the batlord

the-batlord  asked:

golly you've been active the last couple of days! Do you happen to have extra downtime or have your clones been working overtime?

I’m at Vid Con waiting for my daughter to do various things. Right now she’s sitting in line for a Meet & Greet with one of her favorite YouTube stars.

anonymous asked:

Im a huuuuuge fan of The Looking Glass, my fave YNFG ever! and im also a game musician. So, I wanted to ask. How did you made the music, where the inspiration came from? Which soundfonts/vst or software you used? Also i would love to mention, the school song gives me such a warm fuzzy coming-of-age-like feel, is my favorite one.

The ost for the original looking glass was a mashup of me fumbling through frootyloops trying to sound like yume nikki, cutting themes from other videogames, and my friend batlord making the school theme, which was inspired by silent hill 3’s opening cutscene theme! I’m not a musician myself, so it’s super flattering to hear you liked the original game’s music so much! Right now, my friend nitrosparxx (he’s on youtube!) Is the composer for fleshchild and he makes AMAZING music, so be sure to look him up! Because I’m on mobile and can’t link well here!