, exploring each other and deepening their connection (in and out of the bedroom). (Set between the end of 4A and the beginning of 4B)

Rating: E (duh) 

Word Count: ~3.1K 

Author’s Note: It’s like 11 days late, but it’s finally here. Happy (Super Freaking Belated) Birthday, Heather, aka @fergus80! You are such an incredible writer, and an even more amazing friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You already know what’s coming, but apparently my beta wanted more, so this will end up being a 6-part series, ya’ll. You can fully blame @shipsxahoy for that one. Also, thank you to @spartanguard for also taking a gander at this. 

Also on AO3

How was it that their first date happened just a week ago? It seemed like a lifetime had passed. Well, between battling an evil Snow Queen AND rescuing Killian’s heart from Gold, the days just seem to blend together. Emma didn’t recall taking a single calming breath until the moment Belle told her that she banished Gold over the town line using his dagger. She didn’t say it in so many words, but she was proud of Belle for standing up for her self-worth.

Emma walked towards her office in the sheriff’s office the morning after with a smile on her face and her head held high because for the moment, nothing was terrorizing her town. But, before she could get to the door, her father called out to her.

“There’s a note on your desk. Mail guy was by earlier.”

“Thanks.” She just assumed it was a bill that was due, so she slowly made her way behind her desk. When she noticed the flowy script on the front of the envelope that simply read, “Swan,” she knew who it was from immediately. She opened the wax-sealed envelope and sat down gradually in her chair to read.

It has been but a week since our first official date, and while there might have been many distractions between then and now, I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful nights of my life (and I have had many).

And now, that we seemingly have a quiet moment, I would like to ask you one more time: Will you go out with me again?

Leave your response with Granny. I will be by before sundown.

I await your answer, Emma.



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Given Time

Originally posted by sansanfan97

Pairing: The Hound X Lannister Reader

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: None, just some good wholesome pain

While Sansa may have passed up The Hounds offer, drunk as you were that night, you asked to be taken away. Away from your bitter sister Cersei and psychotic King nephew Joffrey. You didn’t realize the kind of repercussions that decision would lead to.

It felt like a lifetime ago you drank and drank yourself thoughtless for the Battle Of Blackwater. A lifetime ago you had run away with the Hound where even Sansa wouldn’t. It was only months but Gods was it a lifetime ago. It was a stupid impulse, and the places it took you were terrifying and cold.

Highwaymen and soldiers alike commented on your beauty, then groped for it with dirty and mean hands. But the Hound was there, he was always by your side to personally kill every single one of them. At first you didn’t think you could possibly be more afraid of him, but watching The Hound gut and behead and beat men into brainmash gave you more nightmares than your nephew Joffrey ever did.

There were little moments that gave you pause. Pulling a clean handkerchief from a fresh kill and handing it to you for the splattered blood on your face. The way he jokingly called you Lioness when you tried to hide your trembling from him. The lasting looks he gave you when he thought you weren’t paying attention, looks that made you wonder if he’d always given them and you just never noticed before this mismatched journey together.

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lip gloss

(also here on ao3, on the idea that Trini has a crush on Kim throughout the movie)

It was almost impossible not to notice Kimberly Ann Hart. Trini took notice on her first day at the school, staring from her seat at the back where of course – no one noticed her. She only learned of her name through the attendance call though based on the whispers in the hall later she would have learned it soon enough anyway.

She wasn’t sure what it was at first, taking note of Kim’s hair which was up in a ponytail that day since she had gymnastics practice later (though Trini wouldn’t learn of that fact until later), seeing how there were tiny whisps that dared to escape from the hair elastic and drew attention to Kim’s neck.

Trini was certain she was staring too hard, her face felt too hot but when she glanced around still no one was looking at the new girl. It was business, and her life, as usual. With a sigh she doodled in her notebook, refusing to look up at Kim again.

