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Fallout Pt. 7 (Jungkook Apocalyptic AU!)

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic AU. Angst.

Member: Jungkook.

Word count: 2.030

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you. And when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.
They were no good either.


Warnings: Swearing, mentions of rape/abuse, blood, violence, gore, zombies, sexual contents/references.

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You froze when you felt his eyes roam every curve in your body. You sunk deeper in the scolding water, trying to cover yourself. You expected some kind of reaction from him. Anything. After one minute his gaze remained as cold as it has always been, a grim expression darkening his features.

Jimin stayed in the room, contravening Jungkook’s command. He leaned against the wrecked doorframe and crossed his arms over his chest with a smug smile stamped on his full, coral lips; enjoying the view in complete silence.

The brunette kept glaring at you, and you could see the progressive change in his impassible face, whose façade was shattered when he frowned deeply, replacing his coldness with pure annoyance.

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A little too hot

TITLE: A little too hot



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being locked in a heated room by the enemy. Being a Frost Giant, the immense heat makes him weak, and you have to hurry to break in and get him out before it’s too late.

RATING: safe

NOTES/WARNINGS: none, except grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading! I’d love to know what you think.

I felt the sweat running down my back and the left side of my face, it felt hot in that place. After following the trail of those who had attacked our palace in Asgard, we arrived there, that huge building at the confines of our world. Our battalion were attacked by surprise when we arrived, they had an infiltrated between us and we didn’t realize until it was too late. Some of our men had died and they had taken Loki with them. I had been friends with both princes since I had memory and I loved both of them.

After the attack, we decided to split up into two groups to find Loki. I was with Thor, the warrior three and Lady Sif. I was a bit concerned because of the warm weather and I could tell Thor was preoccupied too cause that weather affected Loki more than anyone of us, because he was a Frost Giant. That secret wasn’t meant to leave the circle of the royal family but one day I found Loki in the woods, furious, destroying things with his seidr. He almost hit me with it, but I could bend down at the right time. We weren’t especially close but in that moment I could calm him down and I guess in his fragile state he had to let it out and told me about his secret. Since then we had an unspoken connection.

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Viking Trio - All He Ever Wanted, Chapter One

hulder, noun: a secretive forest creature found in scandinavian folklore, distinguished by their tail and hollow back. feminine, huldra; masculine, huldrekarl.


“Does he talk? At all?”

Søren was staring at the other figure in the room, eyes wide, and chewed on his thumbnail as he did so. The skin around it was already ragged; if he kept it on for much longer, he’d draw blood, yet his mind seemed unfocused on the pain.

“I’ve heard nothin’. You?” Berwald also glanced over, running suspicious eyes over the stranger. “He hasn’t made a sound.”

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