Except that she kept doing it much to her own annoyance. Biology class came around and Trini found herself always looking in Kim’s direction. One day Kim turned around and Trini stiffened, panicking slightly that she’d been caught but Kim was just turning to talk to the student behind her. Even this far away Trini could catch the light on her lip gloss.

She almost wished she’d been caught staring. Acknowledged somehow. But the day passed on and at dinner when her mother pressed her on what she did that day Trini just shrugged.

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Hello I am here to bring your attention to the Chilean film “Una Mujer Fantástica” (”A Fantastic Woman”). It’s directed by Sebastián Lelio (Gloria) and you wanna hear some good stuff? It’s a movie about a trans woman, with the lead role played by an actual trans woman. Hollywood is shook. The lead actress is called Daniela Vega and critics are calling her performance “ravishing”, “stellar”, “remarkable” and “exceptional”.  Just a couple quick reviews:

“[A] stunning, deeply involving portrait of a woman with the borderline superhuman capacity not to hate herself for who she is, no matter who else does.” - The Playlist

“The movie represents a huge leap in terms of trans narratives onscreen, but by any standard, it’s a powerful drama of a woman whose suffering never dims her determination to keep moving forward.” - THR

Here’s the trailer:

[tw for transmisogyny and death]

And a summary:

Marina and Orlando are in love and planning for the future. Marina is a young waitress and aspiring singer. Orlando is 20 years older than her, and owns a printing company. After celebrating Marina’s birthday one evening, Orlando falls seriously ill. Marina rushes him to the emergency room, but he passes away just after arriving at the hospital. Instead of being able to mourn her lover, suddenly Marina is treated with suspicion. The doctors and Orlando’s family don’t trust her. A woman detective investigates Marina to see if she was involved in his death. Orlando’s ex-wife forbids her from attending the funeral. And to make matters worse, Orlando’s son threatens to throw Marina out of the flat she shared with Orlando. Marina is a trans woman and for most of Orlando’s family, her sexual identity is an aberration, a perversion. So Marina struggles for the right to be herself. She battles the very same forces that she has spent a lifetime fighting just to become the woman she is now - a complex, strong, forthright and fantastic woman.

So what I’m saying is: go support this movie. Show the world that stories about trans people sell and are a success. Support this movie with a real trans actress in the lead.

Superhero AU

Because I’m feeling a little self indulgent, have a shamelessly generic AU!

In Lothal City, and in the wider world, The Specters fight crime wherever they can - these people with extraordinary abilities try to make the world a better place, despite government conspiracies and often frequent mistrust….

With their abilities beyond that of the average mortal, they try to fight the many people with great powers who use them for evil! 

Sabine Wren — The Artist

  • With skill in martial arts, a knack for clever graffiti, and the strange power to make her paintings become whatever they represent for a short time, Sabine is potentially the most powerful of The Specters…
  • Her family is one of the wealthiest in the city
    • They live in Krownest Manor
  • Ursa Wren is her Mum - a somewhat cold and stern woman, but one who does genuinely care for her daughter, even if she rarely shows it.
    • She worries about if her daughter can get a good career in art, but supports her ambitions.
      • She might not if she knew about the graffiti.  Or the vigilante justice.
    • She got Sabine to take martial arts classes, because she never wants her daughter to be helpless
  • Sabine very much has a secret identity.  She’s very attached to keeping her lives separate.

Garazeb Orrelious — The Warrior

  • An alien refugee of a war somewhere beyond our solar system, Zeb fights for his newfound adopted family of The Specters, and what friends he’s managed to make.
  • Thanks to the lighter gravity of Earth, and his own physiology, he’s considerably faster and stronger than almost any human, and also can cling and climb almost any surface rather easily.
    • He’s also by far the most skilled at combat
  • For obvious reasons of fur and the like, he has no secret identity

Kanan Jarrus — The Tactician

  • Both he and his mentor were long hounded by the government for their unique and powerful abilities of precognition.
    • There’s no destiny, probably, but the closer an event is to now, the more accurate they will be.  Usually.  It’s not often perfect.
    • However young Caleb and his mentor (Depa) had a pretty good danger sense.  This wasn’t enough to save them.
  • Renaming himself and slipping under the radar, Kanan spent his life trying to forget, until Hera Syndulla ended up getting him into an adventure of a lifetime…..
  • More battles and quests followed, and slowly Kanan (mostly) overcame his alcohol habits and began to use his brain again - using his supernatural talent with his natural aptitude for planning to come up with ever-shifting plans.
    • These plans often work, somehow!

Hera Syndulla — The Bird of Prey

  • She’s a revolutionary at heart - loyal to her family,but even more loyal to her ideals
  • She can fly, pretty fast
    • Without any aid, but she does also know how to fly helicopters and planes
  • She’s compassionate, but can be utterly terrifying when she wants to be
  • She’s the leader of the team.  The general public doesn’t know this at first.
  • Fighting is often surprisingly easy when you can get the drop on your enemies.  Literally.

Ezra Bridger — The Thief

  • His supernatural talent for creating empathy in others served him well on the streets, when his parents were abducted by unknown people in the night.
    • No one could be persuaded enough to adopt him, but they could be convinced to leave food or clothes.
  • Eventually The Specters find him, and Kanan vows to both nurture Ezra’s power, and try and give him something of a normal childhood.
  • His skills quite quickly improve - gaining the ability to bond with animals to assist him.
  • His talent for stealth is also enhanced - by somehow projecting the idea he’s unimportant to passersby.
  • He’ll never have a normal life
    • But he has gained a family.
      • He’d die for them
      • He’d kill for them
Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 25: Stull Cemetery

Sam Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Chapter Summary: Staying with Dean, the two of you head to Stull Cemetery where the battle of a lifetime is getting ready to happen.

Story Summary:  You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Originally posted by hunterchesters

The scene in the Impala was quiet, probably quieter than she had ever been in her life. No classic rock was blaring through the speakers, no arguing happening between brothers. There was just silence, and not the comfortable kind either. There was no Sam to argue with his brother, to yell at him to turn down the music. Or to turn around in his seat and give you an exasperated smile, or a smile promising of things to come later.

Instead you sat there, curled up in your unfamiliar place in the passenger seat. Your head rested in the palm of your hand as you stared outside, letting the scenery pass by you unnoticed. The darkened skies had soon turned to pinks and oranges, but you didn’t pay much attention, your mind too busy thinking about what you would see in a couple of hours at a small cemetery. You were so caught up in your own thoughts you didn’t see Dean clenching and un-clenching his grasp on the steering wheel, his jaw locked tight as he sped down the highway. You didn’t notice the way he would occasionally glance towards you, a stern frown on his face before he once again looked at the road.

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A change of Fate (Ardyn Izunia)

I’m back!

I have finally managed to complete another imagine after a series of unfortunate events that affected me the past month. I had this in the process of writing and I was in and out of motivation for writing it, but when it struck, I was typing like a lighting goddess, lol. This is my very first Ardyn imagine, and for this one, I know he has a charming personality combined with his mysterious intentions, but I kinda changed up his personality to help fit the mood and the profile of the reader/you. I spent some time reviewing this one and I have to admit that it turned out WAY longer than I thought it would be, but hopefully you all will love it :)

Word Count: 6875 (It’s longer enough to be a chapter of a book!)

Warnings: Angst. Lots.

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Fic Rec #2

finals are upon us, so why not recommend some fics? :)

Radiant by All_My_Characters_Are_Dead
11k+, Multi-Chapter (Completed)
Summary: Iwaizumi has dated a lot of setters, but none of them have ever left the swirling colors of their souls on his skin. None of them have ever been his soulmate.
The annoyingly talented and attractive Oikawa couldn’t possibly be the exception to that, couldn’t possibly be Iwaizumi’s soulmate.
Thoughts: soulmate au + rarepairs + iwaoi = PERFECTION.  This fic is so so SO good you definitely will not regret.  The interactions are amazing and there are some friendships/ships that you never would have thought of but are perfect.  Such a fantastic read.

in another instance by sheelia

Summary: They’re packing up their bags when Chigaya asks, “What do you think Miya-san meant when he said that people who can’t hit his tosses are nothing but scrubs?”
Kageyama stops, pauses a little to reorganize his thoughts.
“In another instance, I suppose, had my life not gone the way it did, then, well… I might have been just like him.”
(In which Chigaya spends his next five days with the most intimidating fifteen and sixteen-year-olds in Japan.)
Thoughts: oh my gosh this fic is so interesting and really well written.  It’s from Chigaya’s perspective, who is already a character that we don’t know too much about from canon, but then it develops on all the other national-training-camp-arc characters so well!

Sendai magnitude 10.0 by RussianSunflower3
79k, Multi-Chapter (Completed)
Summary: In March 2011, an earthquake occurred off the coast of Sendai when the pacific plate slipped. Now, it’s happening again, but it’s stronger.
Aobajousai is struck with the full force of a magnitude 10.
Thoughts: this fic is honestly the wildest ride ever but it’s not so extreme that it’s unrealistic to read.  The plot is INSANELY crafted and there are no romantic ships, but all the characters… its just… do read if you haven’t yet!

of hearts and gold by a_kiwi
51k+, Multi-Chapter (Completed)

Summary: “On a cliff sits a boy with a secret. And filled with power sits a boy who can’t love.”
Yaku Morisuke- air mage, and a powerful one, a that. For as long as he can remember, that’s who he’s been. That’s all he ever was.
Nishinoya Yuu- the dragonkeeper of Karasuno saddled with a harsh secret, ever since he was a child.
A fateful meeting in a forest brings them together. And Yaku’s loss of his powers and return of his emotions catapult them on the journey of a lifetime, bringing along adventure, battle, hurt, death, and an eternity of love.
Thoughts: i remember staying up on a school night to finish this!!!  YakuNoya (OF COURSE) and the plot is so good, there are some twists that HAD ME SHOOK.

five foot something with the skinny jeans by Batman
: There’s a long silence after that. Really long. Koutarou’s standing there like an idiot, Sawamura’s standing there like an asshole, Sugawara’s standing there like another asshole, and Akaashi’s standing there like the human version of a Black Keys song.
Then Akaashi speaks again. ‘Bokuto-san, you have one thousand three hundred and seventeen pictures of me on your device.’
Today on ways not to start your study break: if you lose your camera, it WILL be found by the dude that you took pictures of all night at the party. (Or, Sugawara Koushi observes with great amusement as Bokuto Koutarou’s life falls to chaos around him.)
Thoughts: relatable and so, so damn funny.  If you’re having a bad day this is dEFINITELY the fic for you!!! Or if you’re having a good day, it’ll be even better!  The quality of the writing is awesome, too.

take the stars, they belong to you by oilpaints
: Yamagata seems to lose at least one thing on a day-to-day basis, his phone being the most frequent of all, and he probably stops by the lost-and-found desk twice a day.
It’s only by pure luck that Kawanishi is good at finding things.
Thoughts: hoH Oh boy this is a nice nice nice rarepair we have here and it’s so gentle and soft and this fic is really pure and i love it.

the dream that wakes you up by rarepairenabler
38k, Multi-Chapter (Completed)
: Oikawa’s offering a repeat performance of that night, the night that Kuroo’s been replaying in his mind ever since it happened. Fuck.
“You’re not that good,” Kuroo argues weakly but Oikawa looks like he knows he’s already won.
“I am that good.” There isn’t a single trace of doubt to it. His confidence would be nauseating if Kuroo didn’t know firsthand that there was good reason for it. Oikawa laughs and outstretches his hand to Kuroo. “So what do you say, Kuroo? Do we have a deal?”
Kuroo sighs before offering a resigned grin. He takes Oikawa’s hand and shakes it firmly. “When do we get started?”
((Pretend Dating AU))
Thoughts: another fantastic fic that first got me into shipping rarepairs (OiKuro is a rarepair, right?) and it iS JUST SO.  WOW.  more smut in this too but that’s what we want right right

ash sky, blue heart by Matsinko
: It all comes down to this. They win or they lose, they go to Koushien, or they don’t.
(The Seijou vs Shiratorizawa game, set in a baseball au.)
Thoughts: baseball + haikyuu = PERFECTION plus there is also…. Angst… in this so it is absolUTELY INCREDIBLE

hope you all enjoy! ~

FCC: Songfic - Silver Threads Among the Gold

For @ficcingcaptaincanary’s prompt: Songfic.

I am somewhat back in the swing of things.

Darling, I am growing old,

Silver threads among the gold,

Shine upon my brow today,

Life is fading fast away.

But, my darling, you will be,

Always young and fair to me.


The disdainful and disbelieving tone still echoed in Leonard’s ear hours later. He turned on the bathroom light and closed the door, the harsh florescent lights throwing his face into haggard relief. The faint buzz of electricity was a near-constant on the Waverider. Most times he didn’t even notice it anymore, but today it grated along his spine. He clutched the porcelain basin and stared at the reflection in the mirror.

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Addicted/Calloway Sisters Appreciation Week Day 6: Favorite Scene (½) : Lily and Lo’s Wedding

Lily, Lo. Before you each say a few words to each other, there’s something we all want to say to you. I speak for everyone here today when I say that you two - Lily and Loren - are the strongest people we’ve all had the honor to meet. You both have spent years praising all of us for our talents and strengths, but you were too blinded by your own foibles to even realize how much we’ve revered you. For years, we’ve watched you fight for this future, for each other, and you’ve conquered a larger battle in your lifetime than most of us will ever come to see. You are our heroes, and today, we are grateful to celebrate your love and your life together.

  • (Sombra hijacks the television networks of the world to deliver a message to all mankind)
  • Sombra:  Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls and that technicolor rainbow in between- I am Sombra. And today, I’m making an announcement!  I have hacked into the entire Omnic network, and I’m now ready to start a second Omnic Crisis at the push of a button. Armageddon is about to kick off, unless one of this world’s (Snickers) heroes can stop me. I am officially hosting a once-in-your-lifetime event! A battle so grand, it will leave you breathless! I hereby dub it- Juegos de los Muertos! [Be part of the conversation on Twitter at #JuegosMuertos] For all of you familiar with fighting Omnics, here’s how it works. I’ve got a fortress full of hacked Omnics that you’ll have to defeat, and much like Fareeha Amari’s mother- I will accept all comers. The location of this marvelous event is 52KS.7. If you don’t know where that is- have fun decrypting that! The battle is expected to start at noon, one week from today. That should give you plenty of time to prepare. Or for those not participating- time to connect with loved ones, get your affairs in order, or maybe just kill your boss! Get a purge going! Live a little! Because in one week’s time…..well, to give you an idea…..
  • (Feed switches to omnic soldiers butchering an entire city before going back to the pink skull)
  • Sombra: So, keep THAT in mind, and I’ll see you next Sunday! Also, feel free to pray to your God. But spoilers- I won’t be listening.
  • Submitted by Keakjoinunroq3giudsoni

book aesthetics: Heartstone by Elle Katharine White

“I’ve been in many battles in my lifetime. I’ve slain monsters by the hundreds and won more victories than I can count, but against this there’s no defense. From the moment we met I tried fighting it—gods, I’ve tried. Nothing works.”

Nohrian Festival: Ryoma and Scarlet Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Oh god. OH GOD. This was even more painful to translate than Flora and Jakob’s conversation. Ryoma, you friggin’ dense bastard. I had thought that in Revelation I had sensed something a little more… mutual between you two. CLEARLY I WAS WRONG. This misunderstanding was PAINFUL, poor Scarlet.

This is even more painful because Scarlet’s best chance of staying alive is in Birthright and SHE CAN’T SUPPORT RYOMA REGARDLESS. You heartless storyboard writers. 

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